• 2016 English Mountain Football Conference - Pee Wee Super Bowl Champions
  • 2016 English Mountain Football Conference - Super Grasscutter Super Bowl Champions
  • 2016 English Mountain Football Conference - Grasscutter Super Bowl Champions
  • 2015 English Mountain Football Conference - Super Grasscutter Super Bowl Champions
  • 2015 English Mountain Football Conference - Grasscutter Super Bowl Champions
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August 14, 2017

Jefferson City Patriots are coming to our field to Practice/Scrimmage Monday August 14, 2017. Just wear regular practice gear. 

Meet The Patriots

August 12, 2017

The Event has been canceled!

This is from Jefferson Co Football

***Meet The Patriots***

We have a weather cell on top of the stadium right now. We will still host the event, however with the amount of rain the field has already tried to absorb we will need to re access the field conditions after the rain passes. No games will start until the rain passes and Coach Riley gives us the OK.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Schedule is uploaded online

August 7, 2017

Meet The Patriots at Jefferson Co High School: Saturday August 12, 2017 Grasscutters 9:00 A.M., Super Grasscutters 9:35 A.M., Pee Wees 10:10 A.M. and 11:20 A.M. Please see your coach for arrival times.

We have a home game/scrimmage against Parrottsville on Aug 19th with Grasscutters starting at 5:00 P.M., SuperGrasscutters starting right after (should be between 6-6:30), and the PeeWees starting right after the Supers(should start by 8:00 P.M.). Your coach will tell you what time to be at the field.

You can find the full game schedule online also. We do not know the times of the jamboree yet. We should have times by Aug 21st. We do know it will be at Pigeon Forge High School.

Football / Cheer Pictures will be Tuesday Sept 12th

Cheer Homecoming will be before the games start on Saturday Sept 30th

If by chance you have not paid your sign up fee it is due by Thursday Aug 10th. Your child cannot go to jamboree if fee is not paid. Please see team mom for a new waiver form that needs to be signed. They have to have 1 for every child for the jamboree also. If you are new to the Broncos and need info or have questions on the jamboree please see team mom or someone at the concession stand.

If you did not pay the opt out fee please come to the concession stand to sign up for home game volunteer duties. See your team mom for chain gang sign ups.

Also remember that the Dandridge Broncos is ran by volunteers. Even all the board members and coaches volunteer to make this a great program. Without volunteers the football program can't run. We are looking to fill 1 spot on the board: Treasurer. We also need a concession manager to work the concession stand at practices and home games. There are sign up sheets in the concession stand to volunteer your time for home games. We are also seeing a lot of extra trash around after practice please remember to pick up trash after practice and not leave it laying around on the ground.

Please anyone that has any questions or if your are just a newbie parent and want extra info please see someone at the concession stand, your team mom, or a football / cheer coach to help answer any questions you might have.

We do practice rain or shine. If it is thundering and lightning we will try to wait it out as long as we can to see if it is going to pass. We will post any cancellations on Facebook, Website, and send a email. Please also remember there has to be an adult at the field at all times with the child practicing.

General upcoming Info

April 17, 2017


We do not have the football game schedule yet but we do have some important dates we would like you to know about....


July 28, 2017 late sign ups and equipment pick up at the field. 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.


July 31, 2017 1st day of Football & Cheer practice. Late football sign ups.


Aug 12, 2017 Meet the Patriots @ Jefferson CO High School / Leroy Shannon Field (schedule TBA)


Aug 26, 2017 Jamboree day hosted by Pigeon Forge (every football player and cheerleader must attend)


Sept 2, 2017 will be the first football game

Oct 28, 2017 Cheer Competition hosted by Grainger Co

Oct 28, 2017 last regular season football game

Nov 4, 2017 1st round playoffs
Nov 11, 2017 2nd round playoffs
Nov 18, 2017 Super Bowl hosted by Parrottsville



Carson Newman Camp

May 8, 2017

Practice is canceled due to weather on 4/6/2017.  

We will take any final payments on Friday at Equipment turn in from 6PM to 7PM at the field. 

Great Job Broncos at Spring Practice!!!!!

Last Day of Spring Practice will be Thursday, April 6, 2017. 

Equipment Turn in will be Friday, April 7th from 6 to 7 PM. 

All fees need to be paid on Thursday.  Any Personalized Jersey not paid for will not be personalized when ordered. 

Please contact your director, coach or board member with any questions.