Last Updated: October 24, 2016

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Established in 1953

The Delaware County Youth Football League serves the communities of
Delaware County, Pennsylvania.


Monthly Meeting

Our Monthly Meeting will be in Ridley Park at 8:15 pm October 26th

Member Clubs

Aston Bandits

Chichester Crusaders

Collingdale Bulldogs

Folcroft Falcons

Ridley Park Parkers

Southwest Philly Wolves

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Oct 29
Varsity - Peewee Division
SW Philly Wolves @ Collingdale Bulldogs9:30amCollingdale
Folcroft Falcons @ Aston Bandits2:30pmAston
Ridley Park Parkers @ Chichester Crusaders2:30pmChichester
Varsity - Midget Division
Ridley Park Parkers @ Chichester Crusaders10:00amChichester
SW Philly Wolves @ .BYE Midget DivTBACollingdale
Folcroft Falcons @ Aston Bandits4:00pmAston
Varsity - Junior Division
SW Philly Wolves @ Collingdale Bulldogs11:00amCollingdale
Ridley Park Parkers @ Chichester Crusaders1:00pmRidley Park
Folcroft Falcons @ Aston Bandits5:30pmAston
Varsity - Senior Division
Ridley Park Parkers @ Chichester Crusaders11:30amChichester
SW Philly Wolves @ Collingdale Bulldogs12:30pmCollingdale
JV - Peewee (AA)
BYE @ Chichester8:30amChichester
Ridley Park @ Aston11:30amAston
JV - Midget (AA)
Folcroft @ Aston1:00pmAston
Ridley Park @ Chichester4:00pmChichester
JV - Peewee (AAA)
Ridley Park @ BYETBA.TBA
Sunday, Oct 30
JV - Peewee (AAA)
Folcroft @ Chester TWP9:00amChester
Friday, Nov 4
JV - Peewee (AAA)
Chester TWP @ Ridley Park7:00pmRidley Park
Saturday, Nov 5
JV - Peewee (AA)
Chichester @ Ridley Park9:00amRidley Park
BYE @ Aston11:30amAston
JV - Peewee (AAA)
Folcroft @ BYETBA.TBA

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