Last Updated: September 23, 2016
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2016- 2017 RHS Dixie Belle


Fall Practice Schedule


Dates/ times may be changed by the director at any time as needed, Changes that are made by the director are mandatory. During Football Season Dixie Belle practice is Monday – Wednesday until 5:00pm; Thursday until 6:00pm and Friday we release at the bell.  After football season Dixie Belles practices are M-F

until 500pm.  Specified contest practices will go later into the evening and we will have some Saturday practices and or additional performances; line officers will have extended practice times. (see calendar).


Be aware that we will attend playoff games if sports teams qualify (Dates TBD)


August 2016


·        3rd- Team Practice 1200pm- 400pm


·        4th- Team Practice 1200pm- 400pm


·        5th- Team Practice 1200pm- 400pm (Elite 430pm- 630pm & Officers 7pm- 9pm, choreography with Tasha)


·        6th- 7am- 12pm-(Officer and Elite choreography with Tasha; Team Uniform fitting with Mrs. Hooper 9am)


·        8th- 11th- Team Practice 1200pm- 400pm


·        12th- 13th- Team Practice 900am- 200pm


·        17th- District Show Opener Practice @ Haltom High School 850am- 12pm


·        19th- Team Practice 1200pm- 400pm


·        20th- Team Practice 900am- 200pm


·        22nd- 1st Day of schoolJ; Practice until 5:30pm


·        22nd- Final balance due on clothing/camp fees$$


·        25th- Pep Rally during 4th period @ RHS


·        25th-Football game versus Nolan Catholic @ FAAC @ 700pm; Be at RHS at 5:00pm(Pom)


·        31st- Officer Lyrical 530pm- 730pm (Chelsea Royce)


September 2016


·        2nd - Yell Rally afterschool


·        2nd- Football game versus Keller Central @ Keller ISD Stadium @ 7:30pm; Be at RHS at 5:30pm (Pom)


·        5th- Homecoming Parade be at RHS at 5pm


·        9th- Pep Rally @ RHS (Homecoming)


·        9th- Football game versus Haltom @ FAAC @ 7:30pm; Be at RHS at 5:45pm (Homecoming) (Jazz)


·        13th- Officer Jazz 600pm- 800pm (Tieler Ellis)


·        16th- Bi- week, no game


·        17th- Carwash @ Davis Carwash on Davis Blvd.


·        19th - Parent Meeting @ RHS in Dance room at 6:00pm


·        23rd- Yell Rally afterschool @ RHS


·        23rd- Football game versus Eastern Hills @ FWISD Handley Field @ 7:30pm; be at RHS at 5:00pm (Jazz)


·        24th- Jr. Dixie Belle Clinic 8am- 1pm


·        30th- Pep Rally @ RHS


·        30th- Football game versus Birdville HS @7:30pm; be at RHS at 5:45pm (Jazz Kick)


October 2016- Competition routines will be “thoroughly” cleaned during the month of October


·        6th- Yell Rally afterschool @ RHS


·        6th- Football game versus Poly Tech @ FWISD Handley Field @ 7:00pm; be at RHS at 5:00pm (Jazz Kick)


·        11th- Dad’s Dance practice @ RHS 5:30pm- 8:00pm


·        13th- Dad’s Dance Band Practice @ 3:00pm @ RHS


·        14th- Pep Rally @ RHS


·        14th- Football game versus Grapevine @ FAAC @ 7:30pm; be at RHS at 5:45pm (Dad’s Dance)


·        21st- Yell Rally afterschool at RHS


·        22nd- Football game versus Carter Riverside @ ??? @ 1:00pm; Be at RHS at 11:15am (Kick)


·        ???- Halloween Party at RHS TBD


·        29th- Football game versus Dunbar @ FWISD Clark Stadium @ 1:00pm; Be at RHS at 11:15am (Kick)


·        31st- Contest Solos, Duets & ensembles, be ready to present during class time.  Have c.d. turned in.


·        31st- Austin/Nationals Payment Due- $200.00 (1st payment/deposit)


November 2016- Team Pract. M-F until 5pm; Line Officers until 6pm M-W; Elite until 6pm TH & F

 **Auditions this month, be prepared**


·        2nd Team Picture money due $20 (checks made payable to RHS)


·        4th- Pep Rally “Black light” @ RHS-  Contest Kick


·        4th- Football game vs. Colleyville Heritage @ Faac @ 7:30pm; Be at RHS @ 5:45pm (WWW)


·        10th- Extended Practice (contest technique) 5:30pm- 8:30pm


·        12th- Team Pictures @ RHS 700am- 930am; to purchase individual pictures go to:


·        17th- Extended Practice (contest technique) 5:30pm- 8:30pm


·        21st- 25th- Thanksgiving Break, No practice


·        30th- Austin/Nationals Payment Due- $100.00 (2nd Payment)


December 2016- Practice M-F until 500pm; Line Officers stay until 600pm M-W


·        TBD- BBall Game vs. ???@ RHS (JV 530pm- Section 1; Varsity 7:00pm- Contest pom)


·        TBD - BBall Game vs. ??? @ RHS (JV 630pm- Section 2; Varsity 8:00pm- Contest jazz)


·        10th- Team Technique Clinic @ RHS 900am- 600pm


·        15th- ½ day practice 1215pm- 515pm


·        16th-Austin /Nationals Payment Due- $75.00 (3rd Payment)


·        16th- Competition Practice 12pm- 530pm


·        December 19th- January 1st- Christmas Break, No PracticeJ


January 2017


·        2nd - Competition Practice until- 7pm


·        3rd - Competition Practice until- 5:45pm


·        TBD - BBall Game vs. ??? @ RHS (Girls Varsity 6:30pm-Section 3;Boys Varsity 8pm- Contest hip-hop)


·        4th- 7th- Mrs. Numa, Mrs. Hooper & Alyssa A. go to Houston, TDEA


·        9th & 11th- Practice until 7pm


·        10th- Practice until 600pm


·        TBD- BBall Game vs. ??? @ RHS (Girls V. 6:30pm- Officer Jazz; Boys Varsity 8pm- Contest Kick)


·        12th & 13th- Practice until 600pm


·        14th - Competition practice 12pm- 530pm


·        16th- MLK Day, No school, no practice


·        17th- 20th- Practice until 6pm


·        TBD-BBall Game vs. ???@ ??? (G Vars. 630pm-Off. HH; B Vars. 8pm- Contest Jazz)


·        21st- competition practice 12pm-530pm


·        23rd- 27th- Practice until 6pm


·        TBD- BBall vs. ??? @ ??? (G Vars. 630pm- Elite Jazz; B Vars. 8pm- Elite Hip-Hop)


·        28th-  BISD District Show at W.G. Thomas Coliseum; Be at Coliseum @ 7:00am (report time may change)


·        30th-Austin/Nationals Payment Due- $75.00 (final)


·        30th- All additional Soloist, duets, ensembles etc… all contest fees due


·        January 30th- February 3rd- Competition Practice until 6:00p.m.


February 2017


·        January 30th- February 3rd- Competition Practice until 6:00p.m.


·        TBA -BBall Game vs. ??? @ ??? (G Vars. 630pm-Officer Contemp.; B Vars. 800pm- Elite Contemporary)


·        4th- ADTS Rockwall Competition @ Rockwall High School; meet at RHS at 530am


·        6th- Faculty Practice 530pm-730pm


·        7th- 2017- 2018 officer candidate meeting 600pm in the dance room


·        13th- Faculty Practice 530pm- 730pm


·        TBA- BBall Game vs. ??? @ RHS (G Vars. 630pm-Officer Lyrical; B Vars. 8:00pm- Teacher’s Dance)


·        25th- ADTS Duncanville @ Duncanville High School; meet at RHS at 530am


Events to Occur in the Spring 2017

January 28th, 2017- District Show @ W.G. Thomas Coliseum

February 4, 2017- ADTS Rockwall contest @ Rockwall H.S.

February 18, 2017- ADTS Austin “State”

February 25th, 2017- ADTS contest @ Duncanville H.S.

March 4, 2017- Davis Carwash

March 24-26, 2017- ADTS Nationals, Denton TX

April 1st- Spring Jr. Dixie Belle Clinic

April 7th- Student choreography concert @ RHS

April 14th- Dixie Belle Ball (all banquet ticket $$$ due March 27, 2017)

April 10-13- Team Tryouts & April 17-22 Officer Tryouts

May 14th- Senior Tea

May 28th - RHS Graduation C/O 2017J

May 30th- New Girl Installation


Dixie Belles 2016-2017

Dixie Belles take 1st at the Galveston Competition!







National Champions 2015

National Champion Officers 2015


National Champion Solo Bonni Bogya



National Kick Company & First Runner  Up Miss High Kick 2015 Kandace Tuttle







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