Last Updated: September 30, 2014

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Welcome to the Home of the

DeWitt Junior Panthers

Mark Your Calendars Now With Banquet Dates

Banquets have been arranged for the following locations and dates:
4th football is 10-13-14 at HW
5th football is 10-16-14 at HW
3/4th cheer is 10-14-14 at HW
5/6th cheer is 10-27-14 at DJH
6th football is 10-28-14 at DJH
7th cheer is 11-3-14 at HW
7th football is 11-4-14 at DJH
8th football is 11-5-14 at DJH
8th cheer is 11-6-14 at DJH
All facilities are reserved from 6pm to 8pm.

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Oct 4
Haslett 2 @ 4th Grade - Smith 9:00am DeWitt Jr. Panthers
5th Grade - Holtz @ Okemos 9:00am Okemos - Chippewa Middle School
SJ @ 4th Grade - Adkins 10:45am DeWitt Jr. Panthers
Haslett 3 @ 5th Grade - Gordon 12:30pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
7th Grade - Phillips @ Waverly 2:15pm Waverly Warriors - Waverly High School
8th Grade - Uyl @ GL 2 4:00pm Grand Ledge Marsh Field
Sunday,  Oct 5
GL 1 @ 6th Grade - Froehlich 12:00pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
SJ @ 7th Grade - Schorfhaar 1:45pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
Holt 1 @ 8th Grade - Kingsley 3:30pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
Saturday,  Oct 11
Holt 1 @ 5th Grade - Holtz 9:00am DeWitt Jr. Panthers
4th Grade - Adkins @ GL 1 9:00am Grand Ledge Marsh Field
GL 2 @ 7th Grade - Phillips 10:45am DeWitt Jr. Panthers
GL 1 @ 8th Grade - Uyl 12:30pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
SJ @ 8th Grade - Kingsley 2:30pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
Sunday,  Oct 12
EL @ 6th Grade - Mills 12:00pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
4th Grade - Smith @ EL 12:00pm East Lansing High School
SJ 2 @ 6th Grade - Froehlich 1:45pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers
5th Grade - Gordon @ EL 1:45pm East Lansing High School
Haslett @ 7th Grade - Schorfhaar 3:30pm DeWitt Jr. Panthers

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday,  Oct 7
Board Meeting 8:15pm
Tuesday,  Oct 14
Board Meeting 8:15pm
Tuesday,  Oct 21
Board Meeting 8:15pm
Tuesday,  Oct 28
Board Meeting 8:15pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

DeWitt Junior Panthers

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