Last Updated: July 20, 2014

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Jul 27
Islanders @ Bye Week No Game 9:00am Bissett
Pirates @ Underdogs 9:00am Bissett
Outlaws @ Extremes 9:00am Burnside
Renegades @ Cole Harbor Rush 9:00am Commons
Coors/ Bird Stairs @ The Team 9:00am Maybank #2
Bombers @ The Weekenders 9:00am Mel Braine
Bye Week No Game @ Islanders 10:30am Bissett
Underdogs @ Pirates 10:30am Bissett
Extremes @ Outlaws 10:30am Burnside
Cole Harbor Rush @ Renegades 10:30am Commons
The Team @ Coors/ Bird Stairs 10:30am Maybank #2
The Weekenders @ Bombers 10:30am Mel Braine
Sunday,  Aug 10
Renegades @ The Team 9:00am Bissett
Bombers @ Bye Week No Game 9:00am Burnside
Outlaws @ Cole Harbor Rush 9:00am Burnside
Pirates @ The Weekenders 9:00am Commons
Coors/ Bird Stairs @ Underdogs 9:00am Maybank #2
Islanders @ Extremes 9:00am Mel Braine
The Team @ Renegades 10:30am Bissett
Bye Week No Game @ Bombers 10:30am Burnside
Cole Harbor Rush @ Outlaws 10:30am Burnside
The Weekenders @ Pirates 10:30am Commons
Underdogs @ Coors/ Bird Stairs 10:30am Maybank #2
Extremes @ Islanders 10:30am Mel Braine

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Dartmouth Mixed Slow Pitch League