Last Updated: July 17, 2015

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Aug 9
The Team @ Ball Busters 9:00am Bissett
Coors @ Bombers 9:00am Commons
Underdogs @ Dugout Divers 9:00am Mel Braine
Ball Busters @ The Team 10:30am Bissett
Bombers @ Coors 10:30am Commons
Dugout Divers @ Underdogs 10:30am Mel Braine
Outlaws @ Weekenders 12:00pm Commons
Weekenders @ Outlaws 1:30pm Commons
Sunday,  Aug 16
Dugout Divers @ Weekenders 9:00am Bissett
Outlaws @ Bombers 9:00am Commons
The Team @ Coors 9:00am Mel Braine
Weekenders @ Dugout Divers 10:30am Bissett
Bombers @ Outlaws 10:30am Commons
Coors @ The Team 10:30am Mel Braine
Ball Busters @ Underdogs 12:00pm Commons
Underdogs @ Ball Busters 1:30pm Commons

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