Last Updated: June 21, 2016

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Some great games in week 4 of the season as we amost saw the Weekenders get a win but they came up short and tied the team.  We also saw two top team battle it out as coor took on the ball busters which was exciting two games which both teams came away with a win each.  Top team bombers played the Underdogs which it was a back and fourth battle to the end in both games as the Bombers took both games and now atop of the league with a 5-1 record.

Week 5 Matchups are seeing the 2nd place 4-2 Ball busters vs 1st place 5-1 Bombers. As the ball busters are looking to try and catch the bombers for first place.  Over at the Dartmouth Commons you have the 3rd place 4-2 Coors vs 4th place 3-2-1 The team. The team is also looking up in the standing and they are hoping to move ahead of coors in the standings. At Bissett you are going see the two last places teams battle it out as the 5th place team 1-5 Underdogs who are coming off a great two games last week vs the bombers will be taking on 0-5-1 Weekenders who are still searching for their first win of the season.

 Vs   9am Melbraine


  Vs  9am Dartmouth Commons


 Vs 9am Bissett

 Week 4 Results

Coors Beat Ball Busters 21-10

Ball Busters beat Coors 20-14

The Team Beat Weekenders 12-1

The team tied Weekenders 4-4

Bombers beat Underdogs 16-11 and 15-12





Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, Jun 26
The Weekenders @ Underdogs9:00amBissett
Underdogs @ The Weekenders9:00amBissett
Coors/Bird Stairs @ The Team9:00amCommons
Coors/Bird Stairs @ The Team9:00amCommons
Ball Busters @ Bombers9:00amMel Braine
Bombers @ Ball Busters9:00amMel Braine
Sunday, Jul 10
Bombers @ The Team9:00amCommons
The Team @ Bombers9:00amCommons
Coors/Bird Stairs @ The Weekenders9:00amMel Braine
The Weekenders @ Coors/Bird Stairs9:00amMel Braine
Ball Busters @ Underdogs12:00pmCommons

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