Last Updated: October 20, 2016


Dofasco Steelhawks Select Tryouts 2016-2017

Novice Tryouts
Sunday October 16th         1:45 PM
Sunday October 23rd         1:45 PM
Sunday October 30th         1:45 PM  

Atom Tryouts

Sunday October 16th         12:30 PM
Sunday October 23rd        12:30 PM
Sunday October 30th         12:30 PM  

Peewee Tryouts
Sunday October 16th           3:00 PM
Sunday October  23rd          3:00 PM
Sunday October 30th           3:00 PM  

Bantam Tryouts
Sunday October 16th         4:15 PM
Sunday October 23rd         4:15 PM
Sunday October 30th         4:15 PM  

Minor Midget Tryouts
Saturday October 15th         6:45 PM
Saturday October 22nd        6:45 PM
Saturday October 29th         6:45 PM

Please Note:  After the second Minor Midget try out it will be decided if we continue with a Minor Midget team based on attendance.  If we have enough players to fill both a Minor Midget and Midget team we will go ahead with the third and final try out for both teams.  If is it is decided we will not continue with a Minor Midget Team, all the players will be considered for positions on the Midget Team.  It is DMHL first priority to fill the Midget Select Team. 


Midget Tryouts
Saturday October 15th        8:00 PM
Saturday October 22nd       8:00 PM
Saturday October 29th        8:00 PM

Our Select Coaches for the 2016-2017 season are:

Novice:  Rich Vrataric
Atom:  Mike Whalen
Peewee:  Stepano Lee
Bantam:  Rick Janssens
Minor Midget:  Reuben Krushelnicki

Midget:  Craig Stannix

Tryout fees will be $25 for 3 sessions, the fee must be paid before any player can go on the ice.  All players registered and playing in our House Leagues for Dofasco Minor Hockey are invited to Tryouts for any of our Select teams.  More information regarding our Select Program can be found by going to "Select Hockey" on the main menu down the left hand side of this page.

All players must attend a minimum of 2 tryouts to be considered for any position on the Select teams.  Exceptions can be requested, but can only be approved by the Dofasco Minor Hockey executive.  Any exceptions should be forwarded to Craig Stannix, Director of Select for review.



Upcoming Games

Friday, Oct 21
Colts @ Bulldogs5:30pmFH Sherman East
Wolves @ Firebirds6:45pmFH Sherman East
Spitfires @ Sting8:00pmFH Sherman East
Saturday, Oct 22
Colts @ Bulldogs12:00pmFH Sherman West
Wolves @ Spitfires1:15pmFH Sherman West
Firebirds @ Sting5:30pmFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Bulldogs7:00amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Spitfires7:00amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Firebirds8:15amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Wolves8:15amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Colts9:30amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Sting9:30amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Colts7:30amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Sting7:30amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Bulldogs10:45amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Spitfires10:45amFH Sherman West
Sunday, Oct 23
PRACTICE Colts7:30amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Spitfires7:30amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Bulldogs8:45amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Firebirds8:45amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Sting12:00pmFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Wolves12:00pmFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Colts7:00amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Firebirds7:00amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Bulldogs10:00amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Spitfires10:00amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Sting11:15amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Wolves11:15amFH Sherman East
PRACTICE Firebirds8:15amFH Sherman West
PRACTICE Wolves8:15amFH Sherman West
Spitfires @ Sting5:30pmFH Sherman East
Bulldogs @ Wolves6:45pmFH Sherman East
Colts @ Firebirds8:00pmFH Sherman East

For a complete schedule listing, click here!