Last Updated: March 9, 2014

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Del Rosa Supporters


  • Del Rosa Welcomes You!!
  • 1342 E. Marshall Blvd
  • San Bernardino, CA 92404
  • Delrosalittleleague@gmail. com

Welcome to Del Rosa Little League.

We are located in San Bernardino,CA at 1324 E Marshall Blvd.

We offer little league teams from T-Ball to Senior baseball, we pride ourselves on

hard work and dedication come out and show your support. Del Rosa welcomes you!

Our Motto  
Every day is a new opportunity.
You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again.
That's the way life is, with a new game every day,
and that's the way baseball is.

Try-outs have been a great success. Thank you to all of our little leaguers who have come out and showed us what you've got in try-outs! We greatly appreciate your support and dedication to Del Rosa Little League. We continue to look foward to seeing you all soon on Saturday, March 29th for Opening Ceremony 2014! Let's Go Del Rosa !!!


For all upcoming events .(See Calendar for Dates and Times)

Del Rosa Little League District 43