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  • Welcome to the Diocese of Pittsburgh Soccer League!
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DSL Rule Book Update

September 12, 2016

The 2016 updated DSL Rule book can be found under the DSL Rule Book link to the left.

Schedules Posted

September 5, 2016

All Varsity, JV and Developmental schedules have been posted based on the spreadsheets from Mitch. Any games with missing game times and/or locations are shown as TBA. Please review your team's schedule for accurracy and report any errors and game times once they are set to Ken Busch. Also please review the directions to your home field to verify that they are correct. If there are any changes, please report them to Ken Busch too.

Fall 2016 Season

July 30, 2016

Here are the Fall, 2015 season dates: 

  • 8/12/2016 - Registrations are due.  Registration is now closed
  • 8/22/2016 – Practice may start.
  • 9/3/2016 – Schedules are released
  • 9/9/2016 - Rosters are due
  • 9/10/2016 – Opening weekend of games
  • 10/29/2016 – Developmental Tournament
  • 10/30/2016 – Last day for JV and Varsity Games
  • 11/2/2016 – 11/6/2016 – JV and varsity Playoffs


Nate Ferraco Sportsmanship Award

June 25, 2016

This past Sunday after our last Pittsburgh Diocese Soccer League championship game, we honored two players with the Nate Ferraco Sportsmanship Award. Nate Ferraco was a freshman at Geneva College who died in a car accident this past winter. Nate played in our League then went on to play soccer at Penn Hills HS and was valedictorian of his senior class. Nate was an excellent student, a skilled soccer player, and a fine young man. The awardees of the Sportsmanship Award were #10 Nicholas Pieto of St Alphonsus and #77 Alex Freiwald of East Catholic who both received multiple nominations throughout the season from opposing coaches. A special thanks to Mike Clark from WTAE for joining us to honor Nate. Mike was Nate's soccer coach in middle school and a close family friend. Rest in piece Nate and we will keep your memory alive!

From Nate's Family:

Mitch / Mike - Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for your kindness & support shown by planning, implementing and awarding the 1st Annual Nate Ferraco Sportsmanship Award from the Diocesan Soccer League. The huge magnitude of its success can be attributed to how much Nate loved playing soccer on all levels and his utmost respect for the game and his teammates.... He loved participating on every team he was ever a part of from the time he was very little until now, as we have watched all these young athletes turn into adults. He always put his full effort into every team, event, game or tournament just as all of you have put your full efforts into keeping his memory alive with this award. We are blessed to have so many kind, caring people in our lives. We have great memories of the many years spent playing and coaching Diocesan Soccer. Thank you again from our entire family.

Sincerely - Greg, Kolleen, Mike & Nicole Ferraco 



Cameroon Football Development Program

January 31, 2015

The DSL is excited to work with the local leadership of the Cameroon Football Development Program to promote soccer locally and in Cameroon. The founder Justin Forzano, is a Wheeling native, where he played soccer at Wheeling Park High School, a graduate of Dayton University and is currently in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. Here is a link to their website.


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Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Oct 1
Section 1 Varsity
St. Kilian @ St. Bernadette4:15pmGateway Middle School
St. Thomas More @ Holy Trinity4:45pmBurkett (UPPER Soccer Field)
Section 2 Varsity
Our Lady of Grace @ Christ the Divine Teacher1:30pmRt.910 (Indiana Twp) Municipal Field
Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament @ Sts. Peter & Paul3:30pmBeaver Area High School
Providence Heights Alpha @ St. Elizabeth4:00pmMaize Field/Pleasant Hills
Section 3 Varsity
St. Patrick @ Aquinas Academy10:15amDolan - Aquinas Academy
St. Bede @ St. Philip2:00pmSt. Pauls Seminary
Section 4 Varsity
Mary of Nazareth @ Our Lady of Fatima10:45amYouthtowne Field
St. James @ Sacred Heart11:30amPanther Hollow/Junction Hollow
Section 1 JV
St. Kilian #1 @ St. Bernadette3:00pmGateway Middle School
St. Thomas More @ Holy Trinity3:30pmBurkett (UPPER Soccer Field)
Section 2 JV
St. Alphonsus JV #2 @ St. Kilian JV #211:30amSt. Kilian
Our Lady of Grace @ Christ the Divine Teacher12:15pmRt.910 (Indiana Twp) Municipal Field
Providence Heights Alpha @ St. Elizabeth2:45pmMaize Field/Pleasant Hills
Section 3 JV
St. Patrick @ Aquinas Academy9:00amDolan - Aquinas Academy
St. Bede @ St. Philip12:45pmSt. Pauls Seminary
Section 4 JV
St. Sylvester @ Our Lady of Fatima9:30amYouthtowne Field
St. Rosalia @ Sacred Heart10:15amPanther Hollow/Junction Hollow
Dev - 1st-2nd North
St. Alexis @ Holy Sepulcher9:00amHoly Sepulcher Catholic School
Our Lady of Fatima @ Providence Heights Alpha DeVore10:00amAlpha School Field
St. Alexis @ Providence Heights Alpha McMorrow11:00amAlpha School Field
Sts. Peter & Paul @ Providence Heights Alpha Kinmonth12:00pmAlpha School Field
Dev - 1st-2nd South
St. Bede @ Holy Trinity 21:00pmBurkett (UPPER Soccer Field)
St. James @ Holy Trinity 11:00pmBurkett (UPPER Soccer Field)
Our Lady of Grace @ East Catholic2:00pmForest Hills Park
Dev - 2nd
St. Kilian Eagon @ St. Philip9:00amSt. Pauls Seminary
St. Kilian Smith @ St. Kilian Glentzer12:45pmSt. Kilian
Dev - 3rd North
St. Alexis @ St. Kilian Majeski10:15amSt. Kilian
St. Alphonsus @ Aquinas Academy11:45amDolan - Aquinas Academy
Dev - 3rd South
St. Bede @ St. Philip10:15amSt. Pauls Seminary
East Catholic @ Holy Trinity 22:15pmBurkett (UPPER Soccer Field)
North American Martyrs @ Holy Trinity 12:15pmBurkett (UPPER Soccer Field)
Dev - 3rd-4th North
Butler Catholic @ Providence Heights Alpha9:00amAlpha School Field
Holy Sepulcher @ Christ the Divine Teacher11:00amRt.910 (Indiana Twp) Municipal Field
Sts. Peter & Paul @ Our Lady of Fatima12:00pmYouthtowne Field
Dev - 3rd-4th South
St. Sylvester @ St. Elizabeth1:30pmMaize Field/Pleasant Hills
Dev - 4th
St. Alexis @ St. Philip11:30amSt. Pauls Seminary
St. Bede @ Aquinas Academy11:45amDolan - Aquinas Academy
St. Kilian White @ Holy Trinity2:15pmBurkett (UPPER Soccer Field)
St. Kilian Kuhar @ East Catholic5:30pmWilkins Field
Sunday, Oct 2
Section 1 Varsity
Holy Trinity @ St. Kilian3:15pmSt. Kilian
Section 2 Varsity
St. Elizabeth @ Providence Heights Alpha2:15pmLaRoche College
Section 3 Varsity
St. Bede @ Butler Catholic4:45pmBCSA(Butler) Field
Section 1 JV
Holy Trinity @ St. Kilian #11:00pmSt. Kilian
Section 2 JV
St. Elizabeth @ Providence Heights Alpha1:00pmLaRoche College
Section 3 JV
St. Bede @ Butler Catholic3:30pmBCSA(Butler) Field
Dev - 2nd
St. Philip @ St. Alphonsus12:00pmMarshall Elementary School
Butler Catholic @ St. Kilian Glentzer12:45pmSt. Kilian
Dev - 3rd North
St. Kilian Majeski @ St. Alphonsus12:00pmMarshall Elementary School
Dev - 3rd South
East Catholic @ St. Thomas More2:00pmSt. Thomas More
Dev - 3rd-4th South
St. Elizabeth @ St. Thomas More2:00pmSt. Thomas More
Dev - 4th
St. Bede @ St. Alphonsus12:00pmMarshall Elementary School
St. Alexis @ St. Kilian Kuhar2:15pmSt. Kilian
Tuesday, Oct 4
Dev - 4th
Holy Trinity @ St. Kilian White5:30pmSt. Kilian

For a complete schedule listing, click here!