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  • Welcome to the Diocese of Pittsburgh Soccer League!
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Spring 2016 Dates

January 24, 2016

The key dates for the Spring, 2016 season are:

  • 03/04/2016 - Registrations and Fees are due to Mitch Riehle
  • 03/14/2016 - Teams may start practicing
  • 03/23/2016 - Coaches Teleconference Call (One coach per team and all new coaches)
  • 04/02/2016 - Opening weekend for games
  • 03/24-27/2016 - Easter Weekend; NO SOCCER
  • 05/28/2016- Final date for regular season games
  • 06/04/2016 - Developmental Tournament - 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade Championships
  • 06/09-12/2016 - DSL JV and Varsity Playoffs

Cameroon Football Development Program

January 31, 2015

The DSL is excited to work with the local leadership of the Cameroon Football Development Program to promote soccer locally and in Cameroon. The founder Justin Forzano, is a Wheeling native, where he played soccer at Wheeling Park High School, a graduate of Dayton University and is currently in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh. Here is a link to their website.


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Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday, May 6
Section 1 Varsity
Holy Trinity   @ St. Kilian  6:45pmSt. Kilian
Section 4 Varsity
Our Lady of Fatima @ St. John Bosco7:00pmSeton LaSalle High School
Section 1 JV
Holy Trinity @ St. Kilian5:30pmSt. Kilian
Section 2 JV
St. Alexis @ St. Bonaventure4:30pmDenny Park
Saturday, May 7
Section 1 Varsity
Sts. Peter & Paul   @ Our Lady of Grace  10:15amOur Lady of Grace Field (Campbell)
Sts. Peter & Paul   @ Christ the Divine Teacher  2:15pmRt.910 (Indiana Twp) Municipal Field
Holy Trinity   @ St. Bernadette  4:15pmGateway Middle School
St. Kilian   @ East Catholic  4:30pmWoodland Hills High School
Section 2 Varsity
Aquinas Academy   @ St. Bede  10:45amWoodland Hills High School
St. Alexis   @ St. Boneventure  4:15pmDenny Park
Section 3 Varsity
Holy Trinity #2 @ Carlow10:00amBrashear High School
St. Bernard @ St. Bede #212:00pmWoodland Hills High School
St. Elizabeth @ Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament3:15pmFreeport Community Park
Section 4 Varsity
St. Sylvester @ St. Margaret of Scotland9:00amAiken Field
St. Bartholomew @ St. Rosalia11:15amPanther Hollow/Junction Hollow
Sacred Heart @ St. Mary of Nazareth4:00pmFrancis McClure Middle School
Section 1 JV
Sts. Peter & Paul @ Our Lady of Grace9:00amOur Lady of Grace Field (Campbell)
Sts. Peter & Paul @ Christ the Divine Teacher1:00pmRt.910 (Indiana Twp) Municipal Field
Holy Trinity @ St. Bernadette3:00pmGateway Middle School
St. Kilian @ East Catholic3:15pmWoodland Hills High School
Section 2 JV
Aquinas Academy @ St. Bede9:30amWoodland Hills High School
St. Philip @ East Catholic JV #22:00pmWoodland Hills High School
Section 3 JV
Holy Trinity #2 @ Carlow11:15amBrashear High School
St. Elizabeth @ Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament2:00pmFreeport Community Park
St. Kilian #2 @ St. Bernard3:00pmSeton LaSalle High School
Section 4 JV
St. Bartholomew @ St. Rosalia10:00amPanther Hollow/Junction Hollow
St. Sylvester @ St. Margaret of Scotland10:15amAiken Field
North American Maryrs @ St. Patrick12:30pmHills Hendersonville
Our Lady of Fatima @ St. Patrick1:45pmHills Hendersonville
Sacred Heart @ North American Maryrs5:00pmMonroeville Community Park East
Dev - 1st-2nd North
Assumption 2 @ Providence Heights Alpha 212:00pmAlpha School Field
Holy Sepulcher 1 @ Sts. Peter & Paul1:00pmBeaver Area High School
Assumption 1 @ Providence Heights Alpha 111:00pmAlpha School Field
Dev - 1st-2nd South
St. Bede 2 @ Mary of Nazareth1:00pmFrancis McClure Middle School
Dev - 2nd
St. Kilian Pappas @ St. Rosalia9:00amPanther Hollow/Junction Hollow
Mary of Nazareth @ St. Gabriel9:00amSeton LaSalle High School
St. Bernard @ Butler Catholic11:00amBCSA(Butler) Field
East. Catholic @ St. Kilian Meeuf3:30pmSt. Kilian
St. Philip @ St. Kilian Majeski3:30pmSt. Kilian
Dev - 3rd
St. Philip @ St. Rosalia9:00amPanther Hollow/Junction Hollow
St. Alexis @ St. Kilian White10:30amSt. Kilian
East Catholic @ Aquinas Academy11:45amDolan - Aquinas Academy
St. Alphonsus @ St. Kilian Kuhar11:45amSt. Kilian
St. Bernard @ Mary of Nazareth2:00pmFrancis McClure Middle School
Dev - 3rd-4th North
Sts. Peter & Paul @ Providence Heights Alpha 19:00amAlpha School Field
Butler Catholic @ Christ the Divine Teacher11:00amRt.910 (Indiana Twp) Municipal Field
St. Mary of Glenshaw @ Assumption2:00pmNorth Boroughs YMCA
Dev - 3rd-4th South
Holy Trinity 2 @ St. Elizabeth 11:30amMaize Field/Pleasant Hills
St. Sylvester @ St. Elizabeth 22:30amMaize Field/Pleasant Hills
Holy Trinity 1 @ St. Gabriel10:15amSeton LaSalle High School
Carlow @ St. Margaret of Scotland12:00pmAiken Field
Our Lady of Grace @ Our Lady of Fatima12:30pmYouthtowne Field
Dev - 4th
St. Alexis @ St. Philip11:30amSt Pauls Seminary
East Catholic @ Aquinas Academy11:45amDolan - Aquinas Academy
St. Alphonsus @ St. Kilian Texter1:00pmSt. Kilian
St. Thomas More @ St. Kilian Majeski2:15pmSt. Kilian
St. Bernard @ Mary of Nazareth3:00pmFrancis McClure Middle School
Sunday, May 8
Section 1 Varsity
Christ the Divine Teacher   @ St. Mary of Glenshaw  4:30pmSt. Mary Elementary School
St. Kilian   @ St. Alphonsus  4:45pmMarshall Elementary School
Section 2 Varsity
St. Thomas More   @ Allison Park United  2:15pmLaRoche College
St. Alexis   @ Butler Catholic  4:45pmBCSA(Butler) Field
Section 3 Varsity
St. Bernard @ St. James6:15pmQuaker Valley High School
Section 4 Varsity
Assumption @ St. Sylvester3:30pmSeton LaSalle High School
Section 1 JV
Christ the Divine Teacher @ St. Mary of Glenshaw3:15pmSt. Mary Elementary School
St. Kilian @ St. Alphonsus3:30pmMarshall Elementary School
Section 2 JV
St. Thomas More @ Allison Park United1:00pmLaRoche College
St. Alexis @ Butler Catholic3:30pmBCSA(Butler) Field
Section 3 JV
St. Teresa @ St. Alphonsus #22:15pmMarshall Elementary School
St. Bernard @ St. James5:00pmQuaker Valley High School
Section 4 JV
Assumption @ St. Sylvester2:15pmSeton LaSalle High School
Dev - 1st-2nd South
Our Lady of Grace @ St. Bede 11:00pmKoenig Field
Holy Trinity 1 @ St. Bede 22:15pmKoenig Field
Holy Trinity 3 @ North American Martyrs3:00pmMonroeville Community Park West
Holy Trinity 2 @ St. James4:00pmQuaker Valley High School
Dev - 2nd
St. Alexis @ Butler Catholic1:00pmBCSA(Butler) Field
St. Philip @ St. Alphonsus1:00pmMarshall Elementary School
Dev - 3rd
St. Rosalia @ St. Alphonsus1:00pmMarshall Elementary School
Dev - 3rd-4th North
Holy Sepulcher @ St. Mary of Glenshaw2:00pmSt. Mary Elementary School
Sts. Peter & Paul @ Butler Catholic2:15pmBCSA(Butler) Field
Dev - 3rd-4th South
St. Margaret of Scotland @ St. Sylvester12:00amSeton LaSalle High School
Our Lady of Fatima @ St. James4:00pmQuaker Valley High School
Dev - 4th
St. Bede @ St. Alphonsus1:00pmMarshall Elementary School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!