Last Updated: September 28, 2017

DMS Boys Lacrosse 2017 is now CLOSED



Boys 2017 Lacrosse Overview


The Dumbarton Lacrosse Club is a Towson Recreation Council program, which is designed to provide an opportunity for Dumbarton Middle School students to compete against other local middle school teams. 

The objectives of this program are simple, to play lacrosse in a competitive yet fun environment while enhancing lacrosse skills and building friendships.  The schools we may compete with include Cockeysville, Franklin, Hereford, Pikesville, Ridgely, Jemicy, Immaculate Conception School and possibly a few others. 


Our intent is to have two teams: an older team (A Team) and a younger team (B Team).  It is not meant for skill level, but rather age level.  Rosters will be determined by the coaches and assistants after evaluations.


We are working with the other middle schools to establish guidelines for our teams.  The following has been proposed by the league and we hope to carry through with the changes this season. 


If a team has over 70% percent 8th Graders, then the Team should be placed in the A team bracket.


An "A" team (8th Grade Team) should never have a 6th Grader on the field - no matter how good.    (Goalies are excused from this since we all know it is hard to find goalies at every age level and typically they are not getting run down by a larger opponent


A "B" team (6th and 7th Graders) should not have any 8th grade players on the team when an 8th Grade team is available.   If your school is unable to field an 8th grade (A) team and has a small amount of 8th Graders, they can be played down but only two 8th Grade players can take the field at one time to prevent an uneven advantage.


It is our strong desire to provide space on the rosters for everyone who wants to play.  However, we must reserve the right to limit roster sizes if the demand exceeds the number of spaces available. 


Our evaluations will be held after school on Friday October 7 and Friday October 14 on the middle field at Dumbarton.  All evaluations will begin after school and end by 4:30 unless otherwise noted.


Participants are encouraged to attend the tryouts to give the coaches and evaluators the best chance to fairly assess performance.


With the renovations at DMS, equipment storage will be an issue for our evaluations.  It was initially proposed to have the boys drop off their equipment in a corner of the school auditorium in the morning and pick it up after school.   This is an area that cannot be locked/secured.  I would prefer the boys not do this.  I would recommend getting together with other parents and collecting the gear the night before and meeting the boys after school to get them their equipment.  I know this isn’t convenient for everyone, but if we can get a few volunteers to help out, it would be great.  Another possible option is storage at the Snack Shack.  I would prefer not to do that if possible, as someone would need to be present in the morning and afternoon to lock and unlock the Snack Shack.




DLC registration is available online at our website,  Everyone must register online.  This registration will be open until Friday September 30, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. 


The cost of registration for the DLC program for the 2017 season is currently “to be determined”.  Last year, it was $175.  This year, we are going to try and offer a reduced rate for returning players that won’t need a uniform. 


Players new to Lacrosse:  Due to our limited practice time and coaching resources, Dumbarton Lacrosse may not be the best place to learn the game.  We encourage all players to continue playing rec lacrosse, but this is particularly important for new players.




For insurance reasons, we require all players to be members of US Lacrosse. When registering for the Dumbarton program, you will be required to provide your US Lacrosse membership number. If you are not a US Lacrosse member, you can find membership information and register online from the US Lacrosse link on the website




A team orientation meeting will be held once teams are finalized. The purpose is to present a brief overview of the program, answer any questions you may have, have the boys try on a sample uniform for sizing, and possibly place orders for jackets, sweatshirts and other merchandise.




The Dumbarton Boys Lacrosse Club will have all practices and games on Monday and Wednesday after school until no later than 5pm.  Weather permitting, we will have access to the fields March 1.  In years past, the weather has been an issue with early practices so we may reserve time at NERCC for indoor practice in early March after school.  Carpool will be need for the boys.


There will be no games or practices on weekends and it should not interfere with your regular rec or club team schedule.  

We anticipate that each team will play a schedule of about 8 games over the course of the spring. 

All practices and all home games will be at the upper field at Dumbarton, which borders Stevenson Lane.  Game schedules will be distributed as soon as they are available. We anticipate the first games will be held in the last week of March and will continue into the middle of May.




There are a number of roles for parents.  Please consider volunteering.  These roles include:


1  Carpool Coordinator – We do not have access to busses so each team will need a parent to coordinate parents to carpool to away games.  Setting up a SignUpGenius will be the primary responsibility.

2  Equipment Room Supervisor – We will need a parent to supervise the drop off and pick up of equipment every Monday and Wednesday morning and afternoon.  With the current renovations at Dumbarton, this location is currently unknown.  It may be the Snack Shack.  Towson Rec Council also wants this person to keep an eye/ear on the locker room to ensure students are behaving.

3  Help organize the end of the year party.




We will use email as our primary means of communications, along with our website. If anyone has information that needs to be posted, or has pictures that would be of interest to the families in the program, please let us know.  We are also looking into the use of text messaging for the 2017 season as last minute notifications can prove vitally important.




Make sure you register for and select Towson Recreation Council for weather related closures and announcements. 

If games/practices must be cancelled or postponed, we will post that information as soon as possible. 

Please note that the Dumbarton Lacrosse Club is a recreation council activity. As such, parents are responsible for seeing that their children make it to and from practices/games, and are responsible to ensure that their children are properly taken care of if there is inclement weather or a cancellation.



If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or contact Christina Glover, the DMS Programs Coordinator.  She is in charge of all aspects of Registration, Evaluations, and Payments.



Erik Cloyd

DMS Lacrosse Boys Director