T-ball Playoffs

Game 1: Reds vs Pirates  Tuesday, May 30th @ 6:00

Game 2: Dodgers vs Yankees  Wednesday, May 31st @ 5:30

Game 3:  Pink Dodgers vs Mariners  Wednesday, May 31st @ 6:30

Game 4:  Winner of game 1 vs Winner of game 2  Thursday, June 1st @ 5:30

Game 5:  Winner of game 3 vs Team with most outs of all losing teams  Thursday, June 1st @ 6:30

Championship:  Winner of game 4 vs Winner of game 5  Saturday, June 3rd @ TBD

Memorial Day Tournament

Bring a team and join our 2nd Annual Memorial Day Tournament

May 27-29 @ Almansor Park

$350 per team/3 game guarantee

No ump fees! Great fields! Great snack bar!

(626) 230-9624    Sign up today!

Closing Ceremonies June 9th @ 6:30 pm

Come and join us to celebrate a wonderful season.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, May 29
TEE Ball
Pirates PRACTICE5:00pmT-Ball 2
Senior BB
A's PRACTICE10:00amAlmansor D1
Tuesday, May 30
TEE Ball
Reds @ Pirates6:00pmAlmansor T-Ball Field
Pink Sox @ Dodgers5:30pmAlmansor D3
Minor BB
Monterey Park @ Dodgers5:30pmAlmansor D2
NE2-Mariners @ Titans7:30pmAlmansor D2
Junior BB
Angels @ AA7:00pmAlmansor D1
Major SB
LA @ Toxic7:30pmAlmansor D3
Wednesday, May 31
TEE Ball
Dodgers @ Yankees5:30pmAlmansor T-Ball Field
Pink Dodgers @ Mariners6:30pmAlmansor T-Ball Field
Minor BB
Seminoles @ HIT SQUAD5:30pmAlmansor D2
Junior BB
Monterey Park 1 @ Dodgers7:00pmAlmansor D1
Farm SB
SP3 @ Pink Sox5:30pmAlmansor D3
Minor SB
AA @ Blueberries7:30pmAlmansor D3
Thursday, Jun 1
AA Dodgers @ Padres5:30pmAlmansor D3
Minor BB
Dodgers PRACTICE5:30pmAlmansor D2
Junior BB
Los Angeles @ TCN Braves7:00pmAlmansor D1
Major SB
AA @ Toxic7:30pmAlmansor D3
Junior SB
Rockstars @ SEM17:30pmNew Temple Park
Saturday, Jun 3
Dodgers @ Padres9:00amAlmansor D3
Pink Sox @ AA Yankees12:15pmGranada D2
Farm SB
LA @ Pink Sox11:00amAlmansor D3
Major SB
Toxic @ Rockstars3:00pmAlmansor D3
Junior SB
Rockstars @ SEM212:00pmNew Temple Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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