Last Updated: May 27, 2015
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  • Congratulations Cumming Motors 2014 East End & DPLWS Champions!!!
  • Congratulations Furrer Beverage 2014 Minor League Champions!!!
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East End Youth Baseball League

East End is one of the premier youth baseball leagues in Central PA, with a long history (50 plus years) of commitment to its players, their families and the Altoona, PA community.


East End has produced several Dean Patterson Little World Series Champions and Runner-ups as well as All City Shaughnessy Champions and Runner-ups in recent years.


Tee Ball registration is still available for ages 3-5.

The Tee Ball games will begin approx. the last week of June. 

Click on the tee ball registration link located in the upper right corner of this page to register.

 2015 All Star Day HR Derby Results


Left to Right: Zach Barton (3rd Place); Dylan McNelly (1st Place); Marcus Day (2nd Place)


Congratulations Cumming Motors 2014 EEYBL Major Champions


2014 Dean Patterson Little World Series Champions


  Congratulations Furrer Beverage 2014 EEYBL Minor Champions




Thank you Lou Kabello!!!

Thank you to Lou Kabello and Kabello Contracting for your generous donation and continuous support of the East End Youth Baseball League!!!  The pavilion that you donated material, time and labor to will stand as a symbol of your generosity for future generations of youth baseball players.



Dick's Sporting Goods has extended a special offer to our baseball family!!!




Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  May 28
Minor League Teams
Barton's Plumbling @ C&G Savings 5:30pm East End
Kettle Inn @ Furrer Beverage 7:30pm East End
Friday,  May 29
Major League Teams
Penn Med @ Kabello Contracting 8:30pm East End
Minor League Teams
First Stop Shop @ State Farm - Tammy Kehr 5:00pm East End
Ketrow Insurance @ Star Beverage 7:00pm East End
Saturday,  May 30
Major League Teams
Greenwood Meadows @ Caporuscio 11:00am East End
Kabello Contracting @ Cumming Motors 1:00pm East End
Burgmeiers @ Dean Patterson 3:00pm East End
Penn Med @ Sheetz 5:00pm East End
Minor League Teams
State Farm - Tammy Kehr @ Star Beverage 9:00am East End
Sunday,  May 31
Minor League Teams
Star Beverage @ Kettle Inn 1:00pm East End
C&G Savings @ Furrer Beverage 3:00pm East End
State Farm - Tammy Kehr @ Ketrow Insurance 5:00pm East End
First Stop Shop @ Barton's Plumbling 7:00pm East End
Monday,  Jun 1
Major League Teams
Burgmeiers @ Greenwood Meadows 5:30pm East End
Dean Patterson @ Kabello Contracting 7:30pm East End
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Major League Teams
Cumming Motors @ Sheetz 5:30pm East End
Caporuscio @ Penn Med 7:30pm East End
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Minor League Teams
Kettle Inn @ Ketrow Insurance 5:30pm East End
Barton's Plumbling @ State Farm - Tammy Kehr 7:30pm East End

For a complete schedule listing, click here!