Last Updated: August 27, 2015
Start of the 2015 / 2016 Season
65 Days
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Eastern Wrestling

The Season is Over... 
Hope it was a great one!
If you didn't make the banquet, Coach Jeremy will be holding one more chance for you to get your pictures and turn in your CLEAN singlet to get your deposit check back.

It's Tournament Time
Varsity Individual Tournament - Congratulations to all of our wrestlers who competed in the tournament!. 
A special congratulations goes out to the following wrestlers -
50lbs - Marc Perkins  - 1st Place
67lbs - Jared Bruner - 1st Place
107lbs - Costas Pavlides - 4th Place
112lbs - Dean Carnival - 1st Place
122lbs - Jacob  Brocious - 1st Place
147lbs - T.J. Franden - 2nd Place

End of Season Tot Tournament - Congratulations to all of out Tot Wrestlers who competed in this tournament.
A special congratulations goes out to the following wrestlers -
36lb A - Alessio Diautolo -1st Place
38lb B - Brandon Goode-Bell - 2nd Place
44lbs - Max Cutler - 1st Place
45lb A - Jeremy Brady - 1st Place
45lb C - Cole Pinney - 2nd Place
45lb D - Millard Wilkinson - 2nd Place
46lb A - Kenan Clymer - 1st Place
53lb B - Adam Mayer - 2nd Place

End of Season JV Tournament - Results will be posted soon.
Dual Meet Team Championship - Congratulations to our Dual Meet team for their 5th place finish in the Team Championship.



Thank you to Gray Worthington and Nexxt Level Sports for training our kids five time during the winter break.

For only $100.00 Your business name will be displayed -
1. On the back side of warm-up t-shirts to be worn by our wrestlers at matches and tournaments.
2. On a banner that will be featured prominently during our home matches, fundraiser and any other event we hold.
3. Displayed in weekly emails to approximately 100 wrestling families.
4. Displayed on our website homepage & sponsor page
Space is limited so if you are interested go to our Online Forms and sign up today.

Parents, for years Eastern High School has graciously worked with our wrestling program allowing us to use their facilities for practices and matches. 
This season we must ensure that our wrestlers are not roaming the halls causing problems. 
If we don’t correct the situation we will lose our privilege of using the High School Facilities. 
Please note that actions like this are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

From this day forward, if your wrestlers or siblings are found in any parts of the high school that they are not supposed to be in, they will be asked the leave the facilities.
If they know of anyone running around or causing any damage, they are to let an Eastern Wrestling Coach know immediately.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  

Thank you to everyone who have stepped up and helped with the Snack Stand, Scoring Tables, Set-up and Tear-Down this past season, we could not have done it without you! 


The main forms of communication for Eastern Jr Wrestling are this website and our newsletter.  All efforts are made to ensure that e-mail addresses are properly entered, but sometimes my fingers get in the way.  If you are not receiving any newsetters from Eastern Jr Wrestling, please e-mail me at and I will be sure to add you to our contact list. 
That is all for now.  We'll see you on the mats...