Last Updated: April 27, 2015

East Hanover Baseball Association


 Registration is  closed for the 2015 season. Thank you for registering.




Thanks to all of you who have volunteered your time to help out with coaching this season. Without volunteer parent assistance, our league would not survive. 
























     Register also for Spring 2015 Travel Baseball Teams

Over the past few years East Hanover Baseball Association has been without a Rec Travel team in some of our baseball age divisions. It is our goal to recapture the spirit of Rec baseball and travel from 8 years old to 12 years old, and 13, 14, & 15 years old in the Babe Ruth Senior Division for the 2015 baseball season. All registered players for the 2015 rec baseball season will be eligible to participate in our town travel programs. The Spring travel program coincides with the Spring rec season but games will not conflict. It gives players an opportunity to play more games and participate in an elevated level of baseball besides playing in our Rec baseball Little League program if you are interested.

Currently there will be a 10U travel team coached by one of our board members, Rob LoPinto. This team recently played in the championship game for the Fall season and lost a tough game to a team from Mt. Olive. Congratulations to the 10U team and coach LoPinto for their continued success at this level.


EHBA wants to reach out to you today to let you all know we will be trying to field an 8U, 9U, 11U and 12U travel team for the Spring season that can compete at a higher level and continue play into the Summer and Fall seasons. We will also try to increase the number of players aged 13-15 who can play in the Babe Ruth Senior Division for the Spring. The travel teams will be sanctioned under EHBA and through our township rec department. Michael DeFazio, another of our board members is putting together an 11U team. Please respond to this email if you are interested in playing spring travel for the East Hanover Hornets. If we get more than 11 boys to sign up on any of our levels, we will hold a tryout for that team.

On the 11U division, Coach DeFazio will have a winter training program in place so that when the season begins the boys will be ready to play. Coach LoPinto also does winter training for his 10U team 

                             Here is the 2015 age cutoff chart for all age levels: 

          5/1/1999 and 4/30/2000   15U (Babe Ruth) 

          5/1/2000 and 4/30/2001   14U (Babe Ruth) 

          5/1/2001 and 4/30/2002   13U (Babe Ruth)  

          5/1/2002 and 4/30/2003   12U 

          5/1/2003 and 4/30/2004   11U  - Coached by DeFazio  

          5/1/2004 and 4/30/2005   10U  - Coached by LoPinto 

          5/1/2005 and 4/30/2006   9U

          5/1/2006 and 4/30/2007   8U
































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Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Apr 28
Giants @ Twins 7:00pm Dean D'Ambola Field
Mets @ Yankees 5:30pm DD
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Orioles @ Mariners 7:00pm Dean D'Ambola Field
A's @ Pirates 5:30pm DD
Thursday,  Apr 30
White Sox @ Pirates 7:00pm Dean D'Ambola Field
Astros @ Rangers 5:30pm DD
Saturday,  May 2
Malone @ Pirates 10:00am Boro Field
Riker @ Giants 10:00am Emmett Field #1
OD @ White Sox 1:00pm Dean D'Ambola Field
Monte @ Twins 3:00pm Dean D'Ambola Field
Orioles @ A's 9:00am Dean D'Ambola Field
Mariners @ Angels 11:00am Dean D'Ambola Field
T Ball
Mets @ Yankees 9:00am C4
Pirates @ Dodgers 9:00am C4
A's @ Orioles 10:30am C4
Monday,  May 4
Angels @ A's 7:00pm Dean D'Ambola Field
Astros @ Yankees 5:30pm DD

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