Last Updated: January 26, 2015
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Welcome to the East Islip Ice Hockey Club for 2014-2015.

We invite all members and fans to be a part of another exciting season of Long Island High School Hockey. We consist of almost 75 players from the East Islip & Islip School Districts.




As expected, due to the "state of emergency" declared by Governor Cuomo all SCHSHL games are officially cancelled.

Again, this was only affecting JV which was cancelled as per previous email.

 Stay Safe!


 East Islip JV game scheduled for
tonight (Monday 1/26/15) has been
postponed to a later date to be determined.









Practice schedule for January 25th 


Freshman  6:15pm - 7:15pm

JV 7:25pm - 8:25pm

Varsity has a scheduled game 





If your tuition balance is not paid in full by January 15th (1 month past the due date), your child will be suspended from the team pending full payment.




As per SCHSHL, the "All Star" games have been postponed until further notice.






All Players, Parents & Coaches, please take time to read over our updated By-Laws to become familiar with the rules of our club.

If a player or parent has a complaint about ANYTHING, our By-Laws state that you should first bring it up with your Team Rep (parent) who will contact our GM to bring the board together on it. A player with a problem can discuss it with the coach. It is best not to do this during a game when the coach may not have your full attention. Also realize that if you wait till the next day, you may see things differently than you did during a game.

As you all may know, we are here to play hockey and not to fool around in the lockers or the lobby area. Anyone that feels they can't abide by our club guidelines should not be a member in this club.

Our Code of Conduct Agreement was setup as a means to let everyone know that the club is serious about the way we handle ourselves in this league. This agreement will be read and signed by everyone in the club.

The league has informed us that under NO circumstance can a parent enter the ice. If your child needs you, an authorized person will escort you onto the ice. Coaches are also asked to stay on the bench unless called over. According to League rules, only authorized people may enter the locker rooms. No parent may enter a locker room. Only personnel that had a NYS Screening form approved may enter a locker room.
If you need to bring your child equipment, etc.. you can knock on the door and have someone bring it to them.

A friendly reminder that The Rinx has a policy that no outside food or beverages are allowed in the facility. The snack bar is there for this purpose.
- East Islip Ice Hockey Board

Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Jan 28
Connetquot/Sayville @ East Islip Varsity 7:50pm The Rinx
Saturday,  Jan 31
West Islip @ East Islip Freshman - Red 9:30pm The Rinx
Monday,  Feb 2
Middle Country @ East Islip Freshman - Red 6:20pm The Rinx
Ward Melville @ East Islip Jr Varsity 7:50pm The Rinx

For a complete schedule listing, click here!