Last Updated: September 28, 2016

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The scheduled makeup games at Glenbrook for this Sunday and for the rest of the season at Glenbrook have been postponed because the field is unavailable for youth soccer.  All other makeups for the other fields are still scheduled.  There is an attempt to play all Glenbrook makeup games on Saturday, October 22nd pending the OK by all teams.  Currently I'm waiting on 2 teams to get back to me to confirm.  FYI, if they are not made up on that date they will not be made up.  There is no field or times available as we go further into the season because of lighting issues.

Here is this weeks schedule for October 2nd:


8:30   Knights at Bohica

9:40   Dem Boiz at Knights

10:50 Bohica at Dem Boiz

12:00 Padres at Nathan Bill

1:10   Nathan Bill at Padres

2:20   Suicide Squad at AM Litho

3:30   AM Litho at Suicide Squad

4:40   DBec at Pikeside

5:50   Pikeside at DBec

7:00   St. Catherines at Backdoor Sliders

8:10   Backdoor Sliders at St. Catherines 


8:30   Paddys at Yabos

9:40   Yabos at Paddy's

10:50 Holyoke A's at Anchor House

12:00 Anchor House at Holyoke A's


8:30   Rookies at Pizza Shoppe

9:40   Pizza Shoppe at Rookies

10:50 MA Rivals at Mig's Team

12:00 Mig's Team at Billy D's

1:10   Billy D's at MA Rivals

2:20   MA Rivals at Pizza Shoppe (Makeup)

3:30   Mig's Team at MA Rivals (Makeup)


The final weekend of September began Saturday with the first leg of a triple crown series of qualifing NSA tournaments for entrance to the NSA Winter World Series to be held in Myrtle Beach over the last weekend in February.  5 teams from the Tri Town League played along with a few Tournament teams with some of their players also participating in Tri Town League play either over the summer leagues or fall league.  All teams who play in any of these tournaments will receive an unpaid berth but the one team following the 3rd tournament of the series will receive a paid berth is they have played in all 3 of the tournaments.  Here are the standings after the first tourney:

Silver Division, New Era: 100 points, Spectrum Softball: 50 points, MASS Rivals: 30 points and Rookies: 20 points.  

Bronze Division, Dbec: 100 points, Bohica: 50 points and AM Litho: 30 points.

The League is also finished for September with mostly all games played on Sunday except 2 forfeits which will bring the total of team forfeits this Fall already up to 4 games with 2 more looming this Sunday, October 2nd for makeups.  Reasoning of these forfeits is times, makeups etc.  It's an alarming rate considering between all 3 leagues this past summer there were only 4 forfeited games in 468 games played! Team entry fees does not include any forfeit fees mainly because over the past 5 years there has been minimal forfeits.  As a league rule, payment is due before the next time forfeiting team plays unless certain financial circumstances result due to self sponsoring teams and can only be met by payments begining with 50% down and balance within a few weeks, however this does not apply on the last week of the regular season.  If you forfeit that weekend you are out of the playoffs.  So once again now knowing these latest parameters of forfeit reasoning by teams, there will now be an added charge of a two game $60 forfeit fee to all teams which is refundable if a team does not forfeit any playoff games and due in to the director by the last Sunday of the regular season, October 30th at Mclaughlin field where I will be all day giving all teams a chance to drop the forfeit fee off.  No meetings, no meeting at my house or in a parking lot, or anywhere other than McLaughlin field on Sundays from now until that date.  If that money which MUST BE CASH ONLY is not received by October 30th your team WILL NOT play in the playoffs.

The latest standings and rosters have been updated and posted on the site.