Last Updated: October 24, 2016

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I have made pretty clear over these last 3 weeks to many of you the difficulty of making games up this far into the Fall season because of a lack of fields and times with the sun setting earlier each day.  I have put together a schedule which again was (discussed at our last meeting about playing makeup games on Saturday) that would include all but 4 rainout games and still be able to start the playoffs on Sunday, November 6th and finish on Sunday, November 13th using only Greenwood in Longmeadow and McLaughlin in Wilbraham.  I have posted it here on the site along with the latest standings and rosters.  And speaking about rosters, there are a whole bunch of teams that have not qualified enough players to play in the playoffs.  To be exact, only 6 teams have 12 or more qualified and 8 teams that have the minimum players to actually play a legal game with 7 players.  It's important these makeup games are played!  I will be emailing coaches this along with the makeup schedule.  If a team cannot make Saturday makeups they will be forfeits and I will need to know at least 24 hours before game time!!  There will be NO player credit on forfeiting team for playoff roster.  Players from the winning team of forfeiting games will receive credit for as many games that are forfeited.

The dates for makeups will be Saturday, October 29th (this weekend) at both McLaughlin and Greenwood and Saturday, November 5th only at McLaughlin.  There also will be a meeting on Saturday, November 5th at the Pavillion at McLaughlin at 6PM FOR EVERY TEAM TO BRING A $60 REFUNDABLE FORFEIT FEE FOR PLAYOFFS along with receiving the final playoff schedule which will start the next day, Sunday, November 6th.  Coaches please tell your players that they WILL BE PLAYING on November 6th but times will not be released until the meeting assuring all who show up are in and those not sending a rep with forfeit fee are out. I apoligize for doing this but this Fall season there has been too many forfeits and after looking at the rosters for some teams prompted me to have to do this. I'm not, nor should I or any member of my staff be chasing teams for money to pay umpires and scorers!  If you do not show for this meeting and hand in your refundable forfeit fee your team will not play the next day. Once your team is eliminated you can pick up your forfeit money at the concession stand at Mclaughlin on either Sunday, November 6th or Sunday, November 13th.




9:30   MA Rivals at Migs Team - Makeup

10:40 Migs Team at Billy D's - Makeup

11:50 Billy D's at MA Rivals - Makeup

1:00   MA Rivals at Pizza Shoppe - Makeup

2:10   Migs Team at MA Rivals - Makeup

3:20   Rookies at Pizza Shoppe - Makeup

4:30   Pizza Shoppe at Rookies - Makeup


9:30   Suicide Squad at Holyoke A's - Makeup

10:40 Holyoke A's at Suicide Squad - Makeup

11:50 Bohica at AM Litho - Makeup

1:00   Holyoke A's at Anchor House - Makeup

2:10   Anchor House at Holyoke A's - Makeup

3:20   Paddy's at Yabo's - Makeup

4:30   Yabo's at Paddy's - Makeup



8:30   Rookies at MA Rivals

9:40   MA Rivals at Migs Team

10:50 Billy D's at Rookies

12:00 Migs Team at Pizza Shoppe

1:10   Pizza Shoppe at Billy D's

2:20   Holyoke A's at Bohica

3:30   Bohica at Holyoke A's

4:40   Dem Boiz at Knights - Makeup

5:50   Anchor House at Suicide Squad

7:00   Knights at Anchor House

8:10   Suicide Squad at Knights


8:30   St. Catherines at Pikeside

9:40   Pikeside at DBec

10:50 Padres at St. Catherines

12:00 DBec at Padres


8:30   AM Litho at Dem Boiz

9:40   Dem Boiz at AM Litho

10:50 Nathan Bill at Backdoor Sliders

12:00 Tabo's at Nathan Bills

1:10   Backdoor Sliders at Paddy's

2:20   Paddy's at Yabo's

3:30   Backdoor Sliders at Paddy's - Makeup



9:30   Padres at Backdoor Sliders - Makeup

10:40 Backdoor Sliders at Padres - Makeup

11:50 Pikeside at Yabo's - Makeup

1:00   Backdoor Sliders at Pikeside - Makeup

2:10   Yabo's at Padres - Makeup

3:20   Padres at Backdoor Sliders - Makeup