Last Updated: April 25, 2017
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  • "Champions are made here""


Congratulations to Sunday's Opening day winners, Gold-Pizza Shoppe, Silver-DBec and Bronze-Teddy Bear.  From an overall perspective of the day, there needs to be more presence from coaches to get through to their players about conduct, adherring to rules, respect for umpires and to be at the fields on time.

Schedules for all 3 leagues are posted here on the website.  For teams who did not pickup their balls from the Sunday and Friday leagues, I will be available on Sunday, April 30th from 8AM to 6PMpm at McLaughlin.  There will be NO other meeting place but that day!

One more item of interest to all coaches and teams concerning the Sunday League which was visable last night at McLaughlin.  The final two team playing are responsible for raking (rake provided) the home plate area and covering home plate with the tarp which is located in front of the backstop!!!!