Last Updated: October 31, 2014

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The entire playoffs will now be just on Sunday, November 16th beginning at 8:15AM on all 5 fields.  Their will be NO Saturday night Wild Card games on November 15th and because of all the rain and rescheduling I have decided to run a straight double elimination for all teams deleting wild card teams in this new format. I have also decided that Hampshire Glass currently playing in the Upper Division will participate in the Lower Division playoffs. Also as far as rosters go their will be some changes to help teams simply because of the weather situations that have dominated our weekends beginning in October.  1) Teams that qualify 12 or more players have the opportunity to add 2 players with the 35% rule.  2) Teams qualifying 11 and under may now add 3 players by the 35% rule instead of 2 players. I decided to make these changes because of all the game cancellations and moving of teams games along with the fact that teams are playing and traveling for 4 games on one day and of course the uncertainty of the schedule being played over these last 2 weeks of regular season play because of our beloved weather patterns here in the Northeast.  All this roster eligibility and schedule will be discussed at the league's MANDATORY special meeting on Monday, November 10th at the EL Rec. Dept. beginning at 7:30PM. Also at that meetings, ALL TEAMS must be present and have with them a 2 game refundable playoff forfeit fee, whether it be cash or check.  No rosters or schedule for playoffs will be posted until all teams have paid this fee.  Make sure your team is represented at this meeting with fee and for playoff rosters and schedules.  If a coach can't be their make sure a member of your team is their and prepared!!!  This will be the only meeting for playoff eligibility and schedule.


The updated standings and rosters are now updated through this past Sunday, October 26th.  With 2 weeks remaining in the regular season just under half of the teams either do not have enough players qualified for playoffs or right at the 9 count.  With this week's games in serious jeopardy once again because of now possible snow and rain on Saturday, it is imperative to those teams to get the commitment from your players to be present real soon!  If we get canceled either this Sunday or the following Sunday, those games will not be made up and all players on your present roster will only be credited with 1 game if their are cancellations.  Once again the rule states if you qualify 12 or less guys with 9 games participated in, including work, injury or military you may qualify 2 more with the 35% rule which is 6 games.  Also a reminder any player who is on that credited list for work, injury or military must be eligible to play the last week of the regular season to be qualified for playoffs.  You can use that rule as long as you want during the regular season but those players in question must be active that last week of the season!!!!  No exceptions.  If you qualify 13 or more players you cannot use the 35% rule.

Their will be a league meeting at 7:30 PM at the EL Rec. Dept on Monday evening, November 10th for playoff schedule and for all teams to put up a 2 game playoff forfeit fee of $69.00 covering umpires, scorers and field fees if teams suddenly decide not to show up, which happened last year!  If your team does not forfeit any games you will receive your money back when your playoffs are finished for your team.  I will be available at McLaughlin field all day on Championship Sunday for you to claim your fee back.

Our league ending Banquet for Awards and Free Pizza will be held on Sunday, November 23rd at the Anchor House in Wilbraham at 6:30pm, which is located across the street from McLaughlin field on Route 20. I will need a head count from all teams by Thursday, November 20th.  This banquet is for players from all teams, not just teams receiving awards, and also umpires and scorekeepers.

One last mention, don't forget this Saturday to turn your clocks back 1 hour!!!  



Here is the remaining schedule for the season which includes makeups that will be played on Sunday, November 9th with playoffs starting and concluding on Sunday, November 16th, Championship Sunday. For ALL PLAYOFF games, have your team ready to play 1 half hour before the original start time for the entire day's schedule!  Any team not able to field the minimum 7 players will forfeit and pay expenses for their team along with their opponents as well.  Their is NO forfeit time and we will not wait for players to get their when they want.  We will be on a tight schedule to get this all in on the 16th of November.  

As in the past all trophies and tshirts will be handed out the following Sunday, November 23rd at our League Banquet at Anchor House which is located across the street from McLaughlin in Wilbraham.  All players, coaches and sponsors are invited.  There will be free pizza and a pay bar, starting at 6PM.  I will need a head count by that Wednesday prior to the banquet.




8:30   Wilbraham U at Mardi Gra

9:40   Mardi Gra at St. Catherines

10:50  Psycho at Wilbraham U

12:00  St. Catherines at Padres

1:10   Pikeside at Psycho

2:20   Padres at Bullets

3:30   Alcoballics at Pikeside

4:40   Bullets at Alcoballics

5:50   Punishers at Mike's CC

7:00   Mike's CC at Hampshire Glass

8:10   Hampshire Glass at Punishers


8:30   AM Litho at A's

9:40   A's at AM Litho


8:30   Bohica at Screen Print

9:40   Screen Print at Bohica


8:30   Food Zone at Rookies

9:40   Rookies at Food Zone

10:50  Billy D's at Pizza Shoppe

12:00  Pizza Shoppe at Billy D's




8:30   Mike's CC at Punishers (makeup)

9:40   Billy D's at Mike's CC (makeup)

10:50  Punishers at Billy D's (makeup)

12:00  Mike's CC at Hampshire Glass (makeup)

1:10   Hampshire Glass at Rookies (makeup)

2:20   Pizza Shoppe at Mike's CC (makeup)

3:30   Rookies at Hampshire Glass (makeup)

4:40   Rookies at Punishers (makeup)

5:50   Punishers at Rookies (makeup)


8:30   Alcoballics at Psycho (makeup)

9:40   Psycho at Alcoballics (makeup)

10:50  Screen Print at A's (makeup)

12:00  A's at Screen Print (makeup)

1:10   Psycho at Wilbraham U (makeup)

2:20   Wilbraham U at Psycho (makeup)


8:30   Wilbraham U at Bullets (makeup)

9:40   Bullets at Wilbraham U (makeup)

10:50  Food Zone at Pizza Shoppe (makeup)

12:00  Pizza Shoppe at Food Zone (makeup)


8:30   Mardi Gra at Pikeside (makeup)

9:40   Pikeside at Mardi Gra (makeup)

10:50  Bohica at AM Litho (makeup)

12:00  AM Litho at Bohica (makeup)

1:10   Mardi Gra at Padres (makeup)

2:20   Padres at Mardi Gra (makeup)




Upper Div. McLaughlin & Mile Tree beginning at 8:15AM

Lower Div. Mapleshade & EL High School beginning at 8:15AM

Rec. Div. Greenwood beginning at 8:15AM

All divisional Finals will be held at McLaughlin. Final schedule will be released the Wednesday before Championship Sunday.


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