Last Updated: June 24, 2016

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For those father's who played Sunday, a belated Happy Father's Day.  Thats about the only happy thought this Director has today concerning Sunday's games from reports I received last night and this morning.  And before you read this blog and think or say, "Oh there he goes again, ranting"  you all should realize that we are 9, count them 9 weeks into the season and the same crap keeps happening and this goes for umpires as well as teams.  I ask all of you umpires and coaches to read the bylaws I hand out every Spring along with the NSA rule book.  I discuss in detail at all the meetings to both umpires and coaches about rules and general philosophies of league play pertaining not only to league rules and responsibilities but Town and State ordinances and yet this past Sunday with no full moon out the previous night all that was discussed in these meetings went right out the proverbial window and you people did what the hell you wanted to do with NO respect for this Director, my staff and the Towns we play in!

Where to start?  Ok how about back in March and April at our league meetings it was told to all that we would be playing games on Mothers Day and Fathers Day yet I received 3 calls from teams and 4 calls from umpires on Friday night and Saturday morning who wished to cancel and reschedule their games, I refered back to the statements made at our meetings which not 1 soul said a word when asked, are their any questions or objections.  I told coaches that with the vast amount of other players their own players know who play, to get replacements.  I didn't say get players with out asking if they have played for other teams in the league which this rule clearly states, 23) ROSTERS: OPEN ROSTERallowed with players having being present for 12 of the teams 24 games to participate in playoffs. Pre-season tourney rosters will count for 3 games towards player eligibility. NO PLAYER MAY PLAY ON MORE THAN 1 TEAM IN THIS LEAGUE!!!!! Any player found playing on another team in the league will be suspended for 6 games with NO appeal and the team he played with will forfeit any wins they had with said player(s) that day. If no wins were involved with these player(s) team will forfeit the 1st game of the following week’s schedule! 

Also back at the meetings we held for those who made them, it was also announced that NO TEAM was to hand in to the scorekeepers any bill higher than a twenty and try to include some 5's 10's and ones and not just 20's.  Sunday, 4 teams passed in $50 bills. I've said this over and over these scorers and umpires are not bringing any banks with them to make change, yet you people just continue to do this.  Because of this situation yesterday one scorer didn't get paid because they had to give the umpires their money and had no change available. Just great stuff.

Or how about this rule that is rather important, 8) CONSUMING ALCOHLIC BEVERAGES: This is a town ordinance. Any team member in or out of uniform found drinking on premises before, during or after any game will be suspended5 games with NO appeal. If any team member(s) are arrested for drinking on the grounds, those players will be suspended for the balance of the season!  I can’t emphasize enough the importance that this bylaw not to be broken. If it does, the field privileges of all leagues will be in jeopardy! And to top that off when 1 league official mentioned this bylaw to said team, the answer he received back was, " well Frank's not here, he's in Wilbraham all day, he'll never know".  Oh and they also had a grill out which is against State policies of an open fire on Town grounds which also had been discussed at meetings. Once again, thanks for the respect.

And my favorite, Lineup cards.  Coaches once again writing first name only, writing in chicken scratch and also putting names of players that are not present at the field when you've been asked millions of times NOT TO DO THIS! 

Umpires not knowing rules of the league such as if a player running down the 1b line makes contact with both the white and orange bag and your not calling runner out?  Or how about allowing courtesy runners at any base because other organizations and leagues allow it!  15) COURTESY RUNNERS: All teams will be able to designate (1) player either in or out ofthe starting lineup but on the lineup sheet to be the Designated, Courtesy Runner. This runner may be used multiple times per inning for same batter and just from1st. (Exception on overthrow at 1B). If the Designated Courtesy Runner is in lineup and his time at bat comes up with him running, an automatic out will be recorded. No one else may take his place. Teams may walk preceding batters to get to that spot in the order for the last out of the inning only! NO COURTESY RUNNERS ALLOWED WHEN THE UMPIRES DECLARE’S THE LAST INNING OR WHEN YOU REACH THE TOP OF THE 7th INNING TO COMPLETION OF GAME AND INTO EXTRA INNINGS howeverIf teams want to put in a pinch runner/re-entry they may do so with a player who has not entered the game yet. If the Designated Courtesy Runner chosen has not entered game any other way, he may be utilized as the pinch runner/re-entry!

I will close this rant as some like to call it, by reminding coaches who didn't attend meetings or did and forgot, that any players you put on your lineup sheet missing because of injury, military or work HAVE TO PLAY THE FINAL WEEK OF THE REGULAR SEASON TO QUALIFY FOR THE PLAYOFF ROSTER!