Last Updated: July 28, 2014

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It's tough beating mother nature, that's for sure and for those out their who were upset their games were canceled during the afternoon yesterday when the sun came out, the actual amount of time we would have had before the 5:30pm thunder storm and the drying of the fields from the morning down pors was about 3 hours, that's it.  So instead of keeping teams, umpires and scorers hanging around all day with starting and stopping the decision to stop for the day I feel was the best for all!

The revised schedule has been posted on the site along with the Week Night Women's and Men's Leagues.  We will pick up suspended games where they left of incuding inning and time.  One other source of confusion Sunday was the paying the $34.50 per game.  To make things alot easier, starting this Sunday the price will be $35.00 per team per game and the extra 50 cents will go to the leagues charity for 2014, The American Cancer Society.  A few other notes that seemed to excape coaches minds Sunday is that the game time for playoffs is 70 minutes per game with timers set at 65 minutes and at that point when the scorer tells the umpire, he will inform teams of the last minute.  Also any extra innings games will be decided with our regular season rule EXCEPT CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES!  One last item to mention that I hope coaches told their players about, if a player or coach gets ejected in a game, you will be ineligible to play during the remainder of the playoffs!


The 2014 Fall league will hold it's first meeting on Monday night, July 28th at 7PM at the Pavillion at McLaughlin Park. Their will be 3 divisions of play, Upper, Lower and Recreation.  Teams will play an 18 game schedule on Sundays with makeups to be played on either/and Saturday late afternoon/evening.  

Fee Breakdown:  Entry into league is $295.00, Light fee is $50.00, Field fee is $99.00 totaling, $444.00 which has to be paid before teams first games or at a meeting on August 10th at 7:00PM at the Pavillion at McLaughlin Park. Umpires fee of $432.00 and scorekeepers fee of $99.00 totaling $531.00 will be paid in 2 payments, the first of $266.00 being on Sunday, September 21st at a 7:00PM meeting at the Pavillion at McLaughlin Park or during the day and the final payment of $265.00 is due on Sunday, October 26th at either the meeting at 7:00PM or during the day.

The Pre-Season Fall Tournament will be held on Sunday, August 17th.  It will be a 3 game guarantee and all players on your roster who play will get credit for 2 games towards their playoff qualifications of 9 games.

The Fall league will begin on Sunday, August 24th, then have Labor Day Sunday off and resume play on Sunday, September 7th.  The regular season is scheduled to end on Sunday, October 26th with playoffs commencing on Sunday, November 5th.  As did the summer leagues for playoffs, all teams are required to hand in a 2 game payment in advance of $34.50 per game, totaling $69.00 which will be returned following playoffs. Playoff games are pay at the game!

Fall League Free Pizza Banquet will be held on Sunday, November 16th at Anchor House in Wilbraham where all Trophies and Shirts will be handed out.  There is no charge for players but significant others attending will be assessed a $5.00 charge.  Their will be a pay bar. 




6:05   Turtle Pond at DMI

7:10   Houligans at DMI

8:15   Flamingo at Houligans

9:20   Naglack at Servpro





6:30   Nagalack at Houligans (make up)

7:35   Turtle Pond at Flamingo (make up)

8:40   DMI at Servpro (make up)

9:40 (Approx) Servpro at DMI (Suspended game)  




 There will be a pre-playoffs meeting for all 3 leagues on MONDAY NIGHT, JULY 21st at the Pavillion at McLaughlin Park beginning with the women's league meeting at 7PM followed by week night men's league at 7:30PM and finishing with the men's Sunday league at 8PM.  Their will be NO excuses for teams not to be represented at these meetings! NO Showup, NO playoffs! The playoff schedule will be given out at the meetings plus final rosters and both will not be posted on the website until the day before playoffs begin. Also at this meeting, as all teams were made aware of at our spring meetings, ALL TEAMS must post a 2 game fee which includes umpires, scorekeeper and field cost.  After the playoffs are finished teams will receive this fee back.  All playoff games are pay at the game.  For Sunday teams the cost is $34.50 per game which covers umpire($24.00), scorer($5.50) and field fee($5.00).  For both week night leagues if decided you want 2 umpires per game the cost will be $34.50 per game.  If you wish to remain at 1 umpire the cost will be $26.50 which covers umpire($16.00), scorer($5.50) and field fee($5.00).  There is no extra charge for lights for playoff games in all leagues.

The Sunday league playoff schedule will begin on July 27th beginning at 8:30AM on all fields. Divisional setup will be as follows:  

In the Platinum division the first 3 teams qualify with seeds 4 and 5 playing a 1 game wild card game to make the semi-finals and the overall 4 seed.  (The 6th team in the Platinum division, Shaker Bowl will compete in the Gold playoffs) The semi-finals will consist of overall seed 4 vs seed 1 and seed 3 vs seed 2 in best 2 of 3 series.

The Gold division qualifies the top 3 teams while in wild card games in the morning, seed 7(Shaker) plays seed 4 and seed 6 plays seed 5. Winners of those games play each other to be the overall final 4 seed.  Later that afternoon in the semi-finals, overall seed 4 plays vs seed 1 while seed 3 vs seed 2 in best 2 of 3 series.

The Silver division will play both the quarter-finals and semi-finals on the same day.  Wild Card & quarter-finals in the morning and semi-finals in the afternoon.  Wild Card games will begin with seed 10 vs seed 9, with that winner playing seed 8 to become the overall final seed 8 which will play seed 1 along with Seed 7 vs seed 2, seed 6 vs seed 3 and seed 5 vs seed 4, in best 2 of 3 series.

The Bronze division is set up just as the Gold division.  In Wild Card games seed 7 vs seed 4 then seed 6 vs seed 5.  Winners of those 2 game play each other to be the overall 4 seed.  Overall 4 seed plays seed 1 and seed 3 plays seed 2 in best 2 of 3 series.

Championship Sunday will be August 3rd with all games being played at McLaughlin field in Wilbraham. All divisional series will be best 2 of 3 series beginning with Bronze at 8:30AM, followed by Silver at 12 Noon, Gold beginning at 3:30PM and Platinum starting at 7:00PM. 

Week Night Men's playoffs will begin on Monday, July 28th at McLaughlin field with seed 5 vs seed 4 in a best 2 of 3 series starting at 6:15PM.  On Wednesday, July 30th at McLaughlin winner of Monday's series vs seed 1, also best 2 of 3 series starting at 6:15PM and on Friday, August 1st, at McLaughlin, seed 3 vs seed 2 in a best 2 0f 3 series starting at 6:15PM.  The Finals will begin on Wednesday, August 6th at McLaughlin in a best 2 of 3 series.

Week Night Women's playoffs will start on Tuesday, July 29th with Wild Card games at McLaughlin beginning at 6:15PM with seed 6 at seed 5, followed by seed 5 at seed 4, then seed 4 at seed 6.  Winner of Wild Card will be overall seed 4 and play seed 1 on July 31st at McLaughlin 2 games of their best 2 of 3 series.  On the same night at Mile Tree beginning at 6:15PM, seed 3 vs seed 2 for 2 games of their best 2 of 3 series. If there are any 3rd games needed in semi-finals series, they will be played on Tuesday, August 5th at McLaughlin at 6:15PM.  If no if games are needed then Finals will begin on Tuesday, August 5th. Finals will be a best 2 of 3 series.

Their will be a Free Pizza Banquet for all 3 leagues on Sunday, August 17th beginning at 6PM at Anchor House Restaurant in Wilbraham where all Trophies and shirts will be handed out and personalized with your team names on them.  Their will be a pay bar. Their is no admission for players and Pizza is free to players only.  If significant others wish to attend their will be a $5.00 admission. I will need an average amount of people your team is planning to attend by Thursday, August 14th. 

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