Last Updated: April 21, 2014

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I am looking to release the Sunday schedule, Easter Sunday with opening day, Sunday, April 27th.  The Men's and Women's leagues WILL NOT open their season until May 5th for the Men and May 6th for the Women. I hope to have their schedules done by the end of next week.  All coaches in those 2 leagues will also be emailed with this start change.  

I have also added and changed some hours for bat testing.  Check the list below.  NO BAT WILL BE ELIGIBLE TO BE USED WITHOUT THE 2014 STICKER!!!


Congratulations to JWP who won the upper division championship beating Rick's Auto Body and to Denardo's Restaurant who beat out Froyo for the lower division championship. I want to thank all 19 teams who participated as well! 

I forgot to include at the fields lineup sheets for players to receive 2 games towards playoff roster so team kindly email me a list of your players that your using this year to me so I can add before season begins.


50 hours stretched out through April to have teams collect their players bats and get them checked.  I will be checking bats during the week at the EL Rec. Dept and assorted fields on weekends as well.  NO bat in ANY NSA league will be allowed unless this 2014 bat sticker is on it!!

Please remember to notify all your players that this year every bat checked and passed will cost 50 cents which will be donated directly to the Relay for Life chapter of the American Cancer Society.  This includes the entire year of 2014 not just summer leagues!

Tuesday,  April 1:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 3:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Sunday,   April 6:  1-4pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Tuesday,  April 8:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 10: 6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec

Sunday, April 13:  10am-4pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field

Pre-Season Leagues Tournament, Wilbraham, EL, Longmeadow, 8am-Dark

Tuesday,  April 15:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 17:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Saturday, April 19:  1-4pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Tuesday,  April 22:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 24:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Sunday, April 27:  Sunday Opening Day, 11-4pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field

Tuesday, April 29:   6-8pm   Bat testing  EL Rec. (CHANGED)

Thursday, April 30:  6-8pm   Bat testing  EL Rec. (CHANGED)

Sunday, May 4:       11-4pm Bat testing, McLaughlin Field

Monday, May 5:       6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Tuesday, May 6:      6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Wednesday, May 7: 6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Thursday, May 8:    6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Friday, May 9:         6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED) 

After these dates, I will make out dates and times throughout the season on a weekly basis on this website to where I will be to test bats during the season!



The Tri-Town Softball Leagues will be expanding in 2014 with the addition of a Women's Slow Pitch League playing Tuesday & Thursday nights in Wilbraham at McLaughlin field along with the 2nd season of the Men's Slow Pitch League which will again play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights also at McLaughlin Field as well as our Summer Sunday Men's League to be played at both McLaughlin Field and Mile Tree Field in Wilbraham, Mapleshade Field in east Longmeadow and Greenwood Field in Longmeadow.  Borgotti Field in Agawam is also an option depending on how many teams participate in 2014.

The Entry fees for all leagues will remain at $295.00. Umpires and scorekeepers fees will remain as in 2013, but Town Field Costs have gone up $5.00 total and for light fees in 2014 their will be one set price at the beginning, meaning their will be NO costs to teams on the day or night of your games at McLaughlin in 2014.

Here's the Breakdown per league for the regular season:

Sunday League

Entry Fee:    $295

Field Cost:    $132 (24 games)

Umpires (2)   $576 (24 games)

Scorer          $132 (24 games)

Lights           $50 

TOTAL        $1,185 up $62 from 2013 but lights are covered for league & playoffs!

Men's Week League

Entry Fee:     $295

Field Cost:    $132 (24 games)

Umpires (1)  $384 (24 games)

or 2 Umpires $576 (24 games)

Scorer:        $132 (24 games)

Lights:         $50

TOTAL      $1,185 (2 umpires) or $993 (1 umpire) up $254 if 2 umpires are used or up $62 if 1 umpire is used

Women's Week League

Entry Fee:    $295

Field Cost:    $132 (24 games)

Umpires (1)  $384 (24 games)

or 2 Umpires $576 (24 games)

Scorer:        $132 (24 games)

Lights:         $50

TOTAL       $1,185 (2 umpires) or $993 (1 umpire)

The Entry Fee, Field Cost and Light Fee of $477 must be paid before regular season.  The cost of the umpires and scorers fees will be paid in 2 payment dates during the season.

Meeting Schedule for ALL Leagues:

1st meeting, Sunday, March 2nd at 7PM at the EL Rec. Dept. Half of required fee $238 is due

2nd meeting, Sunday, April 6th Women: 5-6pm, Men's Week: 6-7pm, Sunday: 7-8pm at the EL Rec. Dept. Balance of required fee $239 is due

3rd meeting, Sunday, May 18th at 8PM at the EL Rec. Dept. (all leagues) Half of the Umpire/Scorer fee $354 is due

4th meeting, Sunday, June 22nd at 8PM at the EL Rec. Dept. (all leagues) Balance of the Umpire/Scorer fee $354 is due

If any team is not present with payment for ANY of these meeting dates, their team's fee goes up $25 extra per meeting missed.

Playoff Fees:  Beginning something new with all leagues because last year I could not trust teams to show up and play their scheduled games which were pay at the field and both umpires and scorers got shortchanged, so on July 20th, the last regular season date their will be a meeting at 8PM at the EL Rec. Dept. for all teams to pay up front a 2 game fee of $69.00 which covers umpires, scorer and field costs.  If you don't forfeit any games you will receive your money back once the playoffs are completely finished!  The $25 fine also is in effect with this meeting as well.

Pre-Season Tournament for all teams will be held on Sunday, April 13th.  Their will be divisions set up with an Entry Fee of $15 and teams paying umpires $25 per game to cover field fees along with umpires fees.  All rookies and 2nd year umpires will be doing these games.

BAT TESTING: All bats will once again be tested before using in any of the Tri-Town Leagues.  This year our league has partnered up with the American Cancer Society and beginning in March all bats needing testing will be assesed a charge of 50 cents each with ALL proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.  This partnership is not just with our league but with every NSA League in the Western MA. area.  This charity will also be the official Charity of "The Battle of the Badges" Tournament in August featuring men's softball teams from Police and Fire Departments from in and around the Western MA area.    

Tri-Town Men's Slow-Pitch Softball League