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The entire day's schedule will be made up on Sunday, July 26th using same times, fields, umpires and scorer's.  The scheduled first round of the Playoffs will be pushed back 1 week, set to begin on August 2nd with Championship Sunday to be played on August 9th.  

If during any of the final 3 weeks of regular season games are canceled, they will not be made up.  There is not enough time, field or umpire availability.  If that scenario occurs seedings will be determined from the last regular season games played whether teams have played the same amount of games or not.

Roster updates will be made on this site by late next week so teams will know the players qualified and those who need games to qualify.  Any games that are canceled during the regular season, all players on team roster will get credit for the amount of games not played!


Here is the makeup schedule from Father's Day.  I'm sure some teams will be unhappy but other than 4th of July weekend, there are only 3 dates to make up games.  Please don't ask for game changes, they are not available, they just won't be made up.  As mentioned in a previous post, some makeups will be played next Sunday, June 28th. Also remember on these dates your regularly scheduled games will also be played earlier.



1:40  Public House at Dbec

2:50  Dbec at Public House

4:00  Bullets at M & P

5:10  M & P at Bullets


5:10  Brawlers at A's

6:20  A's at Brawlers



4:00  Local 7 at Specialty Pkg

5:10  Specialty Pkg at Shortstop Bar & Grill

6:20  Shortstop Bar & Grill at Local 7


2:50  McCaffreys at Elm Pizza

4:00  Elm Pizza at McCaffreys


5:50  St. Catherines at Secure Energy

7:00  Secure Energy at St. Catherines



2:50  Pikeside at Hampshire Glass

4:00  Hampshire Glass at Pikeside

5:10  Alcoballics at TD's

6:20  TD's at Alcoballics


2:50  Cavallini at Triple J's

4:00  Triple J's at Cavallini

5:10  LD's at Marcotte

6:20  Marcotte at LD's


2:50  Rick's at Pizza Shoppe

4:00  Pizza Shoppe at Psycho

5:10  Psycho at Rick's



As we near the three quarter part of our schedule in all 3 leagues there needs to be a refresher course on rules, field time management and general overall league situations.  These rules and their changes will begin this Tuesday, June 16th with the women's league and carry into our playoffs.  I've asked coaches over and over, for payments of games, these scorekeepers don't and can't make change, stop with all the twenties and especially fifties!!!!!

As you all know or should know by now, Mile Tree is NO longer in play for any games until work can be done to it by the Fall league.  In it's absence I have been forced to extend the amount of games at McLaughlin, meaning longer use of the lights which means more money to pay for the light usage.  Before the season began a budget was used to figure the price per team for light usage of $50 per team.  By adding games to McLaughlin and using Burnham field in Wilbraham that budget can and will not be reached.  Currently with what we have used and are projected to use for the balance of the season the total figure will be approximately $280.00 over budget.   I am not writing this to ask for anymore money from any team in any of the 3 leagues, but we will be making some game time changes and re working game clock times.  

All these changes will begin this Tuesday, June 16th.  All 1st game start times in the women's week night league and men's Friday league will now begin at 6PM, not 6:15PM, whether there is 1 game, 2 games, 3 games or 4 games scheduled that night.

The Time Clock for each game will be in effect for all 3 leagues.  The time of each game will still be 65 minutes total as in the past but scorekeepers will now set their clocks for 55 minutes not 60 minutes.  When the buzzer goes off, they will notify umpires that there is 10 minutes remaining and what ever inning they are in will be the LAST INNING!  We've had so many games this year that teams are not hustling on and off field, getting there players there on time, not handing in lineup sheets etc that make games run longer, plus at that 60 minute mark, if a team is blowing out their opponent and still batting, score a bunch more runs, that team trailing comes up because they get their last at bat and the time limit has already passed and were running late.  With the 55 minute clock it will give umpires and teams a bit more breathing space to get that trailing team their at bat and stay within the 65 minute time limit.   Also to add to this, the two teams playing the next games MUST pickup there lineup sheet from the scorekeeper while the previous game is being played!!!  Scorekeepers have been instructed to begin clock on all games right at game time whether team has enough players or not or has their lineup cards in or not.  Coaches, get your players there 15 minutes to game time, we're not waiting anymore for heroes who like to show up 1 or 2 minutes before game time and if you have 7 players at game time, you start your games!!! 

League rule reminders from some incidents that occurred during games from this past Sunday league that somehow coaches and players forgot, I guess.  

1) There is no questioning any umpires strike zone.  Umpires may warn players but does not have to, that is means for automatic ejection immediately.  

2) There is NO warning to any player running down the first base line trying to beat out an infield play and touching any part of the white bag.  You will be called out by either the base or home plate umpire.  

3) There is NO blocking a base or home plate or faking a ball  being thrown whether there is a play or not when incoming runners are approaching either a base or home plate.  That too is also means for immediate ejection.

4) For any player(s) looking to promote any physicality in any games over anything will be dealt severe punishment not only in this league and NSA but for all other area leagues and sanctions as well.

5) The only bats that can be used are bats that say NSA Approved or have the 2012 NSA stamp on the bat in the shape of the United States ONLY!  You cannot use any bat without either of those two markings on the bat.  If it can't be read, you cannot use it.  You cannot use a bat with just a ASA stamp or USSSA stamp, IT HAS TO SAY NSA!!!!

6) This is for all leagues, looking at the player rosters for playoff qualifications, teams and especially coaches should really think about getting the same players back over and over to qualify.  I have never seen so many players that have been used by individual teams and we just turned the half way point of our season heading into the 3/4 part of it.

7) And lastly, the final game of the day on any field is played with a time limit.  There is NO, finish the game because it's the last game of the day bylaw.  Our league is paying for fields on a game/hourly basis to the Towns!

Once again as I mentioned in my first paragraph, I'm not upping any cost to any team for lights even though we're in the red right now, but I need coaches and players from all teams to take more responsibility so this budget can be obtainable by seasons end.  


Bum Drums at DMI -Tuesday, July 7th, 6:00pm @ Burnham Field

Flamingo's at Turtle Pond -Thursday, July 9th, 6:00pm @ Burnham Field


BumDrums at Naglack -Thursday, June 25th, 7:05pm @ Burnham Field

Flamingo's at BumDrums -Thursday, July 2nd, 6:00pm @ Burnham Field

Turtle Pond at Flamingo's -Tuesday, July 14th, 6:00pm @ Burnham Field


Despite overcast, high humidity, a million bugs and scattered showers we did manage to get 19 games in the books, 1 game suspended and the 4 night games were the only games rained out on Sunday.

Here is the makeup schedule besides regularly scheduled games:

Specialty Pkg vs Local 7 - June 28 - 2:50 - Mapleshade

Local 7 at Specialty Pkg - June 28 - 4:00 - Mapleshade

M & P Siding at TD's - July 12 - 2:00 - Mapleshade

TD's at M & P Siding - July 12 - 3:10 - Mapleshade

(Suspended Game, top of 4th inning, 31 minutes left on clock)

Dbec Towing (9) at Pikeside (8) July 19 - 6:20 - McLaughlin

(Both teams will play their regular scheduled doubleheader immediately following suspended game)