Last Updated: April 22, 2014

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The 2014 Sunday schedule is available on the site. Go to the Menu Bar, select Tri-Town Info and click on the schedule.  A few things to REMEMBER, I tried to accomodate all teams who wished certain times.  I did the best I could and as always teams with seniority take preference. Their might be some teams not playing much if any games on certain fields because it was dictated by teams request for certain times.  You'll also notice that on Mother's Day and Father's Day, games will only be played in the morning and done by 1PM and night games so players can have the afternoons off on those 2 Sundays to make plans with their families. There will be NO games changes unless warranted by either one of the 3 Towns we play our games in!  This is an open roster league!  Please check over schedule and account for 24 games per team.


50 hours stretched out through April to have teams collect their players bats and get them checked.  I will be checking bats during the week at the EL Rec. Dept and assorted fields on weekends as well.  NO bat in ANY NSA league will be allowed unless this 2014 bat sticker is on it!!

Please remember to notify all your players that this year every bat checked and passed will cost 50 cents which will be donated directly to the Relay for Life chapter of the American Cancer Society.  This includes the entire year of 2014 not just summer leagues!

Tuesday,  April 1:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 3:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Sunday,   April 6:  1-4pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Tuesday,  April 8:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 10: 6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec

Sunday, April 13:  10am-4pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field

Pre-Season Leagues Tournament, Wilbraham, EL, Longmeadow, 8am-Dark

Tuesday,  April 15:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 17:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Saturday, April 19:  1-4pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Tuesday,  April 22:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Thursday, April 24:  6-8pm  Bat testing  EL Rec.

Sunday, April 27:  Sunday Opening Day, 11-4pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field

Tuesday, April 29:   6-8pm   Bat testing  EL Rec. (CHANGED)

Thursday, April 30:  6-8pm   Bat testing  EL Rec. (CHANGED)

Sunday, May 4:       11-4pm Bat testing, McLaughlin Field

Monday, May 5:       6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Tuesday, May 6:      6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Wednesday, May 7: 6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Thursday, May 8:    6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED)

Friday, May 9:         6-8pm  Bat testing, McLaughlin Field (CHANGED) 

After these dates, I will make out dates and times throughout the season on a weekly basis on this website to where I will be to test bats during the season!


Tri-Town Men's Slow-Pitch Softball League