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With 50% of teams present that were contacted for this initial meeting in each league, their were a few changes in league bylaws that were discussed and voted upon. Revised bylaws have been posted on the site and are availalble to copy.

GRACE PERIOD: For all leagues, the new grace period times are as follows, doubleheader with same team is now 10 minutes for the first game and 20 minutes for the second which begins immediately following that first 10 minutes.  So basically you have 30 minutes to get enough players to play.  In the case of split doubleheaders it will now read 10 minutes per game.

PLAYER ON TWO ROSTERS TO START A SEASON: For all leagues, for this situation only in the first 3 weeks of the season, player's name shows up on lineup sheet within first 3 weeks, both coaches will be notified to contact player and he has to decide which team he is playing on for the remainder of the season.  After the first 3 weeks of the season, when player game amounts are totaled this ruling will not be utilized.  The regular bylaw will take precedent which means 10 game suspension for player and 2 game suspension for 2nd team coach.

GAME STARTING LINEUP:  In the event that team has 7 or 8 players present they may not pick up any fill in players from any other teams (women's league only).  They will be allowed to have their opponent supply them a player for the catching position ONLY, who may not be involved in any plays at home and may not bat.  If starting with 7 and team's 8th player shows up, she may take position in field and supplied catcher will remain equaling 9 players.  If starting with 8 and team's 9th player shows up, she enters field as 9th player and supplied catcher is eliminated.  If team starts with 9 players, NO supplied catcher is allowed.  

FORFEIT MONEY:  Since this year teams are paying umpires and scorers fees before each game, this change pertains to the above starting lineup situation where in the past teams didn't want to play when only 7 guys showed up.  If your team forfeits a doubleheader, you are responsible for not only your umpires, scorers costs but your opponents as well which has to be paid before your next scheduled games or you will be out of the league.  That total cost would be $120 using 2 umpires and $88 using 1 umpire.


The Tri Town Adult Softball Leagues is looking for new teams for all of our programs for 2015.  We currently have 28 teams for the Men's Sunday League, 6 teams for the Women's Slow Pitch League , 4 teams for a Women's Fast Pitch League and 4 teams for Men's Friday League. Sunday League games will be played in Wilbraham, East Longmeadow and Longmeadow.  All other Week Leagues will be played at night in Wilbraham.

Women's Slow Pitch League,Tuesday and Thursday - 6:15pm start

Women's Fast Pitch League, Monday and Wednesday - 6:15pm start

Men's Friday League - 6:15pm start

Men's Sunday League - 9:00am through 9:00pm

Any teams interested please contact League Director, Frank Petruzzello at 413-531-6954 or, Assistant Directors, Bobby Farnum at 413-221-9619 or and Darrin Eagle at 860-462-1537 or

2015 Meeting/Leagues Schedule of Events

Even with 4+ feet of snow on the ground, here is a brief outline of scheduled events including meetings, leagues start times and one big change. All meetings will be held in Wilbraham at the Senior Center which is adjacent to the Recreation Department on your left side as you drive in to the McLaughlin Field Complex.

The cost for the league is the very same as last year, the only change is teams will now pay the umpires and scorekeepers before each game instead of everything up front.  The cost of the league is still $295, cost for lights per team is still $50 and the cost for field use is still $132 based on a 24 game schedule, totaling $477, same as last year.  

The big change will be paying all other fees at games which breaks down as follows: 2 umpire system will be $24, umpire, $5.50 for scorer and $.50 League Charity Fund totaling $30.00 per game.  1 umpire system will be $16.00, umpire, $5.50 for scorer and $.50 League Charity Fund totaling $22.00.  All this along with Charity will be discussed at the first meetings. I have 3 Charities that have contacted me about this which would also include the proceeds from the 3rd Annual "Battle of the Badges Tournament" to be held in late August.

Meeting/Event Schedule:

Sunday, February 22, 1st Meeting:  Orientation/Bylaws

Womens Leagues 6PM - 7:15PM, Mens Sunday League 7:30PM - 9:00PM


Sunday, March 15, 2nd Meeting: $477 entry fee due

Womens Leagues 6PM - 7PM, Mens Sunday League 7:15PM - 8:15PM


Monday, April 6, 3rd Meeting: All Leagues, 7:00PM. Any final entry fee payments due, Pre-Season Tourney signups and schedule released


Sunday, April 12, Men's Pre-Season Tourney, Women's Pre-Season Tourney


Sunday, April 19, Sunday League begins


Monday, April 27, Womens Week league begins