Last Updated: July 25, 2016

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  • "Champions are made here""

Congratulations to Pizza Shoppe in the Gold Division, St. Catherines in the Silver Division and Shortstop Bar & Grill in the Bronze Division for winning their respective Regular Season Championships on Sunday.  All 3 teams needed sweeps to clinch the championships and they all did.  Really close divisions with Pizza Shoppe edging out the Goats by 2 points,  St. Catherines besting Marcotte Ford by 1 point as did Shortstop Bar and Grill over TD's Sports Bar.

Playoffs will begin this upcoming Sunday.  The schedule has been posted on the site along with Final Standings.  There will be charts at all fields to direct teams to future games of the day.  Finals will be Sunday, August 7th all to be played at McLaughlin Field.

One added mention to ALL COACHES with game times.  Have your team ready to play at least 15 minutes before scheduled start time in case game in front is short unless your traveling to another field on back to back games.  Teams will be docked at forfeit time for that 10 minutes unlike regular season when players just decide to show up at game time.  Teams WILL start with 10 players there,  starting sooner than later whether or not waiting on players to show up! This is not happening for playoffs, a forfeit will be called!!!

Rosters will be posted by the end of the day.  Some teams have to choose 2 players from the multiple guys qualified by way of the 35% rule.  All scorekeepers will have these rosters with them over the next two playoff weeks and will be checking each team.  Any player not on roster in any lineup will be requested to show picture ID and/or forfeiture!!

Cost per game for playoffs is $35 per team, per game.  As mentioned in past posts, the extra $5 is for field fees which for the playoffs are NOT covered in your initial entry fee!


The 2016 Tri Town Softball Fall League will be holding it's 1st meeting on Monday evening, August 1st at the Pavilion next to McLaughlin Park in the Spec Pond Field Complex in Wilbraham at 7:30PM.  The league will be played on Sundays only beginning August 28th and finishing with Playoffs on November 6th.  There will be NO games scheduled for Labor Day Weekend Sunday.

There will be three divisions of play, Gold, Silver and Bronze as was the Summer league.  Games will be played at McLaughlin Field and Mile Tree Field in Wilbraham and Greenwood Park in Longmeadow.  Game days will begin at 8:30AM at all 3 fields.  Mile Tree will host 4 games in the morning with afternoons off for soccer,  Greenwood will operate till dark and McLaughlin will run until 8PM at night.  Any cancellations because of weather may need to be made up on Saturdays or during the week with the current limit of fields with Glenbrook Field in Longmeadow a possible makeup field.  Each team will play an 18 game schedule and please remember all teams CANNOT play 8:30 games with 3 fields!!!  Entry fee will be $395 which is due before first game.  This is the same price as the Summer league which includes entry fee, field cost, light cost, ball cost, scorebook cost, liability insurance cost and other league expenses.  Teams will once again pay scorekeeper all costs per game of $30 consisting of $24.00 for umpire, $5.50 for scorekeeper and $.50 for our Charity, The American Cancer Society. This cost is for regular league games only.  Playoff games will be $35.00 with the same allotment to umpires, scorers and our charity except adding $5.00 per team for field costs which is not covered in the original $395 due before the start of the season.

There will be a Pre Season Tournament on Sunday, August 14th in two divisions, Upper and Lower.  Cost is $30 entry fee and pay umpires $20 per game, which is the same format as 4th of July League/Rec. Tourney.  All players from the Tri Town League will receive 2 game credit for playoff roster of your team!