Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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2015 spring league season starts
156 Days
Welcome to the home of the

East Shore Travel League


Gone but not forgotten


One full year has passed and we will never forget you

Your friends & family @ The East Shore Travel League





Fall playoff schedule


9u – October 25th (all teams make playoffs) Dates have changed due to weather (rain date will be October 26th).

1st place team to receive a bye

2nd place vs. 3rd place 9am Dom Aitro field # 2

winner plays 1st place team in Championship 11am Dom Aitro field # 2


10u – October 25th & October 26th 

1st round games are posted

2nd round clubhouse/hammerhead winner vs. Capitals semis finals

Semi-finals 8am Annex fields 1, Sunday Oct 26th

Finals 10am Annex field 1 Sunday Oct 26th


11u elite – October 25th

1st round games are posted

2nd round games

4pm annex field # 1; Sea Dogs/Clubhouse National winner vs. Clubhouse American

4pm annex field # 2; Outlaws/Wolfpack Grey winner vs. Angels

6pm annex field # 1; Titans/Capitals winner vs. North Haven

6pm annex field # 2; Madison/Wolfpack Red winner vs. Wolfpack Black

October 26th

12pm annex field # 1 & # 2 semis

2pm annex field # 1 finals


11u local

1st round games posted

2nd round 11am gators/venom winner vs. Mustangs

2nd round 3pm clubhouse/Westport winner vs. Rookies

Finals 2pm annex field # 2, highest seed is home team 


12u elite –   (all teams make playoffs)

Nov 1st

games start @ 1pm

Nov 2nd



12u local – (top 12 teams make playoffs)

Nov 1st

9am games

annex field # 1 5 seed vs. 12 seed

annex field # 2 6 seed vs. 11 seed

east shore field # 4 7 seed vs. 10 seed

11am games

annex field # 1 5/12 winner vs. 4 seed

annex field # 2 6/11 winner vs. 3 seed

east shore field # 4 7/10 winner vs. 2 seed


east shore field # 4 8 seed vs. 9 seed


east shore field # 4 1 seed vs. 8/9 winner

Nov 2nd

Semi finals



13u elite – October 26th  (all teams make playoffs)

7seed vs. 10seed Ct Hanks Yanks 8am east shore field # 2

8seed vs. 9seed Ct Blue Thunder 8am east shore field #3

4 seed Ct Grind vs. 5 seed  8am east shore field # 1

1 seed Madison Travel vs. 8/9 winner 10am east shore field # 3

2 seed Wolfpack Black vs. 7/10 winner 10am east shore field # 2

3 seed Clubhouse vs. 6 seed winner 10am east shore field # 1

4/5 winner vs. 1/8/9 winner 12pm east shore field # 3 Semis

2/7/10 winner vs. 3/6 winner 12pm east shore field # 2 Semis

Finals 2:30pm highest seed is home team east shore field # 2


13u major – November 1st & 2nd  (top 12 teams make playoffs)


14u elite –  November 1st (all teams make playoffs)


14u major –  November 1st & November 2nd (top 12 teams make playoffs)


16u – November 1st & 2nd (top 12 teams make playoffs) Dates have changed


18u – November 1st, with rain date of November 2nd (all teams make playoffs)



Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Oct 23
10u fall
BTL Tide @ Elm City Eagles 6:00pm Annex field one
Friday,  Oct 24
12u fall elite
Simply Baseball Ballers @ Ct Grind 6:00pm Annex field two
Newington Nighthawks @ Ct Heat 6:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 1
Ct Capitals @ Ct Wolfpack 6:00pm east shore field 4
Ct Grind @ Ct Capitals 8:00pm Annex field two
Ct Heat @ Newington Nighthawks 8:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 1
Ct Wolfpack @ Simply Baseball Ballers 8:00pm east shore field 4
12u fall local
Ct Gators @ East Shore Express 6:00pm Annex field one
Ct Venom @ Ct Outlaws 6:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 3
Southington Thunder @ Ct Warriors 6:00pm East Shore Field 2
East Shore Express @ Ct Gators 8:00pm Annex field one
Ct Outlaws @ Ct Venom 8:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 3
Ct Warriors @ Madison Tigers 8:00pm East Shore Field 2
13u fall elite
Clubhouse @ Madison Tigers 6:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Thunder @ Hartford County Hawks 6:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 5
Madison Tigers @ Clubhouse 8:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 4
Hartford County Hawks @ Ct Thunder 8:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 5
13u fall major
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Ct Gators Blue 6:00pm East Shore Field 2
Ct Gators Blue @ Northern Ct Mustangs 8:00pm East Shore Field 2
16u fall wood bat
Ct Cowboys @ Madison Tigers 6:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 2
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Ct Wolfpack Black 6:00pm East Shore field 1
Madison Tigers @ Ct Cowboys 8:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 2
Ct Wolfpack @ Hamden Yard Dogs 8:00pm East Shore field 1
Saturday,  Oct 25
9u fall
Bridgeport Cardinals @ Ct Angels 9:00am Dom Aitro field # 2
POSITION/TBD @ New Haven Diamonds 11:00am Dom Aitro field # 2
10u fall
Shoreline Hammerheads @ Clubhouse 8:00am Annex field one
BTL Tide @ Ct Angels 8:00am Annex field two
POSITION/TBD @ Ct Capitals 10:00am Annex field one
Elm City Eagles @ Ct Wolfpack 10:00am Annex field two
11u fall elite
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Clubhouse National 12:00pm Annex field one
Ct Wolfpack Grey @ Ct Outlaws 12:00pm Annex field two
Ct Capitals @ Hartford Titans 2:00pm Annex field one
Ct Wolfpack Red @ Madison Tigers 2:00pm Annex field two
POSITION/TBD @ Clubhouse American 4:00pm Annex field one
POSITION/TBD @ Ct Angels 4:00pm Annex field two
POSITION/TBD @ North Haven Jr Indians 6:00pm Annex field one
POSITION/TBD @ Ct Wolfpack Black 6:00pm Annex field two
11u fall local
Ct Venom @ Ct Gators 9:00am Dom Aitro field # 1
POSITION/TBD @ Northern Ct Mustangs 11:00am Dom Aitro field # 1
Clubhouse @ Westport Wreckers 1:00pm Dom Aitro field # 1
POSITION/TBD @ Dom Aitro Rookies 3:00pm Dom Aitro field # 1
12u fall local
Ct Gators @ Foxon Bisons 8:00am east shore field 4
Foxon Bisons @ Ct Gators 10:00am east shore field 4
Garavel Titans @ New Haven Diamonds 6:00pm east shore field 4
Ct Venom @ Ct Gladiators 8:00pm Annex field two
New Haven Diamonds @ Garavel Titans 8:00pm east shore field 4
13u fall major
Ct Gators Blue @ Team Lyman 10:00am Westbrook Middle School
Weston Renegades @ Ct Blue Thunder 10:00am Weston High School JV field
Team Lyman @ Ct Gators Blue 12:00pm Westbrook Middle School
Ct Blue Thunder @ Weston Renegades 12:00pm Weston High School JV field
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Fairfield County Captains 1:30pm Kimberly Field
Fairfield County Captains @ Dom Aitro Rookies 3:30pm Kimberly Field
14u fall elite
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Ct Outlaws White 10:00am East Shore Field 2
Ct Outlaws White @ Hamden Yard Dogs 12:00pm East Shore Field 2
Ct Seals @ Ct Clippers 2:00pm East Shore Field 2
Ct Clippers @ Ct Seals 4:00pm East Shore Field 2
Clubhouse @ Ct Edge Select 6:00pm East Shore Field 2
Ct Edge Select @ Clubhouse 8:00pm East Shore Field 2
14u fall major
Ct Capitals @ New England Knights 8:00am East Shore Field 3
BTL Tide @ Northern Ct Mustangs 9:00am East Haven The Pitt
New England Knights @ Ct Capitals 10:00am East Shore Field 3
Northern Ct Mustangs @ BTL Tide 11:00am East Haven The Pitt
Ct Edge @ Ct Owls 12:00pm East Shore Field 3
Ct Gators @ Shoreline Hammerheads 2:00pm East Shore Field 3
Shoreline Hammerheads @ Ct Gators 4:00pm East Shore Field 3
Trumbull Travel @ East Haven 89ers 6:00pm East Shore Field 3
East Haven 89ers @ Trumbull Travel 8:00pm East Shore Field 3
16u fall wood bat
Ct Wolfpack Red @ Meriden Mustangs 9:00am East Shore field 1
Meriden Mustangs @ Ct Wolfpack Red 11:00am East Shore field 1
Ct Gators Blue @ Ct Wolfpack Black 1:00pm East Shore field 1
Trumbull Travel @ Ct Capitals 1:00pm Painter Park
Ct Wolfpack Black @ Ct Gators Blue 3:00pm East Shore field 1
Ct Capitals @ Trumbull Travel 3:00pm Painter Park
Ct Wolfpack @ Wolcott Storm 5:00pm East Shore field 1
Wolcott Storm @ Ct Wolfpack 7:00pm East Shore field 1
18u fall wood bat
Madison Tigers @ New Haven Mayhem 1:00pm East Haven The Pitt
New Haven Mayhem @ Guilford 3:00pm East Haven The Pitt
Ct Capitals @ North Haven 5:00pm Montowese Park field 4
North Haven @ Ct Capitals 7:00pm Montowese Park field 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

East Shore Travel League

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