Last Updated: October 1, 2016
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  • Our 8th season & counting
  • National AAU League
  • 2016 fall season
  • 2016 Rule book is posted under handout section
  • Playoffs

Welcome to the home of the

East Shore Travel League









League Co- Director


Michael Lamberti Sr.



For his 2016




Hall of Fame






Please come out and support this great achievement on Wednesday October 26 @


Monticello’s Restaurant, 577 S. Broad Street, Meriden, CT. Hors d’oeuvres will be at 5:30 p.m. Dinner follows promptly at 6:30 p.m. For more information about ticket please email us



Saturday October 1st

annex fields 1 & 2, the 10am and 12pm are cancel

east shore fields 1 & 3 the 9am and 11am are cancel

east shore fields 2 & 4 the 10am and 12pm are cancel

east haven pitt all games are cancel

French Park is cancel

Martha hoxsie is cancel

Guilford high school is cancel

beehive field is cancel

Newtown middle school is cancel

fitch high school is cancel







Upcoming Games

Saturday, Oct 1
10u fall ball
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Ct Edge10:00amDom Aitro field # 2
Ct Edge @ Dom Aitro Rookies12:00pmDom Aitro field # 2
Ct Capitals @ Ct Wolfpack2:00pmeast shore field 4
Ct Wolfpack @ Ct Capitals4:00pmeast shore field 4
11u elite fall ball
Middletown Monarchs @ Westport Wreckers1:00pmColeytown North
Westport Wreckers @ Middletown Monarchs3:00pmColeytown North
11u local fall ball
Hamden Dragons @ Trumbull Travel Gold9:00amNIA Field
Ct Royals @ Ct GrindCanceledAnnex field two
Trumbull Travel Gold @ Hamden Dragons11:00amNIA Field
Ct Grind @ Ct RoyalsCanceledAnnex field two
New England Knights @ Guilford Braves2:00pmAdams Middle School Field A
Northeast Clutch @ Wallingford CardinalsCanceledHarrison Park
Crackerjacks @ Hit Club2:00pmNystrom field
Guilford Braves @ New England Knights4:00pmAdams Middle School Field A
Wallingford Cardinals @ Northeast ClutchCanceledHarrison Park
Hit Club @ Crackerjacks4:00pmNystrom field
12u major fall ball
Ct Capitals @ Ct Blue JaysCanceledAnnex field one
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Northern Ct MustangsCanceledeast shore field 4
Shoreline Hammerheads @ Ct ClippersCanceledMartha Hoxsie Field
Ct Blue Jays @ Ct CapitalsCanceledAnnex field one
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Ct Wolfpack EliteCanceledeast shore field 4
Ct Clippers @ Shoreline HammerheadsCanceledMartha Hoxsie Field
Cromwell Cobras @ Ct Dodgers2:00pmAnnex field one
Hamden Dragons @ Boys of Summer2:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Dodgers @ Cromwell Cobras4:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Royals @ Hamden Dragons4:00pmAnnex field two
Clubhouse @ Hamden Yard Dogs6:00pmAnnex field one
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Clubhouse8:00pmAnnex field one
12u local fall ball
Dom Aitro Rookies @ East Haven Swarm10:00amDom Aitro field # 1
East Haven Swarm @ Dom Aitro Rookies12:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
Dom Aitro Knights @ Norwalk Crusadors6:00pmAnnex field two
Wallingford Cardinals @ Ct Noises6:00pmeast shore field 4
Norwalk Crusadors @ Dom Aitro Knights8:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Noises @ Wallingford Cardinals8:00pmeast shore field 4
13u elite fall ball
Crackerjacks @ Ct Wolfpack PrimeCanceledEast Shore Field 2
Ct Rivals @ Trumbull XtremeCanceledBeeHive Field
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ CrackerjacksCanceledEast Shore Field 2
Technique Tigers Navy @ Clubhouse American1:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Trumbull Xtreme @ Ct RivalsCanceledBeeHive Field
Clubhouse American @ Technique Tigers Navy3:00pmEast Shore Field 3
13u major fall ball
Ct Crush @ Boys of Summer9:00amBradley field- Derby
Ct Blue Jays @ Westport Wreckers9:00amLong Lots Field
Ct Dodgers @ Norwalk Revolution9:00amNathan Hale Middle School
New England Knights @ Newtown HawksCanceledNewtown Middle School
Boys of Summer @ Ct Crush11:00amBradley field- Derby
Westport Wreckers @ Ct Blue Jays11:00amLong Lots Field
Norwalk Revolution @ Ct Dodgers11:00amNathan Hale Middle School
Newtown Nationals @ Guilford12:00pmADAMS Middle School - Guilford
Newtown Hawks @ New England KnightsCanceledNewtown Middle School
Guilford @ Newtown Nationals2:00pmADAMS Middle School - Guilford
Ct Clippers @ Belltown BulldogsCanceledFitch High School
Belltown Bulldogs @ Ct ClippersCanceledFitch High School
14u elite fall ball
Ct Blue Jays @ Ct Wolfpack EliteCanceledEast Haven The Pitt
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Blue JaysCanceledEast Haven The Pitt
Ct Edge @ Ct Wolfpack Prime2:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Ct Edge4:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Angels @ Ct Capitals6:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Capitals @ Ct Angels8:00pmEast Shore Field 2
14u major fall ball
Ct Edge @ Hit ClubCanceledEast Shore Field 3
Newington Nighthawks @ Foxon BisonsCanceledAlumni Field
Ct Clippers @ Westport Wreckers11:00amDouble Day Field
Hit Club @ Ct EdgeCanceledEast Shore Field 3
Foxon Bisons @ Newington NighthawksCanceledAlumni Field
Farmington Valley Hawks @ Boys of Summer1:00pmBradley field- Derby
Westport Wreckers @ Ct Clippers1:00pmDouble Day Field
Boys of Summer @ Farmington Valley Hawks3:00pmBradley field- Derby
Technique Tigers @ Ct Hanks YanksCanceledEast Shore Field 3
Ct Hanks Yanks @ Technique TigersCanceledEast Shore Field 3
15u wood bat fall ball
Ct Dodgers Black @ Ct GrindCanceledFrench Park, Seymour
New England Knights @ Team LightingCanceledEast Shore field 1
Norwalk Revolution @ GuilfordCanceledGuilford High School
Ct Dodgers Grey @ Ct GrindCanceledFrench Park, Seymour
Fairfield Rage @ Westport Wreckers10:00amWakeman Field
Team Lighting @ New England KnightsCanceledEast Shore field 1
Guilford @ Norwalk RevolutionCanceledGuilford High School
Westport Wreckers @ Ct Hanks Yanks12:00pmWakeman Field
16u wood bat fall ball
BTL Tide @ Ct WolfpackCanceledEast Haven The Pitt
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Tucci Elite1:00pmSeaside Park field # 10
Wolcott Storm @ Northern Ct Mustangs2:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Wolfpack @ Ct AngelsCanceledEast Haven The Pitt
Tucci Elite @ Hamden Yard Dogs3:00pmSeaside Park field # 10
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Wolcott Storm4:00pmEast Shore field 1
Technique Tigers @ Ct Outlaws4:00pmsage park
Ct Outlaws @ Technique Tigers6:00pmsage park
18u wood bat fall ball
Shoreline Cougars @ Ct ClippersCanceledFitch High School
Ct Clippers @ Shoreline CougarsCanceledFitch High School
Ct Edge American @ Tucci Elite5:00pmSeaside Park field # 10
Diamond Devils @ New Haven Legion6:00pmEast Shore field 1
Tucci Elite @ Ct Edge American7:00pmSeaside Park field # 10
New Haven Legion @ Wolcott Storm8:00pmEast Shore field 1
Sunday, Oct 2
10u fall ball
Technique Tigers @ Ct Gators8:00amAnnex field one
Ct Wolfpack @ Elm City Eagles8:00amAnnex field two
Ct Edge @ Ct Capitals9:00amDom Aitro field # 2
Northeast Clutch @ Middletown Monarchs9:00amRomegialli
Ct Royals @ Westport Wreckers National9:30amBurrs Farms West
Ct Gators @ Technique Tigers10:00amAnnex field one
Ct Capitals @ Ct Edge11:00amDom Aitro field # 2
Middletown Monarchs @ Northeast Clutch11:00amRomegialli
Westport Wreckers National @ Ct Royals11:30amBurrs Farms West
11u elite fall ball
Clubhouse @ Trumbull Travel Black9:00amNIA Field
Trumbull Travel Black @ Clubhouse11:00amNIA Field
Ct Wolfpack @ Ct Edge6:00pmAnnex field two
11u local fall ball
Ct Edge @ New England Knights9:00amEdge Field
Ct Edge @ Hamden Dragons11:00amEdge Field
Crackerjacks @ Wallingford Cardinals12:00pmHarrison Park
Ct Gators @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs2:00pmAnnex field two
Wallingford Cardinals @ Crackerjacks2:00pmHarrison Park
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Ct Gators4:00pmAnnex field two
Boys of Summer @ Ct Royals4:00pmeast shore field 4
Ct Royals @ Boys of Summer6:00pmeast shore field 4
12u major fall ball
Ct Clippers @ Ct Gators9:00amMartha Hoxsie Field
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Ct Coastal Tides10:00amAnnex field two
Ct Gators @ Ct Clippers11:00amMartha Hoxsie Field
Ct Grind @ Clubhouse12:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Coastal Tides @ Ct Wolfpack Elite12:00pmAnnex field two
Clubhouse @ Ct Grind2:00pmAnnex field one
Westport Wreckers @ Boys of Summer2:00pmColeytown North
Technique Tigers @ Hit Club2:00pmNystrom field
Ct Dodgers @ Ct Royals4:00pmAnnex field one
Boys of Summer @ Westport Wreckers4:00pmColeytown North
Hit Club @ Technique Tigers4:00pmNystrom field
Ct Royals @ Ct Dodgers6:00pmAnnex field one
12u local fall ball
Dom Aitro Knights @ Dom Aitro Rookies8:00amDom Aitro field # 1
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Dom Aitro Knights10:00amDom Aitro field # 1
Norwalk Crusadors @ West Haven A plus12:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
East Haven Swarm @ Ct Noises12:00pmeast shore field 4
Ct Noises @ East Haven Swarm2:00pmeast shore field 4
13u elite fall ball
Clubhouse National @ Ct Wolfpack Elite8:00amEast Shore Field 2
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Ct Rivals9:00amBeeHive Field
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Clubhouse National10:00amEast Shore Field 2
Clubhouse American @ Ct Rebels10:00amMontville High School
Ct Rivals @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs11:00amBeeHive Field
Ct Rebels @ Clubhouse American12:00pmMontville High School
13u major fall ball
Ct Edge @ Technique Tigers Orange8:00amEast Shore Field 3
Technique Tigers Orange @ Ct Edge10:00amEast Shore Field 3
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Ct Crush12:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Shoreline Hammerheads @ Ct Dodgers12:00pmSeymour Middle School
Ct Crush @ Northern Ct Mustangs2:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Fairfield Firestorm @ Norwalk Revolution2:00pmNorwalk City Hall field
Ct Dodgers @ Shoreline Hammerheads2:00pmSeymour Middle School
Ct Angels @ Ct Gators4:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Norwalk Revolution @ Fairfield Firestorm4:00pmNorwalk City Hall field
Ct Gators @ Ct Angels6:00pmEast Shore Field 3
14u elite fall ball
Ct Capitals @ Trumbull Xtreme9:00amTrumbull High School JV field
Trumbull Xtreme @ Ct Capitals11:00amTrumbull High School JV field
Ct Blue Jays @ Ct Wolfpack Elite12:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Grind @ Ct Wolfpack Prime12:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Defenders @ Ct Reds1:30pmWestbrook Athletic Complex
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Blue Jays2:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Ct Grind2:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Reds @ Ct Defenders3:30pmWestbrook Athletic Complex
14u major fall ball
Ct Hanks Yanks @ Boys of Summer8:00amBradley field- Derby
Foxon Bisons @ Newington Nighthawks10:00amAlumni Field
Boys of Summer @ Ct Hanks Yanks10:00amBradley field- Derby
Hit Club @ Westport WreckersCanceledTaft School
Newington Nighthawks @ Foxon Bisons12:00pmAlumni Field
Westport Wreckers @ Hit ClubCanceledTaft School
15u wood bat fall ball
Ct Angels @ New England Knights8:00amSouthington West Baseball Complex
Ct Dodgers Black @ Ct Hanks Yanks9:00amHarbor Yard
Fairfield Rage @ Ct Gators9:00amKiwanis Field
Clubhouse @ Norwalk Revolution9:00amNathan Hale Middle School
Ct Dodgers Grey @ Team Lighting9:00amWestbrook Athletic Complex
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Guilford10:00amKimberly Field
New England Knights @ Ct Angels10:00amSouthington West Baseball Complex
Ct Hanks Yanks @ Ct Dodgers Black11:00amHarbor Yard
Ct Gators @ Fairfield Rage11:00amKiwanis Field
Norwalk Revolution @ Clubhouse11:00amNathan Hale Middle School
Team Lighting @ Ct Dodgers Grey11:00amWestbrook Athletic Complex
Guilford @ Dom Aitro Rookies12:00pmKimberly Field
16u wood bat fall ball
Ct Dodgers @ Ct Gators9:00amEast Haven The Pitt
Ct Gators @ Ct Dodgers11:00amEast Haven The Pitt
BTL Tide @ Fairfield Rage11:30amOwen Fish Field
Fairfield Rage @ BTL Tide1:30pmOwen Fish Field
Wolcott Storm @ Tucci Elite3:30pmSeaside Park field # 10
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Ct Grind4:00pmEast Shore field 1
3 Rivers BA @ Ct Angels4:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Tucci Elite @ Wolcott Storm5:30pmSeaside Park field # 10
Ct Grind @ Northern Ct Mustangs6:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Angels @ 3 Rivers BA6:00pmEast Shore Field 2
18u wood bat fall ball
Shoreline Cougars @ Crackerjacks9:00amEast Haven High School
Guilford @ Diamond Devils9:00amXavier High School
New Haven Legion @ Madison Tigers10:00amEast Shore field 1
Crackerjacks @ Shoreline Cougars11:00amEast Haven High School
Diamond Devils @ Guilford11:00amXavier High School
Wolcott Storm @ Ct Clippers1:00pmEast Haven High School
Ct Edge National @ Ct Gators2:00pmEast Haven The Pitt
Ct Clippers @ Wolcott Storm3:00pmEast Haven High School
Ct Gators @ Ct Edge National4:00pmEast Haven The Pitt
Monday, Oct 3
13u elite fall ball
Ct Grind Carolina @ Crackerjacks5:45amConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Crackerjacks @ Ct Grind Carolina7:45pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
13u major fall ball
Ct Edge @ Ct Blue Jays5:45pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Ct Blue Jays @ Ct Edge7:45pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5

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