Last Updated: September 1, 2014

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  • Fall rule book is posted in the handout section
  • National AAU League
  • Fall rule book is posted in the handout section
  • Fall team entry deadline August 24th
  • Fall rule book is posted in the handout section
2014 Fall ball information
Welcome to the home of the

East Shore Travel League

 September 3rd, 2014

Mandatory Umpires Meeting

7pm @ Annex field house

All umpires must attend in order to umpire this fall

Rules & Dress code meeting

Thank you  




Please start reviewing your schedules

16u & 18u

9-12 & 13u elite

are all completed

14u elite has some minor changes coming tonight

13u major & 14u major will be completed late tonight

after Tuesday there will no changes

Please confirm all games for this coming weekend


Thank you















Upcoming Games

Friday,  Sep 5
11u fall elite
North Haven Jr Indians @ Ct Wolfpack Black 6:00pm Annex field two
Ct Wolfpack Black @ North Haven Jr Indians 8:00pm Annex field two
11u fall local
Clubhouse @ Westport Wreckers 6:00pm Green Farm School
Westport Wreckers @ Clubhouse 8:00pm Green Farm School
12u fall local
Ct Grind Navy @ Ct Venom 6:00pm Annex field one
Ct Venom @ Ct Grind Navy 6:00pm Annex field one
Madison Tigers @ Ct Warhawks 6:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Warhawks @ Gravel Titans 8:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Gladiators @ Foxon Bisons 8:00pm east shore field 4
Foxon Bisons @ Ct Gladiators 8:00pm east shore field 4
13u fall elite
Hartford County Hawks @ Ct Wolfpack Black 6:00pm East Shore Field 3
Technique Tigers @ Ct Wolfpack Black 8:00pm East Shore Field 3
13u fall major
North Haven Indians @ Ct Warhawks Gold 6:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 5
SBA Hammerheads Red @ Ct Outlaws 6:00pm East Shore Field 2
Ct Blue Thunder @ Ct Warhawks Blue 8:00pm Connecticut Sportsplex # 5
Ct Outlaws @ SBA Hammerheads Red 8:00pm East Shore Field 2
Saturday,  Sep 6
9u fall
Ct Angels @ New Haven Diamonds 8:00am Dom Aitro field # 2
New Haven Diamonds @ Bridgeport Cardinals 10:00am Dom Aitro field # 2
10u fall
Clubhouse @ Ct Wolfpack 8:00am Annex field two
Ct Wolfpack @ Clubhouse 10:00am Annex field two
Ct Angels @ Ct Capitals 12:00pm Dom Aitro field # 2
Ct Capitals @ Ct Angels 2:00pm Dom Aitro field # 2
11u fall elite
Ct Angels @ Madison Tigers 8:00am Academy Field
Clubhouse National @ Ct Capitals 9:00am mills wood park - fusco field
Madison Tigers @ Ct Angels 10:00am Academy Field
Ct Capitals @ Clubhouse National 11:00am mills wood park - fusco field
Ct Wolfpack Grey @ Hartford Titans 12:00pm Annex field two
Ct Wolfpack Red @ Hartford Titans 2:00pm Annex field two
Ct Wolfpack Black @ Clubhouse American 4:00pm Annex field two
North Haven Jr Indians @ Clubhouse American 6:00pm Annex field one
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Ct Outlaws 6:00pm east shore field 4
Ct Outlaws @ North Haven Jr Indians 8:00pm east shore field 4
11u fall local
Ct Venom @ TCB 12:00pm Labor Field
TCB @ Ct Venom 2:00pm Labor Field
12u fall elite
Simply Baseball Ballers @ Ct Outlaws 8:00am east shore field 4
Ct Outlaws @ Simply Baseball Ballers 10:00am east shore field 4
Ct Blue Thunder @ Ct Grind 12:00pm east shore field 4
Ct Edge @ Ct Capitals 1:00pm mills wood park - fusco field
Ct Grind @ Ct Blue Thunder 2:00pm east shore field 4
Ct Capitals @ Ct Edge 3:00pm mills wood park - fusco field
Ct Angels @ Ct Wolfpack 6:00pm Annex field two
Newington Nighthawks @ Ct Heat 6:00pm East Shore Field 2
Ct Wolfpack @ Ct Angels 8:00pm Annex field two
Ct Heat @ Newington Nighthawks 8:00pm East Shore Field 2
12u fall local
Ct Grind Navy @ Ct Warriors 8:00am Annex field one
Ct Warriors @ Ct Grind Navy 10:00am Annex field one
Ct Clippers @ Madison Tigers 12:00pm Academy Field
Ct Venom @ Ct Outlaws 12:00pm Annex field one
Southington Thunder @ TCB 12:00pm Labor Field
Madison Tigers @ Ct Clippers 2:00pm Academy Field
Ct Outlaws @ East Shore Express 2:00pm Annex field one
TCB @ Southington Thunder 2:00pm Labor Field
East Shore Express @ Ct Warhawks 4:00pm Annex field one
Foxon Bisons @ Norwalk Knights 4:00pm east shore field 4
Gravel Titans @ Wallingford Cardinals 8:00pm Annex field one
13u fall elite
Clubhouse @ Ct Wolfpack Red 8:00am East Shore Field 3
Ct Wolfpack Red @ Clubhouse 10:00am East Shore Field 3
Ct Wolfpack Black @ Westport Wreckers 12:00pm East Shore Field 3
Ct Thunder @ Madison Tigers 1:00pm Polson Middle School
Westport Wreckers @ Hartford County Hawks 2:00pm East Shore Field 3
Madison Tigers @ Ct Thunder 3:00pm Polson Middle School
Hartford County Hawks @ Technique Tigers 4:00pm East Shore Field 3
13u fall major
SBA Hammerheads Black @ Stratford Stampede 8:00am East Shore Field 2
Ct Edge @ Westport Wreckers 9:00am Double Day Field
Fairfield County Captains @ New England Knights 9:00am Fusco Field
Stratford Stampede @ SBA Hammerheads Black 10:00am East Shore Field 2
Weston Renegades @ Trumbull Travel 10:00am Jane Ryan School
Westport Wreckers @ Ct Edge 11:00am Double Day Field
New England Knights @ Fairfield County Captains 11:00am Fusco Field
Trumbull Travel @ Weston Renegades 12:00pm Jane Ryan School
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Team Lyman 2:00pm Westbrook Middle School
Ct Grind Navy @ SBA Hammerheads Red 4:00pm East Shore Field 2
Team Lyman @ Northern Ct Mustangs 4:00pm Westbrook Middle School
14u fall elite
Ct Owls @ Ct Edge Select 8:00am Habershon Field
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Ct Seals 10:00am Double Day Field
Ct Edge Select @ Ct Owls 10:00am Habershon Field
Ct Seals @ Hamden Yard Dogs 12:00pm Double Day Field
Clubhouse @ Ct Outlaws White 6:00pm East Shore Field 3
Ct Outlaws White @ Clubhouse 8:00pm East Shore Field 3
14u fall major
Ct Owls @ New England Knights 8:15am Massarelli Field
Fairfield Rage @ East Haven 89ers 9:00am East Haven High School
Wallingford Cardinals @ West Haven 9:00am Painter Park
New England Knights @ Ct Owls 10:30am Massarelli Field
East Haven 89ers @ Fairfield Rage 11:00am East Haven High School
Ct Grind @ Northern Ct Mustangs 1:00pm Town Forest Park
Technique Tigers @ Ct Edge 1:30pm East Haven High School
Ct Heat @ Ct Capitals 2:00pm East Haven Memorial Field
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Ct Grind 3:00pm Town Forest Park
Ct Edge @ Technique Tigers 3:30pm East Haven High School
Ct Heat @ Fairfield County Captains 4:00pm East Haven Memorial Field
16u fall wood bat
Ct Cowboys @ Northern Ct Mustangs 9:00am Town Forest Park
Clubhouse @ Trumbull Travel 10:00am Trumbull High School JV field
Fairfield Rage @ Westport Wreckers 10:00am Wakeman Field
Ct Grind @ Guilford 11:00am Painter Park
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Ct Cowboys 11:00am Town Forest Park
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Ct Capitals 12:00pm East Shore Field 2
Trumbull Travel @ Clubhouse 12:00pm Trumbull High School JV field
Westport Wreckers @ Fairfield Rage 12:00pm Wakeman Field
BTL Tide @ Ct Owls 1:00pm Painter Park
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Meriden Mustangs 2:00pm East Haven The Pitt
Ct Outlaws White @ Madison Tigers 2:30pm Town Campus Field
Ct Owls @ BTL Tide 3:00pm Painter Park
Meriden Mustangs @ Hamden Yard Dogs 4:00pm East Haven The Pitt
Madison Tigers @ Ct Outlaws White 4:30pm Town Campus Field
18u fall wood bat
Technique Tigers @ Guilford 9:00am East Haven The Pitt
Clubhouse @ Madison Tigers 9:00am Polson Middle School
Guilford @ Technique Tigers 11:00am East Haven The Pitt
Madison Tigers @ Clubhouse 11:00am Polson Middle School
Ct Grind @ North Haven 7:00pm Montowese Park field 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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