Last Updated: October 21, 2016
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  • Our 8th season & counting
  • National AAU League
  • 2016 fall season
  • 2016 Rule book is posted under handout section
  • Playoffs

Welcome to the home of the

East Shore Travel League









League Co- Director


Michael Lamberti Sr.



For his 2016




Hall of Fame






Please come out and support this great achievement on Wednesday October 26 @


Monticello’s Restaurant, 577 S. Broad Street, Meriden, CT. Hors d’oeuvres will be at 5:30 p.m. Dinner follows promptly at 6:30 p.m. For more information about ticket please email us











Upcoming Games

Friday, Oct 21
11u elite fall ball
Middletown Monarchs @ Ct Wolfpack6:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Ct Wolfpack @ Middletown Monarchs8:00pmEast Shore Field 3
12u major fall ball
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Ct Blue Jays6:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Gators @ Ct Capitals6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 3
Ct Grind @ Ct Wolfpack Elite6:00pmeast shore field 4
Ct Grind @ Boys of Summer8:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Capitals @ Ct Gators8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 3
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Blue Jays8:00pmeast shore field 4
12u local fall ball
Norwalk Crusadors @ Ct Vipers6:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Vipers @ Norwalk Crusadors8:00pmAnnex field two
13u elite fall ball
Ct Outlaws @ Ct Wolfpack Elite6:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Outlaws8:00pmEast Shore Field 2
14u major fall ball
Ct Gators @ Foxon Bisons6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Technique Tigers @ Ct Gators8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
15u wood bat fall ball
Ct Gators @ Guilford6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Guilford @ Ct Gators8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
16u wood bat fall ball
Wolcott Storm @ 3 Rivers BA6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 1
Ct Grind @ Technique Tigers6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 2
Northern Ct Mustangs @ BTL Tide6:00pmEast Shore field 1
3 Rivers BA @ Wolcott Storm8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 1
Technique Tigers @ Ct Grind8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 2
BTL Tide @ Northern Ct Mustangs8:00pmEast Shore field 1
18u wood bat fall ball
Madison Tigers @ Ct Gators6:00pmStrong Field @ Surf Club
Ct Gators @ Madison Tigers8:00pmStrong Field @ Surf Club
Saturday, Oct 22
10u fall ball
Ct Capitals @ Dom Aitro Rookies9:00amDom Aitro field # 2
Ct Wolfpack @ Middletown Monarchs10:00amAnnex field two
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Ct Capitals11:00amDom Aitro field # 2
Ct Royals @ Ct Wolfpack12:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Edge @ Madison Tigers1:00pmDom Aitro field # 2
Madison Tigers @ Ct Edge3:00pmDom Aitro field # 2
Elm City Eagles @ Westport Wreckers American6:00pmeast shore field 4
11u elite fall ball
Middletown Monarchs @ Ct Edge12:30pmEdge Field
Clubhouse @ Westport Wreckers1:00pmColeytown North
Ct Edge @ Middletown Monarchs2:30pmEdge Field
Westport Wreckers @ Clubhouse3:00pmColeytown North
11u local fall ball
Crackerjacks @ Trumbull Travel Gold9:00ameast shore field 4
Northeast Clutch @ Hit Club10:00amNystrom field
Trumbull Travel Gold @ Crackerjacks11:00ameast shore field 4
Hit Club @ Northeast Clutch12:00pmNystrom field
Hamden Dragons @ Madison Tigers1:00pmPolson School Turf Field
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Ct Royals2:00pmeast shore field 4
Madison Tigers @ Hamden Dragons3:00pmPolson School Turf Field
Ct Royals @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs4:00pmeast shore field 4
12u major fall ball
Clubhouse @ Northern Ct Mustangs10:00amAnnex field one
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Clubhouse12:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Clippers @ Ct Royals2:00pmAnnex field one
Hamden Dragons @ Ct Wolfpack Prime2:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Royals @ Ct Clippers4:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Hamden Dragons4:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Grind @ Ct Dodgers6:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Cromwell Cobras6:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Dodgers @ Cromwell Cobras8:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Grind @ Ct Wolfpack Elite8:00pmAnnex field two
12u local fall ball
Ct Vipers @ Dom Aitro Knights9:00amDom Aitro field # 1
Dom Aitro Knights @ Ct Vipers11:00amDom Aitro field # 1
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Madison Tigers1:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
Madison Tigers @ Dom Aitro Rookies3:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
13u elite fall ball
Ct Rivals @ Ct Grind Carolina9:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Clubhouse American @ Crackerjacks9:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Ct Grind Carolina @ Ct Rivals11:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Crackerjacks @ Clubhouse American11:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Ct Outlaws @ Trumbull Xtreme1:00pmTrumbull High School JV field
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Ct Wolfpack Prime2:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Trumbull Xtreme @ Ct Outlaws3:00pmTrumbull High School JV field
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs4:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Grind Navy @ POSITION/TBD5:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Clubhouse National @ Technique Tigers Navy6:00pmEast Shore Field 3
POSITION/TBD @ Ct Grind Navy7:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Technique Tigers Navy @ Clubhouse National8:00pmEast Shore Field 3
13u major fall ball
Ct Dodgers @ Madison Tigers9:00amTown Campus Field
Fairfield Firestorm @ Ct Crush10:00amVeterans Park - Watertown
Madison Tigers @ Ct Dodgers11:00amTown Campus Field
New England Knights @ Guilford12:00pmADAMS Middle School - Guilford
Ct Crush @ Fairfield Firestorm12:00pmVeterans Park - Watertown
Newtown Hawks @ Ct Blue Jays1:00pmBradley field- Derby
Guilford @ New England Knights2:00pmADAMS Middle School - Guilford
BTL Tide @ Ct Angels2:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Ct Blue Jays @ Newtown Hawks3:00pmBradley field- Derby
Ct Angels @ BTL Tide4:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Shoreline Hammerheads @ Ct Clippers5:00pmFitch High School
Technique Tigers Orange @ Northern Ct Mustangs6:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Clippers @ Shoreline Hammerheads7:00pmFitch High School
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Technique Tigers Orange8:00pmEast Shore Field 2
14u elite fall ball
Ct Capitals @ Ct Wolfpack Elite9:00amEast Shore Field 3
Ct Defenders @ Ct Wolfpack Prime10:00amEast Shore Field 2
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Capitals11:00amEast Shore Field 3
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Ct Defenders12:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Grind @ Ct Reds1:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Reds @ Ct Grind3:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Edge @ Trumbull Xtreme5:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Trumbull Xtreme @ Ct Edge7:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
14u major fall ball
Boys of Summer @ Ct Edge9:00amBradley field- Derby
Ct Edge @ Boys of Summer11:00amBradley field- Derby
Westport Wreckers @ Clubhouse11:00amDouble Day Field
Clubhouse @ Westport Wreckers1:00pmDouble Day Field
Ct Clippers @ Farmington Valley Hawks1:00pmFitch High School
Farmington Valley Hawks @ Ct Clippers3:00pmFitch High School
15u wood bat fall ball
New England Knights @ Fairfield Rage9:00amEast Haven The Pitt
Ct Angels @ Clubhouse9:00amEast Shore field 1
Ct Dodgers Grey @ Norwalk Revolution9:00amNathan Hale Middle School
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Ct Grind10:00amKimberly Field
Fairfield Rage @ New England Knights11:00amEast Haven The Pitt
Ct Angels @ Ct Dodgers Black11:00amEast Shore field 1
Norwalk Revolution @ Ct Dodgers Grey11:00amNathan Hale Middle School
Ct Grind @ Dom Aitro Rookies12:00pmKimberly Field
Westport Wreckers @ Team Lighting1:00pmWakeman Field
Team Lighting @ Westport Wreckers3:00pmWakeman Field
16u wood bat fall ball
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Ct Angels2:00pmEast Shore field 1
Fairfield Rage @ Ct Outlaws2:00pmOwen Fish Field
Ct Angels @ Hamden Yard Dogs4:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Outlaws @ Fairfield Rage4:00pmOwen Fish Field
Ct Wolfpack @ Wolcott Storm6:00pmEast Shore field 1
Wolcott Storm @ Ct Wolfpack8:00pmEast Shore field 1
18u wood bat fall ball
New England Knights (jeff) @ Wolcott Storm9:00amMassarelli Field
Diamond Devils @ Ct Wolfpack10:00amXavier High School
Wolcott Storm @ New England Knights (jeff)11:00amMassarelli Field
Ct Wolfpack @ Diamond Devils12:00pmXavier High School
Ct Edge American @ Guilford1:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
New England Knights (lance) @ Madison Tigers1:00pmTown Campus Field
Crackerjacks @ New Haven Legion1:30pmEast Haven The Pitt
Guilford @ Ct Edge American3:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Madison Tigers @ New England Knights (lance)3:00pmTown Campus Field
New Haven Legion @ Crackerjacks3:30pmEast Haven The Pitt
Sunday, Oct 23
10u fall ball
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Madison Tigers8:00amDom Aitro field # 2
Northeast Clutch @ Elm City Eagles8:00ameast shore field 4
Ct Capitals @ Middletown Monarchs9:00amRomegialli
Madison Tigers @ Ct Royals10:00amDom Aitro field # 2
Ct Gators @ Elm City Eagles10:00ameast shore field 4
Middletown Monarchs @ Ct Capitals11:00amRomegialli
Ct Edge @ Westport Wreckers National12:00pmDom Aitro field # 2
Ct Gators @ Ct Wolfpack12:00pmeast shore field 4
Westport Wreckers National @ Ct Edge2:00pmDom Aitro field # 2
Westport Wreckers American @ Technique Tigers3:30pmGreen Farm School
Technique Tigers @ Westport Wreckers American5:30pmGreen Farm School
11u elite fall ball
Clubhouse @ Ct Wolfpack8:00amAnnex field one
Ct Wolfpack @ Clubhouse10:00amAnnex field one
Ct Edge @ Trumbull Travel Black11:30amEdge Field
Trumbull Travel Black @ Ct Edge1:30pmEdge Field
11u local fall ball
Ct Grind @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs8:00amAnnex field two
Ct Royals @ Hamden Dragons9:00amBasset Field # 1
Boys of Summer @ New England Knights9:00amBradley field- Derby
Ct Gators @ Trumbull Travel Gold9:00amNIA Field
Crackerjacks @ Madison Tigers9:00amPolson School Turf Field
Northeast Clutch @ Ct Grind10:00amAnnex field two
Hamden Dragons @ Ct Royals11:00amBasset Field # 1
New England Knights @ Boys of Summer11:00amBradley field- Derby
Trumbull Travel Gold @ Ct Gators11:00amNIA Field
Madison Tigers @ Crackerjacks11:00amPolson School Turf Field
Ct Edge @ Northeast Clutch12:00pmAnnex field two
12u major fall ball
Ct Grind @ Ct Capitals12:00pmAnnex field one
Hamden Dragons @ Hamden Yard Dogs1:00pmBasset Field # 1
Boys of Summer @ Hit Club1:00pmBradley field- Derby
Ct Clippers @ Ct Capitals2:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Blue Jays @ Westport Wreckers2:00pmColeytown North
Technique Tigers @ Ct Wolfpack Prime2:00pmeast shore field 4
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Hamden Dragons3:00pmBasset Field # 1
Hit Club @ Boys of Summer3:00pmBradley field- Derby
Ct Gators @ Clubhouse4:00pmAnnex field one
Westport Wreckers @ Ct Blue Jays4:00pmColeytown North
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Technique Tigers4:00pmeast shore field 4
Clubhouse @ Ct Gators6:00pmAnnex field one
12u local fall ball
Ct Noises @ West Haven A plus8:00amDom Aitro field # 1
West Haven A plus @ Ct Noises10:00amDom Aitro field # 1
Dom Aitro Knights @ Madison Tigers12:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
Ct Outlaws @ East Haven Swarm2:00pmAnnex field two
Madison Tigers @ Norwalk Crusadors2:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
East Haven Swarm @ Ct Outlaws4:00pmAnnex field two
13u elite fall ball
Technique Tigers Navy @ Ct Grind Navy12:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Ct Grind Navy @ Technique Tigers Navy2:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Ct Grind Carolina @ Clubhouse American4:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Clubhouse American @ Ct Grind Carolina6:00pmEast Shore Field 3
13u major fall ball
Ct Crush @ Ct Gators8:00amEast Shore field 1
Ct Gators @ Ct Crush10:00amEast Shore field 1
Newtown Nationals @ Westport Wreckers10:00amLong Lots Field
Madison Tigers @ New England Knights10:00amTown Campus Field
Westport Wreckers @ Newtown Nationals12:00pmLong Lots Field
New England Knights @ Madison Tigers12:00pmTown Campus Field
Ct Dodgers @ Ct Clippers1:00pmFitch High School
Ct Clippers @ Ct Dodgers3:00pmFitch High School
BTL Tide @ Northern Ct Mustangs5:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Northern Ct Mustangs @ BTL Tide7:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
14u elite fall ball
Ct Edge @ Ct Defenders9:00amWestbrook Athletic Complex
Ct Defenders @ Ct Edge11:00amWestbrook Athletic Complex
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Ct Reds12:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Blue Jays @ Ct Capitals12:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Reds @ Ct Wolfpack Elite2:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Capitals @ Ct Blue Jays2:00pmEast Shore Field 2
14u major fall ball
Technique Tigers @ Clubhouse8:00amEast Shore Field 3
Foxon Bisons @ Westport Wreckers9:00amDouble Day Field
Ct Gators @ Ct Clippers9:00amFitch High School
Farmington Valley Hawks @ Ct Hanks Yanks9:00amHarbor Yard
Clubhouse @ Technique Tigers10:00amEast Shore Field 3
Ct Edge @ Newington Nighthawks10:00amLegends Field @ Clem Lemire Complex
Boys of Summer @ Hit Club10:00amTaft School
Westport Wreckers @ Foxon Bisons11:00amDouble Day Field
Ct Clippers @ Ct Gators11:00amFitch High School
Ct Hanks Yanks @ Farmington Valley Hawks11:00amHarbor Yard
Newington Nighthawks @ Ct Edge12:00pmLegends Field @ Clem Lemire Complex
Hit Club @ Boys of Summer12:00pmTaft School
15u wood bat fall ball
Clubhouse @ New England Knights8:00amSouthington West Baseball Complex
Guilford @ Ct Gators9:00amGuilford High School
New England Knights @ Clubhouse10:00amSouthington West Baseball Complex
Ct Gators @ Guilford11:00amGuilford High School
Ct Dodgers Black @ Ct Dodgers Grey12:00pmSeymour Middle School
Ct Grind @ Ct Hanks Yanks1:00pmHarbor Yard
Ct Angels @ Team Lighting1:00pmWestbrook Athletic Complex
Fairfield Rage @ Norwalk Revolution1:30pmNorwalk City Hall field
Ct Dodgers Grey @ Ct Dodgers Black2:00pmSeymour Middle School
Ct Hanks Yanks @ Ct Grind3:00pmHarbor Yard
Team Lighting @ Ct Angels3:00pmWestbrook Athletic Complex
Norwalk Revolution @ Fairfield Rage3:30pmNorwalk City Hall field
16u wood bat fall ball
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Ct Dodgers8:00amEast Shore Field 2
Ct Angels @ Fairfield Rage9:00amOwen Fish Field
Ct Dodgers @ Northern Ct Mustangs10:00amEast Shore Field 2
Fairfield Rage @ Ct Angels11:00amOwen Fish Field
Ct Gators @ Hamden Yard Dogs1:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Hamden Yard Dogs @ Ct Gators3:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Wolfpack @ BTL Tide4:00pmEast Shore Field 2
3 Rivers BA @ Ct Outlaws4:00pmsage park
BTL Tide @ Ct Wolfpack6:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Outlaws @ 3 Rivers BA6:00pmsage park
18u wood bat fall ball
Crackerjacks @ Ct Wolfpack9:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Gators @ New England Knights (jeff)9:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Ct Wolfpack @ Crackerjacks11:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
New England Knights (jeff) @ Ct Gators11:00amConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Technique Tigers @ Guilford1:00pmGuilford High School
Ct Clippers @ Ct Edge National1:30pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Guilford @ Technique Tigers3:00pmGuilford High School
Ct Edge National @ Ct Clippers3:30pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Wolcott Storm @ Shoreline Cougars4:00pmEast Shore field 1
Wolcott Storm @ Ct Clippers5:30pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Shoreline Cougars @ Wolcott Storm6:00pmEast Shore field 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!