Last Updated: September 20, 2017
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Welcome to the home of the

East Shore Travel League

Rusty Zoarski

You are gone, but not forgotten 

We will always love you our friend








2018 Bat Restrictions: 

15u/16u & 18u-wood bat only (one piece only)


14u-2 5/8 barrel only; drop 3 (BBCOR) no exceptions


13u2 5/8 barrel only; drop 3/5/8 only no bat length greater than 34 inches

Drop 3 must be BBCOR for 13u division 


The following bats have been banned from East Shore Travel League play

all 2 3/4 barrels

Reebok Vector TLS 

Marucci Cat 5 

Marucci Black

Nike CX2 

Mattingly Balistk 

Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty 


12u Elite Division only– 2 5/8 barrel only drop 5-10 (no little league bats allowed)

 No bat length greater than 32 inches


12u Major & local Divisions- 2 5/8 barrel or 2 ¼ barrel; drop 5-11 only 

No bat length greater than 32 inches


11u- Elite, Major & Local Divisions- 2 5/8 barrel or 2 ¼ barrel; drop 8-12 only 

No bat length greater than 32 inches


10u- 2 ¼ barrel or 2 5/8 barrel; drop 10-11-12 only 

No bat length greater than 32 inches


9u- 2 ¼ barrel or 2 5/8 barrel; drop 10-11-12 only 

No bat length greater than 32 inches 


Upcoming Games

Thursday, Sep 21
2017 12u elite fall
Ct Edge @ Wallingford Cardinals5:45pmHarrison Park
Diamond Zone North Haven @ Ct Blue Jays6:00pmAnnex field one
Friday, Sep 22
2017 12u elite fall
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Diamond Zone North Haven6:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Grind @ Ct Blue Jays6:00pmAnnex field two
Trumbull Travel @ Ct Edge6:00pmeast shore field 4
Diamond Zone North Haven @ Ct Wolfpack Prime8:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Blue Jays @ Ct Grind8:00pmAnnex field two
Ct Edge @ Trumbull Travel8:00pmeast shore field 4
2017 12u major fall
Boys of Summer @ Ct Wolfpack Elite6:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Blue Knights8:00pmEast Shore Field 3
2017 13u elite fall
Stratford Surf @ Ct Capitals6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 1
Technique Tigers @ Hartford Titans6:00pmEast Shore field 1
Ct Capitals @ Stratford Surf8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 1
Northeast Clutch @ Northern Ct Mustangs8:00pmEast Shore field 1
2017 13u major fall
Ct Edge Gold @ Hamden Yard Dogs Black6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Ct Grind @ Ct Blue Jays6:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Noise @ Ct Clippers6:00pmFitch High School
Hamden Yard Dogs Black @ Ct Edge Navy8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 5
Ct Blue Jays @ Ct Grind8:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Clippers @ Ct Noise8:00pmFitch High School
2017 14u elite fall
Technique Tigers Navy @ Ct Edge6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 3
Ct Edge @ Technique Tigers Navy8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 3
2017 14u major fall
Ct Vipers @ New England Knights6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 2
Technique Tigers Orange @ Ct Vipers8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 2
2017 16u wood bat fall
Ct Wolfpack @ Ct Grind Navy6:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Madison Tigers @ Ct Capitals6:00pmSurf Club
Ct Grind Navy @ Ct Wolfpack8:00pmConnecticut Sportsplex # 4
Ct Capitals @ Madison Tigers8:00pmSurf Club
Saturday, Sep 23
2017 10u fall
Ct Capitals @ Ct Wolfpack Elite9:00amAnnex field two
Trumbull Travel Gold @ Ct Wolfpack Prime9:00amDom Aitro field # 1
Ct Grind @ Trumbull Travel Black9:00ameast shore field 4
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Shelton Travel10:00amEast Village Park lower field
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Capitals11:00amAnnex field two
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Branford Reds11:00amDom Aitro field # 1
Trumbull Travel Black @ Ct Grind11:00ameast shore field 4
Shelton Travel @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs12:00pmEast Village Park lower field
2017 11u elite fall
Ct Grind @ Ct Wolfpack1:00pmAnnex field two
Clubhouse 10u @ Northern Ct Mustangs1:00pmeast shore field 4
Ct Wolfpack @ Ct Grind3:00pmAnnex field two
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Clubhouse 10u3:00pmeast shore field 4
Ct Capitals @ Darien Travel5:00pmAnnex field one
Darien Travel @ Ct Capitals7:00pmAnnex field one
2017 11u local fall
Elm City Eagles @ Ct Royals9:00amAnnex field one
Shoreline Baseball Club @ Ct Breakers9:00amSheldon Park (upper field)
Blue Knights @ Madison Tigers10:00amSouthington West Baseball Complex
Elm City Eagles @ Northeast Clutch11:00amAnnex field one
Ct Breakers @ Shoreline Baseball Club11:00amSheldon Park (upper field)
Madison Tigers @ Blue Knights12:00pmSouthington West Baseball Complex
Dom Aitro Rookies @ Hamden Dragons1:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
Hamden Dragons @ Dom Aitro Rookies3:00pmDom Aitro field # 1
Northern Ct Mustangs @ Westport Wreckers5:00pmeast shore field 4
Shelton Travel @ Northern Ct Mustangs7:00pmeast shore field 4
2017 12u major fall
Middletown Monarchs @ Madison Tigers9:00amLawrence Elementary School
Madison Tigers @ Middletown Monarchs11:00amLawrence Elementary School
Northeast Clutch @ Hamden Dragons1:00pmAnnex field one
Ct Edge @ Blue Knights2:00pmSouthington West Baseball Complex
Hamden Dragons @ Northeast Clutch3:00pmAnnex field one
Blue Knights @ Ct Edge4:00pmSouthington West Baseball Complex
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Clubhouse5:00pmAnnex field two
Clubhouse @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs7:00pmAnnex field two
2017 13u elite fall
Guilford Braves @ Technique Tigers8:00amADAMS Middle School - Guilford
Northeast Clutch @ Ct Wolfpack Prime9:00amEast Haven The Pitt
Technique Tigers @ Guilford Braves10:00amADAMS Middle School - Guilford
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Northeast Clutch11:00amEast Haven The Pitt
Ct Outlaws Black @ Hit Club12:00pmThomaston High School
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Capitals1:00pmEast Haven The Pitt
Hit Club @ Ct Outlaws Black2:00pmThomaston High School
Ct Capitals @ Ct Wolfpack Elite3:00pmEast Haven The Pitt
Clubhouse @ Hartford Titans5:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Hartford Titans @ Clubhouse7:00pmEast Shore Field 3
2017 13u major fall
Madison Tigers @ Hamden Yard Dogs Orange8:00amPolson Middle School
Savin Rock Sea Dogs @ Ct Outlaws White9:00amXavier High School
Hamden Yard Dogs Orange @ Madison Tigers10:00amPolson Middle School
Boys of Summer @ Fairfield Rage10:30amKiwanis Field
Ct Outlaws White @ Savin Rock Sea Dogs11:00amXavier High School
Ct Dodgers @ Hamden Yard Dogs Black1:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Clubhouse @ Elm City Eagles1:00pmEast Shore Field 3
Hamden Yard Dogs Black @ Ct Dodgers3:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Elm City Eagles @ Clubhouse3:00pmEast Shore Field 3
2017 14u elite fall
Northeast Clutch @ Ct Grind9:00amEast Shore Field 2
Technique Tigers Navy @ Ct Wolfpack Prime10:00amEast Shore field 1
Ct Grind @ Northeast Clutch11:00amEast Shore Field 2
Ct Wolfpack Prime @ Technique Tigers Navy12:00pmEast Shore field 1
2017 14u major fall
New England Knights @ EHTB Belltown Bulldogs11:00amEast Hampton High School
Ct Capitals @ Madison Tigers12:00pmPolson Middle School
EHTB Belltown Bulldogs @ New England Knights1:00pmEast Hampton High School
Madison Tigers @ Ct Capitals2:00pmPolson Middle School
Ct Dodgers @ Guilford Braves2:00pmSeymour Middle School
Ct Vipers @ Ct Wolfpack Elite5:00pmEast Shore Field 2
Ct Wolfpack Elite @ Ct Vipers7:00pmEast Shore Field 2
2017 15u wood bat fall
Dom Aitro Rookies @ TCB2:00pmRice Field # 1
TCB @ Dom Aitro Rookies4:00pmRice Field # 1
2017 16u wood bat fall
Ct Edge @ Ct Dodgers8:00amSeymour Middle School
Boys of Summer @ Fairfield Rage8:30amKiwanis Field
Ct Dodgers @ Ct Edge10:00amSeymour Middle School
Clubhouse @ Ct Wolfpack2:00pmEast Shore field 1
2017 18u wood bat fall
Northern Ct Mustangs @ New England Knights9:00amMassarelli Field
Technique Tigers @ Guilford Braves2:30pmGuilford High School
Ct Dodgers @ 3 Rivers Baseball5:00pmEast Shore field 1
3 Rivers Baseball @ Ct Outlaws8:00pmEast Shore field 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!