Last Updated: May 23, 2017
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  • We are a year round program & there is room for you to JOIN THE BULLDOGS TODAY!
  • We play Man and run Motion. We do that to help our players reach HS Hoops & beyond
  • We are commited to skill development and teaching. We want our kids be the smartest players around.
  • Spring Session signups happening now. Signup today and play to the end of May
  • Bulldogs Basketball has programs for Beginners all the way to the ELITE.
Summer Session Starts June 1, Details Below
Thursday, June 1, 2017   6:00 PM
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May 19, 2017

Our Spring Session is coming to a close and the Summer Session is about to begin.  And we have a special for you.  If you signup now, you can start practicing with our spring teams this week.  With that in mind, here are the 3 programs we are offering this Summer:

  • Summer Club Teams - Our Summer Club team session is much like our Spring Session, 3 months long (June, July, Aug) with 2 practices a week (mainly Tues / Thurs) in Pleasanton and 8 to 10 league games in the Walnut Creek area.  The session is open to Boys and Girls, 2nd Grade to HS Varsity.  And as always, our focus will be on mastering fundamental skills taught with Motion Offense and Man to Man defense.   Skills are always more our focus than winning and losing.  We will have multiple teams at each grade level separated by skill level so there is room for all levels of player, from Beginner to Elite.  That said, this will be our most popular program and space will be limited so if your interested, don't delay.  Contact coach and get signed up now so you can start practicing this week if you like.
  • ALPHA Elite - Our ALPHA program is our program for Boys, 2nd to 8th grade that are the more skilled players that are really committed to becoming the best basketball player they can become.  ALPHA is an 8 month program that includes our Spring, Summer and Fall sessions as well as some tournament play and extra practices over and above what our club teams do.  It also includes a special ALPHA Elite Tournament Uniform Package.  And even though our ALPHA teams were started in the spring, there is still room for good players to join us so if your interested, contact me right away. 
  • Summer Skills Clinic - Our Summer Skills clinic is open to all, 1st grade to HS boys and girls.  At this program, we will focus on the individual skills that are tough to spend time on in a team environment but skills that all good players must master, dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and the transition game.  This program will be on Wednesday nights at Harvest Park MS from 6 to 7:15 PM from June 14 to Aug 16 (10 sessions).  Note this program is separate from our teams.  Players from teams all over the area join this program including many of our own players just to get the extra work. 

FYI, our summer practice schedule as well as the schedule for our Summer Skills Clinics are up on our website now.  So click the calendar link on the upper left side of this page to see how the schedule works for you. 

Anyway, if your interested in playing Summer with us or doing ALPHA or our Skills Clinics, send us an email now with your son or daughters name and what grade they are in now.  Do that and we will send you all the info about our summer program and information how to sign up.  When you send us an email, I will invite you out to practice to check out the program.  You can come, try it out and if you like it, register on the spot and start practicing immediately.  That said, space is extremely limited so if you want to play, be prepared to register at practice.  Also, when we add you to our mailing list, you will not only get info about summer but also about any upcoming session or skills camp we may be running.  And keep in mind, we are a year round program so if Summer doesn't work for you, maybe Fall or Winter will so get on the email list.  My email address is  Keep in mind though, signups have begun and we are filling up fast.  So space is limited.  If you want to sign up, contact us right away and plan to be at practice ready to practice and sign up this week.

Thanks and I hope to see you all on the hardwood soon,

Coach LeClaire

Summer Practice & Skills Clinic Sched both up on Calendar, See Link on Left

May 19, 2017

All of our workout schedules are always available on this site at the "Calendar" link on the upper left side of the screen as soon as times are confirmed with the gyms.  With that in mind, our 2017 Summer Practice Schedule through the end of August is up now.  Also, the full schedule for our Summer Skills Clinic is up as well.  So if your interested, have a look.  Again, the Calendar Link is on the upper left hand side of this screen.

So, if you want to come check us out to possibly join one of our Competitive teams or our skills workouts, have a look at our schedule on the calendar and see what works for you.  The schedule will tell you where and when your grade works out.  Then shoot Coach LeClaire an e-mail at telling him you want get signed up. Once you do that, he will make sure you get all the info you need. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the hardwood soon.



December 28, 2016

So 2017 will be the third year of our ALPHA program.  ALPHA is our Elite program for the most skilled, most committed players in our program.  ALPHA is an all inclusive program that requires an 8 month commitment, from late February to the end of October.  We practice twice a week and play the MVP Spring, Summer and Fall leagues.  We also do about 5 tournaments including Reno over Memorial Day Weekend. 

For 2017, we plan to have at least 6 APHA teams, one per grade, 3rd to 8th grades.  If the talent and interest is there, we may add 2nd ALPHA teams in a grade. 

So what makes these teams different from other year round or elite programs?  Well, Alpha is an 8 month program, not 11 or 12.  So we won't ask you to choose between us and your CYO team.  Rather, we encourage our players to play CYO.  We do Alpha tryouts and start practice in late Feb and go to the end of October so players can do both, Bulldogs Alpha and CYO with no conflict.  The catch is, to be selected for the ALPHA team in your grade, we need an 8 month commitment from you. We aren't interested in re-forming these teams every 3 months. We want the continuity you get from playing together for an extended period.

If the commitment for Bulldogs ALPHA is too much for you, the Bulldogs will still offer their traditional Bulldogs teams you have all come to know from us. Those teams will still play in the MVP leagues and still all receive the excellent coaching Bulldogs teams are known for.

Someone called me yesterday and said "Is this a shift in philosophy for your program?".  No, not at all.  We will still play man, run motion and focus on fundamental skill development and building smart, hard nosed, tough players that play hard and have great attitudes.  Our goal will still be to help our kids improve and make their HS and hopefully, maybe college teams some day.  And we will still have White and Blue teams that play the four sessions of the year.  This is just a way for the player more committed to basketball to be with a group that feels the same way.

 So if you are interested in being considered for one of these Select teams, contact Coach LeClaire at 925-570-1334 asap to get on the tryout list. There will be an email going out in early January with all the details about the program.  Then, tryouts and practice will begin in February.  Hope to see you out there,

Coach LeClaire

Bulldogs 3rd, 6th & 8th Grade Teams Win Tourney Jan 7

January 10, 2017

The Bulldogs had 5 teams play in the WCBBA Saturday event on Jan 7, 2017 and went 9 & 3 overall with 3 teams going undefeated and winning their divisions.  Our 2nd & 3rd grade boys team went 3 & 0 and won the 3rd/4th grade division.  Our 6th boys went 2 & 0 winning the 6th/7th division and our 8th boys went 3 & 0 and won the 7th/8th grade division. 

Pictured below are our 2nd & 3rd Grade Boys Champions.  Left to right are Head Coach Rob Stubbs, Sid Chebolu, Derek Wu, Brandon Gao, Mehir Rao, Dilan Pearson, Jordan Land, Taylor Marcelo and Club Director Paul LeClaire.  Not pictured is Nick Lee.

2017 3rd Boys, 1-7-17 Champs

Pictured Below, our 8th Grade Champions: Front Row, L to R Phillip Mathews, Josh Heaverly, Derek Nassar and Rohil Saxena.  Back Row, L to R Coach Rob Stubbs, Aiden Montalvo, Darien Stubbs, Evan McConnaughey, Thomas Nevin and Head Coach Pete Nevin.

No pic of the 6ths.  Anyway, congrats to all.  Great Job Guys!!!


September 19, 2016

We have always prided ourselves on being what we call "a teaching program".   Well going forward, we are taking that a step further.

When players come to play with us, we will ask each parent and player, "What are your goals?  How good do you want to be?".  To me, the possible answers are:

  • Hope to play in College
  • Hope to play in HS
  • Hope to make a CYO A team
  • Hope to play MS Basketball
  • Want to learn & play and get a little better while having fun
  • Just want to have fun

Now understand, there is no wrong answer.  Whether you want to play in college or just want to play and just have fun, it is OK.  But based on your answer, we can tailor your child's program accordingly.  Don't get me wrong.  We will never promise a player, "do this and you will play in HS or College".  If someone tells you that, they are lying to you.  To me, college basketball is about 80% body and natural athleticism and 20% work/skill level.  HS is about 50/50.  (By the way, I think the NBA is about 98% body and athleticism and 2% skill.  There are a lot of highly skilled guys out there that just don't have the body for the NBA.)  So to get to those levels, you have to have the body (big with long arms), the coordination (great hand - eye coordination) and the athletic ability (run fast, jump high) but if you have that, we can help with the skill set.

Anyway, if your a player that wants to play in College or HS, we are going to put you with our more serious kids (our ALPHA program).  But we are going to ask more of you.  What I mean is, we have had over 60 players come through our program and go on to play in College.  So we know what those guys did to get there.  Along with the body and natural athleticism, they all worked on their game literally every day.  So we have designed a workout book for our players to copy what our most successful players did.  Here is a link to the workout (under the Handouts link to the left) :

We will ask players on this track to do the workout at least 5 days a week (every day if possible) and log it in their workbook.  Then they will bring their books to practice to show us what they have done.  I promise you, any player that does the work will improve dramatically over 8 months.  What I am saying is, for the serious player, we will help them max out their skills set so they can max out what they were born with. 

Note, for the player that just wants to have fun and get a little better, we have a program for them too.  For those kids, they will come to practice twice a week, they will get great instruction, they will learn a ton and they will play games on the weekend.  We will teach and be positive, as we are with all our kids.  But we wont ask for as much in the off time from the player that just wants to have fun and learn.

Anyway, I am as excited about this as anything we have ever done.  We are going to start this program right now but I almost can't wait for next February to start a new year and see how good kids can get over 8 months of this expanded program, basically doing what my son and his best friend (Paul Jr & Javier, the first 2 Bulldogs) did from 2nd grade to 12th.  Thanks and I hope to see you soon,

Coach LeClaire


6 ALPHA Wins Two Tourneys on Back to Back Weekends

September 6, 2016

The Bulldogs 6 Grade ALPHA ELITE team went to Chabot College on Saturday August 27 and to Fallon MS in Dublin on Saturday September 3 (Labor Day) for two West Coast Basketball Tournaments and won both.  Pictured below is the group that won at Chabot.  In the Front Row are Luke Kim, Evan Lucero, Nick Tam and JJ Jamali.  In the Back Row are Coach Alex Scocci, Jesse Huang, Kayhan Naik, Evan Lui, Avi Gupta, Shawn Yeom and Head Coach and Program Director Paul LeClaire:

The next weekend, Labor Day Weekend at Fallon MS in Dublin, our Championship team was, Front Row - Joe Gipson, Josh Lee, Nick Tam, Evan Lucero and JJ Jamali.  In the back row are Coach Rob Stubbs, Shawn Yeom, Jesse Huang, Evan Liu, Kayhan Naik, Jack Buckley and Head Coach & Program Director Paul LeClaire.  Great Job Guys!

2016 4th Girls take 3rd in Reno

June 1, 2016

Like every year for the last 15 years, we took about 10 teams up to Reno for the Reno Memorial Day AAU Event.  This tournament has become the largest tournament in the world and this year, our 4th grade girls took 3rd place.  Great job Girls!!!

Pictured below are : Coach Stevon Jones, Sasha Jones, Madeline Rice, Ashley Haar, Mridula Kumar, Anika Parkhi, Jeia So, Morgan Overton and Coach Paul LeClaire.  Great Job Everyone!!!!!

2016 4th Grade Girls, 3rd Place, Reno Memorial Day Tourney

2016 5th Grade Boys win Spring MVP League

June 1, 2016

Congrats to our 2016 Spring Boys Silver team on the Spring MVP League Championship.  Pictured below are (Left to Right): (Front Row) Jackson Woodruff, Jathen Gadis, Jesup Byun, Gavin Adams (Back Row) Coach Jermaine Gadis, Shloke Suri, John Leyves, Kevin Ellis, Shawn Yeom, JJ Jamali and Coach Paul LeClaire.  Great Job Guys!!!


2016 Spring 5th Boys Silver, Spring League MVP Champs

6th & 7th Alpha Teams Both Win Summer Championships

August 6, 2015

Congrats to our 6th and 7th Grade Alpha teams.  They  both won Summer MVP League Championships over the weekend.  

Pictured Below is our 6th Alpha Team:

1st Row - Isaac Kang, Zach Agnarayngay, Ashan Fernando and Jordy Hendra

2nd Row - Coach Javier Valverde, Abe Tabatabian, Mason Romant, Michael Temprano, Evan Barnhouse and Club Director Paul LeClaire

7th Alpha is pictured Below:

1st Row - Bernard Lee, Payton Schuh, Jordy Hendra, Jake Tjan & Josh Heverley

2nd Row - Coach Rob Stubbs, Pratham Shah, Ani Nimmagadda, Darian Stubbs, Evan McConnaughey, Luke Castro, Head Coach Paul LeClaire and Asst Coach Aiden Stubbs

Congrats to one and all.  Great Season Guys


7 Red Wins Spring MVP League Championship

June 3, 2015

Congrats to the 7 Red team.  They won the Spring MVP League Championship Sunday May 31st.  It was a great, hard fought game against 50 All Stars.  The All Stars actually lead most of the game by as many as 16 points.  But the Bulldogs made a furious 4th Quarter run and took their first lead of the game on a Scotty Grier 3 point shot with a minute to go.  Two baskets later, they were up 5 and won the game.  Congrats guys.

Pictured Below are : (Back Row) Coach Paul LeClaire, Dylon Chan, Ethan Vuong, Justin Fuller, Satya Kathineni and Head Coach Stevon Jones / (Front Row Kneeling) James Roque, Daniel Lim, Jake Banich and Scotty Grier.  Not pictured are Cameron Jensen and Tushar Mehta.  Great Job guys.

2015 Spring League Champs, 7Red

5th & 8th Grade Boys Both Win WCBB Spring Tourney

May 3, 2015

Congrats to both our 5th & 8th grade boys.  Both went to the West Coast Basketball Spring Tourney and won their respective divisions.  Pictured Below are our 8th Boys.  The Back row is Jake Martin, KJ Kaya, Omari Rutledge, Wes Williams, Brian Danridge, Jaden Evans and Coach Tayo Oguns.  Front Row, Richard Chen, Calvin Kamson, Cooper Eastman and Brandon Leal.  Not pictured is Michael Danridge.  Great Job Guys!  (Pic of the 5th Boys coming soon)

7 Red wins WCBBA Spring Tourney

May 3, 2014

Congrats to our Bulldogs 7 Red Team. They went out to Chabot College in Hayward this weekend and won the West Coast Basketball AAU Tournament.  Great job guys!  Pictured below are (from left to right) : Head Coach Tayo Oguns, Richard Chen, Brandon Leal, Calvin Kamson, Austin Jones, Justin Sherrod, Nathan Williams & Adam Cesana.  Next it is Spring League Playoffs and then off to Reno for the Memorial Day Tourney, AKA, the Largest AAU Tournament in the World.


7 Red Wins MVP Summer League Championship

August 4, 2013

Another great Summer Session is winding down and some special congrats need to go out.  This summer, we had 12 teams in the highly competitive MVP Summer league, 5 made the playoffs, 2 got to the Championship and one team won it all, our 7th grade Red team.  Congrats on a great season guys.

Pictured Below:

Back Row : Club Director and Coach Paul LeClaire, Eric Waltz, Grant Manning, Nathan Dean, Omari Rutledge and Head Coach Tayo Oguns

Front Row: Richard Chen, Mitchell Payne, Adam Cesana, Calvin Kamson

Not Pictured : Brandon Leal and Nathan Williams


8 Red Wins Reno Memorial Day Event

June 1, 2013

The Bulldogs took 8 teams up to Reno for the "JamOnIt Reno Memorial Day Event" this year (the single largest basketball tournament in the world) and had a great weekend.  In total, the club went 24 & 10 with four teams taking 3rd place, our 3rd graders losing in the Championship game to a great team out of Washingon and taking 2nd place and our 8th grade Red team winning the whole thing.  Congrats to all the teams we brought up.  You all did great.  But special congrats go out to the Spring Bulldogs 8th Grade Red team.  Great job guys.

Pictured Below:

Back Row - Head Coach Mike Allen, Tommy Faustka, Trevor Leathley, Club Director Paul LeClaire

Front Row - Jake Dean, Nick Clark, Gautam Divikar, Goose Persin, Justin Allen, Alex Castillo


2013 Bulldogs 8 Red, Reno Mem Tourney Champs


We are proud to announce that the Bulldogs have added PayPal to our site. This means if you have a PayPal account you can use that to pay any and all your session, tournament or uniform fees with. The exciting thing about this is that even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use your credit or debit cards on this system. That means if you want to spread your payments out over a couple of months, you can now do that by simply using your Visa, MasterCard, AmEx etc. and paying it off over as it fits your budget.

The PP system is password protected so, if you want to use this system, call us or shoot us an e-mail saying you want to register with PP. Once you do that, we will guide you through our pay center and it's simple to use system.

New and Copy Cat Clubs

It seems there are a lot of new clubs popping up out there and I wanted to make you all aware of what's happening. If you are looking to join a club, there are plenty of good, reputable groups you can join, including this one. That said, you really need to educate yourself. With that in mind, it seems there are a couple of categories to these new groups you may want to be ware of:

1) Out of Towner's - These are the guys that see the Eastbay and mainly the Tri Valley as a place they can swoop in and either find some great local athletes or make a few easy bucks. They are probably guys that don't live here. Just come into the valley to coach. That's not us. We are local and are involved in our community. We coach CYO, we coach local HS and JC teams, we help out with all youth sports in the area. We support the tri valley and the local HS teams and they support us. We are you and you are us.

2) Ex Bulldogs - More than a few copy cat clubs have popped up of late. These are guys that used to have kids in our club, see what we do and think this is some sort of "plug and play" system we have developed that they can just go copy. It isn't. I coach 300+ games per year. I go to College Clinics. I meet with local HS and College coaches to make sure we teach what they value. I have had 27 Bulldogs play at the college level and hundreds in HS. This is what I do. Just because someone has watched what I/we do and tried to copy it, doesn't mean they can. Talk about copy cats, there is actually one new club out there that took my Introductory letter and basically read it verbatim on the front page of their website just inserting their name where it said Bulldogs. If they can't even write a letter on their own, how are they going to teach your kids anything???

3) The Disgruntled Dad - This is the guy that had a son that maybe didn't make our top team, so he got mad and left. And he didn't make the top team at the next team he went to, so he left again. And again and again and again. And finally, in an effort to put his son on the top team, he formed his own team and is trying to surround his son with talent. But when the team is formed, he will make sure his son is the PG, controls the ball and takes the majority of the shots. Truthfully, I have stood in huddles with my teams and said "Number "X" isn't their best player but his Dad is the coach so he is going to take the shot. Make sure we guard him." Anyway, this isn't us. In fact, my son doesn't play any more, he coaches with us. I don't have a son on a team so when I put kids on teams at skill levels it is simply based on our staff's assessment of that players current skill set.

In the end, I keep hearing about fights and refunds being demanded and head guys stepping down or being run out and new guys taking over and off shoot clubs stealing players and starting their own things and all sorts of drama surrounding these organizations. Honestly, you don't get that with the Bulldogs. Here, there is no drama, no in-fighting, no attempted "Coup D'eta's". Just success in teaching, learning, growing and getting better as players & young people. We've been doing this for 15 years with great success and will do it for another 15. Remember, if you pay for an old Ford Pinto, you get an old Ford Pinto, and if you pay for a new Red, White and Blue Ferrari... Well, you get the idea.

Anyway, as I said, there are a lot of reputable clubs out there but some not so reputable. Do your homework and find the right place for your kids. And if you choose us, I am sure you will like the results. New clubs will come and go, we aren't going anywhere. Hope to see you on the hardwood soon,

Coach LeClaire

9 Red Wins Reno PNAAU Memorial Day Tourney

June 10, 2012
Congrats to 9 Red. They went up to Reno, NV for the highly competitive PNAAU Memorial Day Tournament and won their division. Pictured is the team with their families. The players and coaches are (back row of team) Coach David Persin, Ryan Costelli, Justin Weir, Steven Good, Nick Gilfillan, Wyatt Hanie, Coach Paul LeClaire. Front row of team, Zach Sigl, Colorado Bralts, Tyler Senna, Tournament MVP Tanner Wiese, Sam Persin and Goose Persin. Congrats guys, great job!


May 10, 2012
Congrats to the Bulldogs Spring 8th Grade Select Team. They went out to the MVP/Soldiers Spring Classic at DreamCourts in Hayward CA and won the whole thing. Pictured are:

SECOND ROW - Cole Morrell, Miles Colwell, Coach David Persin, Blake Braden & Austin Weller.
FRONT ROW - Goose Persin, Ryan Day, Michael Wan, Jordan Gilmete & Krish Sharma

Not pictured, Michael Climent

GREAT JOB FELLA'S! You made us proud.


November 1, 2011
Congrats to the Bulldogs 5th Grade Boys. They just won the MVP 5th Grade Fall league. The boys took 2nd place in the regular season, beat a good SportStrong team in the semi Finals and then beat Flight Elite in the finals to win the Championship. Great job guys.

Pictured Left to Right:
Back Row - Coaches Paul LeClaire, Tayo Oguns & Truc Tran
Middle Row - Wes Williams, Adam Cesana, Calvin Kamson, KJ Kayacan & Devin Krywe
Front Row - Tyson & Mitchell Payne, Brandon Leal, Jason Tran, Jacob Galvin & Yi Chang Kang

7 Red Wins 2011 Summer League Championship

Congrats to the Bulldogs Summer '11 7th Grade Red Team. They won the highly competitive MVP Summer League Power Championship. WAY TO GO FELLA'S! Pictured below:

Back Row: Coach Paul LeClaire Sr, Alex Castillo, Nick Lievre, Cameron Norfleet, Ken Tang and Coach Eric Bell
Front Row: Dan Newman, Goose Persin, Jaylen Dempsey, Jason Nugent and Mekhi Bell

2011 Spring 7 Red Wins Flight Division

June 1, 2011
Congrats to the Bulldogs 7 Red Spring 2011 team. They won the highly competitive Flight Division in the MVP Spring league

Pictured Left to Right: Ryan Day, Damon Wiley, Dillon Marks, Isaiah Floyd, Mitchell Briggs, Liam Steigerwald, Justin Catson,Blake Bradon, Jason Walsh, Michael Climent & Cole Morrell

Great Job guys!


Congrats to the 8th Grade Red team. They ran through the MVP Spring League with a perfect 8 & 0 record and then won their 2 playoff games to combine a perfect Spring season with a league Championship. Way to go guys. Pictured left to right: Coach Paul LeClaire Sr., Sumner Houston, Anubov Murali, Kevin Silky, Kimo Maynard, Mason Farrell, Spencer Wood, Sean Anderson, Brandon Kirk, Jordan Farrell, Jassae Virk and Coach Paul LeClaire Jr."


The Bulldogs are a year round basketball program. We break our year into 4 segments or sessions. Spring (March through May), Summer (June through August), Fall (September - October) and Winter (November through January). Then we do tryouts for Spring in February and start again.

Here is the thing, while most folks join at the beginning of a session, you can join anytime. We simply pro rate your fees. You can also join mid session as a practice player, only coming to practice to get up to speed with what we do to get ready to play games with our highly competitive teams in the next session.

The bottom line is, if you want to be a Bulldog today, we can make it happen. Contact Coach LeClaire at and he will help you figure out what is best for you right now.

Coach Negotiates Lower Equipment Costs

These days, we know money is tight for everyone. With that in mind, I went to our equipment suppliers and was able to negotiate some lower equipment costs for us that we want to pass on to you. It isn't much but it is something and as they say, "every little bit helps".

With this in mind, the new pricing will take place on all equipment orders going forward. I can't do anything on items already purchased because the club paid a higher price for that equipment and those costs have to be passed on. However, as your kids outgrow, wear out or lose stuff, these new prices should help everyone out.

Spring 10 & Under Red Team Takes 2nd in Reno

Congrats to the Spring 4th Grade Red team. They took 2nd place at the PNAAU Memorial Day Tournament in Reno Nevada. Great job fella’s.

Coaches – Stevon Jones & Paul LeClaire

Players (left to right) – Goose Persin, Jared Smart, Jessie Davis, Ryan Bartels, Timmy Falls, Will Leninger, Quinn Villanueva (kneeling), Tanner Wallace (black shirt), Jason Nugent & Jared Pagila


Congrats to our Bulldogs 6th Grade Red team on their 2nd place finish in the PNAAU Reno Memorial Weekend Classic. They played 5 games all over the greater Reno / Sparks area, loosing in the finals to a very good Charmichael Red Raiders team. Way to go guys! Pictured Left to Right - Coach Jeremy Braden, Teague Quinlan, Miles Colwell, Blake Braden, Ryan Day, Josh Dancy, Josh Lanos, Krish Sharma, Jeston Davis and Coach Jessie Davis


Congrats to the 4th Grade Red team. They were a perfect 8 & 0 in the highly competitive MVP Spring 4th Grade League. Then they kept their perfect season alive going 2 & 0 in the playoffs and winning the Championship. Way to go guys. Pictured left to right, Front Row: Nick Seto, Brandon Victoriano,Ryan Horgas,James Johnson,Justin Maislang and Robbie Kinnard.Back Row: Coach Paul LeClaire Sr.,Tyrique Owens, Jayden Gilstrap,Cole McMahon, Coach Paul LeClaire Jr. and Dillon Eplin"

Congrats Bulldogs 6th grade TourneyTeam!

Photo Top left Coach David, CJ Stafford, Marcus Acton, Coach Jeremy, Louie Arias III, Coach Louie
Second row Sam Persin, Tanner Wiese, John Dong, Blake Braden
Bottom Row Goose Persin, Michael Anastassiou

WAY TO GO TEAM!!!!!!! The 6th grade tournament team went 3-0 in the East County Boys & Girls Club 1st Annual Shootout on February 8th, winning 1st place while playing solid team basketball. Way to go guys!!!!!

A Year With The Bulldogs

We are so excited about the upcoming 2011 season. This year, we think we have something for everyone, from the player coming off the CYO, City League or HS season that wants to get a little to a lot better all the way to the player that wants to play for a serious, year round program.

For the player that wants to play one session a year because of your schedule or maybe you play other sports, our program fits your life. We have many kids play Spring or Summer only. We have other entire teams come in to take part in our Winter Workouts yet still stay together after Winter as a team.

However, for the elite player that wants the best, we feel our Red teams can give you what you need. If you were a Red team player that played Spring, Summer and Fall, your schedule would be Spring MVP league and Reno AAU Memorial Day event with 2 practices a week. For Summer, you would play the Summer MVP league and the West Coast Nationals in Vegas in Late July. For Fall, you would do the MVP Labor Day Event, play the fall MVP League and practice once a week. That is a total of 3 leagues, 3 tournaments, 45 games and about 70 practices. If that isn't enough high level basketball for you, I don't know what is.

Remember, we are a year round program meaning you can join any time to start preparing for the next league or tournament. You don't need to register at the beginning of a session. You could register today and we would simply prorate your fees and bring you in to start working out with the club to get you ready to play in games with us.

We believe the most important thing for the player interested in getting better is finding a great coach and sticking with that program. Playing tons of summer travel games, going to Nationals and Virginia and Houston and Vegas etc. is fun but it really isn't needed. You can find games here to get better at. Jumping team to team doesn't develop the player either. Great practice and good competitive games with great instruction in quality, fundamental basketball is the way to get better. We feel that is what we offer. I hope you want to give us a try.