Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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 The following rainouts from Saturday 5/16 through 5/18 have been rescheduled.


Dillonvale @ Smithfield Spartans        Wednesday 5/20    6:00

Major Boys

Dillonvale @ Knoxville Pirates            Sunday 6/7        6:00
Hammondsville @ Smithfield            Sunday 6/7        6:00
Knoxville @ Smithfield                Sunday 5/31        6:00

10U Girls

Richmond Katz @ Adena Pink            Sunday 5/31        6:00
Hopedale @ Brilliant Bratz            Wednesday 5/20    6:00
Toronto Fosters @ Smithfield            Tuesday 5/26        6:00
Toronto Clarkes @ Richmond Katz     Sunday 5/24     1:00

14U Girls

Wintersville @ Cadiz Lady Huskies        Tuesday 5/26        6:00
Cadiz KitKatz @ Knoxville            Saturday 6/20        6:00
Toronto Eagles @ Hopedale            Tuesday 6/2        6:00
Adena @ East Springfield (Laney Field)        Friday 5/22        6:00
Richmond @ Bergholz                Thursday 5/21        6:00
Hopedale @ Knoxville                Monday 6/8        6:00
Hammondsville @ Pleasant Hill        Friday 5/22        6:00
Smithfielld Brats@ East Springfield       Thursday 5/28     6:00
Bergholz @ Wintersville     Thursday June 18     6:00
Adena @ Hopedale       Wednesday 6/3      6:00

18U Girls

Richmond @ Smithfield      Wednesday 5/27     6:00



This site has been developed to keep the Players, Fans ,and Coaches Updated on the many changes and events ocurring in our league. This site will be updated regularly, so stop back often for your up to date League News.

The Edison Central League has grown from 6 leagues and around 30 teams in the early 1990's to 20 leagues and 89 teams in 2014. These 89 teams come from 5 counties in Ohio with kids from 8 school districts throughout the area. The league is comprised of both boys PONY baseball and Girls PONY Fast Pitch softball. The nearly 1100 kids participating in our league vary in age from 4 through 18.



The goal of the Edison Central League is to provide a means for boys and girls to participate in and learn the games of baseball and softball. To teach them the meaning of teamwork and sportsmanship so that they may grow into honest, constructive, law abiding citizens. We pride ourselves in bringing communities together from various counties to form one cooperative league.



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Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  May 22
14-Under Girls
Adena Panthers @ East Springfield Raptors 6:00pm East Springfield "Laney"
Hammondsville Indians @ Pleasant Hill Hurricanes 6:00pm Pleasant Hill Front
18-Under Girls
Hopedale Hurricanes @ Adena Panthers 6:00pm Adena "Pit" Field
Richmond Rebels @ Hopedale Lightning 6:00pm Hopedale Legion Field
Pleasant Hill Chaos @ Mingo Storm 6:00pm Mingo Field
Hammondsville Braves @ Smithfield Storm 6:00pm Smithfield Field
Saturday,  May 23
10-Under Girls
Toronto Dollies @ Toronto Clarkes 10:00am Toronto Field
Toronto Fosters @ Toronto Riesbeck's 12:30pm Toronto Field
Adena Purple Panthers @ Adena Pink Panthers 3:30pm Adena Wendy Stock Field
East Springfield Raptors @ Richmond Dolphins 3:30pm State Lake Girls Field
Knoxville Stallions @ Cadiz Crush 6:00pm Cadiz PeeWee
Brilliant Bratz @ Smithfield Angels 6:00pm Smithfield Field
14-Under Girls
Knoxville Stampede @ Adena Panthers 12:30pm Adena "Pit" Field
Indian Creek Redskins @ Cadiz Kit Katz 12:30pm Cadiz HS
Hopedale Tornadoes @ Hammondsville Indians 12:30pm Hammondsville Field #2
Pleasant Hill Hurricanes @ Cadiz Lady Huskies 3:30pm Cadiz HS
Bergholz Extreme @ Smithfield Brats 3:30pm Smithfield Field
Toronto Cable @ Toronto Eagles 3:30pm Toronto Field
18-Under Girls
Adena Panthers @ Hammondsville Braves 3:30pm Hammondsville Field #2
Brilliant Heat @ Toronto Lions 6:00pm Toronto Field
Major League Boys
Richmond Mariners @ Smithfield Spartans 12:30pm Smithfield Front
Knoxville Pirates @ Mt Pleasant Mounties 3:30pm Mt Pleasant
Brilliant Cardinals @ Hammondsville Tribe 6:00pm Hammondsville Field #3
Minor League Boys
East Springfield Rangers @ Dillonvale Indians 12:30pm Dillonvale Field
Adena Braves @ Hammondsville Astros 12:30pm Hammondsville Field #1
Richmond A's @ Richmond Reds 12:30pm Richmond "Hardy Field"
Mt Pleasant Mounties @ Hammondsville Aeros 3:30pm Hammondsville Field #1
Brilliant Dodgers @ Pleasant Hill Buckeyes 6:00pm Pleasant Hill Middle
T-Ball Red Division
Pleasant Hill Pirates @ Hammondsville RedSox 10:00am Hammondsville Field #1
Knoxville Magic @ Hammondsville Thunder 10:00am Hammondsville Field #2
T-Ball White Division
Richmond BlueJays @ East Springfield Indians 10:00am East Springfield "Call Field"
Richmond Dodgers @ East Springfield Bulldogs 12:30pm East Springfield "Call Field"
T-Ball Blue Division
Mt Pleasant Blue Mounties @ Dillonvale Indians 10:00am Dillonvale Field
Adena Red Angels @ Mt Pleasant Gold Mounties 10:00am Mt Pleasant
Smithfield Spartans @ Smithfield Jets 10:00am Smithfield Front
Sunday,  May 24
10-Under Girls
Toronto Clarkes @ Richmond Katz 1:00pm State Lake Girls Field
Toronto Dollies @ Richmond Dolphins 6:00pm State Lake Girls Field
14-Under Girls
East Springfield Raptors @ Toronto Eagles 1:00pm Toronto Field
Cadiz Kit Katz @ Cadiz Lady Huskies 3:30pm Cadiz HS
Hopedale Tornadoes @ Richmond Gators 3:30pm State Lake Girls Field
Knoxville Stampede @ Toronto Cable 3:30pm Toronto Field
Hammondsville Indians @ Indian Creek Redskins 6:00pm Bantam Ridge Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!