• Rule Tip: Stepping on, or in front of the plate/mat is an out.
  • Rule Tip: No leaving the base until the ball is hit
  • Rule Tip: Ties broken by International rule.
  • Rule Tip: Batter is out if they hit a foul ball on third strike.
  • Rule Tip: Plate is fair, mat and batter are foul.

Reminder Spring Meeting Monday April 30 at 7:00pm 

Location: St. John's Edmonton



Congratulations to the 2017 Winners:

A - Riverbend Lutheran

B - Bethel C

C - Pew Warmers

D - Hosanna

A/B Regular Season : Greenfield Giants

C/D Regular Season : Roadrunners




Instructions on how to add rosters to the NSA site have been added to the handouts, also teams are reminded to print and carry a copy of the 2018 City Field License.





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