Last Updated: May 29, 2015

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  • EMREC and MYO Merging

Good morning,


It is with both a heavy heart and great joy that I am announcing the merging of EMREC and MYO for the Fall 2015 season.  For 37 years, EMREC has provided a great outlet for recreational sports for our children. 


Founded by Merv Lane, EMREC has held his dream in high regard and through the dedicated efforts of so many parents throughout the years, many athletes in East Moriches have gotten their start to outstanding athletic careers on its fields.


Why did this occur?  Due to declining enrollment within the district, the proliferation of travel teams and the increased athletic opportunities in the area, our numbers have decreased and it has become increasingly difficult to field a multi-level organization.


MYO was founded shortly after EMREC and is based upon the same principles and ideals, that every child has an opportunity to play and participate in sports.  Thus, this is a perfect marriage as the combination of our two organizations will create more and better opportunities for our children.


For the parents, MYO would like your continued involvement, please volunteer.  For Fall Soccer signups, forms for fall soccer have gone out, please sign up for MYO. 


 NOTE:  5th & 6th Grade Soccer – Please contact John O’Brien as he will have details on how to sign up so that we can keep these two teams together this season.


Thank you again for the past 37 years, together with MYO we can continue the dreams and ideals of Merv Lane.