Last Updated: January 21, 2017
  • There can not be any food or drinks in the gym's
  • We can not have children running in the hall's
  • Do not bring Balls or toys to either gym
  • Please be careful when dropping off children at Mary Bray

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The winner of the 2016 MEYAA Christmas Prize Drawing is Ryan Barnes of Mt. Ephraim. Congrats on your prize! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, Jan 23
2016-17 Pee Wee Division
Labar @ King5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Cannaday @ Sciarra6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Tuesday, Jan 24
2016-17 Pee Wee Division
Gutowski @ Kelly5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Pund @ Vanderslice6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Wednesday, Jan 25
2016-17 Gym Rat Division
Reimer @ Speyerer5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Homa @ Davis6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
2016-17 NCAA Division
Syracuse-Boyd @ Wisconsin-Trow5:45pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Rutgers-Carter @ Villanova-Callahan7:00pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Drexel-Thompson @ Alabama-Bobo8:00pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Thursday, Jan 26
2016-17 Gym Rat Division
Weick @ Monteleone5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Marrone @ Pund6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
2016-17 NBA Division
Cavaliers-Ward @ Lakers-Fennimore6:45pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Nuggets-Musselman @ Timberwolves-Bobo8:00pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Monday, Jan 30
2016-17 Pee Wee Division
Pund @ Cannaday5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Gutowski @ King6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Tuesday, Jan 31
2016-17 Pee Wee Division
Kelly @ Labar5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Sciarra @ Vanderslice6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Wednesday, Feb 1
2016-17 Gym Rat Division
Monteleone @ Pund5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Weick @ Marrone6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
2016-17 NBA Division
Cavaliers-Ward @ Nuggets-Musselman8:00pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
2016-17 NCAA Division
Rutgers-Carter @ Drexel-Thompson5:45pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Alabama-Bobo @ Syracuse-Boyd7:00pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Wisconsin-Trow @ Villanova-Callahan8:00pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Thursday, Feb 2
2016-17 Gym Rat Division
Homa @ Reimer5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Davis @ Speyerer6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
2016-17 NBA Division
Nuggets-Musselman @ Lakers-Fennimore6:45pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Raptors-Gies @ Timberwolves-Bobo8:00pmR.W. KERSHAW SCHOOL
Monday, Feb 6
2016-17 Pee Wee Division
Sciarra @ Pund5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Labar @ Gutowski6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Tuesday, Feb 7
2016-17 Pee Wee Division
Cannaday @ Vanderslice5:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
King @ Kelly6:30pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL

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