Last Updated: February 18, 2017
  • There can not be any food or drinks in the gym's
  • We can not have children running in the hall's
  • Do not bring Balls or toys to either gym
  • Please be careful when dropping off children at Mary Bray

Welcome to the home of


All Playoff games are at Mary Bray

February 21st:   2 NCAA Quarterfinal  games and 1 NBA game

February 22nd:  2 Gym Rat Quarterfinal games

February 23rd:   2 Gym Rat Quarterfinal games

February 27th:   Pee Wee Trophy Night

February 28th:   2 NCAA Semi-Final games and 1 NBA  Semi game

March 1st:          2 Gym Rat Semi-final games and 1 NBA Semi game

March 2nd:         All 3 Championship games 

March 6th:          Foul shooting contest grades 3-8

March 7th:          3 point shooting contest grades 5-8

March 8th:         Coaches game followed by the 8th grade Graduation game 

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, Feb 21
2016-17 NBA Division
Cavaliers-Ward @ Lakers-Fennimore8:00pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
2016-17 NCAA Division
Wisconsin-Trow @ Villanova-Callahan5:45pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Rutgers-Carter @ Drexel-Thompson6:45pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Wednesday, Feb 22
2016-17 Gym Rat Division
Davis @ Homa5:45pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Marrone @ Monteleone6:45pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Thursday, Feb 23
2016-17 Gym Rat Division
Weick @ Pund5:45pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Speyerer @ Reimer6:45pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL
Wednesday, Mar 8
2016-17 8th Grade All Stars
Musselman @ Bobo8:00pmMARY BRAY SCHOOL

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