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Welcome to the home of The ERBL "Where It All Begins"

Attention HS League Tryouts 

ERBL HS League Tryouts and Registration will be Thursday, November 30th starting at 7pm at Ewing High School South Gym for all Players.  

Attention Instructional ERBL Program

Instructional basketball will begin on Thursday, Dec 7th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

Antheil Elementary School Gym.  For future class schedules always refer to ERBL 17-18 Game / Instructional Program Schedules listed below.


"ERBL 17-18 Game / Instructional Program Schedule

Saturday, Dec 2
Jr. NBA League - Grades 2-3
2-Cav's @ 8-Jazz9:00amAntheil Elem. School
5-OKC @ 1-Sixer's10:00amAntheil Elem. School
3-King's @ 7-Celtic's11:00amAntheil Elem. School
4-Laker's @ 6-Heat12:00pmAntheil Elem. School
NBA G-League - Grades 4-5
2-Iowa Energy @ 4-Windy City Bulls9:00amFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
5-Dakota Wizards @ 1-Delaware 87er's10:00amFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
3-Westchester Knicks @ 6-Salt Lake City Stars11:00amFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
NCAA League - Grades 6-8
2-Duke @ 4-Villanova12:00pmFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
5-Syracuse @ 1-Rider1:00pmFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
3-Temple @ 6-Rutgers2:00pmFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
Thursday, Dec 7
NBA D-League - Instructional- Grades K-1
K-1 @ Class 1 of 106:30pmAntheil Elem. School
Saturday, Dec 9
Jr. NBA League - Grades 2-3
8-Jazz @ 3-King's9:00amAntheil Elem. School
1-Sixer's @ 2-Cav's10:00amAntheil Elem. School
6-Heat @ 5-OKC11:00amAntheil Elem. School
7-Celtic's @ 4-Laker's12:00pmAntheil Elem. School
NBA G-League - Grades 4-5
6-Salt Lake City Stars @ 5-Dakota Wizards9:00amFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
4-Windy City Bulls @ 3-Westchester Knicks10:00amFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
1-Delaware 87er's @ 2-Iowa Energy11:00amFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
NCAA League - Grades 6-8
6-Rutgers @ 5-Syracuse12:00pmFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
4-Villanova @ 3-Temple1:00pmFisher Middle School (Old Gym)
1-Rider @ 2-Duke2:00pmFisher Middle School (Old Gym)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

It's Coming!!! 2018 ERBL Season
Saturday, December 2, 2017   9:00 AM

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