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Congratulations to all tournament winners!

Congratulations to all tournament winners!  Send us pictures and results and we'll get them posted here!


2018 Mustang B Bracket Champs

 St. Wendel - 2018 Mustang B Bracket Champs

 2018 Bronco A Bracket Champs


South - 2018 Bronco A Bracket Champs




June 13, 2018

Download PDF Mustang A Bracket HERE (St. Joe 1, German 2, St. Joe 2, St. Philip 1)

Download PDF Mustang B Bracket HERE (St. Wendel, St. Philip 2, West Terrace, German 1, Stringtown)

(German 3 will be playing up in the Bronco Bracket B tournament)













Pony American

Congradulations 2018 Pony American Champions Highland !

Highland 11

Garvin 10

Pony National Bracket

Congradulations to the 2018 Pony National Champions East Orange

East Orange  3

Scott Township 2

Pinto Tournament


















2018 Printable umpire list - Excel version and PDF versions are now available for download. 


Excel version can be downloaded here.

PDF version is available here.

Spring 2018 Info Updates

April 10, 2018

Bronco schedules are final.  PLEASE NOTE there were changes made after the Excel version was distributed.  The schedules posted here are now updated and correct.  


Pony schedules are final and posted to the website. 


Bronco umpire assignments are loaded in the system as of 4/10.  Pony and Mustang assignments should be finished on Wednesday 4/11.  


Please keep in mind if you make changes to your game (time, location) it is the responsibility of the coaches to contact the assigned officials and notify them of the change.  If they can no longer officiate the game due to the change, you will need to contact other umpires to find a replacement. The umpire contact list is available here on the website to download and print (both PDF and Excel formats are available.)


Bronco game days are : Sunday, Monday, Thursday,  Opening day  Thursday April 12th, 16 game schedule


Pony game days are : Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday,  Opening day Friday April 13th, 16 game schedule



He stands at the plate with heart pounding fast

     The bases are loaded, the die has been cast.

Mom and dad cannot help him, he's there all alone.

     A hit at this moment would send the teams home.

Ball gets to the plate, he swings and misses.

     There's a grown from the crowd with some boos and some hisses.

A thoughtless voice cries, "Strike out the bum."

      Tears fill his eyes; now the game's no fun.

So open your heart and give him a break ...

      It's in moments like this a man you can make.

Keep this in mind when you hear someone forget

      He's just a little boy -- and not a man yet.


                                                                         --  Bob Fox


Important Reminders

April 17, 2018


If you need an admin password to update your roster or scores, please send a message by clicking HERE.  You will need to list what park you are from, and the username and password will be emailed to you as soon as possible. 




Reminder on postponed games/rainouts:  Please change the game status to "Postponed" (You can change the status from the same screen as you input the scores.)  Once you have confirmed a new date/time, you may contact your commissioner or send the information to evvrblweb@yahoo.com.  Remember that you will need to contact the original officials to see if they can officiate the new game.  If they cannot, you are responsible for finding new officials.  Names of officials will not be changed on the website until you provide confirmation that changes are needed. 



Schedule changes, help with website

If you find any schedule changes/corrections that need to be made...or otherwise have questions about the website, you can use the "contact info" page and click on the "website help" email.  When you contact us this way, please list your DIVISION (Shetland/Pinto/Mustang American or National/Bronco American or National/Pony American or National) as well as your TEAM.  Most parks have teams in different divisions, and we can correct any issues much quicker if we know both the division and team(s) affected.

Thank you!



Team Input and Entering Scores/Stats

Find the guide to entering your team HERE


Find the guide to entering scores and stats HERE