Last Updated: October 5, 2015 

Welcome to the home of the

Evansville Rural Baseball League


Our end of season meeting for league commissioners and board members will be held on Monday, August 31, at 6:30 in the German Township Clubhouse.  We will discuss ideas to improve the post season and regular season, plans for next season and also take volunteers to fill several vacant spots on the board of directors.  

Tournament Brackets

Score reporting:  Please email scores and pitching information to or send through the website here.  Please list your bracket, teams that played, date/time played, score, winning team, and pitching for each time (if applicable).  The information will be used to update brackets here.


** The brackets are in EXCEL format ** 

Pinto A Bracket - Updated with scores through 6/8

Pinto B Bracket

Pinto C Bracket

Pinto D Bracket 

Mustang A Bracket

Mustang B Bracket

Mustang C Bracket ** Updated with scores as of 6/8/2015 **

Bronco American -  A Bracket **Updated with scores as of 6/8/2015**

Bronco American - B Bracket ** Updated with scores as of 6/8/2015 **

Bronco National Bracket *times updated 6/10/15 

Pony American Bracket *Updated with scores as of 6/11/2015

Pony National A Bracket *updated 6/8/15 @ 12:15   **Updated with scores as of 6/8/2015 **

Pony National B Bracket **Updated with scores as of 6/9/2015 **

Updated EBUA 2015 Umpire Listing

View/download a current EBUA Umpire Phone Listing here