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Recap of Important Dates, Useful Info from Feb 9th and March 16th Meetings
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Recap of Important Dates, Useful Info from Feb 9th and March 16th Meetings

As discussed in the Park Reps and Board of Directors meeting on February 9th (or the March 16th meeting with Shetland Reps) important information and dates are listed below.  All meetings will be held at German Township unless otherwise noted.

Monday, March 23 - Deadline for team registration; Meeting of Park Reps and Board of Directors  6:00 PM (Fees are $50 for Shetland, $140 per team for Pinto or Mustang, $150 per team for Bronco or Pony)

Sunday, March 29 - Shetland, Pinto and Mustang Scheduling Night (Shetland starts at 3 PM, Pinto starts at 4 PM, Mustang starts at 5 PM) ** Please note the time change **

Monday, April 6 - Shetland, Pinto and Mustang Coaches Meeting 6:00 PM

Monday, April 13 - Bronco and Pony Coaches Meeting 6:00 PM

Opening Day:  Friday, April 17th for Pony; Saturday, April 18th for Shetland, Pinto and Mustang; Sunday, April 19th for Bronco

June 1st - 2nd (tentative) - Tournament Meetings ((All games will be finished no later than June 1st))

End of season tournaments - June 6th-13th (Pinto/Bronco June 6,8,10,12)(Mustang/Pony June 7,9,11,13)

Umpire Fees: Pinto $25, Mustang $30, Bronco $35, Pony $40


Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 16
Jr. Warrior 2 @ German 1 5:30pm German
Friday,  Apr 17
St. Bens @ German 1 5:30pm German
Pony American
Stringtown @ German 5:30pm German
Mt. Vernon Black @ Golfmoor 5:30pm Golfmoor
McCutchanville Orange @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
Garvin Maroon @ St. Wendel 5:30pm St. Wendel
McCutchanville Blue @ West Terrace 5:30pm West Terrace
Pony National
Stringtown @ Holy Rosary 5:30pm Holy Rosary
Jr. Warrior Baseball @ McCutchanville Grey 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
South @ Mt. Vernon Graphite 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
St. Philips @ Golfmoor 7:30pm Golfmoor
St. Joe @ McCutchanville Orange 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
West Terrace @ Mt. Vernon Maroon 7:30pm Mt. Vernon
Saturday,  Apr 18
Corpus Christi 1 (Blue) @ German 2 (Blue) 8:00am German
St. Joe @ West Terrace Green 8:00am West Terrace
German 1 @ German 3 10:00am German
St. Wendel 1 @ Mt. Vernon Black 9:00am Mt. Vernon
WSIL @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 9:00am Plaza
Corpus Christi 2 (Gold) @ St. Joe 2 (Red) 9:00am St. Joe - East
German 1 @ St. Wendel 2 10:00am St. Wendel
West Terrace Grey @ Mt. Vernon Graphite 11:00am Mt. Vernon
West Terrace White @ St. Joe 1 (White) 11:00am St. Joe - East
St. Philips (Cardinals) @ Corpus Christi 2 (Gold) 3:00pm Corpus Christi
Mt. Vernon Black @ Corpus Christi 1 (Blue) 5:30pm Corpus Christi
West Terrace 1 @ West Terrace 2 11:00am West Terrace
German 3 @ Jr. Warrior 2 12:00pm Plaza
St. Philips 2(Green) @ Stringtown 1:00pm Stringtown
Sunday,  Apr 19
German 2 @ St. Bens 1:00pm St. Bens
West Terrace Yellow @ Stringtown 2 1:00pm Stringtown
WSIL @ Stringtown 1 2:00pm Stringtown
Jr. Warrior Baseball @ Corpus Christi 2 (Gold) 3:00pm Corpus Christi
Mt. Vernon Black @ German 3 3:00pm German
Bronco American
McCutchanville Royal @ German 2 1:00pm German
McCutchanville Orange @ West Terrace 1:00pm West Terrace
St. Wendel @ St. Bens 3:00pm St. Bens
South @ German 1 5:00pm German
Bronco National
St. Wendel @ German 3:00pm German
Holy Rosary @ St. Philips 3:00pm St. Philips
McCutchanville Orange @ West Terrace 1 3:00pm West Terrace
McCutchanville Royal @ West Terrace 2 5:00pm West Terrace
Monday,  Apr 20
Corpus Christi 2 (Gold) @ Corpus Christi 1 (Blue) 5:30pm Corpus Christi
German 3 @ West Terrace Green 5:30pm West Terrace
German 3 @ German 1 5:30pm German
Stringtown @ Jr. Warrior 2 5:30pm Plaza
West Terrace 2 @ St. Philips 2(Green) 5:30pm St. Philips
Pony American
Garvin Maroon @ German 5:30pm German
McCutchanville Blue @ McCutchanville Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Stringtown @ Mt. Vernon Black 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
Garvin Green @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
Pony National
Mt. Vernon Maroon @ Holy Rosary 5:30pm Holy Rosary
Golfmoor @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 5:30pm Plaza
St. Joe @ St. Philips 5:30pm St. Philip
McCutchanville Grey @ McCutchanville Orange 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Mt. Vernon Graphite @ South 7:30pm Mt. Vernon
Tuesday,  Apr 21
Holy Rosary @ German 2 5:30pm German
German 3 @ Mt. Vernon Maroon 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
St. Joe 2 (Red) @ West Terrace White 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Joe 1 (White) @ WSIL 5:30pm WSIL Pinto/Mustang
St. Wendel 2 @ Holy Redeemer 5:30pm Holy Redeemer
West Terrace 1 @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - East
St. Wendel 1 @ West Terrace 3 5:30pm West Terrace
Bronco American
McCutchanville Orange @ German 1 5:30pm German
Jr. Warrior Baseball @ St. Bens 5:30pm St. Bens
German 2 @ St. Wendel 5:30pm St. Wendel
McCutchanville Royal @ West Terrace 5:30pm West Terrace
Bronco National
Holy Rosary @ McCutchanville Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville
West Terrace 2 @ German 7:30pm German
Scott @ McCutchanville Royal 7:30pm McCutchanville
West Terrace 1 @ St. Wendel 7:30pm St. Wendel
Wednesday,  Apr 22
St. Wendel 1 @ St. Bens 5:30pm St. Bens
St. Philips (Cardinals) @ West Terrace Yellow 5:30pm West Terrace
West Terrace Black @ Stringtown 2 5:45pm Stringtown
German 1 @ German 2 5:30pm German
Stringtown @ St. Philips 1 (Red) 5:30pm St. Philips
Pony American
West Terrace @ German 5:30pm German
McCutchanville Orange @ Golfmoor 5:30pm Golfmoor
Mt. Vernon Black @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
Stringtown @ St. Wendel 5:30pm St. Wendel
Pony National
St. Philips @ McCutchanville Grey 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
St. Joe @ Mt. Vernon Graphite 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
Stringtown @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 5:30pm Plaza
Holy Rosary @ West Terrace 5:30pm West Terrace
South @ McCutchanville Grey 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Golfmoor @ Mt. Vernon Maroon 7:30pm Mt. Vernon

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Apr 6
Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang Coaches Meeting 6:00pm German Township
Monday,  Apr 13
Bronco and Pony Coaches Meeting 6:00pm German Township

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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