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Updated EBUA 2015 Umpire Listing

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Attention Pony National Teams...

Attention Pony National Teams...

Please check your schedules on the website.  Holy Rosary will NOT have a Pony National team now, and schedules had previously been posted with them included.  New games have been assigned, so please verify your current schedule and let us know ASAP if there are any conflicts. 

Thank you!


Reminder on rainouts/reschedules - plus the "Coach Contact" section

A quick reminder on rainouts:  As the home team, if you postpone or suspend a game due to rain/weather conditions/lightning, you need to update the status of the game as postponed (PPD) or suspended (SPD).  Keep in mind that just because one field is cancelled, it doesn't mean every field is.  We don't like to assume if you have or haven't played.  If you don't update to PPD/SPD, we'll put you on the list for needing a reported score.

If suspended, it's best to use the comments/notes field to give information about when the game was suspended so it is easier to pick it up at a later date (example:  Game called in top of 2nd inning, 2 outs, #12 Bailey up to bat with 3-2 count, bases empty.  Game tied 1-1)

Rescheduling games:  The home team has 7 days to provide the visiting team with 3 alternate dates.  Please try to schedule your makeup game as soon as possible, rather than scheduling into the last week or two of the season.  Once you have agreed on a new date/time, email that information to -- please list your division, teams involved, original date and new date/time.

**Coaches/parks are responsible for securing officials for rescheduled games.  Please contact the original umpires to give them the option first, then you may contact any other official if the original umpires are not available.  If you would like an umpire request placed on the website for your game, please email that information when you submit your rescheduled game info. ** 

"Coach Contact Needed" menu:  Please check this periodically to see if your team needs updates for PPD/SPD games, score reporting, or pitching reporting.  **If you are reporting pitching and the opposing team doesn't have their roster updated, you can add that information in the comments/information section temporarily.  ** 


New "In Search of Officials" menu option

I've created a new page where we can list games that still need one or more officials.  Coaches, if you have games that should be listed please send the information (Division, Home team, Location, Date and Time -- plus number of officials needed) to me (Heather) at  I will get those posted and update the page (and you) when the official(s) are secured.  Please encourage any officials that you know to check this page for open assignments.




Upcoming Meetings, Important Dates

Opening Day:  Friday, April 17th for Pony; Saturday, April 18th for Shetland, Pinto and Mustang; Sunday, April 19th for Bronco

June 1st - 2nd (tentative) - Tournament Meetings ((All games will be finished no later than June 1st))

End of season tournaments - June 6th-13th (Pinto/Bronco June 6,8,10,12)(Mustang/Pony June 7,9,11,13)

Umpire Fees: Pinto $25, Mustang $30, Bronco $35, Pony $40


Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Apr 26
Mt. Vernon Black @ Corpus Christi 1 (Blue) 1:00pm Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi 2 (Gold) @ St. Joe 2 (Red) 1:00pm St. Joe - East
West Terrace Black @ Corpus Christi 2 (Gold) 3:00pm Corpus Christi
St. Bens @ Stringtown 2 3:00pm Stringtown
West Terrace White @ West Terrace Grey 4:30pm West Terrace
German 3 @ Stringtown 1 5:00pm Stringtown
Holy Redeemer @ Jr. Warrior 1 1:00pm Plaza
Bronco American
St. Bens @ South 1:00pm South
German 1 @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 3:00pm Plaza
St. Wendel @ South 3:00pm South
German 2 @ West Terrace 3:00pm West Terrace
Bronco National
St. Wendel @ McCutchanville Orange 1:00pm McCutchanville
German @ West Terrace 2 1:00pm West Terrace
Holy Rosary @ McCutchanville Royal 3:00pm McCutchanville
St. Philips @ West Terrace 1 5:00pm West Terrace
Monday,  Apr 27
German 2 (Blue) @ Corpus Christi 1 (Blue) 5:30pm Corpus Christi
German 3 @ West Terrace Blue 5:30pm West Terrace
West Terrace 1 @ German 3 5:30pm German
German 2 @ St. Philips 2 (Green) 5:30pm St. Philips
St. Wendel 1 @ Stringtown 5:30pm Stringtown
St. Joe @ West Terrace 2 5:30pm West Terrace
Pony American
St. Joe @ Golfmoor 5:30pm Golfmoor
St. Wendel @ Garvin Maroon 5:30pm Kleymeyer Park
West Terrace @ McCutchanville Blue 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Mt. Vernon Black @ Garvin Green 7:30pm Kleymeyer Park
German @ McCutchanville Orange 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Pony National
McCutchanville Grey @ Mt. Vernon Maroon 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
Jr. Warrior Baseball @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
Stringtown @ St. Philips 5:30pm St. Philip
West Terrace @ South 5:30pm West Terrace
McCutchanville Orange @ Mt. Vernon Graphite 7:30pm Mt. Vernon
Tuesday,  Apr 28
St. Joe @ Corpus Christi 2 (Gold) 5:30pm Corpus Christi
WSIL @ German 2 Bombers 5:30pm German
St. Joe 1 (White) @ Holy Rosary 5:30pm Holy Rosary
German 1 @ St. Joe 2 (Red) 5:30pm St. Joe - East
Stringtown 2 @ West Terrace White 5:30pm West Terrace
Jr. Warrior Baseball @ Mt. Vernon Graphite 7:00pm Mt. Vernon
Jr. Warrior 1 @ Jr. Warrior 2 5:30pm Plaza
Holy Redeemer @ West Terrace 3 5:30pm West Terrace
Bronco American
McCutchanville Royal @ German 1 5:30pm German
West Terrace @ McCutchanville Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville
St. Bens @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 5:30pm Plaza
German 2 @ South 5:30pm South
Bronco National
German @ Holy Rosary 5:30pm Holy Rosary
Scott @ St. Philips 5:30pm St. Philips
West Terrace 2 @ West Terrace 1 5:30pm West Terrace
McCutchanville Royal @ McCutchanville Orange 7:30pm McCutchanville
Wednesday,  Apr 29
West Terrace Black @ St. Bens 5:30pm St. Bens
Mt. Vernon Black @ West Terrace Yellow 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Wendel 2 @ German 2 5:30pm German
Jr. Warrior 2 @ St. Philips 1 (Red) 5:30pm St. Philips
German 3 @ St. Wendel 1 5:30pm St. Wendel
Pony American
Mt. Vernon Black @ Garvin Maroon 5:30pm Kleymeyer Park
West Terrace @ McCutchanville Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Golfmoor @ Stringtown 5:30pm Stringtown
German @ Garvin Green 7:30pm Kleymeyer Park
St. Joe @ McCutchanville Blue 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Pony National
McCutchanville Grey @ Golfmoor 5:30pm Golfmoor
Mt. Vernon Graphite @ South 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
Stringtown @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
McCutchanville Orange @ St. Philips 5:30pm St. Philip
Jr. Warrior Baseball @ West Terrace 5:30pm West Terrace
Thursday,  Apr 30
West Terrace Blue @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
Stringtown 2 @ German 3 5:30pm German
West Terrace Yellow @ Mt. Vernon Maroon 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
St. Wendel 2 @ WSIL 5:30pm WSIL Pinto/Mustang
West Terrace White @ Stringtown 1 6:00pm Stringtown
St. Philips 2 (Green) @ German 1 5:30pm German
German 2 @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - East
Holy Redeemer @ Stringtown 5:30pm Stringtown
West Terrace 2 @ Jr. Warrior 2 6:00pm Plaza
Bronco American
German 2 @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 5:30pm Plaza
McCutchanville Orange @ South 5:30pm South
German 1 @ St. Bens 5:30pm St. Bens
St. Wendel @ West Terrace 5:30pm West Terrace
Bronco National
St. Philips @ Holy Rosary 5:30pm Holy Rosary
West Terrace 1 @ McCutchanville Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville
Scott @ St. Wendel 5:30pm St. Wendel
West Terrace 2 @ McCutchanville Royal 7:30pm McCutchanville
Friday,  May 1
St. Wendel 2 @ Corpus Christi 1 (Blue) 5:30pm Corpus Christi
St. Wendel 1 @ German 1 5:30pm German
Mt. Vernon Black @ St. Joe 2 (Red) 5:30pm St. Joe - East
Holy Rosary @ St. Philips (Cardinals) 5:30pm St. Philips
Mt. Vernon Graphite @ West Terrace Black 5:30pm West Terrace
Holy Redeemer @ St. Wendel 1 5:30pm St. Wendel
West Terrace 3 @ St. Wendel 2 7:15pm St. Wendel
Pony American
McCutchanville Orange @ Garvin Maroon 5:30pm Kleymeyer Park
St. Wendel @ McCutchanville Blue 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
German @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
Mt. Vernon Black @ West Terrace 5:30pm West Terrace
Stringtown @ Garvin Green 7:30pm Kleymeyer Park
Pony National
South @ Golfmoor 5:30pm Golfmoor
Stringtown @ Mt. Vernon Graphite 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
McCutchanville Grey @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 5:30pm Plaza
West Terrace @ McCutchanville Orange 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
St. Joe @ Mt. Vernon Maroon 7:30pm Mt. Vernon
Saturday,  May 2
West Terrace Green @ German 2 (Blue) 8:00am German
German 2 (Blue) @ German 3 10:00am German
Corpus Christi 1 (Blue) @ West Terrace Blue 10:00am West Terrace
West Terrace Grey @ Jr. Warrior Baseball 9:00am Plaza
West Terrace Yellow @ St. Wendel 2 10:00am St. Wendel
Mt. Vernon Graphite @ St. Wendel 1 11:30am St. Wendel
German 2 Bombers @ West Terrace Black 12:00pm West Terrace
Mt. Vernon Maroon @ WSIL 2:00pm WSIL Pinto/Mustang
German 2 @ West Terrace 2 11:00am West Terrace
Jr. Warrior 2 @ St. Joe 12:00pm St. Joe - East
Jr. Warrior 1 @ St. Philips 2 (Green) 2:00pm St. Philips
Stringtown @ West Terrace 1 3:00pm West Terrace

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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