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Entering Game Results
Teams ready for input
Attention coaches - - Check the calendar for important dates!
ERBL Lightning Policy
Welcome to the home of the
Evansville Rural Baseball League
Entering Game Results

Having problems entering game results?  Download our help guide here.


The winning team is responsible for entering all information within 36 hours of game start time.  For Mustang level and above, number of innings per pitcher for BOTH teams must be input. 

It is advised that coaches of BOTH teams verify the score and pitching was input accurately. 


Report any problems immediately using the "Contact Info" link on the left or to




Player and Coach Information, Rainouts

Coaches, a couple of reminders:

It is critical that you get coach contact information uploaded immediately.  Rainouts are likely today, and the opposing coach can't reach if you if they don't know who you are!  Player rosters need to be uploaded as soon as possible, adding uniform numbers as available.

For rainouts, you must update the game status to postponed or suspended (whichever the case may be) within the 36 hour time frame.  If you have any problems or issues, please email or call/text Heather at 812-589-1670. 



Teams ready for input

All teams in all divisions are now ready for input of roster and coach information. 


For an instruction guide click here.

If you need your park login information, please request it by emailing or clicking here.  Please include your name and contact information, park name, and the best way to reply to you (email, phone call, or text).






Attention coaches - - Check the calendar for important dates!

Coaches, please check the calendar for important dates including:


  • Scheduling night for Pinto coaches (starting at 6:00) and Mustang coaches (starting at 7:00) Monday, March 31 at German Township Clubhouse
  • Bronco and Pony coaches meeting Monday, April 7 at 6:00 at German Township Clubhouse
  • Umpire fees: Pinto $25, Mustang $30, Bronco $35, Pony $ 40
  • Registration fees per team $140 for Pinto and Mustang, $150 for Bronco and Pony


Tournament dates:

  • Pinto and Bronco  -- June 5-8
  • Mustang and Pony  -- June 12-15


Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Apr 17
Mt. Vernon Gray - CGB Elevator @ Mt. Vernon - Graphite 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
German 2 @ West Terrace 3 - Red 5:30pm West Terrace
German 3 @ WSIL 5:30pm WSIL Pinto/Mustang
Corpus Christi @ Mt. Vernon Black-Weinzapfel's Tavern 7:00pm Mt. Vernon
Bronco American
St. Ben @ German 5:30pm German Township
McCutchanville - Red @ Holy Redeemer PostPoned Holy Redeemer
Stringtown @ McCutchanville - Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville
McCutchanville - Blue @ St. Wendel 5:30pm St. Wendel
Bronco National
St. Joe - National @ German - National 7:30pm German Township
West Terrace 2 - National @ McCutchanville - National Blue 7:30pm McCutchanville
West Terrace 1 - National @ St. Wendel - National 7:30pm St. Wendel
Friday,  Apr 18
Holy Rosary Rams @ St. Wendel 3 5:30pm St. Wendel
Stringtown 2 - Shoe Carnival Yankees @ South 6:00pm South
German 1 Bombers @ St. Philip 2 - Bobcats 5:30pm St. Philip
Bronco American
McCutchanville - Blue @ South 6:00pm South
Saturday,  Apr 19
Mt. Vernon Black-Weinzapfel's Tavern @ Mt. Vernon White: Brown Orthodontics 9:00am Mt. Vernon
Holy Redeemer @ German 1 12:00pm German Township
Stringtown 2 - Shoe Carnival Yankees @ St. Wendel 1 1:00pm St. Wendel
West Terrace 2 - Black Bandits @ German 3 2:00pm German Township
South @ WSIL 3:00pm WSIL Pinto/Mustang
Mt. Vernon Maroon Lions @ West Terrace 4 - Green 5:30pm West Terrace
Stringtown @ St. Wendel 2 9:00am St. Wendel
St. Joe 1 White @ South 10:00am South
West Terrace 3 White @ St. Wendel 1 - Yellow 11:00am St. Wendel
WSIL @ German 3 - Navy 5:00pm German Township
Monday,  Apr 21
Stringtown 2 - Shoe Carnival Yankees @ German 3 5:30pm German Township
St. Wendel 3 @ Holy Redeemer 5:30pm Holy Redeemer
Mt. Vernon Black-Weinzapfel's Tavern @ St. Ben's Tigers 5:30pm St. Bens
St. Joe 1 - Red @ West Terrace 2 - Black Bandits 5:30pm West Terrace
German 1 Bombers @ Holy Redeemer 5:30pm Holy Redeemer
St. Philip 2 - Bobcats @ St. Joe 2 Black 5:30pm St. Joe - East
St. Wendel 1 - Yellow @ WSIL 5:30pm West Side Independent
St. Wendel 2 @ West Terrace 2-Black 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Philip 1-Red @ St. Joe 1 White 5:45pm St. Joe - West
Bronco American
McCutchanville - Red @ Holy Rosary 5:30pm Holy Rosary
Pony American
Mount Vernon Black @ Golfmoor 5:30pm Golfmoor
German @ McCutchanville Orange Crush 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Stringtown 1 @ Mount Vernon White 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
West Terrace @ Northside Independent Blue 5:30pm Northside Sports Park
St. Joe @ St. Wendel 5:30pm St. Wendel
McCutchanville - Maroon @ South 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Stringtown 2 @ Mount Vernon Graphite 7:30pm Mt. Vernon
Pony National
Mt. Vernon - National @ Stringtown - National 5:30pm Stringtown
Golfmoor - National Orange @ West Terrace - National 5:30pm West Terrace
McCutchanville - National Orange @ German - National 7:30pm German
St. Philip - National @ Golfmoor - National Green 7:30pm Golfmoor
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Mt. Vernon Maroon Lions @ Mt. Vernon Gray - CGB Elevator 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
German 1 @ St. Wendel 2 5:30pm St. Wendel
St. Joe 2 Black @ Stringtown 2 - Shoe Carnival Yankees 5:30pm Stringtown
St. Wendel 1 @ West Terrace 4 - Green 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Philip Blue Jays @ South 6:00pm South
St. Ben Ravens @ German 1 Bombers 5:30pm German Township
German 3 - Navy @ West Terrace 1- Yellow 5:30pm West Terrace
Holy Redeemer @ Stringtown 7:00pm Stringtown
Bronco American
McCutchanville - Orange @ Holy Redeemer 5:30pm Holy Redeemer
St. Wendel @ South 5:30pm South
McCutchanville - Blue @ St. Ben 5:30pm St. Ben
Stringtown @ St. Philip 6:00pm St. Philip
Bronco National
West Terrace 2 - National @ McCutchanville - National Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville
German - National @ West Terrace 1 - National 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Joe - National @ McCutchanville - National Blue 7:30pm McCutchanville
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Holy Rosary Rams @ Corpus Christi 5:30pm Corpus Christi
West Terrace 4 - Green @ German 2 5:30pm German
Holy Redeemer @ Stringtown 1 5:30pm Stringtown
West Terrace 2-Black @ West Terrace 3 White 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Joe 1 White @ German 2 5:45pm German Township
Pony American
Stringtown 1 @ German 5:30pm German
St. Wendel @ Golfmoor 5:30pm Golfmoor
Northside Independent Blue @ South 5:30pm Northside Sports Park
Holy Rosary @ St. Joe 5:30pm St. Joe - West
Northside Independent Green @ West Terrace 5:30pm West Terrace
Stringtown 2 @ McCutchanville - Blue (The 42's) 7:30pm McCutchanville Pony
Mount Vernon Black @ Mount Vernon White 7:30pm Mt. Vernon
Pony National
German - National @ McCutchanville - National Blue 5:30pm McCutchanville Pony
West Terrace - National @ Mt. Vernon - National 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
St. Philip - National @ Stringtown - National 5:30pm Stringtown
Golfmoor - National Orange @ Golfmoor - National Green 7:30pm Golfmoor
Thursday,  Apr 24
St. Wendel 2 @ Mt. Vernon Maroon Lions 5:30pm Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon Black-Weinzapfel's Tavern @ St. Philip Blue Jays 5:30pm St. Philip
West Terrace 2 - Black Bandits @ St. Wendel 1 5:30pm St. Wendel
WSIL @ West Terrace 3 - Red 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Philip 2 Cardinals @ Mt. Vernon - Graphite 7:15pm Mt. Vernon
St. Philip 1-Red @ Holy Rosary 5:30pm Holy Rosary
St. Philip 2 - Bobcats @ Stringtown 5:30pm Stringtown
Bronco American
St. Wendel @ German 5:30pm German Township
St. Ben @ Holy Redeemer 5:30pm Holy Redeemer
McCutchanville - Blue @ Holy Rosary PostPoned Holy Rosary
McCutchanville - Orange @ St. Philip 5:30pm St. Philip
Stringtown @ McCutchanville - Red 7:30pm McCutchanville
Bronco National
West Terrace 1 - National @ McCutchanville - National Orange 5:30pm McCutchanville
St. Joe - National @ West Terrace 2 - National 5:30pm West Terrace
St. Wendel - National @ German - National 7:30pm German Township

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Thursday,  Jun 5
Pinto and Bronco Tournament Dates June 5-8
Thursday,  Jun 12
Mustang and Pony Tournament Dates June 12-15

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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