Last Updated: December 13, 2016 

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Pony National A - 6.17 11:50pm Update

Pony National B - 6.17 11:50pm Update

Pony American   6.17 11:50pm Update

Bronco National - 6.17 11:50pm Update

Bronco American - 6.17 11:50pm Update

Mustang National - 6.17 11:50pm Update

Mustang American A - 6.17 11:50pm Update

Mustang American B - 6.17 11:50pm Update


No Drop 3rd Strike rule in Mustang National or American for 2016

Almost all of the Mustang coaches were contacted.  It was an overwhelming No to the rule for the American Division. The National Division had a majority supporting adding the rule but due to the lack of time to teach it before the season started we have decided to table the conversation on it. We will discuss this more before the start of next season and bring this to a vote at one of the meetings.  This will give us a better chance to talk it over as a group and make an informed vote. 


The Pinto and Shetland field layouts have been added to the website in the "Rules and Information" section.

Updated EBUA 2016 Umpire Listing

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