Last Updated: April 27, 2017
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  • We are an ASA S L O W P I T C H League
  • District 3, ASA of Pennsylvania

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Easton Women's Softball League
Monday, June 5, 2017   6:30 PM

We will be hosting an early bird tournament on Sunday, May 21st, 2017...deadline is 5/12

Next Rep Meeting:  Monday May 15th  7PM at the complex 


We will be accepting new teams for the 2017 season until May 1, 2017.  Individual players are accepted at any time throughout the season.   (You can individually email any or all Team Reps...follow the link for TEAMS/ on the team rep names for emails) The season will begin sometime in June and will run through MID-LATE August.  Games will be scheduled Monday thru Thursday at 6:30, 7:30 (only if necessary 8:30 pm)

All games are played at Hackett's Park in Easton, PA.  Please click on Hackett's Park for more information.

All players must be female and at least 16 years of age and must sign a waiver in order to participate.

ASA of PA SLOWPITCH rules govern unless overridden by a league bylaw or rule.  Please click on HANDOUTS  to download a copy of the bylaws & rules.


Avona Wins Again


2016 Playoffs...

Avona Comes back from 5 Runs down...9-8 Final in 8 Innings!! 

Kerry Burke-Cruz Walk-Off RBI Single 


Your 2016 Regular Season & Playoff Champion

Avona Fire Company

Games scheduled 

INFORMATION about today's game will be posted HERE! 


ASA Balls & Strikes Magazine ... click above link for the ASA website & download the latest magazine!


click on the logo for 2017 USA Softball (ASA) Rule Changes!

Rule 3, Section 3F[2]: Beginning January 1 2017 the 11” .520 COR or under with a compression of 300.0 lbs. or under will be the only ball allowed in Women’s Adult Slow Pitch, Coed Women’s Slow Pitch and Junior Olympic Girls and Boys Slow Pitch. Comment: The 11” ball with a COR.440 or under, with a ball compression of 375.0 lbs. or under will no longer be allowed in Women’s Adult Slow Pitch Divisions of Play, Women’s Adult Coed Slow Pitch Classification of Play, Junior Olympic Girls, 12-Under, 14-Under, 16-Under, 18-Under Slow Pitch Classifications of Play, Junior Olympic Boys, 10-Under and 12-Under Slow Pitch Classifications of Play.

Rule 3 Section 6 Exception: Men's D Slow Pitch, Men's E Rec Slow Pitch, Women’s Open Slow Pitch, Women’s C and D Slow Pitch and Coed C and D Slow Pitch: the only uniform requirement is matching shirt with number. Comment: Adds Women’s Open Slow Pitch Classification of Play to the exception on uniforms that only need matching shirts with numbers. 

Rule 5 Section 12D No person may knowingly possess or have under his/her control a weapon or explosive device on the playing field or in the dugout. For purposes of this subsection, a "weapon" means any firearm or any weapon of the kind usually known as slung shot, sand club, or metal knuckles, or any knife, dagger, dirk, or other similar weapon that is capable of causing death or bodily injury and is commonly used with the intent to cause death or bodily injury, but the definition of weapon shall specifically exclude an ordinary pocket knife or any softball-related equipment. Comment: Adds wording to include weapons being banned from the dugout and playing field.

Rule 5 Section 12E A participant who is hearing-impaired may use a sign language interpreter or other auxiliary hearing aid during play to assist that hearing-impaired participant. A sign language interpreter shall be allowed in the dugout, on the field of play (fair and foul territory), or in other areas in order to be able to provide communication to the hearing-impaired participant, but such sign language interpreter shall be subject to any other rules, policies or practices generally applicable to participants, including submitting to and passing an annual background check screening, if applicable. Any concerns, issues or requests concerning the specific location of such interpreters on the field of play shall be resolved by the umpire(s) during gameplay and such concerns or requests shall be addressed to and resolved by the applicable Local Association Member, league, tournament director, and/or event organizer in advance of gameplay. It is highly recommended that participants provide notice of such requests to the applicable Local Association Member, league, tournament director, and/or event organizer sufficiently in advance of and prior to or during the league or tournament registration process prior to the start of a season or tournament. Comment: Defines the use of an interpreter for the hearing-impaired in and out of the dugout.

Rule 8 Section 9C [2C] A second courtesy runner or substitute is not permitted at this time. Comment: Clarifies that in Adult Slow Pitch Divisions of Play a substitute cannot be used for a courtesy runner. Rule 10 Section 5 Removes the umpire uniform from the Rule Book. Comment: Requires the umpire uniform requirements to be placed in the Umpire Manual.