Managers/Coaches Meeting

There will be a Manager/Coaches meeting at the Rec Center at 7:30pm on May 19th.

Schedules Are in Place - Any Changes will be communicated to Managers

Field Closure Hotlines

Managers must communicate with each other if game is being cancelled for any reason.  Umpires must be notified.

Fairfield - Owen Fish,Lower Tunxis and Kiwanis 203-256-3144 (hit 5 twice) or

Trumbull - Unity and Jane Ryan

New Canaan - Coppo and Connors 203-594-3610

Westport - Wakeman, Doubleday, Long Lots, Staples 203-341-5074

Wilton - Allen's Meadow, Wilton JV, Wilton Varsity - 

Weston - Revson Fields -upper right hand corner
Stratford - Bunnell, Wooster, Flood -
Darien -
Stamford -
Bridgeport - Caribe Fields at GE ,Seaside Park Fields 203-414-6381 or 203-543-6029

Greenwich - Straza and Western Middle School Call Tom Pastore 203-832-0044


Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, May 31
Prep U13 Division 2016
Garden Catering @ Bellows ChiropracticCanceledUnity Park
Belltown Pizza @ Elks Club5:45pmBelltown Field - Stamford
StratfordP1 @ New CanaanP5:45pmConnor Field New Canaan
Yankee Electric Construction @ Darien Police5:45pmHolahan Field - Darien
StratfordP2 @ Fairfield County Bank5:45pmOwen Fish Park
Wilton White @ Byram VetsPostponedWestern Middle School - Greenwich
Majors West 2016
Italian Center @ Stew Leonard's5:45amRoton Middle School
State Line Deli @ Darien Blue5:45pmDarien High School JV Field
Italia @ West High Service5:45pmStamford High School
Furst Properties @ White Plains HospitalCanceledStrazza Field - Greenwich
Majors East 2016
SportsLook @ Bridgeport Caribe1M5:45pmCaribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Tallman Builders @ WestonM5:45pmRevson Varsity Field Weston
Westport2M @ Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating5:45pmTunxis Hill Field
Wednesday, Jun 1
Prep U13 Division 2016
OSM @ New CanaanP5:45pmConnor Field New Canaan
Wilton White @ Firehouse Deli5:45pmWestern Middle School - Greenwich
Majors West 2016
Steve's Fuel @ Stamford FireFighters5:30pmCubeta Stadium
Finescape @ Elks 8995:45pmRoton Middle School
New CanaanM @ Stamford Forge5:45pmStamford High School
Majors East 2016
Rings End @ Sitting Duck5:30pmUnity Park
Thursday, Jun 2
Prep U13 Division 2016
Fresh Co Bagels @ Instant Replay5:45pmBelltown Field - Stamford
EY @ Darien Police5:45pmDarien High School JV Field
Dairy Queen @ Darien White5:45pmHolahan Field - Darien
OSM @ Elks Club5:45pm - 8:00pmTurn of River Middle School Stamford
Majors West 2016
West High Service @ Italian Center5:45pm - 8:00pmStamford High School
Darien Xtreme Blue @ Rinaldies Deli5:45pmStrazza Field - Greenwich
Majors East 2016
McGoldrick Fuel @ Bridgeport Caribe2M5:45pmCaribe Field #3 Bridgeport
WiltonM @ Fairfield PAL5:45pmTunxis Hill Field
Friday, Jun 3
Prep U13 Division 2016
Byram Vets @ StratfordP2PostponedBunnell High School
Round Hill Saints @ Belltown Pizza5:45pmTurn of River Middle School Stamford
StratfordP1 @ Firehouse Deli5:45pmWestern Middle School - Greenwich
Majors East 2016
Westport1M @ StratfordM6:00pmBunnell High School
Saturday, Jun 4
Prep U13 Division 2016
Belltown Pizza @ New CanaanP9:00amConnor Field New Canaan
Yankee Electric Construction @ Dairy Queen9:00amOwen Fish Park
OSM @ Bellows Chiropractic9:00amUnity Park
Elks Club @ Fresh Co Bagels10:00amBelltown Field - Stamford
Wilton White @ Darien White10:00amHolahan Field - Darien
Bellows Chiropractic @ OSM11:00amUnity Park
Byram Vets @ Bellows ChiropracticCanceledUnity Park
Fairfield County Bank @ Instant Replay12:30pmBelltown Field - Stamford
Darien Police @ Wilton Blue12:30pmWilton JV Field
Garden Catering @ StratfordP21:00pmBunnell High School
Round Hill Saints @ StratfordP13:30pmBunnell High School
Majors West 2016
Darien Xtreme Blue @ Finescape12:30am - 3:00pmStamford High School
Stew Leonard's @ Steve's Fuel9:00amRoton Middle School
White Plains Hospital @ EY9:00amStrazza Field - Greenwich
Darien Wave @ Stamford Forge10:00amStamford High School
State Line Deli @ Furst PropertiesCanceledRoton Middle School
Darien Blue @ Rinaldies Deli11:30amStrazza Field - Greenwich
West High Service @ New CanaanM12:00pmCoppo Field - New Canaan
Italia @ Stamford FireFighters3:00pmStamford High School
Elks 899 @ Italian Center5:30pmStamford High School
Majors East 2016
Rings End @ Bridgeport Caribe1M9:00amCaribe Field #3 Bridgeport
McGoldrick Fuel @ Westport2M9:00amDoubleday Field Westport
SportsLook @ Tallman Builders9:00amTunxis Hill Field
Westport1M @ Fairfield PAL11:30amTunxis Hill Field
Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating @ WestonM12:00pmRevson Varsity Field Weston
Bridgeport Caribe2M @ WiltonM3:00pmWilton JV Field
Sitting Duck @ StratfordM6:00pmBunnell High School
Sunday, Jun 5
Prep U13 Division 2016
Darien Police @ OSM9:00amUnity Park
Bellows Chiropractic @ Darien White10:00amHolahan Field - Darien
Wilton Blue @ Yankee Electric Construction11:30amOwen Fish Park
Fairfield County Bank @ Elks Club12:30pmBelltown Field - Stamford
Fresh Co Bagels @ New CanaanP2:00pmConnor Field New Canaan
Wilton White @ Dairy Queen2:00pmOwen Fish Park
Majors West 2016
Italia @ Stew Leonard's9:00amRoton Middle School
State Line Deli @ Rinaldies Deli9:00amStrazza Field - Greenwich
West High Service @ Darien Wave10:00amDarien High School JV Field
EY @ Furst PropertiesCanceledRoton Middle School
Stamford Forge @ White Plains Hospital11:30amStrazza Field - Greenwich
Italian Center @ Darien Xtreme Blue12:00pmDarien High School JV Field
New CanaanM @ Stamford FireFighters12:00pmStamford High School
Elks 899 @ Steve's Fuel2:00pmRoton Middle School
Darien Blue @ Finescape2:30pm - 5:00pmStamford High School
Majors East 2016
Bridgeport Caribe2M @ Westport1M9:00amDoubleday Field Westport
Bridgeport Caribe1M @ Tallman Builders9:00amTunxis Hill Field
Westport2M @ WiltonM10:00amWilton JV Field
WestonM @ McGoldrick Fuel11:30amTunxis Hill Field
StratfordM @ Rings End11:30amUnity Park
Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating @ SportsLook2:00pmUnity Park
Fairfield PAL @ Sitting Duck5:00pmUnity Park
Monday, Jun 6
Prep U13 Division 2016
Byram Vets @ Wilton BluePostponedAllen's Meadow Wilton
Instant Replay @ Garden Catering5:45pmWestern Middle School - Greenwich

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