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Schedules Are posted. Any changes need to be communicated to teams involved and to me.
Fairfield Jr Babe Ruth Program Offerings - Teams described in Handouts
Latest Rule Changes for 2014 can be found in ' Handouts' Menu
Field Closure Hotlines

Managers must communicate with each other if game is being cancelled for any reason.  Umpires must be notified.

Fairfield - Owen Fish,Lower Tunxis and Kiwanis

Trumbull - Unity and Jane Ryan;

New Canaan - Coppo and Connors 203-594-3610

Westport - Wakeman, Doubleday, Long Lots, Staples 203-341-5074 

Wilton - Allen's Meadow, Wilton JV, Wilton Varsity - 

Weston - Revson Fields -upper right hand corner 
Stratford - Bunnell, Wooster, Flood -
Darien -
Stamford -
Bridgeport - Seaside Park Fields 203-414-6381


Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Apr 19
Prep East
Yankee Electric Construction PRACTICE 10:00am Owen Fish Park
Dairy Queen PRACTICE 12:00pm - 2:00pm Owen Fish Park
Monday,  Apr 21
Dogwood East
Adam Miller @ Blanchette's 5:00pm Unity Park
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Dogwood East
Drew Design LLC @ Bridgeport Caribe 2 5:45pm Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Fairfield Pal @ Westport Wreckers 5:45pm Doubleday Field Westport
MonroeD @ McGoldrick Fuel 5:45pm Tunxis Hill Field
Huntington Glass @ Bellow's Chiropractic 5:45pm Unity Park
Prep East
Bigelow Tea @ Steve's Fuel 5:45pm City Hall Norwalk
Westport Bandits @ Vazzy's 5:45pm Jane Ryan School
Laurel AC @ Yankee Electric Construction 5:45pm Owen Fish Park
Shukies @ Weston1P 5:45pm Revson JV Field Weston
Prep West
All Sports Apparel @ New Canaan2P 5:45pm Connor Field New Canaan
Wilton 13U Prep @ Darien Police 5:45pm Holahan Field - Darien
Firehouse Deli @ Patriot National Bank 5:45pm Strazza Field - Greenwich
Dogwood West
Wilton Blue @ East Coast Irrigation 5:45pm Darien High School JV Field
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Prep West
BANC @ New Canaan1P 5:45pm Connor Field New Canaan
New Canaan3P @ Rings End 5:45pm Holahan Field - Darien
Dogwood West
Wilton White @ New CanaanD 5:45pm Coppo Field - New Canaan
RFH Inc @ Garden Catering 5:45pm Western Middle School - Greenwich
Thursday,  Apr 24
Dogwood East
Tallman Builders @ Stop & Shop 5:00pm Unity Park
Fairfield County Bank @ Bridgeport Caribe 1 5:45pm Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Stratford Navy @ Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating 5:45pm Tunxis Hill Field
McGoldrick Fuel @ Bellow's Chiropractic 7:30pm Unity Park
Prep East
Fairfield Automatic Transmission @ CVTSA 5:45pm City Hall Norwalk
MonroeP @ Law Offices of Neal Rogan 5:45pm Jane Ryan School
Schwartz Law @ Dairy Queen 5:45pm Owen Fish Park
Dogwood West
East Coast Irrigation @ New CanaanD 5:45pm Coppo Field - New Canaan
Westport Bandits @ Gilford Securities 5:45pm Darien High School JV Field
Stew Leonard's @ Harris Insurance 5:45pm Western Middle School - Greenwich
First Bank of Greenwich @ Wilton Red 5:45pm Wilton JV Field
Saturday,  Apr 26
Dogwood East
Fairfield County Bank @ MonroeD 8:30am Wolfe Park Monroe - Field #2
Fairfield Pal @ Stratford Navy 9:00am Bunnell High School
Drew Design LLC @ Bridgeport Caribe 1 9:00am Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Stop & Shop @ McGoldrick Fuel 9:00am Tunxis Hill Field
Adam Miller @ Huntington Glass 9:00am Unity Park
Bridgeport Caribe 2 @ Westport Wreckers 11:30am Doubleday Field Westport
Blanchette's @ Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating 11:30am Tunxis Hill Field
Tallman Builders @ Bellow's Chiropractic 11:30am Unity Park
Prep East
Law Offices of Neal Rogan @ Westport Bandits 9:00am Doubleday Field Westport
Dairy Queen @ Vazzy's 9:00am Jane Ryan School
Steve's Fuel @ Yankee Electric Construction 9:00am Owen Fish Park
Fairfield Automatic Transmission @ Shukies 11:30am Jane Ryan School
CVTSA @ Bigelow Tea 11:30am Owen Fish Park
Schwartz Law @ Laurel AC 12:30pm City Hall Norwalk
MonroeP @ Weston1P 1:00pm Revson JV Field Weston
Prep West
Darien Police @ New Canaan2P 9:00am Connor Field New Canaan
All Sports Apparel @ Patriot National Bank 9:30am Strazza Field - Greenwich
Kelly Associates @ Wilton 13U Prep 10:00am Allen's Meadow Wilton
Rings End @ New Canaan1P 11:30am Connor Field New Canaan
BANC @ Firehouse Deli 12:00pm Strazza Field - Greenwich
Dogwood West
Gilford Securities @ RFH Inc 9:00am Brien McMahon
Garden Catering @ New CanaanD 9:00am Coppo Field - New Canaan
Harris Insurance @ Wilton White 9:30am Western Middle School - Greenwich
Wilton Blue @ Wilton Red 10:30am Wilton JV Field
First Bank of Greenwich @ Stew Leonard's 11:30am Brien McMahon
East Coast Irrigation @ Westport Bandits 2:00pm Doubleday Field Westport
Sunday,  Apr 27
Dogwood East
Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating @ Fairfield County Bank 9:00am Tunxis Hill Field
Drew Design LLC @ Westport Wreckers 10:00am Wakeman Field Westport
Stratford Navy @ Bridgeport Caribe 2 11:30am Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Tallman Builders @ Fairfield Pal 11:30am Tunxis Hill Field
MonroeD @ Bridgeport Caribe 1 2:00pm Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Prep East
Laurel AC @ Vazzy's 9:00am Jane Ryan School
Weston1P @ Westport Bandits 9:00am Long Lots Field Westport
MonroeP @ Fairfield Automatic Transmission 9:00am Owen Fish Park
Bigelow Tea @ Shukies 11:30am Jane Ryan School
Law Offices of Neal Rogan @ Dairy Queen 11:30am Owen Fish Park
Yankee Electric Construction @ Schwartz Law 12:30pm City Hall Norwalk
Steve's Fuel @ CVTSA 3:00pm City Hall Norwalk
Prep West
Kelly Associates @ New Canaan3P 9:00am Connor Field New Canaan
All Sports Apparel @ BANC 9:30am Strazza Field - Greenwich
Firehouse Deli @ Rings End 10:00am Holahan Field - Darien
Wilton 13U Prep @ New Canaan2P 11:30am Connor Field New Canaan
Patriot National Bank @ Darien Police 4:00pm Holahan Field - Darien
Dogwood West
Stew Leonard's @ Wilton Blue 9:00am Wilton JV Field
First Bank of Greenwich @ Wilton White 9:30am Western Middle School - Greenwich
Garden Catering @ Harris Insurance 11:30am Western Middle School - Greenwich
Wilton Red @ Gilford Securities 12:00pm Darien High School JV Field
RFH Inc @ Westport Bandits 12:30pm Wakeman Field Westport
Xtreme 13s
FairfieldX 13s @ NewtownX 13s 4:30pm - 10:00am TBD

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Fairfield Jr. Babe Ruth