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Schedules Are Completed

Managers will be notified directly of any changes.  Managers need to communicate cancellations with each other and with their umpires. Please email any rescheduled games to


Field Closure Hotlines

Managers must communicate with each other if game is being cancelled for any reason.  Umpires must be notified.

Fairfield - Owen Fish,Lower Tunxis and Kiwanis 203-256-3144 (hit 5 twice) or

Trumbull - Unity and Jane Ryan

New Canaan - Coppo and Connors 203-594-3610

Westport - Wakeman, Doubleday, Long Lots, Staples 203-341-5074

Wilton - Allen's Meadow, Wilton JV, Wilton Varsity - 

Weston - Revson Fields -upper right hand corner
Stratford - Bunnell, Wooster, Flood -
Darien -
Stamford -
Bridgeport - Seaside Park Fields 203-414-6381


Spring 2015 Registration Form is available in 'Handouts' menu

There are still openings for a limited amount of players in both Prep and Dogwood Divisions.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  May 27
Majors East
Tallman Builders @ Bridgeport Caribe 2 5:45pm Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Bridgeport Caribe 1 @ Bye 5:45pm N/A
Majors West
Murace Plumbing @ US Home Services 8:00pm Cubeta Stadium
Prep West
InstantReplay @ Fire House Deli 5:45pm Western Middle School - Greenwich
Thursday,  May 28
Majors East
Bellows Chiropractic @ WestonM1 5:45pm Revson Varsity Field Weston
Huntington Glass @ McGoldrick Fuel 5:45pm Tunxis Hill Field
Fairfield County Bank Insurance @ OSM 5:45pm Unity Park
Majors West
Wilton Red @ West High Service 5:30pm - 8:00pm Cubeta Stadium
Rosies Frozen Yogurt @ Italian Center 5:45pm Stamford High School
Prep East
Stratford NavyP @ WiltonP 5:45pm Allen's Meadow Wilton
Italia @ King Industries 5:45pm Roton Middle School
Prep West
All Sports Apparel @ Darien Police 5:45pm Holahan Field - Darien
Friday,  May 29
Majors West
New CanaanM1 @ New CanaanM2 5:45pm Coppo Field - New Canaan
Brookside Electric @ Garden Catering 5:45pm Strazza Field - Greenwich
Saturday,  May 30
Majors East
Peoples United Bank @ Bridgeport Caribe 2 Postponed Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
Tallman Builders @ Westport Cougars 9:00am Doubleday Field Westport
Fairfield County Bank Insurance @ McGoldrick Fuel 9:00am Tunxis Hill Field
Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating @ Bellows Chiropractic 9:00am Unity Park
Bye @ WestonM1 10:00am N/A
WestonM2 @ Bridgeport Caribe 1 Postponed Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
MonroeM @ Fairfield Automatic Transmission 11:30am Tunxis Hill Field
Fairfield PAL @ Huntington Glass 11:30am Unity Park
OSM @ Stratford NavyM 4:30pm Bunnell High School
Majors West
Rosies Frozen Yogurt @ New CanaanM1 9:00am Strazza Field - Greenwich
US Home Services @ Wilton Blue 10:00am Wilton JV Field
New CanaanM2 @ Rinaldis Country Deli 11:30am Strazza Field - Greenwich
Brookside Electric @ Darien Rings End 12:00pm Darien High School JV Field
Seaside Real Estate @ Wilton Red 1:00pm Wilton JV Field
Corbos Deli @ Belltown Pizza 2:00pm - 5:00pm Cubeta Stadium
Garden Catering @ Murace Plumbing 5:30pm - 8:00pm Cubeta Stadium
Darien Gilford Securities @ West High Service 7:30pm - 11:00pm Cubeta Stadium
Prep East
Dairy Queen @ My Smile Orthodontics 9:00am Jane Ryan School
Furst Properties @ Westport Bandits 9:00am Long Lots Field Westport
WiltonP @ Italia 9:00am Roton Middle School
Optical Alternatives @ Law Office of Neal Rogan 11:30am Jane Ryan School
Yankee Electric Construction @ King Industries 11:30am Roton Middle School
WestonP @ Stratford NavyP 2:00pm Bunnell High School
Prep West
Darien I-Town @ New Canaan Red 9:00am Connor Field New Canaan
Patriot National Bank @ Reliable Oil 9:30am Belltown Field - Stamford
Darien Police @ New Canaan Black 11:30am Connor Field New Canaan
Byram Vets @ TriTech 12:00pm Belltown Field - Stamford
All Sports Apparel @ InstantReplay 12:00pm Turn of River Middle School Stamford
Fire House Deli @ OneVac 2:30pm Turn of River Middle School Stamford
Sunday,  May 31
Majors East
Fairfield County Bank Insurance @ Fairfield PAL 9:00am Tunxis Hill Field
Bye @ Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating 11:30am N/A
Bridgeport Caribe 1 @ WestonM1 11:30am Revson Varsity Field Weston
MonroeM @ Bridgeport Caribe 2 2:00pm Caribe Field #3 Bridgeport
McGoldrick Fuel @ Stratford NavyM 3:00pm Penders Field (Longbrook Park) Stratford
Tallman Builders @ WestonM2 3:00pm Revson Varsity Field Weston
Majors West
Wilton Blue @ Italian Center 12:30am Stamford High School
Corbos Deli @ New CanaanM2 9:00am Coppo Field - New Canaan
Rinaldis Country Deli @ Rosies Frozen Yogurt 9:00am Strazza Field - Greenwich
Garden Catering @ New CanaanM1 Postponed Coppo Field - New Canaan
Murace Plumbing @ Darien Rings End 12:00pm Darien High School JV Field
Wilton Red @ Brookside Electric 1:30pm - 3:30pm Turn of River Middle School Stamford
West High Service @ Seaside Real Estate 3:00pm - 5:00pm Cubeta Stadium
Darien Gilford Securities @ US Home Services 5:31pm - 8:00pm Cubeta Stadium
Prep East
Optical Alternatives @ Dairy Queen 9:00am Owen Fish Park
WestonP @ Italia 9:00am Roton Middle School
WiltonP @ Yankee Electric Construction 11:30am Owen Fish Park
Westport Bandits @ King Industries 11:30am Roton Middle School
Prep West
New Canaan Red @ Patriot National Bank 9:00am Western Middle School - Greenwich
All Sports Apparel @ OneVac 10:00am Belltown Field - Stamford
TriTech @ Darien Police 10:00am Holahan Field - Darien
New Canaan Black @ Fire House Deli 11:30am Western Middle School - Greenwich
InstantReplay @ Darien I-Town 12:00pm Holahan Field - Darien
Byram Vets @ Reliable Oil 12:30pm Belltown Field - Stamford
Monday,  Jun 1
Majors East
Peoples United Bank @ Westport Cougars 5:45pm Doubleday Field Westport
Huntington Glass @ Fairfield Automatic Transmission 5:45pm Tunxis Hill Field
Bellows Chiropractic @ OSM 7:30pm Unity Park
Majors West
Brookside Electric @ New CanaanM1 5:45pm Coppo Field - New Canaan
Prep East
Furst Properties @ Law Office of Neal Rogan 5:30pm Unity Park
My Smile Orthodontics @ Stratford NavyP 5:45pm Wooster Middle School Field #2 - Stratford
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Majors East
Bye @ OSM 5:45pm N/A
Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating @ WestonM1 5:45pm Revson Varsity Field Weston
Fairfield Automatic Transmission @ Fairfield County Bank Insurance 5:45pm Tunxis Hill Field
Fairfield PAL @ Stratford NavyM 5:45pm Wooster Middle School Field #2 - Stratford
Majors West
New CanaanM2 @ Bye 12:00am N/A
Seaside Real Estate @ Darien Gilford Securities 5:45pm Darien High School JV Field
US Home Services @ Italian Center 5:45pm Stamford High School
Corbos Deli @ Rosies Frozen Yogurt 5:45pm Strazza Field - Greenwich
Belltown Pizza @ Wilton Blue 5:45pm Wilton JV Field
Prep East
Italia @ My Smile Orthodontics 5:45pm Jane Ryan School
Optical Alternatives @ Furst Properties 5:45pm Roton Middle School
Dairy Queen @ Stratford NavyP 5:45pm Short Beach Field #1
Prep West
TriTech @ InstantReplay 5:45pm Belltown Field - Stamford
All Sports Apparel @ New Canaan Black 5:45pm Connor Field New Canaan
Patriot National Bank @ Darien I-Town 5:45pm Holahan Field - Darien
OneVac @ Fire House Deli 5:45pm Western Middle School - Greenwich

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