Last Updated: August 19, 2017
  • The Father Baker Soccer League
  • is a fall Soccer League for Catholic Grammar Schools
  • in the Buffalo/WNY area. Games are played
  • in South Buffalo in Cazenovia Park.

Welcome to the home of the

Father Baker Soccer League

The league is planning for all league games to begin either the weekend of September 10-11 or September 17-18.  Please keep an eye on the "Schedules" link for updates or changes. 

Welcome to the 2016 season!

Welcome to the 2016 Father Baker Soccer League season. 

Below is some important information to get ready for this season:

A.  The season will begin or September 10-11 or September 17-18.   

  • The season should be completed by October 31. 

  • Playoffs: there will be Playoffs only for the Varsity, JV and 3rd-4th Grade age groups this year.  

    • Depending on the Division and the number of teams in each Division, there could be either (a) one playoff game played on the final weekend of the season, or (b) a semi-final and final format played over two weekends.  

    • For Divisions with 7 or 8 teams, those Divisions will have only one playoff game.  Playoff match-ups will be determined based on regular season standings (1st vs. 2nd; 3rd vs. 4th; 5th vs. 6th).   

    • For Divisions with 6 teams, those Divisions will play a semi-final and final format.  Playoff match-ups will be determined based on regular season standings (Semi-finals: 1st vs. 4th; 2nd vs. 3rd). 
  • Divisions: as in the past, each age group will have two Divisions (Bishop and Cardinal).  The goal is to divide the Divisions into teams that are similar in competitiveness.  We generally rely on the schools to report which Division their teams should be placed, but it is not always possible to meet those requests.  We will try our best to group the teams appropriately.  Schools that do not provide guidance as to the competitive-level for their teams, or are late in providing that guidance, might not get the Division they request.   

B.  League Fees: we have been successful in holding costs down in comparison to other sports in the Diocese.  The cost for 2016 will be $200.00 per team.

Please submit a check made out to “Father Baker Soccer League” by no later than Friday September 23. 

Checks can be mailed to:       

Father Baker Soccer League, C/O Malia DeAngelis, 3 Tranquility Lane, Orchard Park NY 14127.


C.  Division Coordinators:  Each of the Four age groups (Varsity, JV, 3rd-4th grade, and 1st-2nd grade) will have a separate Division Coordinator to assist with the administration of the League.  

The Coordinators will come from participating schools, and the represented schools will rotate each season. 

The Coordinators for 2016: 


D.  Reporting of scores: the procedure for reporting scores will be the same as last season, summarized below.  

  • The Coach of the winning team will email the score of the game to the Division Coordinator, with a copy to the opposing coach (also cc: and 

  • The opposing coach will reply and either agree or correct the score. 

  • Once the coaches submit the score, they will be posted to the website. 

  • Please instruct your coaches to report the scores as soon as possible after the game is played, preferably no later than Sunday evening.   

This process is designed to eliminate delays in reporting scores that have happened in the past, and to give coaches an immediate opportunity to correct any mistakenly reported scores. 


 F.  Field Locations: The locations for each age group are as follows:   

  • Varsity: all games will be scheduled for Potters Road as in the past.  The turf Pearce Field might still be an option for games later in the season, but availability is not yet confirmed. 

  • JV: all games will be played at Queen of Heaven School

  • 3rd-4th Grade:  all games will be played at the Hidden Diamond Fields

  • 1st-2nd Grade:  all games will be played at Queen of Heaven School. 


 H.  Rules for 2016 Season:    

1.  No “borrowing” players:  We are implementing a hard-and-fast rule that eliminates the use of “borrowing” players from another team.  No players will be permitted to play for more than one team.     

    • The practice of “borrowing” players, and the rules governing the use of “borrowed” players in the past, has been ripe for abuse.  As a result, in order to eliminate any uncertainty and the possibility of a team getting an unfair competitive advantage, the League is implementing a hard-and-fast “no borrowing” rule this season. 

    • All players are limited to playing for one, and only one, team all season. 

    • Sixth graders are permitted to play at the Varsity level, but if they are placed on a Varsity team, that is the only team that player can play for (he/she cannot then also play for a JV team). 

    • Fourth graders are permitted to play at the JV level, but if they are placed on a JV team, that is the only team that player can play for (he/she cannot then also play for a 3rd-4th grade team).    


2.  Rosters:  all teams must submit a Roster to Tom Finn before the first game of the season.   

    • Players on that roster can only play for that Team for the entire season. 

    • The roster must include the player’s full name, jersey number and grade. 

    • If in any game a Team uses a player that is rostered on a different team, the Team will forfeit that game.  


3.  JV Division will continue to play a 9v9 format.  

    • The purpose of this change is to mimic the format used by players in these age groups during summer leagues, which follows the US Youth Soccer recommendation for the U11 and U12 age groups. 

    • The games will be played with 8 field players, plus a Goal Keeper. 

    • At least three girls must be on the field at all times. 

    • The JV League (both Divisions) will play all games at Queen of Heaven.  No JV games will be played at the Caz Park Casino fields this season. 


4.  Tie-Breakers:  the League is altering the Tie Breaker rules for determining playoff seeding.  

    •  The primary change is that a maximum Goal Differential of +4 will be applied for all games. 

    • The purpose of the change is to eliminate the motivation for Teams to run up scores. 

    • The new Tie Breaker format is as follows: 

(1)   Total Points

(2)   Head-to-head

(3)   Number of victories

(4)   Goals against

(5)   Goals for, with a maximum of +4 goals per game

(6)   Coin flip


Olmstead Parks and Queen of Heaven School have asked that we remind everyone not to park on the grass at any of our field locations.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK VEHICLES ON ANY GRASS LOCATION.