Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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  • The Father Baker Soccer League
  • is a fall Soccer League for Catholic Grammar Schools
  • in the Buffalo/WNY area. Games are played
  • in South Buffalo in Cazenovia Park.
ALL Games Cancelled for Sat. Sept 20, 2013
2014 Season Begins Sat Sept 6 2014
Father Baker Soccer League Rules
tie breakers to determine playoff seedings
Welcome to the home of the

Father Baker Soccer League

Welcome to the 2014 season!

August 20, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Father Baker Soccer League season.  We are working on divisions now and should have a schedule up soon.  We are waiting on the City permits to determine the start date.  We will begin on Sept 6th or Sept 13th.  I will be putting the teams and coaching information into the system as it becomes available.

tie breakers to determine playoff seedings

tie breaker if necessary to determine seedings for the playoffs:

1. Total points

2. Head to head

3. Number of victories

4. Goals against

5. Goals for

6. Coin flip

During the playoffs- If the game ends in a draw. 2 - 5 minute overtime periods will be played. (Not sudden death!)

If it is still tied, the game will be determined by penalty kicks. Each team chooses 5 players. If still tied each team will chose the 6th shooter. If still tied the teams choose a 7th etc until a winner is determined.

2014 Season Begins Sat Sept 6 2014

August 27, 2014

Welcome back for another exciting year of Father Baker Soccer.

Please remember the zero tolerance policy.  We can not accept poor behavior from players, coaches, parents or visitors during our games.

This is a Catholic Elementary School League intended to promote positive behavior and sportsmanship.  Please do everything in your power to act accordingly on and off the field.  We may not always get the call we want, but screaming about it will not change the call.

As always please remember to clean up after your team do not leave a mess for someone else.

Schedules Will be posted once all teams are registered.

Father Baker Soccer League Rules

August 27, 2014

Father Baker League Rule Modifications
CO-ED SOCCER Revised 2014

1. We use FIFA Laws of the Game Guide for Referees United States Soccer Federation,
most recent edition, as our final reference in the game. The referee’s call is the final decision in disputes. We rely on the referees we hire to call games.
Referees may not be perfect however they are the ultimate authority. A review may be requested with the board and they will make the final decision in disputes.
2. This is an elementary school function and therefore the use of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited around children.
3. The league is divided into four co-ed divisions:
Mites 1st & 2nd grade.
Pewee 3rd & 4th grade
Junior Varsity 5th & 6th grade
Varsity 7th & 8th grade.
4. No jewelry of any kind will be worn by any player. This includes: string bracelets, earrings, body piercing, hair clips- metal or plastic. Only cloth rubber bands will be
permitted in a players hair. Soft headbands are allowed. No items may be taped over.
5. Younger players can move up a division and play; older players MAY NOT move down. ONLY students in grades 2,4,or 6 can move up. Players can only play on one team. If they move up they cannot also play down.
6. Younger players who are playing up a division MUST have a release form signed by a parent/ legal guardian and permission from your school principal,before stepping on the field
to play. ANY team or coach caught not following this procedure is subject to league action or sanctions. Coaches you are responsible! No one wants to be a party to a lawsuit.
ONLY students in grades 2, 4,or 6 can move up.
7. Each team will have their players in some sort of uniform, which can be as simple as t-shirts, which are to be numbered. Each player MUST wear the appropriate equipment
( shin guards, soccer socks, &shorts.) If cleats are worn they are to be molded plastic.
8. The mite and peewee division teams play on a modified field. Number of players:

Mites 8 players and a goalie.

Peewee 8 players and a goalie 

Jr. Varsity 10 players and a goalie  (subject to change)

Varsity 10 players and a goalie

9. No one is allowed to stand behind the goal box for either team, for any reason during a game. It is a distraction for both goal keepers and shooters. Spectators, siblings, players and
coaches are to be on the sidelines.
10. Gender Issue: RULE FOR ALL DIVISIONS--There must be a minimum of 4 girls on the field at all times.( 3 girl minimum for mites and pee wee divisions)
11. In the event a team can not field the specified number of players, it is up to the coaches to work out a compromise. However if a team does not have the specified number of girls they will play a player short. ( If they only have 3 girls to put on the field the fourth girls spot can not be filled with a boy. They would then play with 1 less on the
field than the other team.) The opposing coach with a full line up is under no obligation to play shorthanded, and may at anytime field a full team. EXAMPLE Team A is short
handed, team B agrees to play shorthanded as well. Team A scores 2 goals, team B is well within their rights to put their player back on the field and not play shorthanded any
longer. There is a 4 (3 girl minimum for mites and pee wee) girl minimum at all times during games. You must have 4 girls on the field at all times.
If a team does not have 4 girls they have to play a player short. The position can not be filled with a boy. IF BOTH TEAMS are short girls the COACHES MUST
AGREE that each team play with 3 girls. BOTH TEAMS MUST BE SHORT GIRLS TO PLAY WITH LESS THAN 4.

12. Win by default. If a team has less than 3 girls available for the entire game, the opposing team wins by default. The game is still played but regardless of the actual
goals scored, the outcome of the game was pre-determined. (2-0)
13. Game results will be reported by the referee. Coaches may file game comments. (subject to change)
14. If a team can not play a scheduled game, and does not contact the other team, AND referee co-ordinator Tom Finn to reschedule the game, that team forfeit’s the game to the
opponent. The game WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULED. ( Best way to communicate with Tom is e-mail

15. Game times and ball sizes: All Divisions will play ( 2 )25 min. halves with a 5 min half time.
Mites Ball size 4
Peewee Ball size 4
Jr. Varsity Ball size 4
Varsity Ball size 5
16. There is no overtime period for games that end in a tie during the regular season. Tie Breakers for Playoff season are as follows: If the game ends in a tie Two 5 min. overtime
periods will be played. NOT SUDDEN DEATH! If it is still tied, a shoot out will take place. Each team will select 5 players, and they will rotate taking penalty kicks. If it is still
tied each team will select a 6th shooter, then a 7th shooter, etc. until a winner is determined. NO PLAYER can shoot twice.
Tie breakers to determine playoff seedings are as follows: 1. Total points
2. Head to head
3. Number of Victories
4. Goals against
5. Goals for
6. Coin Flip
17. There is NO offside for Mites games only.
18. Mites will be allowed to re-do a bad throw in. One coach from each team in the mite division may be allowed on the field to help with the players development as long as they do
not interfere with the play or intimidate any of the players. The referee at any time with or without cause may ask the coach to leave the field of play.
19. Cancellations: No team is to assume a game is cancelled, unless they are informed that decision was made by a referee. ONLY A REFEREE CAN CANCEL THE GAME!!!
20. Each school must complete a sign up sheet and submit it to the league with the number of teams they are entering in each division. This sign up sheet needs to also include the name and phone number (E-mail is optional, but preferred) of the schools Principal, Athletic Director, and designated school soccer contact. Each school must also complete and submit to the league a roster for each team they have entered in the league. The roster must include: The coaches name, phone number and e-mail.
The players jersey number, name, gender, age and grade.
Rosters are to be submitted to the league. Coaches are to bring a copy of the roster to the game to give to the referee, and opposing coach if requested.
21. The school principal, and athletic director will be sent a copy of referee reports when unfavorable behavior has been conducted before during or after any game. This will be sent by the league, Tom Finn, Mark Molloy, or Brian Drake.   Schools are requested to bring all concerns through the League, rather than trying to contact another school on their own, so an investigation can be conducted.
22. The school soccer contact will be: Invited to league meetings, contacted with questions, concerns, conflicts, or information to update on weather or field conditions, referee decision to cancel games etc. They will be expected to relay the information back to their schools teams, to ensure they are all notified.
23. Substitutions:    There will not be any substitute or guest players allowed.  If a 6th grader plays for the 7-8 grade team,  he/she cannot play for the jv (5-6) team.
24. ALL COMPLAINTS and CONCERNS should be directed to Tom Finn, Mark Molloy, and Brian Drake who will have the final say in the dispute and decsions.


September 1, 2012
Olmstead Parks has asked we remind everyone not to park on the grass at any of our field locations. PLEASE DO NOT PARK VEHICLES ON THE GRASS.


If anyone has any action photos or team photos of any of last years teams/ games please send them to I will try to post them here!

Father Baker Soccer League

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