Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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Welcome to fBOT Hockey League Season 2013-2014!
April 13, 2014 – 09:39 AM

Game stats for the 3 Finals and the individual awards will be posted when I receive the info from Hockey Central and my headache subsides....stay tuned...

Quotes of the Week:

1. "I have never seen so many fans for a C Final in all my years refereeing in this League. What's up with that? " - Michel Julien the referee.

2. "I brought my visually impaired Mom to the game, and told her my sweater number is 7". - Black Ice forward Burt Rochefort, er, I mean, Richer.

3. "Hey boys...use the frigging boards. See...., they are all around the rink and they are white!" - Blues Brother Felix White in one of his finer moments.

4. "You'll be getting an award next year, ha ha!!" - Denis Conway to me (your webmaster), to which I responded, "Great, I've been waiting for the Rookie of The Year Award for 7 years now!"".

5. "So really, who's the pansy that ordered Salmon?", Red Hot Chili Pucker Bob Howard to fellow team mates. "Me", responds outgoing (and really great Captain!...we'll miss you as one) Greg Farnand after several weeks of keeping it a secret.

6. "What time do you play?" - Pylon's Brady Clark to me (your webmaster again (sorry)) in the parking lot following the Pylons loss to the Red Hot Chili Puckers team that I play for. 

7. "C'mon, don't throw your gloves in the air...geesh...we have to take the team photo before we get kicked off the ice."

- Dan Plouffe heard to mumble under his breath towards Robert S. Young (aka Bobby Benn) after The Blues Brothers C Final win over Black Ice.

8. "Went home after our Final, had some beers,... sorry, but I don't think I'm OK to drive",  - 5 time banquet designated driver Barley Mow Hawk D-man John Boivin.


Disclaimer: The fBOTCommittee is in no way responsible for the content of the Quotes of the Week unless the Quote of the Week is an insightful and intelligent quote by any member of the fBOT Committee.



A Final Champs: Les Reebok Phoques D'Or, defeating Barley Mow Hawks 4-2

B Final Champs: Lacroix Red Hot Chili Puckers, defeating Oranje Pylons 5-0

C Final Champs: Budlight Blues Brothers, defeating GHC Black Ice 1-0


That was a great Barley Mow Banquet!! 




Greetings from the FBOT Committee!
Fallingbrook Oldtimers Hockey is a fun league that has been in operation for over thirty years. It is an association of guys who love the game as much as the social outing each week. It is in the spirit of our members that we pay as much attention to the game as we do analyzing all the plays or lack of plays afterwards.
The minimum age is 45. We play each Friday evening at the Orleans Ray Friel Centre on a rotating basis: 9, 10, and 11PM.
Our games consist of two 20 minute periods that are refereed, along with a time keeper who keeps stats of penalties, goals, and assists of our members.



Don't forget to enjoy the suds, food, and good times at The Barley Mow on 10th Line!



It's always a great day for hockey, isn't it?



Fallingbrook Oldtimers Hockey League