Last Updated: May 24, 2015

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Welcome to fBOT Hockey League Season 2014-2015!

March 29, 2015 – 09:17 AM


Congrats to:

Global Health Care Black Ice (Regular Season Champs)

Barley Mow Hawks, A Final Champs

Les Reebok Phoques D'Ors, B Final Champs.

Lacroix Sports Red Hot Chili Puckers, C Final Champs

Individual Awards:

fBOT Rocket: Al Robichaud

fBOT Top Points: Al Robichaud

Top Defenceman: Robert "Howie" Howard

Top Goalie: Jeff "Goldie" Goldman

Sportsman of the Year: Marc Simard

Season MVP: Mike Hill

Most Improved Player: Greg Farnand

Playoff MVP: Ron Lawton

Rookie of the Year: Sylvain Robichaud

Vince McCann Memorial Trophy: G. Smith

Thanks to the fBOT Committee (Denis, Lyle- "that was in!!"-  & Dan), and the Barley Mow cooks and servers for a great banquet!


Good news!! Michel St. Onge has recovered from his very serious bacteria infection in his leg.


Quotes of the Week:

 1. "So I was yelling at Marty as he was coming in on me, 'c'mon, aim for my blocker!!".......and he did .........and he scored!!!'- Black Ice goalie Al Labelle


2. "Hey Smitty, I had a dream last night that you would score the winning goal.....then I woke up!" - Red Hot Chili Pucker D man Paul Anderson (sorry to add myself again, but like last year's Brady Clark's "did you play today?" zinger towards me, this is another keeper).


3. "---". - uncharacteristic loss for words from the usually vocal Black Ice legal beagle Greg Farnand after winning a well deserved Most Improved Player Award. Finally someone/something shuts him up, LOL.

4. "The Barley Mow Hawks are CHAMPS A!!!..." - Mow Hawks Captain Gerald Gosselin.


Ibidee, ibidee...that's all folks!

Y'all come back now...ya hear?


As Vince would always say, "Good Luck!!"




































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 Disclaimer: The fBOTCommittee is in no way responsible for the content of the Quotes of the Week unless the Quote of the Week is an insightful and intelligent quote by any member of the fBOT Committee.


Greetings from the FBOT Committee!
Fallingbrook Oldtimers Hockey is a fun league that has been in operation for over thirty years. It is an association of guys who love the game as much as the social outing each week. It is in the spirit of our members that we pay as much attention to the game as we do analyzing all the plays or lack of plays afterwards.
The minimum age is 45. We play each Friday evening at the Orleans Ray Friel Centre on a rotating basis: 9, 10, and 11PM.
Our games consist of two 20 minute periods that are refereed, along with a time keeper who keeps stats of penalties, goals, and assists of our members.



Don't forget to enjoy the suds, food, and good times at The Barley Mow on 10th Line!



It's always a great day for hockey, isn't it?