Last Updated: February 20, 2017
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Welcome to fBOT Hockey League Season 2016-2017!

February 18, 2017 – 01:18 AM



Results for Playoff Games # 1 are now posted.

LITJEN PHOTOGRAPHY ORANJE PYLONS are the fBOT 2016-2017 Regular Season Champs by virtue of the fBOT "Tie Breaking Rules" (for Regular Season):

1st tie breaker...Wins: Most total wins among tied teams.

2nd tie breaker....Head-to-Head Record: Most points in games against each other among tied teams.


Quotes of the Week:

1. "I was congested, so I popped a Sudafed, or two. Those things REALLY work!!" - Blues Bro Lyle Henderson, when asked why he had such a strong game.

2. "Here, have a Fisherman's Wharf. That'll wake you up like smelling salts. Every guy needs a little salty Seaman in his mouth every now and then." - Black Ice Rick Thompson, offering a wake-me-up to a sleepy team mate.

3. "The quicker I finish at home, the quicker my wife gets to sleep." - Bryan Alberton.....

..........."I'm Jealous; your wife actually stays awake until you finish?" - Pylon Bert Richer.....

....."why does it matter if the wife is awake??"- Pylon Brian Jackson.

4. "Geezuz, I nearly levitated!!"- Black Ice Mike Campbell, after an explosive nasty fart in the room.

5. "There's a lot of forgiveable mistakes that a rookie can make in this League...but forgetting the 'First Aid Kit' is not one of them."- Rookie Wilf Jephson.

6."If I would have missed the wide open net on that juicy rebound, I would have had to buy a lot of beer." - Blues Bro Dean Pengelly.

7. "There were 3 things against us Phoquers tonight:

    1) we lost the game.

    2) we broke the key that cut in to our post game locker room refreshment time.    3) Our fearless Captain/Astronaut Marc Juneau forgets the post game locker room refreshments.

At least Astronaut Marc came through at the Mow and bought the nachos." - overheard in the Phoquers locker room.

8."Those things are going in the dumpster...not my washing machine! Use some Lysol wipes for goodness sakes." - my wife to me in reference to another unfortunate pair of post-game Fruit of the Looms.































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 Disclaimer: The fBOTCommittee is in no way responsible for the content of the Quotes of the Week unless the Quote of the Week is an insightful and intelligent quote by any member of the fBOT Committee.





As Vince would always say, "Good Luck!!"





Greetings from the FBOT Committee!
Fallingbrook Oldtimers Hockey is a fun league that has been in operation for over thirty years. It is an association of guys who love the game as much as the social outing each week. It is in the spirit of our members that we pay as much attention to the game as we do analyzing all the plays or lack of plays afterwards.
The minimum age is 45. We play each Friday evening at the Orleans Ray Friel Centre on a rotating basis: 9, 10, and 11PM.
Our games consist of two 20 minute periods that are refereed, along with a time keeper who keeps stats of penalties, goals, and assists of our members.


Don't forget to enjoy the suds, food, and good times at The Barley Mow on 10th Line!


It's always a great day for hockey, isn't it?



Next Games

Friday, Feb 24
2016-2017 Playoffs
Red Hot Chili Puckers @ Budlight Blues Brothers9:00pmRay Friel Rink #1
Barley Mow Hawks @ Litjen Photography Oranje Pylons10:00pmRay Friel Rink #1
Les Reebok Phoques D'Ors @ GHC Black Ice11:00pmRay Friel Rink #1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!