Last Updated: October 24, 2014

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  • Call one hour before game time for weather update 347-260-1764
  • Or check the website or 646-659-2869
  • Call one hour before game time for updates 347-260-1764
  • Or check the website or call 646-659-2869
  • Call one hour before game time for weather updates 347-260-1764

 If your team is not on schedule its a BYE; also some teams will play DHs because two teams asked for the same week off and some teams will play a team in their division twice as teams are dropped from the league.

Finally, there have been several schedule changes because of work or family issues.

League fees are due (submit to either Steve or Vinny)

Vinny - 646-659-2869 (scheduler)        Steve 347-260-1764 (referees)

EMail:          NEW MAIL ADDRESS P.O.Box 260154  Bellerose, NY 11426

It is understood that the player(s), referee(s) and/or team(s) participate compete at their own risk. Flushing Bayside Sports and its representatives will be held harmless and without liability whatsoever. All player(s), referee(s) and/or teams(s) participating in the league agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Flushing Bayside Sports, Inc. and accept and comply with all decisions of the officials in charge.  

Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Oct 26
Division 1
Cool Runnings @ FOE 8:00am Kissena Park
Iron Lions @ New Era 8:00am Kissena Park
Sharks @ Violators 9:30am Kissena Park
Evo @ 34th Ave 11:00am Kissena Park
Rep City @ Duxx 2:00pm Kissena Park
Division 2
Astoria @ Ravens 9:30am Kissena Park
Evo @ New Era 9:30am Kissena Park
Rep City @ Predators 11:00am Kissena Park
Boss @ Grindtime 12:30pm Kissena Park
Duxx @ 34th Ave 12:30pm Kissena Park
Division 3
Wolverines @ Queens Finest 8:00am Kissena Park
Demons @ Dirt 9:30am Kissena Park
Ravens @ Marble Hill 11:00am Kissena Park
No Limit @ Trojans 12:30pm Kissena Park
No Pound @ Gamblers 2:00pm Kissena Park
Division 4
Chargers @ Real Deal 9:30am Kissena Park
Falcons @ Silverbacks 11:00am Kissena Park
GMS @ Bandits 11:00am Kissena Park
Main Event @ Wolfmans 11:00am Kissena Park
Predators @ Notorious 12:30pm Kissena Park
Division 5
D-Boyz @ Nobody Good 8:00am Kissena Park
The Naturals @ Hit Squad 8:00am Kissena Park
Vicious Boyz @ Dem Bumz 8:00am Kissena Park
RMS @ Wild Boyz 9:30am Kissena Park
Asylum @ Wild Boyz 12:30pm Kissena Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!


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