Last Updated: January 27, 2015

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Lost and Found

Folks, if you have lost something throughout the course of the season, it may have ended up in our lost and found box at the gym.  Ask the attendant at the gate and they can point you in the direction of the box.  Your ha've about a week to check it out.  After that we will be filing all contents under "D for dumpster.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Remainder of season and playoffs

Just an FYI...although we were originally scheduled to play games on Mondays at the Aux. Gym in the Community Center, as you are all aware, we haven't played a single one there this entire season...and we will not.  All games have officially been moved from the Aux. Gym to the Maltho Gym.  We apologize for any confusion or inconveniences this may have caused.

Please take a look at the updated schedules for playoffs starting in February.  Remember that ALL CADET PLAYERS will receive a trophy or a medal (whatever we can afford to do for them) at their tournament on Saturday February 21st as there team is eliminated ..or as they finish their season as Tournament Champions or runner ups.


I hope that you all have enjoyed the season.  Goof luck with the remainder of the games and in the playoffs! 


This is a reminder...or a warning to any new participants that your are NOT to park in any placarded parking spots ANYWHERE on campus. These are reserved for campus employees who use them around teh clock and on ALL days. Dont assume that because its Satirday, you can park cannot. You cannot park at the bottom of the hill UNLESS you have a handicap placard, then you may park at the Engineering building to the left of the Malyho Gym. Tickets are being written and your player will not be eligible to play until the ticket has been paid. Park on top of the hill and walk to the Gym.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Jan 28
Central Christian @ St. George 5:30pm MALTHO GYM
New Beginnings @ Saints 6:15pm MALTHO GYM
Saint George @ Geibel 7:00pm MALTHO GYM
Central Christian @ St. Peter - Red 8:00pm MALTHO GYM
Saturday,  Jan 31
Saint George @ St. Therese 9:00am MALTHO GYM
Faith Assembly @ Central Christian Church (CCC) 9:45am MALTHO GYM
St. George @ St. John the Evangelist 10:30am MALTHO GYM
Central Christian @ New Beginnings 11:15am MALTHO GYM
St. Therese @ Saints 12:00pm MALTHO GYM
Shady Grove @ Central Christian 12:45pm MALTHO GYM
Saint Mary @ Saints 1:30pm MALTHO GYM
Calvary Apostolic @ Saint George 2:15pm MALTHO GYM
St. Peter - Royal @ St. George Maronite 3:15pm MALTHO GYM
Monday,  Feb 2
St. Therese @ Saint George 5:30pm MALTHO GYM
Saints @ St. George 7:00pm MALTHO GYM
New Beginnings @ St. Therese 7:45pm MALTHO GYM
Central Christian @ Saints 6:15pm MALTHO GYM
Wednesday,  Feb 4
Cadet TBA @ Cadet TBA 5:30pm MALTHO GYM
Saints @ St. George 6:15pm MALTHO GYM
St. Therese @ St. John the Evangelist 7:00pm MALTHO GYM
Shady Grove @ Saint Mary 7:45pm MALTHO GYM
Saturday,  Feb 7
Central Christian Church (CCC) @ Saint George 9:00am MALTHO GYM
Faith Assembly @ St. Therese 9:45am MALTHO GYM
Central Christian @ St. George 10:30am MALTHO GYM
New Beginnings @ Saints 11:15am MALTHO GYM
St. Therese @ St. John the Evangelist 12:00pm MALTHO GYM
Central Christian @ Saint Mary 12:45pm MALTHO GYM
Saints @ Shady Grove 1:30pm MALTHO GYM
Saints Yellow @ Saint John the Evangelist 2:15pm MALTHO GYM
Calvary Apostolic @ Geibel 3:15pm MALTHO GYM
St. George Maronite @ Central Christian 4:15pm MALTHO GYM
St. Peter - Red @ St. Peter - Royal 5:15pm MALTHO GYM
Wednesday,  Feb 11
Central Christian Church (CCC) @ Faith Assembly 5:30pm MALTHO GYM
6th seed @ 3rd seed 6:15pm MALTHO GYM
5th seed @ 4th seed 7:00pm MALTHO GYM
5th seed @ 4th seed 7:45pm MALTHO GYM
Saturday,  Feb 14
2nd seed @ POSITION/TBD 10:30am MALTHO GYM
1st seed @ POSITION/TBD 11:15am MALTHO GYM
3rd seed @ 2nd seed 12:00pm MALTHO GYM
4th seed @ 1st seed 12:45pm MALTHO GYM
3rd seed @ 2nd seed 1:30pm MALTHO GYM
POSITION/TBD @ 1st seed 2:15pm MALTHO GYM
3rd seed @ 2nd seed 3:15pm MALTHO GYM
4th seed @ 1st seed 4:15pm MALTHO GYM
Wednesday,  Feb 18
PREP Champ Series Game-1 @ PREP Champ Series Game-1 5:30pm MALTHO GYM
ELEMENTARY Champ Series Game 1 @ ELEMENTARY Champ Series Game 1 6:15pm MALTHO GYM
Junior Championship Series Game 1 @ Junior Championship Series Game 1 7:00pm MALTHO GYM
SENIOR Championship Series Game 1 @ SENIOR Championship Series Game 1 8:00pm MALTHO GYM
Saturday,  Feb 21
PREP Champ Series Game-2 @ PREP Champ Series Game-2 11:00am MALTHO GYM
ELEMENTARY Champ Series Game 2 @ ELEMENTARY Champ Series Game 2 12:00pm MALTHO GYM
JUNIOR Championship Series Game 2 @ JUNIOR Championship Series Game 2 2:00pm MALTHO GYM
SENIOR Championship Series Game 2 @ SENIOR Championship Series Game 2 3:15pm MALTHO GYM
Central Christian Church (CCC) @ Saint George 9:00am MALTHO GYM
Faith Assembly @ St. Therese 10:00am MALTHO GYM
Cadet Tournament Championship @ Cadet Tournament Championship 1:00pm MALTHO GYM

For a complete schedule listing, click here!