Last Updated: February 21, 2016

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As we come to the end of the 2016 season, the league would like to thank all the parents, coaches, churches and players for the support that they have given. 

On Saturday, February 20th, each player will be given a ticket that he/she can use toward 1 free drink and 1 slice of pizza or doughnut.  The players will be given the tickets as they come in the door.  Players can use it anytime throughout the day.

Also we will be doing "Chuck-a-Duck" and half court shots at half times.  $1 per chance with 1/2 the collection as the price.

Thanks again for a great season!! 


Thursday - Feb 18th at Penn State (aux gym)

     Cadet semi-finals

Saturday - Feb 20th at LH Middle School gym

     Cadet finals

     Prep, Elementary, Junior, Senior semi-finals

Thursday - Feb 25th at Penn State (main gym)

     Prep, Elementary, Junior, Senior - finals



All of our Saturday games will be held at the gym located at the Faith Assembly of God Church at 690 Morgantown Road in Uniontown.  They have an awesome facility.  The gym is newer and well maintained.  (This year Penn State MALTHO Gym is not available for community events when college is in session.)  We will be using the Auxiliary gym at Penn State for Thursday night games.  We are excited for the season to begin!  Please spread the word!!  AND COME CHECK OUT THE GYM AT FAITH ASSEMBLY of GOD!

Pre-Game Statements

January 29, 2015

In case you were wondering what we are doing at mid-court before each game, we are reading a brief statement to the coaches and two Captains about what is expected as a participant of the FCCBL.  Please read this. 



Pre-Game Statement


The purpose of the FCCBL is to promote wholesome recreation and high standards of sportsmanship.  The FCCBL and the Penn State Fayette Campus shall insist that all persons connected with the League act in a manner appropriate to the purpose of the League.  No coach, parent or player shall demean or disrespect any player, coach, referee, league officer or spectator.


Only two coaches are allowed on the bench.  Only one coach is allowed to stand with the other coach remaining seated.  Only coaches, players, scorekeepers officials and league officers may be allowed on the bench side of the gym.


There shall be zero tolerance for any foul or abusive language.  Those individuals that cannot or will not abide by our high standards of sportsmanship and conduct may be asked to leave and subject themselves to further penalty from the FCCBL and/or Penn State University.