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                        5:30 pm                        7:30 pm

3/20/17             A's                               Shooting Stars


3/22/17            Blue Jays                    Dodgerettes


3/24/17           Saints                          Brewers


3/27/17           Turf Queens                 Angels


3/29/17           Yankees                       Blue Jays


                        9:00 am                      11:00 am


 4/1/17             Cubs                           Phillies


                       5:30 pm                        7:30 pm


4/3/17             Royals                         Red Sox


4//5/17           Cardinals                      Dodgerettes


4/7/17             Phillies                         Shooting Stars


4/10/17          Nationals                      Brewers


4/12/17          Dodgers                        Blue Jays


4/17/17          Turf Queens                 Saints


4/19/17          Cardinals                      Mets


4/21/17          Mets                             White Sox


4/24/17         Nationals                      Shooting Stars


4/26/17          Diamond DIvas           Tigers


                       9:00 am                     11:00 am


4/29/17           Red Sox                      A's


                        5:30 pm                    7:30 pm


5/1/17             A's                             Angels


5/3/17            Cardinals                   Cubs      


5/5/17            Saints                        Tigers


5/8/17           Padres                       Nationals


5/10/17          Phillies                       Orioles


                       9:00 am                    11:00 am


5/13/17          Cubs                           Red Sox


                        5:30 pm                     7:30 pm


5/15/17           Turf Queens              Brewers


5/17/17            Tigers                        White Sox


5/19/17          Orioles                        Mets


5/24/17         DIamond DIvas            Angels








Snack Bar News

Unfortunately during the holidays the Snack Bar was broken into.  The thieves were able to take almost everything inside including the crockpots, microwaves, ice machine and the soda machine!! Pepsi will be able to replace the soda machine.  Fortunately, we have had a replacement ice machine donated by Jack Long and his foundation. THANK YOU!

We are still in need of the other items.  We are asking for your help.  If you are able or know someone who is able to donate these items please contact our new Snack Bar coordinator, Patty at 909-210-4554 or Elaine at 909-244-8506 or Gina at 909-609-6069.

Credit Cards Accepted

Credit Card payments now being accepted at all Registration locations!


Become a Sponsor!

 Fontana American Little League is looking for Team and League Sponsors. All sponsorships are tax deductible. For more information see the Sponsor Letter.


League Mission Statement

 "Little League's main objective is through proper guidance and leadership, assist youth in developing the  qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. By exposing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty, the program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes."

(From - National Little League Mission statement)

For More Information:

Lynn Durrett 909-829-1932

Gail Lotus 909-641-1320




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