Last Updated: September 7, 2016
  • Warriors win the 2016 Championship
  • Shutdown wins consolation game
  • Coach Davis to retire after the season

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Warriors win the Championship

Captain Jason Shann led his squad, the Warrriors to the 2016 Championship

 Pictures were shot by Frank Briamonte.  You can find the rest of the pictures from the Finals here.

Semi-Finals - 3/13/2016

The Warriors and Hatorade advanced by beating HAVOC and Shutdown in a thrilling day at the FSPY.  It took 3 overtimes in these 2 games to decide the winners.


Pictures were taken by Tom St. John. You can find the pictures from semifinals week here.


League, Family Day is this Sunday following the Championship Game. Please RSVP to the evite and bring your whole family for some food, games and a good time!

2016 Post-Season Tournament Schedule

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Week 1

Week 1 is in the books and it looks like the players have jumped back into swing of things but I'm sure that everyone was plenty sore Monday morning.  Congratulations to Shut Down, Pass the Rock, Warriors and Hoosiers on their week 1 victories. Check out the Week 1 write-upEnjoy the photos taken by league rookie, Frank Briamonte

Rookie Chris Beaudry tries to get up to block the Commish's trifecta.

Jason Shann drives against Allen Maizes

Week 2

Week 2 featured a couple tight contests and a couple blow outs.Everyone got a great workout though. Enjoy the photos taken by Tom St. John

Week 3

You can find the Week 3 recap  written by Tim Gray here. Check out the Week 3 photos taken by Frank Briamonte here.

Kevin Gannon goes up for the layup.

Week 4

Check out the pics take by Tom St. John here.

Brian Murphy goes in for the left handed layup while Geoff Gonzales attempts a block.

Post-Week 4 Power Rankings

January 15, 2016

Post-Week 4 Power Rankings by JB & Associates, Inc.

#1 Shut Down Offense and defense flawless at times when Gregg Welcome Back Carder is at the helm. This team is tough to beat with all 8. LWR 1

#2 Warriors Back on track with a close win this week but how long can they hold on with Al Biggie-Smalls Morales and Omar OG Glover in a shooting slump? LWR 4

#3 Hoosiers How will they respond to their first loss? A struggling Havoc team up next on the schedule. LWR 2

#4 Hatorade Undefeated since the return of Gavin Ford. Major test next week with undefeated Shut Down up next on the schedule.  LWR 3

#5 Havoc There seems to be separation going on between the top and bottom four. When they have a full roster are they a top four team or a bottom four team? They have a real weapon in the Rob the BBB Sniper McCallum.  LWR 7

#6 Pass the Rock BrianMini-Magic Ciemneicki almost messed around and got a triple-double last game. Scott Stop & Pop Lowder continues an impressive scoring year. Team riddled by injuries. Who else will step up for a team searching for wins? LWR 5

#7 Count It! Poor ball handling and late game decision making has been the death of this team. Can they find an alternative to having the best rebounder in the game play Point Gannon? LWR6

#8 Show & Prove See Philadelphia 76ers. LWR 8



Post-Week 5 Power Rankings

Post-Week 5 Power Rankings by JB & Associates, Inc.

1. Shut Down - This team is meeting challenge after challenge. Another big one coming up against up and coming Havoc. #thehunted LWR 1

2. Hatorade - Moving up the charts after a loss? Well, they played a pretty good team and hey, they scored 55 points. LWR 4

3. Pass the Rock - Completely different team with the Beast and the guy that walked in from the Y weight room, Mike Ringer (actually Pollack). Hi Mike,  I'm Jamal and these are my useless yet controversial power rankings. Reports from the Scotch Plains Patch have Lowder booking a flight to LA to talk to a soon to be retired 6’7” Guard.  #FalconvShann #falconNowitzki LWR 6

4. Warriors - Inconsistency becoming an issue. Peaked too soon? LWR 2

5. Havoc - The 2 best 3 point shooters in the league on one team. Attendance is an issue. They can beat or lose to anyone. A shot at the throne up next.  LWR 5

6. Hoosiers - Lost 2 in a row. Is it time for a team meeting or is it just a rough patch? LWR 3

7. Countit! - Big shot Bob  (Robert Horry) Mr Big Shot (Chauncey Billups) The Closer (Joey Buckets).  LWR 7

8. Show&Prove – Are they the real reason Ian left the Y? LWR 8

Week 6

Check out the pics by Frank Briamonte and Kevin Adams here:

Post-Week 6 Power Rankings

Post-Week 6 Power Rankings by JB & Associates, Inc.

1. Shut Down - Okay everyone that stayed for the game wanted to talk about one missed fastbreak dunk. No one said "Hey good game, Jamal" or "Way help your team go 6-0" or "Nice 2 steals and layups immediately after" or "Hey, how many 6'2" 39 year olds are dunking anyway?"  All I get "he needs to go to the Gavin school of dunking" (I was dunking before Gavin had permission to get tattoos), "how's your back", "...10,000 hits on YouTube already". My son David Blatt'ed me and relieved me of my duties as his kindergarten coach. Thanks guys. Stay positive.

2. Pass the Rock - Even with a subpar performance from high scorer Lowder, they still managed to beat a good team. That new guy continues to impress. Maybe that's a captain's jersey or like when Beyonce gets a different outfit than the rest of Destiny's Child.

3. Hatorade - Okay that's 2 in a row against top competition. Gavin's dunk was nice though.

4. Warriors - Slot machine consistency. A chance at a signature win coming up.

5. Hoosiers - 45?!?! Whose man is that??? #jackryan

6. Havoc - Was that full attendance? Kevin meet Rob. Rob meet Rich. Rich meet Eljay...etc.

7. Countit! - Joey Buckets fired the guns one to many times. He will be missed. Where do they go for offense now? Can DG shoot the 3 like he did in Sunday's 2nd half?

8. Show&Prove – Hang in there fellas, everyone gets pizza on family day. It's going to be funny if they win the 1st rd of the playoffs. Unless it's against Shut Down. That wouldn't be funny at all. Berger, don't worry. I see the career high. Sucks when the other guy has 45. It's like Farrah Fawcett dying the same day as Michael one even noticed. IOU 1 high five Tuesday night.

Post-Week 7 Power Rankings

Post-Week 7 Power Rankings by JB & Associates, Inc.

1. Shut Down - That win was tough as expected without our spiritual leader, Troy and peacemaker, Ara. Everyone stepped up but I have to call out Tim 50 shades of Gray. He had a 101 degree temperature and still came in and did his thing for 40 minutes on both sides of the ball. I had to carry him to the bench like Pippen did Jordan during the famous flu game. Kieth, Special K, also labored through a bad knee. #rideordie Lwr 1


2. Pass the Rock - Down most of the game ptr took advantage of Countit!'s poor late game execution. For next week we'll turn the fan in the gym off to help with the Falcon's free throws. 1 vs 2 matchup next!!!!!! Lwr 2

3. Hoosiers – Warren is scoring at will! Will he cross half court on defense? They move up by default. Lwr 5


4. Hatorade – That's 3 losses a row! They only drop one slot because all star Fiory didn't play but is Fiory 20 points? Well, the kids at School One all love him. Are they Chris  Paul and Blake Griffin? The highlights are nice but no one is picking them to win it all? Dan Murphy channeled his inner Fiory getting plenty of shots up. Lwr 3


5. Warriors – Sputtering team offense but that Shann's a heckuva announcer.  Who cares about this past game though. Tell your wife you're taking her to a show. No not Broadway, not some chick flick, not a comedy show...well maybe a comedy. Shann vs Big Smooth part deux! Shann berated Big smooth while announcing the game after he beat Show&Prove. Smooth vowed revenge promising a valentine's day massacre. The game is at 9am. Get up early. It will be worth it. Espn 13 will be broadcasting with a 7 second delay because Berger is playing. Lwr 4


6. Havoc - Sorry guys. You looked good but no one moves up after beating Show&Prove. Lwr 6


7. Countit! - Late game decision making that made Josh Smith tweet #smh Lwr 7


8. Show&Prove – The season's not going to well but you can pick up Dave Berger's NY times best selling follow up to Keyshawn Johnson's book, Give Me the Mutha@!!@ing Ball, I'll be at Half Court! Lwr 8

Post-Week 8 Power Rankings

Post-Week 8 Power Rankings by JB & Associates, Inc.

1. Shut Down - You didn't think we'd move after a 2 point loss still holding the best record and the tie breaker from point differential against the Hoosiers, did you? The captain has to make free throws down 2 with 6 seconds left...point blank. Was this our dolphins game vs the '85 bears (shameless plug, watch the 30 for 30 on the greatest football team ever) or was it patriots vs giants...only time will tell. 1 win to clinch 1st with a possible 1st rd preview up next. LWR 1


2 Hoosiers - Flying under the radar all year but now they will be noticed. Super scorer Warren's supporting cast of Eric the hit man Halpin, Rob Base (it takes 250), and Steve Murray played well enough to make them a legitimate tile threat. Thanks for ruining valentine's day for my wife. I had a nice dinner and show planned but now it's pizza and rebounding as I practice free throws. LWR 3


3. Pass the Rock - Thank you Scott for giving us the gift of forfeit. It's what I always wanted. Much better than chasing Ciemneicki or running into the Beast. LWR 2


4. Hatorade - Gavin looking dominant but them Murphy boys are ballin'. The Lopez brothers, the Morris twins, the Currys (nah the other Curry doesn't count), but you get the point. LWR 4


5. Warriors – This team can't survive on Shann's 3's and mouth alone. Today the other shooters shot well and Chris cleaned up the rest. LWR 5


6. Havoc - Possibly the best starting 5 in the league but way below  . 500. Rent don't buy, Coach Kevin. LWR 6


7. Countit! - team forfeited to attend Holley pajama jammie jam. LWR 7


8 Show&Prove – Shann being so obnoxious had everyone quietly cheering for show & Prove. It didn't help. LWR 8

Week 9

Photos By Kevin Gannon:

Scott Lowder puts up a runner

Frank Briamonte with the Reverse!

Post-Week 9 Power Rankings

Post-Week 9 Power Rankings by JB & Associates, Inc.

Playoff seedings becoming clear. Some teams are still jockeying for position. Some stat padding opportunities are still available (I'm looking at you Mr. Lowe)


1. Shut Down - Undefeated in forfeits. Show&prove, you could've played. Troy wasn't really going to hurt your children. The league is trying to put us on ice for 3 weeks, 2 weeks before the playoffs. #conspiracy lwr 1


2. Hoosiers - Hottest team in the league going into the playoffs? 1 win away from locking the 2nd seed. MVP candidate Warren almost messed around and got triple double. This squad has eyes on the 'ship. Lwr 2


3. Warriors - Shann, the league's leading trash talker, might finally have them in the right direction but they seem to go as the 3s go. With "the dunk" in their rearview, they're poised for a playoff run. Depending on tiebreaker rules, they still have a shot at the 2nd seed. Lwr 5


4. Pass the Rock - Can injuries derail a late season run? If Michael goes down do Tito (Scott), Jermaine (Brian) and Randy (Falcon) know the steps? Lwr 3


5. Hatorade - Fiory is looking hobbled out there at about 75%. Fortunately he is still able to get up 100% of his 3's. Gavin is dealing with a swollen thumb obviously from excessive free throw shooting. Steve Lee has offered tape. Lwr 4


6. Countit! - Whew finally out of that 7th spot! Have they figured out how to make the all forward offense work? It was tough to put them over havoc because of the talent on that roster but 1 game can be a fluke but twice means truth, you're better. Lwr 7


7. Havoc - Maybe they should try the Holley Pajama Jammie Jam bond night. You have to wear pajamas though Kevin regardless of your freestyling at home. Still a dangerous team for a top seed to play but can they figure it out? Will Kevin continue to wear the Wonder Years socks? Lwr 6


8. Show&prove - The funny thing is they haven't shown or proven. Smh. Lwr 8



Post-Week 11 Power Rankings

Post-Week 11 Power Rankings by JB & Associates, Inc.

Well this is it. Here's your final power rankings as we prepare for the playoffs. We had a lot going on with makeup games, off-site games and playoff seeding.

1. Shut Down - The league conspiracy is in full effect. Our last game was a loss on 2/14. Our next game at the y will be the 1st round on 3/6. On top of that the opponent is all of a sudden the hottest team in the league. #shutdownvseverybody

2. Hoosiers – Entering the playoffs after a loss. Maybe they were just looking ahead. That could've cost them the #2 slot in the seeding but it didn't. 

3. Warriors – Team mvp Chris cleanup is flying under the radar but he's been their Draymond Green. Can the team captain, Jason lead this talented team to the promised land? He'll need his hired guns OG and Biggie Smalls to fire on target. 

4. Hatorade – Somehow they beat the Hoosiers with Fiory having a bad shooting night. They will go as far 2 headed monster can take them...4 if you incude the refs. Will Fiory get caught looking ahead to his much desired shot at Shut Down when neither team has even gotten to the 2nd round yet? Careful what you wish for, son.

5. Pass the Rock - Has Michael realized "I'm better than these guys" therefore leaving his less talented brothers to do the unheralded Jackson 4 tour without him? Nobody wants to see Randy moonwalk. They could just have the Ringer on ice until the playoffs. With him championship contender, without him 2nd round?

6. Countit! - They'll get the  rebounding champ back for the playoffs and try to prove that size matters. There is no truth to the rumor that the toe injury came from kicking Coach in the forehead after a score board argument. 

7. Show & Prove - First let's just take a moment and think about how far they've come. You remember the emails. Now this. They enter the playoffs as the hottest team in the league looking to shock the world. How fitting is it that a pediatric dentist, Geoffrey, came back and looked in his childish patients mouth, saw the infected, nasty cavity and drilled then filled it to 2 straight wins?

8. Havoc - Sorry guys but potential has an expiration date.