Last Updated: April 1, 2015

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  • Jamal Berry League MVP
  • Championship Game: Lock Down 52 Bricklayers 35
  • Consolation Game: Run-DNC 63 NPZ 52
  • Kentucky, Wisconsin Punch Final Four Passes
  • Year-End Festivities Tonite @ Darby Road @ 8pm

Lock Down Wins Championship

Winning team members (L-R):Stephen Murray, Omar Glover, Tim Gray, Jamal Berry, Troy Sims, Isaac Durrette, Jimmy Hedden and Ara Movsesian.

League MVP

Jamal Berry has been named League MVP for the 2014-15 season. Berry lead the league in scoring and assists.

Week 2 Photos/Courtesy of Michael Zito

December 16, 2014

Week 3 Photos/Courtesy of the Photo Committee

January 13, 2015


Week 6 Photos by Mike Zito

January 18, 2015


Week 7 Photos

January 26, 2015

Week 8 Photos by Mike Zito

February 1, 2015

Week 9 Photos by Kevin Gannon

February 9, 2015

All-Rookie Team

March 2, 2015

Joe DeGennaro (NPZ), Rob Christensen (Hatorade), Stephen Murray (Lock Down), Dan Colwell (Hatorade), Geoffrey Gonzalez (Run-DNC).

East All-Stars

March 3, 2015

Brian Parker (Bricklayers), Joseph Encarnacion (Run-DNC), Omar Glover (Lock Down), Jason Shann (RunNGun-1), Warren Lowe (NPZ), Tim Gray (Lock Down), Kevin Adams (NPZ).

West All-Stars

March 3, 2015

James Patrick (Run-DNC), Kevin Gannon (Bricklayers), Dennis Glynn (Hatroade), Chris Mattina (Bricklayers), David Ferreiro (NPZ), Justin Fiory (Run-DNC), Greg Carder (RunNGun-1)

Week 12 Photos by Kevin Adams

March 11, 2015



Lowder Wins 3 pt. Contest

March 22, 2015

Family Day Activities Photos by Tom St. John

March 22, 2015