Last Updated: September 30, 2015
Coaches Meeting
8 Days


The Middlesex Catholic Grammar School Basketball League is led by the philosophy that the sport of basketball should be fun, developmentally appropriate and allow each individual to participate to the full extent of his ability. Equal emphasis should be placed on the overall development of each player including: self-respect, respect for other players and teams, teamwork to achieve objectives as well as fair and honest competition. Coaches' Code of Conduct and Players' Code of Conduct are essential elements of the philosophy of the league.

2015-2016 Season-Kick off Meeting

On Tuesday October 13 @ 7PM at Malden Catholic, there will be a meeting for coaches and ADs to kickoff the 2015-2016 Basketball Meeting.Please bring 10 gym dates to the meeting. The Junior Division will pay 7 home games while the Senior Division will play 8 home games.