Last Updated: February 24, 2017
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The Middlesex Catholic Grammar School Basketball League is led by the philosophy that the sport of basketball should be fun, developmentally appropriate and allow each individual to participate to the full extent of his ability. Equal emphasis should be placed on the overall development of each player including: self-respect, respect for other players, and teams, teamwork to achieve objectives as well as fair and honest competition. Coaches' Code of Conduct and Players' Code of Conduct are essential elements of the philosophy of the league.

Playoff Schedule 2017-Junior League

Junior Division

Prelim-Saturday Feb 18 @ Pope John Everett

Preliminary Round

  1. Game #1-9:00 AM St. Pats vs. St. Mary 6th
  2. Game #2-10:05 AM St. Clements vs. St. Joseph Wakefield
  3. Game #3-11:10 AM St. Charles vs. St. Anthony
  4. Game #4-12:15 PM St. Mary 5th vs. St. Rays 5th


Quarter Finals-Sunday Feb 19 @ Pope John Everett

QTR Final Round

  1. Game #5-12:30 PM St. Mary 6th vs. OLA 
  2. Game #6-1:35 PM St. Clements vs. Cheverus
  3. Game #7-2:40 PM St. Anthony vs. St. Rays 6th
  4. Game #8-3:45 PM St. Rays 5th vs. I/C Revere


Semi Finals-Malden Catholic- Tuesday February 21, 2017

  1. Game #9-6:20 PM OLA vs. I/C Revere
  2. Game #10-7:30 PM Cheverus vs. St. Rays 6th


 Finals-Malden Catholic 

Saturday February 25, 2017 @ 8PM

I/C Revere vs. St. Rays 6th



There will be an admission fee charged for ALL Playoff Games. The fees collected, help defray the costs of trophies, referees, and gym fees.

  • Students-$1.00
  • Seniors-$2.00
  • Adults-$4.00

Playoff Schedule 2017-Senior League

February 21, 2017

Senior League:

Quarter Finals:Saturday Feb 25 @ Malden Catholic

  1. Game #1-2:20 PM St. Marys vs. St. Agnes
  2. Game #2-3:40 PM OLA vs. I/C Revere
  3. Game #3-5:00 PM Cheverus vs. St. Joes Wakefield
  4. Game #4-6:20 PM St. Clements vs. St. Rays 7th

Semi Finals:-Sunday February 26 @ Malden Catholic

  1. Game #5-1:30 PM 
  2. Game #6-3:00 PM

Championship Game-TBA