Last Updated: February 5, 2016


The Middlesex Catholic Grammar School Basketball League is led by the philosophy that the sport of basketball should be fun, developmentally appropriate and allow each individual to participate to the full extent of his ability. Equal emphasis should be placed on the overall development of each player including: self-respect, respect for other players and teams, teamwork to achieve objectives as well as fair and honest competition. Coaches' Code of Conduct and Players' Code of Conduct are essential elements of the philosophy of the league.

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Coaches/Athletic Directors, Please check the "Contacts Info" and the "Venues" tabs to ensure the correct information is posted. If corrections need to made please email Len Dietrich In the Subject line, please post your school name.

Playoff Schedule 2016-Junior League

Junior Division

Prelim & Qtr Round-Saturday Feb 13 @ Malden Catholic HS

Preliminary Round

  1. Game #1-10:30 AM St. Pat's(5) vs. St. Anthony
  2. Game #2-11:35 PM St. Joes (5) vs. St. Joseph Wakefield
  3. Game #3-12:40 PM St. Mary vs. OLA
  4. Game #4-1:45 PM St. Charles vs. Cheverus
  5. Game #5-2:50 PM St. Clements vs St. Pat's (6)

QTR Final Round

  1. Game #6-3:55 PM Game (1) Winner vs. Game (2) Winner
  2. Game #7-5:00 PM Game (3) Winner vs. St. Joes (6)
  3. Game #8-6:05 PM Game (4) Winner vs. I/C
  4. Game #9-7:10 PM Game (5) Winner vs. St. Rays


Semi Finals-Monday 2/15 @ Malden Catholic

  1. Game #10-6:00 PM Game (6) Winner vs. Game (9) Winner
  2. Game #11-7:00 PM  Game (7) Winner vs. Game (8) Winner

 Finals-Saturday Feb 20-8PM @ Malden Catholic

  1. Game #12 Game (10) Winner vs. Game (11) Winner

There will be an admission fee charged for ALL Playoff Games. The fees collected, help defray the costs of trophies, referees, and gym fees.

  • Students-$1.00
  • Seniors-$3.00
  • Adults-$4.00

Second Half Schedule

 The Second Half of the Junior & Senior Schedules are posted. The games dated on July 4th obviously need to be scheduled. If there are discrepancies, only the Athletic Director from that school is authorized to contact Frank with any potential conflicts. Please check the schedules frequently, for any last minute changes in times or locations


Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, Feb 8
Junior Division
OLA @ St. Raphael's5:30pmAndrews School-Medford
St. Charles @ Cheverus5:45pmCheverus School-Malden
St. Joseph-Wakefield @ I/C-Revere7:00pmImmaculate Conception-Revere
Senior Division
St. Mary's-8th @ St. Raphaels-7th6:30pmAndrews School-Medford
St. Charles @ Cheverus7:00pmCheverus School-Malden
St. Patricks-8th @ St. Josephs7:00pmSt. Joseph's School-Medford
St. Clements @ St. Raphaels-8th7:45pmAndrews School-Medford
St. Joseph's-Wakefield @ I/C Revere8:00pmImmaculate Conception-Revere
Tuesday, Feb 9
Junior Division
St. Joseph (6th) @ OLA6:30pmMcDevitt Middle School
Friday, Feb 12
Junior Division
St. Raphael's @ St. Joseph (5th)6:00pmSt. Joseph's School-Medford
St. Patrick's (5) @ St. Patrick's (6)6:30pmRobinhood School-Stoneham
Senior Division
St. Joseph's-Wakefield @ OLA7:00pmMcDevitt Middle School
St. Clements @ St. Josephs7:00pmSt. Joseph's School-Medford
St. Agnes @ St. Patricks-8th7:30pmRobinhood School-Stoneham
Saturday, Feb 13
Senior Division
St. Patricks-7th @ St. Anthony's10:00amPope John H.S.-Everett
Cheverus @ St. Agnes6:30pmFidelity House-Arlington
Sunday, Feb 14
Senior Division
St. Mary's-8th @ St. Clements12:30pmSt. Clements School
I/C Revere @ St. Mary's-7th2:15pmPope John H.S.-Everett

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