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Post Season tournament will be on Oct. 15.  Schedules to be determined by regular season records. 

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Oct 1
Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Cowboys (Robinson)8:00amRobinson PF1
NC State Wolfpack @ United (Robinson)8:00amRobinson PF2
Baylor Bears @ Bears (Robinson)10:00amRobinson PF2
Texas Longhorns @ Texans (Robinson)11:00amRobinson PF2
Oregon Ducks @ All America8:00amLorena Middle School Left
TCU Horned Frogs @ Army Black Knights8:00amLorena Middle School Right
Wichita State Shockers @ Texas Longhorns9:00amLorena Middle School Right
Rockets (Robinson) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers9:00amLorena Middle School Left
Renegades (Robinson) @ Oakland Raiders10:00amLorena Middle School Left
Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans10:00amLorena Middle School Right
Jr. Tackle
Tri-City Panthers @ United (Robinson)9:00amROCKET STADIUM FIELD
Lorena @ Rockets (Robinson)11:30amROCKET STADIUM FIELD
Sr. Tackle
Tri-City Panthers @ Dolphins (Robinson)10:15amROCKET STADIUM FIELD
Bulldogs (Robinson) @ Lorena Black12:00pmLorena Middle School Field
Lorena Red @ United (Robinson)12:45pmROCKET STADIUM FIELD
Tuesday, Oct 4
Cowboys (Robinson) @ Bears (Robinson)6:00pmRobinson PF1
Texans (Robinson) @ United (Robinson)7:00pmRobinson PF1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!