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Lorena PIX

FLF Picture Day Schedule
September 14, 2013

We will do pictures on Saturday Sept. 14th at the High School Field, if the weather turns bad we will do them indoors. Please make sure you are there on time. Your child's team coach should have given and/or will be giving you a picture sign up form at practice this week. You need to fill it out and choose the packet you want to purchase. This year you will be asked to pay for the pictures the day they are taken. You will be able to pay with either cash/check/credit. Forms will be available from the photographer on the 14th picture day.

The following is the schedule for picture day.

7:00am - Lorena JUNIOR TACKLE TEAM (plays @ 9:00 in China Spring)

7:15am - LSU Tigers

7:30am - Boise State Broncos

7:45am - Oklahoma Sooners

8:00am - Baylor Bears

8:15am - Houston Texans

8:30am - San Diego Chargers

8:45am - Pittsburgh Steelers

9:00am - San Francisco 49ers

9:15am - Lorena White (tackle Team) (plays @ 11:00pm in Robinson)

9:30am - Lorena Black (tackle team) (plays @ 11:00 in Robinson)

9:45am - Dallas Cowboys

10:00am - Philadelphia Eagles


Please contact me if you have any questions. (214) 926-0072

Thank you,

Cody Lewis
Future Lorena Football

October 8, 2010

To promote a positive environment in competitive youth flag & tackle football, fostering character, athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship, in preparation for Lorena Middle School & High School Football.

Lorena PIX
August 30, 2010

Check out the "Links" section of the menu. There is a link for Lorena Pix. You will be able to order action shots of the FLF games directly from their site.

Also, Lorena Pix will be posting some action shots in our photo album section of the main menu.

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