Last Updated: April 26, 2017
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The season is underway!!

Check out our calendar for a list of upcoming games.

We hope to see you at the ball field supporting your favorite team!!

If you have questions or concerns please contact a board member

Fredericksburg Youth Little League is a Little League International chartered program.



Upcoming Games & Practices

Wednesday, Apr 26
Coach Pitch Boys
PRACTICE Cubs7:00pmOld Fair Park B
Minor Boys
PRACTICE Hilltop5:30pmOakcrest A
Major Boys
PRACTICE Panthers5:30pmLady Bird Johnson Big
PRACTICE Rangers5:30pmOakcrest B
Intermediate Boys
Ingram @ FBG White7:00pmOakcrest B
Minor Girls
PRACTICE SWATT5:30pmOld Fair Park A
Select Teams
PRACTICE United Softball 10u5:30pmOld Fair Park B
PRACTICE United Softball 14u7:00pmOld Fair Park A
Thursday, Apr 27
Coach Pitch Boys
PRACTICE Silverbacks4:00pmOld Fair Park B
PRACTICE Silverbacks4:00pmOld Fair Park B
PRACTICE Crushers5:30pmOld Fair Park A
PRACTICE Crocodiles5:30pmOld Fair Park B
PRACTICE Greyhounds7:00pmOld Fair Park A
PRACTICE Wild Cats7:00pmOld Fair Park B
Minor Boys
PRACTICE Wolverines5:30pmOakcrest A
PRACTICE Bandits7:00pmOakcrest A
Major Boys
PRACTICE Oak Crest Bombers5:30pmLady Bird Johnson Big
Intermediate Boys
Harper @ FBG White8:00pmOakcrest B
Junior Boys
Boerne @ FBG White7:00pmOakcrest C
Minor Girls
Timberwolves @ Kerrville6:00pmKerrville
Kerrville @ Dragons6:00pmOld Fair Park B
Junior Girls
FBGLL Avalanche @ Kerrville8:00pmKerrville
Select Teams
PRACTICE United Baseball 11u5:30pmOakcrest B
Friday, Apr 28
Tee Ball
PRACTICE Roosters4:15pmOld Fair Park B
Blue Rays @ Aggies6:30pmOld Fair Park A
Minor Boys
Hilltop @ Wolverines6:00pmOakcrest A
Crush @ Harper6:00pmOakcrest B
Major Boys
Rangers @ Panthers8:00pmOakcrest A
Harper 1 (Kramer) @ Harper 2 (Mauldin)8:00pmOakcrest B
Coach Pitch Girls
PRACTICE Huskies5:30pmOld Fair Park A
Major Girls
Mason @ Heat8:00pmOld Fair Park B
Select Teams
PRACTICE Force5:30pmLady Bird Park Lighted

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Jun 1
2017 FBGLL Coach Pitch BoysOld Fair Park B
Friday, Jun 2
2017 FBGLL Coach Pitch BoysOld Fair Park B
Saturday, Jun 3
2017 FBGLL Coach Pitch BoysOld Fair Park B

For a complete calendar listing, click here!