Last Updated: April 13, 2014

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Calling All Seniors & Bigs Players Register Now!!!

You can come by the field anytime there is a game at Bradfield, you will need 3 proof of residence and a copy of your birth certificate.  Fee to register is $135.00.


Can't wait to see you guys!






Celebrating Little League's 75th year!!!! 









Please do not bring bikes, skateboards, scooters, skates, etc to the park.

The city ordinance does not allow these items to be rode in the area around the ballfields and we have been asked by the city to enforce this!

If you or your child is seen riding one of these items we will ask you to please remove the item from the ballfield.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter!

Garner Little League Board Members




Upcoming Events

Monday,  Apr 21
American - Padres @ Pirates 6:00pm Bradfield 1
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Intermediates - Marlins @ Braves 7:00pm Holford #2
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Nationals - Cubs @ Braves 8:00pm Bradfield 1
Thursday,  Apr 24
American - Dodgers @ Indians 6:00pm Bradfield 1
Friday,  Apr 25
TBall - Mudcats @ Dodgers 6:00pm Bradfield 1
TBall - Rangers @ LugNuts 6:00pm Holford 4
Intermediates - Red Sox @ Reds 7:00pm Bradfield 2
Nationals - Braves @ Giants 8:00pm Holford 3
Saturday,  Apr 26
4YR Old - Dragons @ Cubs 9:00am Bradfield 1
Intermediates - Braves @ Reds 9:00am Bradfield 2
Intermediates - Marlins @ Red Sox 9:00am Holford #2
Juniors - W Dallas 2 @ Red Sox 1:00pm Bradfield 2
Juniors - Red Sox @ W Dallas 2 4:00pm Bradfield 2
TBall - Rangers @ Scrappers 4:00pm Holford 4
American - Mets @ Pirates 6:00pm Bradfield 1
Nationals - Astros @ Cubs 8:00pm Holford 4

For a complete calendar listing, click here!