Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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This website is dedicated to girls youth softball for Garrettsville, Ohio. It's purpose is to share information with coaches, parents, players and residents pertaining to upcoming meetings, teams, practice and game schedules.

Click here for updated game schedules from Portage website, this is the master schedule:




Umpire fees for 2015 are $45 per home game for the regular season. It is the Home coaches responsibility to pay the umpire PRIOR to the game starting. Coach Pitch games do not have umpires. 


*Open times for both fields and batting cages are on a first come, first serve basis. Requests more than 7 days in advance of the requested time will not be granted. Re-scheduled games take precedence over scheduled practice times. Your practices can be canceled and you will be notified. Text Mark Brann for requests and questions.

FIELDS: Look for field availability on the calender and text Mark Brann with request and calender will be updated when possible. 


  • The week of 5/4: B & C fields may be used for scheduled C League games. Your practices may be canceled. 
  • The week of 5/11: Season for all leagues start. ALL existing field practice times are null & void. See above for how to schedule*.  

BATTING CAGES: Reference batting cage section of "2015 Field Practice Time". These times will remain in effect for the entire regular season. See above for how to schedule*.





For OGSO and CP rules, go to the Portage Girls Softball site under the handouts tab.

Portage Girls Softball Calender: