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This website is dedicated to girls youth softball organization of Garrettsville, Ohio. It's purpose is to share information with coaches, parents, players and residents pertaining to upcoming meetings, teams, practice and game schedules.


It is finally the last week of the season. With that being said, it is important that games are completed. Most teams are in good shape, some on the other hand are not. I want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that for all levels above coach pitch that there are certain requirements the state OGSO board has in place for you to play in post season tournaments. We went over all this during the coaches meeting, but now is a good time to review. Each team has to play 70% of their scheduled games. Forfeits and not played games don't count as a played game, they count as a game missed. Of your games played, players must compete in 70% of those to be eligible. Pretty simple to do the math. If you play all 12 games, a player can miss 3 games to be eligible. Please keep this in mind when you are finishing this week, that you may be OK but the team you are playing might not be and they really need the game to be played. Also if the game isn't played, then you will not be awarded any points for it at the draw and it could affect your placement on the brackets. If you cannot get the games in this week and eligibility is an issue, than the game can be played next week (as long as there are umpires available) , but they must be scheduled prior to the draw and have an umpire assigned.

June 28:          District Tournament Draw - Mogadore Lions Park - Pavilion
                         5pm:  C League (14U)
                         6pm:  B League (12U)
                         7pm:  A League (10U)

Please bring your score book and written down the names of your 2 all stars with contact #'s and positions. Reminder, one of the rostered coaches must be there for the draw. If no one is there to represent your team, you will not be placed on the bracket. We will go over the procedures for the tournaments. Please be advised that there are 2 umpires on a game for each district game and each umpire gets paid $35. One team pays the plate umpire and one pays the field umpire. So each coach will have to have $35 per each district game*. Whatever venue you choose to play, you will be required to be there at 5:30pm to check in and then there will be a coin flip to decide home team and then that will determine what dugout your are in. At check-in, you will need a photo ID and the official stamped roster. We will sign it at each game and you need to take it with you to every game. The State Brackets and the Portage District Brackets will be up later this week so that you can prepare. Please make sure all your scores are in before Sunday at 4pm.

*Because of the variability in the number of games played from team-to-team throughout the tournaments, you will be reimbursed for your tournament fees at the season closing meeting. If this causes undue hardship, please let the treasurer know and arrangements will be made. 

For districts, OGSO has given us 4 brackets to state for each A, B, C. So Portage will have 12 teams at state in these 3 divisions. 



It is coming up this weekend 6/27. There will be no Friday games. We will be playing just 2 days. There are some teams that have notified us that they will not be playing. If you haven't notified us, we expect you to be there and your team will be placed in the brackets Thursday. All scores need to be in by Wednesday at midnight. At that point the brackets will be prepared whether your 10 games are in or not. Every game will have a MVP from each team and they will receive a shirt. Every team that loses will be awarded a medal on the field at the conclusion of their game. Trophies will be awarded to first and second place teams in CP1, and the 2 CP2 brackets. Championship games will be announced with full fan fare. Every Game will be umpired. The playing times depending on your bracket and seed will be 10am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 5pm for Saturday. The CP1 Championship game will be at 12:30pm on Saturday. The first 2 times are for the one bracket in CP2 and the last 2 times are for the other brackets. You will not play more than 2 games in a day. On Sunday the first semi final games for the one bracket are at 10am with the finals at 12:30pm. The other bracket will have their semi-final games at 12pm and the finals at 2:30. These of course are based on the number of teams we have coming at this current time.


Coach Pitch brackets will be released Thursday June 25th. All scores need to be in by Wednesday June 24th at midnight. The brackets will be based on scores reported. So please make sure any missing scores are up to date.



*Open times for both fields and batting cages are on a first come, first serve basis. Requests more than 7 days in advance of the requested time will not be granted. Re-scheduled games take precedence over scheduled practice times. Your practices can be canceled and you will be notified. Text Mark Brann for requests and questions.

FIELDS: Look for field availability on the calendar and text Mark Brann with request and calendar will be updated when possible. 

BATTING CAGES: Reference batting cage section of "2015 Field Practice Time". These times will remain in effect for the entire regular season. See above for how to schedule*.




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