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2015 Signups

This website is dedicated to girls youth softball for Garrettsville, Ohio. It's purpose is to share information with coaches, parents, players and residents pertaining to upcoming meetings, teams, practice and game schedules.

2015 Softball player sign-ups begin this week.

Feb. 4th from 6:00-8:00. Feb. 7th & 14th from 9:00-12:00 at the Village Hall.

Cost is $60 per girl or $100 per family. There will be an additional $10 fee for all late sign-ups.

New players must bring a copy of birth certificate.


3rd Annual North Akron Tournament April 25-26

(Garrettsville teams wanted)

           "Here we go again we will be holding our annual tournament the last weekend of April this coming year and are looking to grow again we will be trying to add an 8u division this year to go with 10,12 and 14. Every year we have grown in team size and hope to do so again this year. 

There will be a four game guarantee (weather permitting) we are doing 80 minute time limit this year also so games are longer. Pool play is free substitution and round robin batting, bracket play is going to be minimum 10 batting and ever player on team is to play field and bat at least once, more specific rules to follow.

           Fees are as follows 300 per team deposits need to be made ASAP to reserve spot. We will also be raffling off a bat, tickets will be 1 a piece or 7 for 5 and prize will be in the form of a gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods which can be used on line.

           Any question please contact Chris at 330-958-0007 or email at"

*** A team from Garrettsville, Crestwood, and travel played here last year as “Garrettsville Strong” as a fund raiser for the fire fund. We had a lot of fun and won the tourney. Any questions call the tournament director above or you can call me at 440-487-0486-Tom VanKirk. I may be able to get Garrettsville teams a discount. ***






Garrettsville Strong charity softball team won the North Akron 2nd Annual Spring Warmup and raised over 1000.00, and counting, for the Gville fire fund!!

Great job ladies!! For a team that never played together before, they had great team chemistry and team work. Went 5-0 for the weekend.


The donation will go in the name of Garrettsville Youth Softball and the Ohio Outlaws!!

Thanks to all the participated, could not have done it without you!!!



Click here for updated game schedules from Portage website, this is the master schedule:



Season Information

Portage will update their website with the entire schedule, here the link to it:

Portage league calender:

To reschedule games, please contact ***info to be updated shortly***.
Also, if you are calling about an umpire not at your game, do not call Diane until its game time.

The last meeting we left saying 6 rosters were required at roster turn in [which is April 21st] --- but the number is actually 7 ... See Bylaws below; 



RULE 4.                      TEAM ROSTERS

A.   All teams must turn in seven (5) rosters TYPE WRITTEN to the County League Secretary at the meeting scheduled for that purpose.  (Exception – coach pitch league where only three (2) rosters are needed.)  Each Manager will have returned to him/her one roster which will be their “official roster”.

B.    This roster shall include all Players, Coaches, and Manager.  All player names must be typed in descending birth date order with the senior girls listed first.



*Don’t forget to remind your coaches that all must have completed the background check and concussion course. 

Background Checks and Cuncussion Course mandatory for all coaches!!

Background checks and new cuncussion tests must be completed by APRIL 15!!!

 The Concussion Course is Mandatory for ALL head coaches and assistant coaches.  Each coach will have to register with on the NFHS site and sit through a video and take a 5 question quiz. Upon completion, there is a certificate to print out and a completion code that is provided afterward on their NFHS profile page for that coach. That completion code must be written on the certificate. This course is FREE even though the site has you do a checkout. The certificate must be brought in with the rosters. 

 Here is the URL to the OGSO news page where both have links in.

 About the law:

 The background check has not changed.

Please follow the instruction below to complete this process:

1. Click on this link to start backgroud process: Background Check
2. On "What to Expect" screen, click GO
3. For organization, click OGSO Portage, 9991 Newton Falls Rd, Ravenna (IMPORTANT)
4. Click OGSO
5. Click NEXT
6. Fill out Personal Information, click NEXT
7. Fill out Credit Card Information, click NEXT
8. Review your information, click PLACE ORDER
9. Print "Congratulations" page and give it to your head coach to submit to G-ville Board for reimbursement.

One last step, you will need to email Danielle Jones ( to let her know that you have completed your background check. Please include in your email the LAST 4 DIGITS of your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER so that she can match it with her background check report.

If you choose not to do a background check, then you will not be able to coach in the 2012 OGSO season. All coaches must have the check, not just head coaches. If you are in the dug out you need the check, no exceptions.