Last Updated: November 2, 2015

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  • Train hard, practice hard and play hard....beating you becomes hard!

Georgia BlackCrackers Baseball
"A Tradition, A Lifestyle, A Legacy"
USTBA National Champions
USSSA World Series Champions
CamSports World Series Champions
IBC World Series Champions
Perfect Game/East Cobb Invitational- 3rd Place



The Georgia BlackCrackers baseball team from Columbus, Georgia is a youth baseball organization taking it back to the old Negro Leagues as they represent young men of all ethnicities playing the game of baseball. Formerly known as the East Georgia Hurricanes, the Georgia BlackCrackers baseball team is a perennial powerhouse in the Southeast and welcomes your support and encouragement as we continue to excel in the game of baseball.

Goal: To use baseball's ups and downs to help these young men with life's ups and downs to achieve a higher level of success both academically and athletically.

Objective: To help change the culture and dynamics of African American Baseball (America's Favorite Pastime) from one of degradation to a culture facilitating the vision of the Parents, Players, and Coaches of the Georgia BlackCrackers while fostering an environment of stability and upward mobility breaking down racial walls and allowing all to see that baseball is a game that sees no color but brings all ethnicities into a family of unity while each team strives together to reach a common goal.