Last Updated: May 23, 2016
  • Want to be a more active Member? - Board meetings are held the first Monday of every month
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  • Clubhouse Rental info: Mark Haynes @ #812-457-1332

2016 Jamboree and Fundraiser Recap.

A huge thank you to EVERYONE involved in this years jamboree.  It was a huge success and couldn't have been done without all of you.  All of our teams looked great and  are excited for the season to get underway for all divisions.  players were given the opportunity to participate in a home run derby.  Our winners are:

U8--Natalee Polage

Pinto--Trey Beucher

U10--Lillian Traylor

Bronco--Luke McDurmon

Mustang--Ethan Goodin

Pony--Jake McDurmon and Aiden Foley tied


All winners will be receiving a tshirt.  Congratulations to you all!


We had another successful fundraiser this year.  The total number for this year  is $8,115.

Our top sellers are

Girls: Kamri Sumrall

Boys: Will Hoffman

There will be a gift card coming their way for doing such a great job!


We would like to inform everyone that there were a few loins that may have been undercooked.  If you received any meat that wasn't done please send your names and address for a refund.  The email address is listed below:


Thank you again for everyone's help and have a great season!








Team pictures will be taking place beginning April 23rd-25th in the clubhouse.  Coaches will be sending out picture order forms but you still will be able to grab one at picture time in case you forget yours.  Picture times will be set by your coaches.



2016 Commissioners

The new commissioners for 2016 are:

Girls--Ryan Leeds

Boys--Steve Waugerman

Pinto--Adam Schiff

Mustang--Andy Hoffman

Bronco--Aaron Schapker

Pony--Robb Bumb

T-Ball--Kelly Bishop

Shetland--Steve Waugerman (Interim)



Congratulations 2016 Officers and Board Members

We would like to congratulate the following booster club members on their election as 2016 Officers and Board Members. They are as follows:

Board Members
President Aaron Schapker Buddy Hales         Ryan Leeds
Vice President Andy Hoffman Rob Waller           Jared Reyher
Treasurer Robb Bumb Mark Haynes        Todd Tichenor
Secretary Kelly Bishop Craig Polage        Todd Niemeier


German Ball Club has some vacant positions:

 Shetland Commissioner

Monthly Board Meetings

All German Township members (and new members!) are always welcome to the monthly Board meetings.  Our meetings are held to improve our club and support our community baseball and softball programs.  If you would like to learn more about the club, become a coach, or are looking for a way to be more involved with your child's activities, please come join us at one of our monthly meetings.

The club meets on the first Monday of every month.  

April through October, meetings begin at 8 pm.  

November through March, meetings begin at 7 pm.


Clubhouse Rentals

Our Clubhouse is available to members and non-members for rental.  It is an ideal location for meetings, parties, family reunions, birthdays, weddings, holiday celebrations, and other special events.

The clubhouse is equipped with chairs, tables, large restrooms, a fully equipped kitchen with large gas stove, refrigerator, dual prep sinks, and large center island for food preparation & display are included.  Rentals also have access to the ball fields as long as there are no games or practices scheduled. There is plenty of outdoor room to bring your outdoor games and BBQ equipment.

Rental fee for members is $160 and non-members is $200.


Contact one of our rental coordinators for availability

Mark Haynes 812-457-1332 or

Ryan Leeds 812-457-4711 or




Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 24
BA - St Bens @ German 5:30p5:30pmGRAY FIELD
MA - Stringtown @ G5 5:30p5:30pmBLUE FIELD
Shetland - G1 @ G4 5:30p5:30pmGOLD FIELD
U8 - Harwood @ G1 6:00p6:00pmRED FIELD
BA - St Bens @ German 7:30p (DH makeup from 5/10)7:30pmGRAY FIELD
Wednesday, May 25
MN - St Wendel @ G2 5:30p5:30pmBLUE FIELD
P - WT3 @ G2 5:30p5:30pmRED FIELD
Tball - WT Green @ GT Blue 5:30p5:30pmGOLD FIELD
U10 - G1 @ G2 5:45p5:45pmGRAY FIELD
MN - WT @ G3 7:30p7:30pmGRAY FIELD
Thursday, May 26
BN - German2 @ German1 5:30p5:30pmGRAY FIELD
MN - WT @ G1 5:30p5:30pmBLUE FIELD
U8 - St Joe1 @ G2 6:00p (makeup from 4/26)6:00pmRED FIELD
MA - WT @ G5 7:30p (5/17 makeup)7:30pmGRAY FIELD
Friday, May 27
Shetland - MtV2 @ G2 5:30p5:30pmGOLD FIELD
U8 - St Joe1 @ G1 6:00p6:00pmRED FIELD
MN - G3 @ G1 7:30p7:30pmGRAY FIELD
Saturday, May 28
Shetland - Harwood @ G5 2:00p2:00pmGOLD FIELD
Monday, May 30
Tuesday, May 31
BN - WT @ German2 5:30p5:30pmGRAY FIELD
MA - St Wendel @ G5 5:30p5:30pmBLUE FIELD
Shetland - WT1 @ G1 5:30p5:30pmGOLD FIELD
U8 - Harwood @ G3 6:00p6:00pmRED FIELD
BN - St Wendel @ German1 7:30p (makeup from 5/12)7:30pmGRAY FIELD
Wednesday, Jun 1
MN - G1 @ G2 5:30p5:30pmBLUE FIELD
P - CC2 @ G2 5:30p5:30pmRED FIELD
Shetland - CC @ G4 6:00p (4/30 makeup)6:00pmGOLD FIELD
Thursday, Jun 2
BN - WT @ German1 5:30p5:30pmGRAY FIELD
MN - WT @ G1 5:30p5:30pmBLUE FIELD
Shetland - MtV2 @ G5 5:45p5:45pmGOLD FIELD
U12 - Newburgh @ German 7:30p7:30pmGRAY FIELD
Friday, Jun 3
MN - WT @ G2 5:30p (finish game from 4/28)5:25pmGRAY FIELD
MN - WT @ G2 5:30p5:30pmGRAY FIELD
Pinto GT#2 @ GT #1 (4/21 makeup)5:30pmGerman Field #2
U10 - Newburgh @ G2 5:30p5:30pmBLUE FIELD
Shetland - Harwood @ G2 6:00p6:00pmGOLD FIELD

For a complete calendar listing, click here!