Last Updated: January 17, 2017
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2017 GKWSA By-Laws
2017 Free Agents
Prior Team Uniforms
2017 Opening Day
Monday, April 17, 2017  

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Welcome to the Home of the

Greater Keene Women's Softball Association


Tuesday...2/ 22 which is upstairs ( Final rosters/Balance of Sponsor fees $550/Players fees $40 per player )

REMINDER: Managers and Coaches must be listed on and must sign the final roster

Tuesday...4/4...room14 ( Distribution of balls/schedules/misc. )

 NOTE: All meetings are at the Rec. Dept. from 6PM to 7:30PM



Great season ladies!!!!

Congratulations to the following teams 

Division  Champions for the 2016 GKWSA City Playoffs


Division 1 - AC&C

Division 2 - SWA Wilder Automotive

Division 3 - Toyota Volvo of Keene

Division 4 - The Wolf











About GKWSA 

 The Greater Keene Women's Softball Association was founded in 1973. It was a Modified Fast Pitch league (one of the first in the nation). The League was started with 4 teams and grew almost every year as the interest in Modified Fast Pitch grew.

In 1989 GKWSA hosted the ASA Major Modified Pitch National Tournament. There was 36 teams from all over the country participating in the four day event. We had 4 local teams who participated. This was the first year that a GKWSA team won the Nationals, the winning team being Kulicks Market. In the early 90's the League grew to as many as 26 teams and has continued  to maintain 18-22 teams in recent years.



Values Statement

The Greater Keene Women’s Softball Association provides an opportunity for local women, ages 15 and up , to play 
recreational softball. We strive to foster a playing environment that embraces healthy competition for all skill levels, is enjoyable for its participants/fans and is free from any type of unsportsmanlike behavior. To this end, the GKWSA encourages all who are involved to respect themselves, each other and the game of softball while participating in our program.


 The league is divided into multiple divisions. There is a top division that is mostly composed of women who have competed in high school and college softball. We have a division that is composed of women who have competed in high school and possibly limited college softball. We also another division that is geared toward women who have limited or no softball competitive experience. The season runs from the middle of April thru the middle of August.

For more information contact Butch Morrison at or call 603-357-1123 .











Ball of Fame -

See handouts for more details on election to Ball of Fame


Ball of Fame Image



2017 Constitution and By-Laws posted to "HANDOUTS" section