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Greater Keene Women's Softball Association




***Reminder that HOME teams must text scores to Jessica @ 603-845-7026 after the game.***




 2018 GKWSA Modified Pitch Invitational Tournament

June 22-24, 2018

Tournament Director - Jessica Leventry (603-845-7026)

Email - mommaplaysball@yahoo.com

$300 Entry Fee and Rosters Due June 11, 2018



2018 USA NH State Tournament

July 27-29, 2018

Visit USA of NH Website for more info -


Roster and Fees Due June 8, 2018

@ Keene Rec Center




2018 GKWSA Playoffs

August 13-19, 2018













 4/30 - Wreckers VS Pleasantscapes - Suspended in top of 3rd 3-0...Make-Up Continuation 5/21 9PM O'Neal

4/30 - JA Jubb VS Leons - Make-Up 5/22 9PM O'Neal









The Town of Swanzey Outdoor Recreational Facilities are now Tobacco-Free. There will be no smoking or use of tobacco products allowed at Brown Field.

We've also been asked to let you know that the old field behind Brown is actually part of Cutler school and is off limits to practice or warm ups... it is Not part of Brown Field.

Teams are asked to clean their dugouts after their game is complete. Also please make sure you clean up after yourselves in the beer garden.

To schedule practice times on Brown contact Jessica Leventry at 603-845-7026...practice times will be given on a first come first serve basis.



First-Youth baseball and softball fields such as Symonds, NGM, Bambino, Mike Rogers, Fuller 1 and 2, Wood St, Peerless field and Carpenter St. field (lacrosse) are for youth leagues only.  Teams should not be out there using the fields for practices and furthermore not be drinking on the fields.  Parents do not need to be dropping off their children to see adults sitting in the parking lot drinking.  This also goes for the school fields as well. 

Second-The only area you are allowed to drink at is Wheelock Park in the tree area near Durling along the third base line (The Beer Garden) .  Please make sure teams and fans know that they cannot sit all over the park and drink.

The only fields Adult Softball should be using in the City of Keene is O'Neal, Durling, Underwood and Hanna when scheduled.  Let's stop this now before it turns into a bigger problem and issue

















About GKWSA 

 The Greater Keene Women's Softball Association was founded in 1973. It was a Modified Fast Pitch league (one of the first in the nation). The League was started with 4 teams and grew almost every year as the interest in Modified Fast Pitch grew.

In 1989 GKWSA hosted the ASA Major Modified Pitch National Tournament. There was 36 teams from all over the country participating in the four day event. We had 4 local teams who participated. This was the first year that a GKWSA team won the Nationals, the winning team being Kulicks Market. In the early 90's the League grew to as many as 26 teams and has continued  to maintain 18-22 teams in recent years.



Values Statement

The Greater Keene Women’s Softball Association provides an opportunity for local women, ages 15 and up , to play 
recreational softball. We strive to foster a playing environment that embraces healthy competition for all skill levels, is enjoyable for its participants/fans and is free from any type of unsportsmanlike behavior. To this end, the GKWSA encourages all who are involved to respect themselves, each other and the game of softball while participating in our program.


 The league is divided into multiple divisions. There is a top division that is mostly composed of women who have competed in high school and college softball. We have a division that is composed of women who have competed in high school and possibly limited college softball. We also another division that is geared toward women who have limited or no softball competitive experience. The season runs from the middle of April thru the middle of August.

For more information contact Jessica Leventry at mommaplaysball@yahoo.com or call 603-845-7026 .






Ball of Fame -

See handouts for more details on election to Ball of Fame


Ball of Fame Image



2018 Constitution and By-Laws posted to "HANDOUTS" section 



ACC Electric-2017 Division 1 Playoff Champion

Leon's-2017 Division 2 Playoff Champions

Little Learners-2017 Division 3 Playoff Champions

Upcoming Games
May 23
Division 1
Bulldog/Pizza Pi @ Gemini I
Division 2
Leon's @ Toyota Of Keene
Dynamites @ JA Jubb
Division 3
Pleasantscapes @ Rock Paper Sisters
May 24
Division 2
Little Learners @ Angies
Division 3
The Big Rigs @ Twisted Sisters
May 25
Division 2
SWA @ Toyota Of Keene
Leon's @ Rock Paper Scissors
Division 3
Village People @ Wreckers
The Uprising @ Gemini II
May 29
Division 2
Dynamites @ Rock Paper Scissors
Little Learners @ JA Jubb
Division 3
Village People @ Gemini II
May 30
Division 1
Gemini I @ Top Dawg Design Build
Division 2
ACB @ Toyota Of Keene
SWA @ Angies
Division 3
Fairfields @ Wreckers
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