Last Updated: November 23, 2015
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2016 Invitational Tournament - July 8-10
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2016 Meetings Schedule
Pitching Mound Change for 2015 Season
2015 GKWSA By-Laws
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Monday, April 18, 2016  

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January 19  at 6pm -  Rec Center  - Room 11     

$100 Binder fee is due along with partial roster (9 names) 

Short meeting to vote on pitching mound change and time limit on games, 

the meeting will start right after binder fees are submitted - open to all league members

(see below for details)


February 23  at 6pm -  Rec Center  - Room 11    

Rest of the sponsor fee as well as the player fees are due along with final roster -


April 5 at 6pm - Rec Center - upstairs 

General session, distribution of games balls and one team schedule




It is the intent of the board of GKWSA consisting of 2 elected positions and appointed positions of VP’s to represent all players, coaches and/or managers in making decisions for the betterment of the league. 

Meetings held in October and January are for the purpose of discussing proposed revisions regarding GKWSA’s Bylaws and Constitution.   January being the deadline for these changes.  All players, coaches and/or managers are invited to this meeting and it is their decision with the Board to adopt any changes to the Bylaws and Constitution for the betterment of the league. 


The October 20th meeting the following proposed changes to the Bylaws were discussed:

Ø  Changing the pitching mound to 40’ from 43’

Ø  Adding a time limit per games to 1 ½ hours, subject to additional time allowed for a tie breaker.   Asking teams to be at the field at least 15 minutes prior to their schedule game time in case the game preceding theirs ends early.


The Executive Board is also reviewing the Constitution and proposes to delete Article VII Board of Team Representative in its entirety.  This is based on lack of teams attending meetings to make a quorum to adopt this rule (Oct 20th meeting only 11 of the 22 teams were in attendance).   Past meetings attendance is generally only 1 person from a team and very seldom will there be a player with a coach or manager. 


   The Article could be amended to read: 

·Section I:  The Executive Board and persons attending the meeting shall have the duties to formulate plans and objectives of the Association

·Section II:  Members in attendance shall determine and approve all changes the Bylaws and Constitution that are pertinent only to the Association.


Going forward all reference in the Constitution to ‘combined board’ will be deleted.   Also note that verbiage on the last page of the constitution reads: The Executive Board reserves the right to rule on any issue not specifically covered in the Constitution on an as needed basis. 







Values Statement

The Greater Keene Women’s Softball Association provides an opportunity for local women to play 
recreational softball. We strive to foster a playing environment that embraces healthy competition for all skill levels, is enjoyable for its participants/fans and is free from any type of unsportsmanlike behavior. To this end, the GKWSA encourages all who are involved to respect themselves, each other and the game of softball while participating in our program.




The Adult Modified League is for women ages 15 and up. The league is divided into multiple divisions. There is at top division that is mostly composed of women who have competed in high school and college softball. A division that is composed of women who have competed in high school and possibly limited college softball.  Another division that is geared toward women who have limited or no softball competitive experience. The season runs from the middle of April thru the middle of August.

For more information contact Kathy Orben-Hall at or call 603-313-7059 .













2015 Constitution and By-Laws posted to "HANDOUTS" section