Last Updated: April 30, 2016

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Pre-season kickoff tournament will be:

April 22nd-30th can also use the weekend of May 8th if it’s a must due to rainouts

Regular season

May 2nd thru June 17th (7weeks)

End of season tourney

June 18th thru June 26th

North Vs. South games played by June 30th

North Vs. South to be held by South this year


Tourney hosts pre-season Kick off:

Pixie N. Battle Ground

Pixie S. Lauramie

Cadet N. Klondike

Cadet S. Wea

Junior N&S combined at Colfax

Minors open for both (high school still in session)

Tourney hosts post season:

Pixie N. Delphi/Flora combined

Pixie S. Colfax

Cadet N. Frontier

Cadet S. Wea

Junior N. Battle Ground

Junior S. Mulberry

Minor N. Klondike

Minor S. Clinton Prairie