Last Updated: June 21, 2017
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FLoyd Barton Sportsmanship Award

Please consider nominating players worthy of receiving this sportsmanship award.

Nomination can be email to:

Brenda Cruea at

Next Meeting

Dates for the 2017 Season

Pre-season kickoff tournament will be:

            Friday April 21st – Sunday April 30th  Depending on host site

Regular season

            Monday May 1st thru Thursday June 22nd (7.5 weeks)

End of season tourney

            Friday June 23rd thru Sunday July 2nd  Depending on host site

North Vs. South to be hosted by North this year


Tourney hosts pre-season Kick off: (As of 3/27/17)

Pixie = Frankfort

Cadet = Battle Ground

Cadet = Lauramie @ Cole Elementary

Juniors = Michigantown


Tourney hosts End of Season:

Pixie North = Delphi/Flora combined           

Pixie South = Southwestern

Cadet North = East Tipp

Cadet South = Frankfort

Junior North = Battle Ground

Junior South = Frankfort

Minor North = ??

           Minor South = ??


President & Treasurer well be elected on odd years

Vice-President, Secretary & Rules Chairperson will be elected on even years.


2018 Scheduling meeting information

April 8, 2018 – 01:00 PM

2018 Scheduling meeting will be Sunday April 8th at Faith.

 Rosters must be turned in on this day, preferably sooner.

 Please provide coach contact information to the league so a master communication list can be created.

Scheduling order:

To be determined