• GYFCL does offer flag football , starting at the age of 5
  • GYFCL allows the parents to decide at the age of 6 if they play Flag or Tackle
  • Spring Conditioning starts April 17th at Old Page Field.
  • PYFCO will hold its Jamboree on August 11th at Warhill
  • coaches have started to call players and cheerleaders.


GYFCL Objectives

To provide the means whereby the youth of Gloucester County, Virginia and adjacent areas my participate in an activity requiring physical and mental competitiveness.

To provide a supervised program of proper instruction and adherence to the by-laws of the Peninsula Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization(PYFCO) and National Youth Sports Coach Association (NYSCA) Code of Ethics.

To install in our youth a desire to demonstrate good sportsmanship and to participate as a team member.


GYFCL Registration


GYFCL will be taken registration on April 17th at Old Page Field . Everybody will be out there to start GYFCL Spring Conditioning!! So if you missed our sign ups ,just stop by and we would be more than happy to get you sign up on the 17th of April. GYFCL Players will be out there from 6 to 7:30 pm. We will be out there also the next two following nights . Its never to late to sign up with GYFCL! 



 2018 Head Football Coaches


White Mini Mites - 

Red Mini Mites - 

White Mites - 

Red Mites - David Angles

White Mighty Mites -

Red Mighty Mites - Charles Murrell

White Midgets - 

Red Midgets - Heath Jones

Red Juniors - Damien Stokes


Please contact these coaches if you would like to volunteer as an assistant coach!



2018 Cheerleading Head Coaches


White Mini Mites -

Red Mini Mites -Saysha Cook

White Mites -

Red Mites - Wendy Doster

White Mighty Mites -Nicole Hill

Red Mighty Mites -

White Midgets - 

Red Midgets -

White Juniors -

Red Juniors -

Please contact these coaches if you would like to volunteer as an assistant coach! 


GYFCL does offer flag football for 5 year olds

At GYFCL we offer Flag Football for 5 and 6 year old's at PYFCO they let the parent decide if their 6 year old is ready for tackle . So a 6 year old could do tackle if the parent chooses at the age of 6 . PYFCO felt it should be the parents decision at that age. 

First Day of Spring Conditioning

April 17, 2018 – 06:00 PM

We will be at the old page middle schools field from 6 -730pm. Once we know the numbers of participates we will know which days of the week.  Your Coaches will be in touch with you this coming week. Cant wait to see you out there

First Day of Fall Practice

July 23, 2018 – 06:00 PM

We anticipate the first day of Fall will begin at this time. Once PYFCO makes the decision we will update everyone.

PYFCO Jamboree

PYFCO will be holding its annually football jamboree on August 11th . at War Hill . A SCHEDULE for the times of games will be handed out by PYFCO. 

GYFCL Concussion Training

GYFCL will be asking our coaches to attend the GHS  concussion training class to help our coaches understand better about concussions that may occur during a season. date and time will be posted as soon as the information is given out by GHS.