Last Updated: November 6, 2015
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2015 PYFCO 1st Round Play-Off's

Saturday November 7

Old Page Field

Reg game start times

......In the Junior Division.......

Gloucester Red Knights Vs. Grafton Tabb Tigers

See you there

Please show up at the Page Field  and help us out, we need all the Volunteers we can get this whole day




2015 Bill Kampman

"Hall of Fame"





Presented to:


 Denise Hubbard






GYFCL 2015 By-Laws

Click above link




 PYFCO 2015 By-Laws

Click above link



2015 USA Football

Flag Football Rules

Click above link



PYFCO NFL Flag Football Exceptions for 2015

Click above link

2015 GYFCL

Coaches Certification



Gloucester Coaches Codes

...Gloucester Red Coaches...


...Gloucester White Coaches...


(Please Use These Codes when paying for your Certifications)


Click Here to Download and Access

...The Coach Membership Instructions PDF...

 Please note the use of the "Promo Code"


What is covered in these Instructions:

New membership

Renewing an active membership

Renewing an expired membership

Accessing a certification course




 2015 GYFCL Governing Board

Joe Ailstock - President

Bill Fisher - Red Vice President

Michelle Ailstock - White Vice President

Amy McLeod - General Manager

Carol Buffington - Treasurer

Tina Turco - Secretary

 Jen Schneider - Cheerleading Coordinator

Michelle Cherrie - Spirit Booth Coordinator

 - Publicity Coordinator

Amy Stackler- Concessions Coordinator

Tara Koch - Fundraising Coordinator

Emily Baker  - Team Parent Coordinator

Joe & Michelle - Webmaster

Danny Williams - President Emiratis


2015 GYFCL Football Head Coaches

Red Mini Mites - Charles Merrell

White Mini Mites - Marcus Daniel

Red Mites - James Fuller

White Mites - Zach Shaver

Red Mighty Mites - Bill Fisher

 White Mighty Mites - Corey Schneider

Red Midgets -  Damian Broughman

 White Midgets - Ron Davison

Red Juniors - Scott Buffington

White Juniors - David Davidson



 2015 GYFCL Cheerleading Head Coaches

Red Mini Mites -Saysha Cook

White Mini Mites -Saysha Cook

Red Mites - Wendy Cook

White Mites - 

Red Mighty Mites - 

White Mighty Mites - Menzie Overton

Red Midgets - 

White Midgets - Menzie Overton

Red Juniors - 

White Juniors - Kelly Dalton


To Sponsor GYFCL for the 2015 Season, Please contact 




Coaches & Blue Hat Training Information

(Click on link above to download and print)

General Blue Hat Information 

Game Day Roster 

Official Evaluation Form 

Official Number Change Form 

Game Summary Sheet 

Practice Guidelines 

High School Rule Changes for 2014 

Player Safety Coach 

By-law Changes for 2014 

Exceptions to NFSH Playing Rules 

Protest Procedures

Violations of Rules




ATTN: Football Head & Asst. Coaches
Become a more effective coach with the "USA Football" Certified Education Program for coaches. Engaging audio, 3D animation and chapter quizzes will help you retain information vital to game day success. Further develop how you teach fundamentals, build practice plans, and prepare your team. Complete the program and receive recognition in the "USA Football" National Coaches Registry, which shows parents and other coaches your commitment to youth football.
PYFA/GYFL'S New Coaching Certification Requirements:
        ALL New & Renewing Certification MUST
      be done through:


Course Level 1 — Introduction to Coaching Youth Football

Course Level 2 — Developed to teach position fundamentals


3D & 2D animations for visual comprehension

Flexibility to take the course at your own pace

11 Chapters with quizzes used to help retain information

Course certificates for each coach


Improvement in fundamental coaching and communication skills

Course completion puts you in our Online Coach's Registry



 All football coaches Must be certified through "USA Football"

The Course Level 1 is required and must be compleated

Coaches you will need a ID Number/Code to enter wehn joining USA Football,

contact GYFL's General Manager of football to gain this information.

For more information please click on the "Coaches Page" and/or contact: Joe Ailstock, GYFL President 757-508-6015

To go to the USA Football website click on the red "USA Football" title above....





GYFCL Objectives

To provide the means whereby the youth of Gloucester County, Virginia and adjacent areas my participate in an activity requiring physical and mental competitiveness.

To provide a supervised program of proper instruction and adherence to the by-laws of the Peninsula Youth Football Association (PYFA) and National Youth Sports Coach Association (NYSCA) Code of Ethics.

To install in our youth a desire to demonstrate good sportsmanship and to participate as a team member.



Please Visit the New Web-Site for

Peninsula Youth Football Cheerleading Organization



In Loving Memory
Brandon Grimm

“Rest in Peace” Brandon

You were an outstanding young man that

was taken from us way to early
"You Will Be Missed"
The GYFL Family
"Thoughts & Prayers"
to Brandon's
Family & Friends

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