Last Updated: June 28, 2014

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Howdy, y'all


 We started the 2014 season with our January meeting and election of officers. This is the time of year we look at our By-Laws and Rules and make proposals that are to be brought before the membership for discussion and possible adoption. If you have any suggestions get with your own association and get them to write it up and present it for consideration.     



We held elections and a new Football Representative has been selected by the membership. He is new to the LJF Board but not to the Flag players and coaches of the league. Jonta Miller has been involved with the Super Bowl Champion Silsbee Maroon Flag team for the last few years and has been a member of the Silsbee Board for the last three years. Jonta will be playing a big part in the scheduling this year and will bring new ideas to the LJF Board. If you get a chance, give Jonta a pat on the back and offer your condolences.     



With the elections we have to say goodbye to one of the cornerstones of Lonestar. JP Davis has been the Football Representative for the past 8 years and his rock steady guidance has been at the root of everything we have done to grow and improve our organization. JP's views, opinions and unquenchable love of the game have been a driving force in the formation of our football rules and the the ability of every young man in our area to have a place to play football. Many of you may have known JP Davis as the defensive coordinator for the Deweyville Pirates during their long reign as one of the premier programs in the area. JP's sense of humor and his dedication to making Lonestar the best it can be will be missed in the Board meetings and around the league.    




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