Last Updated: May 21, 2015
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Tonight's T-Ball Games are being rescheduled (due to weather) and will be posted as soon as possible.


PYB T-Ball Tournament Information
Team Seeding: 5-21-2015 Games:
1. TurfMasters Game 1 @5:50 Ryals-Ellis Field
2. Cutt Citi Barber Dixie Glass vs. A1-Tree Service
3. First Chemical 
Game 2 @5:50 J.C. May Field
4. Dixie Glass Community Bank vs. Magnolia Mobile Veterinary
5. A1-Tree Service
Game 3 @7:30 Ryals-Ellis Field
6. Compton Engineering First Chemical vs. Compton Engineering
7. J.L. McCool Game 4 @7:30 J.C. May Field
8. Community Bank Cutt Citti Barber vs. J.L. McCool
9. Magnolia Mobile Veterinary  




Major, Minor, and Rookie Playoffs:



Major:   Minor:
Tuesday, May 26,     Home Team  - Hilton    Tuesday, May 26        Home Team- Hancock Bank
                                  Visiting Team- Cifra                                      Visiting Team- JL McCool
                                  7PM Gibson Field                                      6PM Webb May Field
Wednesday, May 27, Home Team-    Cifra   Wednesday, May 27, Home Team - JL McCool
                                   Visiting Team- Hilton                                      Visiting Team - Hancock Bank
                                   6PM Gibson Field                                      7PM Webb May Field
Thursday, May 28,    Coin Toss determines H vs V Thursday, May 28    Coin Toss determine H vs V
                                   7PM Gibson Field                                     6PM Webb May Field
Tuesday, May 26      Home Team- Doors and More          
                                  Visiting Team- GCOBGYN          
                                  6:30PM John Engle Field            
Wednesday, May 27, Home Team- GCOBGYN          
                                   Visiting Team- Doors and More          
                                   6:30PM John Engle Field            
Thursday, May 28    Coin Toss determine H vs V          
                                  6:30PM John Engle Field            


Closing Ceremonies:

May 29 (Friday Night), 6:00pm Gibson Field