Last Updated: June 24, 2016

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Signup Now for Spring/Summer Softball and Adult Coed Sand Volleyball

We also offer mens basketball,adult coed volleyball, youth soccer and basketball and many more.

        Goshen Parks and Recreation Department

                Adult Spring/Summer Softball-2016

                                                   All Games are Doubleheaders

                                Join the league that keeps growing with announcers!



                                          Games Played at Shanklin Park with a

                                                   Post Season Tournament

                                                              April 18 – July 18


                                                          Over 18 Games per-team

                                                          Registration begins Now! 

                                                    Team Roster due by first game!

                               Registration Deadline is April 11, 2016 or until full

                                                  Leagues will have Scorekeeper/Announcer

                                                                 League Skill Levels

                                                           Monday C/ Doubleheaders                                       

                                                           Tuesday A/ Doubleheaders 

                                                           Thursday B/ Doubleheaders

                                                          Friday  B/ Doubleheaders        

                         Wednesday may be added as another league night or weather makeups

                                                  AB= Good to Advanced Players/Team

                                        B= Intermediate, Moderate to high skilled Players/Team

                                           C= Recreation, Average to above average players/Team

                                      Registration is at the Goshen Parks and Recreation Department

                                            607 West Plymouth Avenue, Call Frank at (574)534-6723

                                                     Signup Now to guarantee spot!

                  $100 deposit required by April 1, 2016 - Remaining balance due by April 15, 2016   No Exceptions

                                                            We Also offer Fall Softball

Remember this is a recreational league we are here to have fun!
office (574)534-6723
cell (574)536-4229
Weather Cancellation Hotline 534-3200 call after 4Softball Rules and Non Approved Bat list available in handouts.

Upcoming Programs for 2016-17

Call Goshen Park office-574-534-2901 for details or stop by to pick up a brochure


Youth Basketball ages 6-10yrs old

Youth Basketball Camp

Adult Summer Softball League (Fills up fast)

Adult Fall Softball League

Youth Soccer Camp

Youth Soccer League

Youth Flag Football

Youth and Family Fishing Derby

Adult Coed Sand Volleyball League

Adult Coed Indoor Volleyball League

Adult Basketball League (played at Goshen High School)

Adult Over 40 Basketball League (offer individual signups-pickup game style)

Youth Tri-Athlon

First Friday Downtown Coed Sand Volleyball tournament (Fills up Fast)

Pickle Ball

Swimming Lessons

Wow and these are just a few of our programs, find out what else we offer! Goshen has it going on. Did I mention we also rent kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, skis, snow tubes and we offer pavillion rental for all your special occasions.

Link to Basketball and Volleyball Website

Goshen Basketball and Volleyball league link


Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday, Jun 27
Monday D Softball Schedule 2016
Harvest Community Church @ Geo5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Redskins @ Fastenal Lighting Bolts5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Geo @ Harvest Community Church6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Fastenal Lighting Bolts @ Redskins6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Miller Poultry @ Pleasant Grove7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Courtyard @ Pathway7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Pleasant Grove @ Miller Poultry8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Pathway @ Courtyard8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Tuesday, Jun 28
Tuesday C Softball Schedule 2016
New Life / Ben's Pretzel @ Masten's5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Take Flight @ Viper Automotive5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Masten's @ New Life / Ben's Pretzel6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Viper Automotive @ Take Flight6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Sky Point Transit @ M&M Printing7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Debo Sports @ FOP7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
M&M Printing @ Sky Point Transit8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
FOP @ Debo Sports8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Thursday, Jun 30
Thursday B Softball Schedule 2016
The Chief @ Siloam/Stutzy Roll5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Team Long Ball @ Meteorites5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Siloam/Stutzy Roll @ The Chief6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Meteorites @ Team Long Ball6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Yellow Creek @ MJC7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Landis Power Washing @ Wings ETC7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
MJC @ Yellow Creek8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Wings ETC @ Landis Power Washing8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Friday, Jul 1
Friday B Softball Schedule 2016
M&R Lawn Care @ Yoder Transport5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Hit Squad @ Medix5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Yoder Transport @ M&R Lawn Care6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Medix @ Hit Squad6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Snot Enough @ LandMarc7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Chubbies @ Martin Brothers7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
LandMarc @ Snot Enough8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Martin Brothers @ Chubbies8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Friday, Jul 8
Friday B Softball Schedule 2016
X-Treme @ Yoder Transport5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
LandMarc @ RV Cams5:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Yoder Transport @ X-Treme6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
RV Cams @ LandMarc6:50pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
Snot Enough @ M&R Lawn Care7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Martin Brothers @ Hit Squad7:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2
M&R Lawn Care @ Snot Enough8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #1
Hit Squad @ Martin Brothers8:45pmShanklin Park - Diamond #2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!