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School Alignment for 2015

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"A Heart for Arthur" Medical Fund

Please visit our "LINKS" section to find the link to contribute to this very worthy cause.  Arthur Wright (Coach Arthur) has been a pillar for years in Garland Pee Wee Football. 

Now it's our turn to give back.  Coach Arthur is in desperate need of a heart transplant.  This dear family really needs your financial help right now to assist with medical costs.  Any gift is a blessing. 

If you are unable to give, please remember this family in your prayers. 


GPWF Board of Directors

Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Oct 6
6th Grade
Webb @ Hudson 6:30pm Central Park
Bussey @ Schrade 8:00pm Central Park
Saturday,  Oct 10
3rd Grade
Falcons @ Panthers 10:00am North Garland High School
Bison @ Lumberjacks 11:30am North Garland High School
Sharks @ Owlets 1:00pm North Garland High School
Cougars @ Hawks 2:30pm North Garland High School
Colts @ Bears 4:00pm North Garland High School
4th Grade
Falcons @ Panthers 12:30pm Holford Park
Bison @ Lumberjacks 2:00pm Holford Park
Cougars @ Hawks 3:30pm Holford Park
Owlets @ Sharks 5:00pm Holford Park
Colts @ Bears 6:30pm Holford Park
5th Grade
Owlets @ Sharks 12:30pm Central Park
Cougars @ Hawks 2:00pm Central Park
Falcons @ Panthers 3:30pm Central Park
Colts @ Bears 5:00pm Central Park
Bison @ Lumberjacks 6:30pm Central Park
Flag National
Owlets @ Sharks 10:30am Naaman Forest High School
Cougars @ Hawks 11:45am Naaman Forest High School
Falcons @ Panthers 1:00pm Naaman Forest High School
Bison @ Lumberjacks 2:15pm Naaman Forest High School
Colts @ Bears 6:00pm Naaman Forest High School
Flag American
Lumberjacks @ Sharks 3:30pm Naaman Forest High School
Hawks @ Panthers 4:45pm Naaman Forest High School
Monday,  Oct 12
6th Grade
Bussey @ Sellers 6:30pm Central Park
Webb @ Jackson 6:30pm Holford Park
Schrade @ Hudson 8:00pm Central Park
Lyles @ Sam Houston 8:00pm Holford Park

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