Last Updated: September 1, 2014

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Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Sep 7
9u Fall 2014
Raiders Orange @ Clio Mustangs 10:00am Eastview Park (Flushing) #2
Clio Mustangs @ Raiders Orange 11:30am Eastview Park (Flushing) #2
Swartz Creek Dragons @ Raiders Black 1:30pm Eastview Park (Flushing) #2
Sting Baseball Club @ New Lothrop Hornets 1:30pm Eastview Park (Flushing) #3
Raiders Black @ Swartz Creek Dragons 3:00pm Eastview Park (Flushing) #2
New Lothrop Hornets @ Sting Baseball Club 3:00pm Eastview Park (Flushing) #3
10u Fall 2014
Michigan Warriors @ Grand Blanc Cats 10:00am American Legion Field #5
Raiders @ New Lothrop Hornets 10:00am Eastview Park (Flushing) #5
Grand Blanc Cats @ Michigan Warriors 11:30am American Legion Field #5
New Lothrop Hornets @ Owosso Baseball Club 11:30am Eastview Park (Flushing) #5
Mid Michigan Wolfpack @ Michigan Young Guns 1:30pm American Legion Field #5
Owosso Baseball Club @ Raiders 1:30pm Eastview Park (Flushing) #5
Michigan Young Guns @ Mid Michigan Wolfpack 3:00pm American Legion Field #5
11u Fall 2014
Raiders @ Outsiders 10:00am Eastview Park (Flushing) #1
Outsiders @ Raiders 11:30am Eastview Park (Flushing) #1
Swartz Creek Dragons @ Sting Baseball Club 1:30pm Eastview Park (Flushing) #1
Sting Baseball Club @ Swartz Creek Dragons 3:00pm Eastview Park (Flushing) #1
12u Fall 2014
New Lothrop Hornets @ Raiders 9:00am American Legion Field #1
Raiders @ New Lothrop Hornets 10:30am American Legion Field #1
Michigan Young Guns @ Bluewater Bluejays 12:30pm American Legion Field #1
Bluewater Bluejays @ Crossroad Coyotes 2:00pm American Legion Field #1
Crossroad Coyotes @ Michigan Young Guns 3:30pm American Legion Field #1
13u Fall 2014
Hartland Eagles @ Grand Blanc Warriors 9:45am American Legion Field #2
Grand Blanc Gladiators @ Fenton Tigers 9:45am American Legion Field #3
Fenton Tigers @ Hartland Eagles 11:30am American Legion Field #2
Grand Blanc Warriors @ Grand Blanc Gladiators 11:30am American Legion Field #3
Grossi Baseball @ Genesee Giants 1:30pm American Legion Field #2
Michigan Mudcats @ Goodrich Thunder 1:30pm American Legion Field #3
Genesee Giants @ Michigan Mudcats 3:15pm American Legion Field #2
Goodrich Thunder @ Grossi Baseball 3:15pm American Legion Field #3
14u Fall 2014
Thunder Sticks @ Raiders 10:00am American Legion Field #4
Brandon Hawks @ Grand Blanc Gladiators 10:00am Bendle High School
Raiders @ Thunder Sticks 11:30am American Legion Field #4
Grand Blanc Gladiators @ Brandon Hawks 11:30am Bendle High School
Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs @ Michigan Mudcats 1:30pm Bendle High School
Michigan Mudcats @ Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs 3:00pm Bendle High School
15/16/18u Fall 2014
Goodrich Thunder @ Hit Zone 10:00am Carman Ainsworth High School
Hit Zone @ Goodrich Thunder 11:30am Carman Ainsworth High School
Michigan Young Guns @ Holly Broncos 1:30pm American Legion Field #4
Bond Bonding @ Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs 1:30pm Carman Ainsworth High School
Holly Broncos @ Flint Arrows 3:00pm American Legion Field #4
Saginaw Bay Riverdawgs @ Bond Bonding 3:00pm Carman Ainsworth High School
Flint Arrows @ Michigan Young Guns 4:30pm American Legion Field #4

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