Last Updated: October 3, 2015
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Fall games for

October 4, 2015

Please  note all fall game for October 4th will be played 1ball & 1 strike counts. all American Legion fields 1,2,3, & 5 will start games 15 minutes early from original start times first games will start at 8:45am.

Pre-Registration for 2016 Spring/Summer Season

 Pre-Registering is Now Available.  Click on the Link to the Right ---->.  For More Information Click Here.

Please note that the GFBL will be Rolling Back our League Registration fee to $45 less than last year.  Also we will be adding a $400 Performance deposit fee that will be refunded at the end of the season on August 1st providing you have followed 5 criteria which will be explained later.  Please look for our handout on this in October.




Four of southeast Michigan’s largest and most prominent Federation baseball organizations are glad to announce we have joined forces to sponsor the inaugural 2015 Michigan Federation Baseball Alliance (MFBA).  We believe this alliance will help bring better baseball to south-eastern Michigan.

 This is an alliance of over 800 teams in the southeastern Michigan!

 The Greater Flint Baseball League (GFBL), Kensington Valley Baseball & Softball Association (KVBSA), Macomb Amateur Baseball Federation (MABF) and North Oakland Baseball Federation (NOBF) organizations will target future endeavors as a group to better serve its general membership. 


Details to follow when available.

 Michigan Federation Baseball Alliance (MFBA)


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for Directions on how to Report your Game Scores.

Tryout Info Posted on Forum Page

Players and teams may now post tryout info for 2015 Season

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Oct 4
9u/10u Fall
Corunna Warriors @ New Lothrop Hornets 8:45am American Legion Field #1
Fenton Tigers @ Grand Blanc Gladiators 8:45am American Legion Field #5
New Lothrop Hornets @ Corunna Warriors 10:15am American Legion Field #1
Grand Blanc Gladiators @ Fenton Tigers 10:15am American Legion Field #5
Raiders Black @ Michigan Young Guns 12:15pm American Legion Field #1
Grossi Baseball @ Owosso Baseball Club 12:15pm American Legion Field #5
Raiders Black @ Michigan Young Guns 1:45pm American Legion Field #1
Owosso Baseball Club @ Grossi Baseball 1:45pm American Legion Field #5
Grand Blanc Cats 9u @ Clio Black Sox 9u 3:45pm American Legion Field #1
Flushing Raider Orange @ Grand Blanc Cats 10u 3:45pm American Legion Field #5
Grand Blanc Cats 9u @ Clio Black Sox 9u 5:15pm American Legion Field #1
Grand Blanc Cats 10u @ Flushing Raider Orange 5:15pm American Legion Field #5
11u Fall
Genesee Swarm @ Mid Michigan Bandits 8:45am American Legion Field #2
Mid Michigan Bandits @ Genesee Swarm 10:15am American Legion Field #2
Lapeer Outlaws @ Grand Blanc Cats Black 12:15pm American Legion Field #2
Grand Blanc Cats Black @ Lapeer Outlaws 1:45pm American Legion Field #2
Owosso Baseball Club @ Strike Zone 3:45pm American Legion Field #2
Strike Zone @ Owosso Baseball Club 5:15pm American Legion Field #2
12u Fall
Crossroads Coyotes @ Owosso Baseball Club 8:45am American Legion Field #3
Owosso Baseball Club @ Crossroads Coyotes 10:15am American Legion Field #3
Thumb Area Ballbusters @ Raiders 12:15pm American Legion Field #3
Raiders @ Thumb Area Ballbusters 1:45pm American Legion Field #3
Team Luck @ Cass River Crawdads 3:45pm American Legion Field #3
Cass River Crawdads @ Team Luck 5:15pm American Legion Field #3
14u Fall
Grand Blanc Warriors Green @ Marlins 10:00am American Legion Field #4
Tri Valley Titans @ Michigan Mudcats 10:00am Carman Ainsworth High School
Fenton Tigers @ Grand Blanc Warriors Hummel 10:00am Whaley Park
Marlins @ Grand Blanc Warriors Green 11:30am American Legion Field #4
Michigan Mudcats @ Tri Valley Titans 11:30am Carman Ainsworth High School
Grand Blanc Warriors Hummel @ Fenton Tigers 11:30am Whaley Park
Kearsley Hornets @ Lockhart Roofing 1:30pm Carman Ainsworth High School
Thundersticks @ Michigan Red Sox 1:30pm Whaley Park
Kearsley Hornets @ Lockhart Roofing 3:00pm Carman Ainsworth High School
Michigan Red Sox @ Thundersticks 3:00pm Whaley Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!