Last Updated: May 26, 2016
  • Season to start June 1
  • Both Sets of Jerseys are in
  • Hats will be in this week
  • Pay Attention for Team Meeting Coming
Opening Day
Wednesday, June 1, 2016   6:00 PM

Welcome to the 2016 page for the Greece Post American Legion Baseball program.


Home of the 2015 District 7 Regular Season Champions.


This season includes a team filled with many returners who contributed to the success of the program last year after a two year slip up.  The team is comprised of players from the 4 high schools in the town of Greece as well as a player from Bishop Kearney High School and one player who is attending college.


From Greece Arcadia there is Dan Freese, Joe Skibinski, Nick Horton, Anthony Kane, Kevin Blum, Bryan Rivera and Kyle Bailey

From Greece Olympia: Pat Collins, Brian Withers, Ryan Bubel and Marc Piccolo.

From Greece Athena: Justin LoTemple, Trevor Layne and Nick Jackson

From Greece Odyssey: Austin Westrich and Mike Ciccarone

And from Bishop Kearney: Tim Ostrander


This team is filled with a lot of talented arms that can easily go through a grueling week of playing 7-8 games in a given week due to rain that you know is going to come in our region.  You will see the normal faces getting starts during league play such as Anthony Kane, Kevin Blum, Mike Ciccarone, Trevor Layne and Nick Jackson.  But there is a total of 13 players who coach has complete confidence of putting up there and getting outs at any notice.  The thing he is looking forward to the most is not having to rely on 2-3 arms to get us through the season that plays a lot of games in a short period of time.  Coming out of the bullpen and on off nights you will see Justin LoTemple, Austin Westrich, Kyle Bailey and Marc Piccolo.


Greece has the luxury of also having 3 catchers on the roster.  Brian Withers, Kyle Bailey and Ryan Bubel will all see action back there.  Once again, staying fresh behind the plate will be another key to the success of this team.


The infield is loaded with interchangable parts.  Many players can play multiple positions and be very good where their name shows up on the lineup.

In the corners, you will see Dan Freese, Justin LoTemple, Bailey, Layne, Ciccarone, Blum and Kane.


Up the middle you will see Joe Skibinski, Bryan Rivera and Blum seeing the majority of the time but also Withers, Austin Westrich and Bubel.


The outfield is extremely talented defensively and extremely deep.  Nick Horton, Pat Collins and Westrich all return to compete with Layne, Marc Piccolo, Tim Ostrander, Rivera and LoTemple


The only downside coach see for the upcoming season is making everyone happy.  With only 9 lineup slots and so much talent, you can't get everyone you want on the field at the same time.  The good news is that there have been some rule changes made to the regular season, such as re-entry and catcher speed up rule, to get more players into the game without depleting your options earlier in the game.


Coach Ford has not been this excited about a season in a very long time and looks forward to working with such a talented and committed bunch of young men.


Former and current players who have or are now playing or have played in college:

Yimy Queipo (2004-06) Peru State P Drafted 27th Round by Los Angeles Dodgers 2010

Lance Boyington (2005-06) Hobart Football

Raffaele Parisi (2005-07) R.I.T 1B/DH

Jason Nevada (2005-07) St. John Fisher 2B/SS

Ryan Mosher (2005-07) St. Bonaventure 2B

Jordy Smola (2006-09) MCC 1B/3B

Chase Grissom (2008-09) MCC / UNC-Pembroke P/OF

David Valle (2008) SUNY Brockport P/OF

Derek Twamley (2008-09)  MCC Baseball IF

Mike Bellucco (2008-09) St John Fisher Football

Matt Bellucco (2008-09) St John Fisher Football

Al Gleichauf (2008) York University Wrestling

Joe Sleeman (2008-09) Norwich University 2B

Anthony Gonzalez (2007-10) FLCC IF

Mike Stark (2008-10) SUNY Oswego 2B

Nick Bunce (2009-10) MCC/ SUNY Brockport/ Trinidad Triggers C

Willie Pantoja (2008-10) Wake Tech (NC) OF

Pete Wilson (2010-11) SUNY Brockport OF

Jake Bunce (2010-11) SUNY Brockport P Strength and Conditioning Coach in Reds and Phillies Organizations

Chris Coleman (2010-11) University of Rochester P

Zach Harrington (2010) Alfred University Football

Jake Zimmer (2011-12) Cazenovia P

Frank Carnevale (2010-12) St. Jon Fisher IF

Mike DiStefano (2011-12) MCC OF-P

Ryan Prevost (2011-12) MCC OF

Brett Sanders (2012-13)  MCC 2B SUNY Brockport

Ben Knauf (2011-14) Clarkson University OF

Mike Bessette (2012-14) SUNY Fredonia P

Kyle Smith (2014) SUNY Fredonia P

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 31
Greece Post @ Irondequoit Post6:00pmIrondequoit
Wednesday, Jun 1
Greece Post @ Doud Post6:00pmGates Chili MS
Sunday, Jun 5
Greece Post @ Hornell Post11:00amHornell
Hornell Post @ Greece Post1:00pmHornell
Tuesday, Jun 7
Greece Post @ Valle 186:00pmGreece Odyssey
Wednesday, Jun 8
Rayson Miller @ Greece Post6:00pmGreece Arcadia

For a complete schedule listing, click here!