• Congrats to the 2017 League Champions: Greensboro Baptist!

Welcome to the Official Greene County Church Softball League Website

The Greene County Church is an adult (16+) slow pitch softball league that plays in Greene County, PA. There has traditionally been 6-10 teams in the league and play runs from early-May until late-July. We play every Tuesday night (and some Thursdays), with each team playing a doubleheader. There are post-season playoffs (best of 5 series) to determine the league champion. Our league is based on uniting local churches through the game of softball. We strive for good sportsmanship, while playing a competitive level of slow-pitch softball. Take a look around the website by browsing the menu located on the left. You can browse teams, schedules, standing, game results, field directions, rules, and recent league history. If you want more information, contact league commissioner Josh Sumpter.


2017 League Champions: Greensboro Baptist Church

2017 League Runner Up: Fairall United Methodist Church

Greene County All-Stars defeated Fayette County All-Stars 21-0 on Mon. August 7th.

Greene County Representatives: Josh Sumpter (First Presby), Zack Patton (Fairview), Garrett Henry (Fairview), Steven Shane (Fairview), Andrew Vanata (Greensboro), Brian O'Neill (Greensboro), Jon Coss (Fairall), Brad Nicholls (Fairall), Shaun Rush (Fairall), Phil Peters (Nazarene), Mark Dicks (Jefferson Baptist), and Will Miller (Jefferson Baptist).