Last Updated: November 27, 2014

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Days Until the Start of the 2014-15 GSBL Season!
7 Days

Welcome to the 2014/15 GSBL Season

November 25, 2014

Make checks payable to Garden State Basketball League

$125 per team
Mail League Fee to: 
Garden State Basketball League
3 David Drive
Augusta, NJ 07822
A tentative schedule has been sent out to all town coordinators for the upcoming 2014/15 season. As a town coordinator, you did not receive (we apologize) please send us an email immediately so we can get it out to you today. 
We have been working the last few days with a few remaining towns on securing their gym time and conflict issues. [We needed to sort this out before we could send you the tentative schedule]. Over 1,300 games have been scheduled.  We have about 30 TBD games still to sort out that we need some of your help in finalizing.
We now need to help Link in the review process before the schedule is official. We want this year to be a much better experience for your coaches and need your help in achieving this! So far adhering to our timeline has been extremely helpful. Thank you!
Now if everyone can please take the following steps: 
  1. Review all Home Gym dates
  2. Review all Scheduled times 
  3. Review Gym Locations 
  4. Review Conflict dates for your Away games
  5. Review the Division you are in - If you were assigned a different division then you expected Please call Hoddy so he can give you an explanation on why and a solution can be determined.  Consideration was given to last year's record and more importantly strength of teams in this year's division.  The divisions are now posted on the website. Just click on Standings to see who is in your division!
Conflicts - Steps to take
  1. Send an email to Link [] with the conflicts so he can adjust the schedule
  2. In Email - Please state the Town and Division in the Subject Line [example: 6BN - 6 Boys National - Chester]
  3. In the body of your message the reason - Home Game conflict team x, Away game conflict team y etc..
  4. Suggest a solution if you see 2 games scheduled at the same sight or within an hour of each other. 
  5. All games should be at least 1:15 minutes apart from each other.  
  6. If the gym is wrong, please let him know the correct gym 
  7. TBD - if you see this it could be because both teams have given Link a tight window to work with. Example Home team - Saturdays only gym time, Away team can't play Saturdays. This needs to be worked out so please send Link an additional day(s) you can either host a game or an additional day you can play a game. ALL EMAILS GO TO LINK. 
  8. Please look at the website daily for additional messages 
  9. Reminder - If you only provide us with HOME gym days on a weekday; you are asking your opponent to travel a decent distance on a school night be prepared to travel that same distance to another town during the week. 
  10. If you ask others to do so be prepared to do so yourself!
  11. Thanks again for all the eyes on this tentative schedule so we can keep the final schedule concrete. Changes during the year will be at a minimal and will only be granted do to inclement weather or loss of gym space (out of your control). 
Rest of the process
Nov 26 (extended one day) - Last day for Town Coordinators to send back changes to GSBL. Sooner the better on this, Many of you have been very thorough on this and it is greatly appreciated. The more eyes checking the better!
Nov 29/30th - Final schedules will be sent back to town coordinators and posted to the website 
Dec 1 - Start of Season 
[this was Dec 5 but some towns had limited gym space so we are asking a few teams to start a little earlier. If you cannot play on one of these days we will work to reschedule that game.]
Playoffs - Start March 1 with Semis and Finals March 13,14,15 [both games will be played that weekend NO EXCEPTIONS - still looking for Host sites] 
Thanks again for everyone's commitment in making this schedule work for all. Your diligence in checking all  information is critical and bringing to Link's attention ASAP is important for the rest of the process to be met. 
REMINDER - THIS IS A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE - If we need to move one of your games to make another town in your divisions work, we will, please understand. 
If you haven't sent in your Rosters, Insurance or Payment please do so this week. 

Again we thank you for joining the GSBL. Good luck in your upcoming season. 

Board of Directors 

Garden State Basketball League

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