Last Updated: February 27, 2017

GSBL 2016-2017 Season

January 29, 2017 – 04:30 PM

Playoffs - All full participants teams are in the playoffs.

Playoff Seedings - 2/20 games will count towards seedings 

Feb 22 9:00pm - playoff pairings will be announced and posted under Playoff Info tab

Playoffs Start - 2/23 Top seeds get gym time - plan accordingly. If higher seed cannot get gym time please call opposing Coach so he can get some. If both teams have a problem call Hoddy. 

Regular season - any 4/1 games can be completed up till March 4th. 

Super Sunday - Finals March 5th - Times have been sent in other email on Jan 29th.

During Playoffs - both teams still pay one Ref.

Good luck!

If any additional questions please email me at or call 908-451-1486.

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, Feb 28
4B American
Bridgewater Black @ East Orange6:15pmEast Orange Hart MS
4B National
Readington @ Basking Ridge White6:15pmBasking Ridge - Cedar Hill ES
6B American
Randolph Blue @ Basking Ridge Green6:20pmBasking Ridge - Annin MS - New (back)
6B National
Parsippany 6N @ Bridgewater Silver 6N7:45pmBridgewater-Raritan MS
7B American
Randolph Blue 7th @ Warren 7th7:45pmWarren Central ES
8B American
Parsippany Blue 8A @ Randolph Blue 8A7:45pmRandolph MS Main Gym
8B National
Westfield Grey 8N @ Bridgewater Silver 8N6:30pmBridgewater-Raritan MS
Roseland 8th @ Mt. Olive 8th7:30pmMt. Olive Mountain View ES
Wednesday, Mar 1
5B American
Basking Ridge White 5th @ Basking Ridge Green 5th7:40pmRidge HS Old Gym
5G American
Tewksbury 5th @ Randolph Blue 5th6:30pmRandolph MS Aux Gym
Basking Ridge White 5th @ Montgomery 5th6:45pmMontgomery Upper MS
6B Central
Basking Ridge Blue 6C @ St. Peter's Apostle Central 6C7:30pmAll Saints Academy - St. Peter's
7B Central
North Hunterdon 2 @ Bridgewater Silver 26:30pmBridgewater-Raritan MS
8B American
Bridgewater Black 8A @ North Hunterdon 8A8:00pmNorth Hunterdon HS Boys Gym
8B National
POSITION/TBD @ Middlesex Jersey Hawks 2 8N7:40pmBasking Ridge - Cedar Hill ES
Bridgewater 8th @ St. Luke's 8th6:00pmTewksbury Elementary School
Randolph Blue 8th @ Chester 8th7:45pmChester Bragg School
Thursday, Mar 2
4B American
Basking Ridge Green @ IHM7:40pmIHM - Immaculate Heart of Mary
5B American
Washington Fusion 5th @ Bridgewater Black 5th6:30pmBridgewater-Raritan MS
5B National
Bridgewater Silver @ St. Peter's Apostle7:00pmAll Saints Academy - St. Peter's
5G National
POSITION/TBD @ Chester 5th6:30pmChester Bragg School
7B National
Washington Fusion2 @ Bridgewater Black7:45pmBridgewater-Raritan MS
Friday, Mar 3
5G National
POSITION/TBD @ Readington Ribaudo 5th6:30pmReadington Holland Brook ES
6B Central
POSITION/TBD @ Bedminster 6C7:30pmBedminster Township School
POSITION/TBD @ East Orange 6th6:30pmEast Orange Cicely Tyson MS
Roseland 6th @ Bridgewater Black 7th6:30pmBridgewater-Raritan MS
Saturday, Mar 4
4B National
POSITION/TBD @ Flemington Fisher1:00pmReading-Flemington IS
6B National
St. Peter's Apostle National 6N @ North Hunterdon 6N1:00pmNorth Hunterdon HS Boys Gym
6B Central
POSITION/TBD @ Bedminster 6C1:00pmBedminster Township School
8B National
Kingwood 8A @ Randolph White 8N3:30pmRandolph MS Main Gym
POSITION/TBD @ Basking Ridge Green 8th4:15pmBasking Ridge - Annin MS - Old (front)
Sunday, Mar 5
7B Central
Bedminster @ Basking Ridge Red6:15pmBasking Ridge - Annin MS - New (back)
Flemington Monzon @ Westfield Galindo6:15pmBasking Ridge - Annin MS - Old (front)
Bedminster @ Westfield Galindo7:30pmBasking Ridge - Annin MS - New (back)
Flemington Monzon @ Basking Ridge Red7:30pmBasking Ridge - Annin MS - Old (front)
Saturday, Apr 1
4B American
Bridgewater Black @ East Orange3:00amTBD Location
4B National
Tewksbury @ Kenilworth3:00amTBD Location
5G American
Readington 6th @ Tewksbury 5th3:00amTBD Location
Chester 5th @ Tewksbury 5th3:00amTewksbury Elementary School
Tewksbury 5th @ Roseland 5th3:00pmTewksbury Old Turnpike MS
5G National
Roseland 5th @ Bridgewater 5th3:00amBridgewater Eisenhower IS
Roseland 5th @ Chester 5th6:30pmChester Bragg School
6B American
@ Bridgewater Black3:00amBridgewater-Raritan MS
@ East Orange3:00amEast Orange Hart MS
@ Basking Ridge Green3:00amRidge HS New Gym - Left side
@ Basking Ridge White3:00amRidge HS New Gym - Left side
@ Flemington Fire3:00amRidge HS New Gym - Left side
@ Randolph Blue3:00amRidge HS New Gym - Left side
Parsippany 6N @ Basking Ridge Green3:00amTBD Location
6B National
Westfield White 6N @ Randolph White 6N3:00amRandolph MS Main Gym
@ Parsippany 6N3:00amRidge HS New Gym - Left side
Parsippany 6N @ Long Valley Saints 6N3:45amWest Morris Central HS Aux Gym
Basking Ridge Green 6th @ Roseland 6th3:00amCoastal Sports East
Roseland 6th @ Randolph Blue 6th11:00amRandolph MS Aux Gym
7B National
Bedminster @ Tewksbury3:00amTBD Location
Bridgewater Black @ Washington Fusion212:30pmFranklin Township Municipal Building
Bedminster @ Bridgewater Black6:00pmBridgewater-Raritan MS
7B Central
Westfield Galindo @ Bedminster3:00amBedminster Township School
8B American
Staten Island Impact 8A @ Parsippany Blue 8A3:00amParsippany Brooklawn MS
Bridgewater Black 8A @ East Orange 8A3:00amTBD Location
8B National
Middlesex Jersey Hawks 2 8N @ Westfield Grey 8N3:30amBasking Ridge - Annin MS - New (back)
8B Central
Middlesex 2 @ Bedminster3:30amBedminster Township School
Middlesex 2 @ South Brunswick3:30amSouth Brunswick Crossroads MS North
Basking Ridge Green 8th @ Roseland 8th3:00amTBD Location
Westfield White 8th @ St. Luke's 8th3:00amTBD Location
St. Luke's 8th @ Basking Ridge Green 8th3:30amBasking Ridge - Cedar Hill ES
Westfield White 8th @ Roseland 8th3:30amCoastal Sports East
Monday, May 1
East Orange 8th @ POSITION/TBD11:00amBasking Ridge - Annin MS - New (back)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!