Last Updated: November 25, 2015
Days until 2015-16 season
Friday, December 4, 2015   6:00 PM

Preliminary schedules have been out since Saturday as per website dates below. Please review the schedule for your team(s) and let us know if any conflicts by tomorrow (WED 11/25) as per dates below, hopefully not many. We will send the Final Schedules out on Monday night. Please check the website daily to see if any/your changes have taken place. The more set of eyes on the schedule the better. 
We have tried to accommodate most conflicts unfortunately there will be times when both teams have conflicts. For EXAMPLE: No Saturday games by you and your opponent only has Saturday gym time - This is a MAJOR CONFLICT we cannot do anything about this. 
Additional Q & A: 
1) what are 4/1 games - Games where Coaches need to speak with each other and come up with a date, time and gym. Reason being - Both teams had either too many conflicts or not enough gym time for us to choose from.
We have tried to accommodate most conflicts unfortunately there will be times when both teams have major conflicts - No Saturday games - opponent only has Saturday gym time - MAJOR CONFLICT we cannot do anything about these.
2) Why did you schedule a game on my conflict day?  Both teams have listed "Major Conflict" (above) where we can't do anything about it, we need you to sort out a day, time and gym that works. Sorry.
Thanks for all your help over the next few days, FINAL schedule will be out by Monday 11/30. 

Welcome to the 2015-16 Season

November 24, 2015
The GSBL preliminary schedule is released. Please start your review.
  • This will not be the final schedule, so do not hand out to your parents.
  • Let us know immediately of your changes.
  • Check with your gym coordinator if the dates, times and gym is correct immediately. 


  • Final schedules will be placed on the website Monday Nov 30th
  • EVERY TEAM - Must check the schedule for obvious errors, two games at the same time, two games on the same date - one home, the other away, etc. The more eyes on this the better!!
We have tried to honor as many requests as possible.
  • If you see a date of 4/1/16 listed for one of your games,that means the game still needs a date to be scheduled. Reasons why:
    • the parameters for both teams were too tight.
    • Things like can't play on Sundays but opponent has only Sunday gym time. 
    • Distance between teams too far for weekday games
    • We are awaiting additional gym time from the home team because of BOE issues.
  • Both teams to reach out to opponent today to solve the issue and let us know by this Wednesday what is the Solution. 
If additional gym time can't solve the issue here are several possible creative solutions.
  • Schedule a home doubleheader where your team plays back to back against two different teams.
  • Schedule a road doubleheader against two different  teams in the same town. 
  • Schedule one home game and one away game on the Same day
  • Look for a neutral site with some extra gym time. 


Thanks in advance for all your help in reviewing the schedule and letting us know of changes. Please send scheduling emails with your Team Name and Division  (Basking Ridge Green 6 Boys American) to 



GSBL Board


Other Dates to remember:

  1. Commitment Fee $125 by Sunday October 25th. Mail to GSBL - 33 Village Rd, Florham Park NJ 07932.
  2. Preliminary schedules distributed - Saturday November 21st 
  3. Teams FINAL changes submitted to GSBL scheduler -Wednesday November 25th 
  4. Final schedules posted on website - Monday November 30th 
  5. Start of Season - Tuesday December 1st (if you need to start after a certain date, please mark dates as conflict) 
  6. End of Season - Sunday February 21st
  7. Playoff pairings announced - Wednesday February 24th
  8. Playoffs begin - Friday February 26th
  9. Finals - Super Sunday March 13th [games will be hosted at 3 sites again with similar game time schedule as last year - no changes] 
Additional Items: 
  • All teams will be required to have at least one email displayed on website for contacting during the season (you may have multiple). If you want your information removed, please let us know with the new contact person's information. 
  • Teams playing in multiple leagues, please coordinate your gym time prior to the November 6th deadline. We want to secure your schedule early so you don't have many changes to make. ** Please do not give the same gym time to your various leagues. Coordinate with your Town Coordinator/Scheduler to avoid these conflicts. 
  • Teams preferring to play 2 games on a weekend day, please mark that on your gym availability forms. 
  • All teams will be responsible to post their game scores to the website; within 24 hours after game being played. 
  • League website -
We look forward to a GREAT SEASON for the players! 
Hoddy Mahon