Last Updated: March 29, 2017
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REGISTRATION 2017 ( Registration not complete till payment in full is made ) Tball is for players born Before August 31, 2013

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Greenwood Lake Little League

Opening Day Sat April 22nd 2017!!

Parade : The Parade starts at 9 AM ! Please bring your players  and drop off to their coach behind Chase bank. Coach Pitch- Majors  8:30 AM  Tball  8:45 . All players need to be at Chase bank by 8:50 to start line up.  Please do not put them in cleats to march and no gloves or bats. Parents please line the streets down to Elm Street. DO NOT  join the parade line till the last team passes you.  We will proceed to the field for Opening Ceremony where the players will circle the field with their team and parents can fill in behind. 

We do not have a game schedule has of yet, Games will start after the Opening Ceremony.

As of right now PICTURE DAY is also on Saturday April 22nd. 


More info to come....




Each player will be issued pants, t-shirt, socks, and hat,

Each team will have helmets at each practice and game.

If you choose to purchase your player a helmet please bring them with you as they are different sizes.

Each team has team bats , again if you are going to purchase a bat for your player bring them with you , the link below has some info on selecting.…/choosing-the-right-…

Each player will need a glove, link below tips for buying…/5-Tips-for-Choosing-the-Right-T…/

All players are encouraged to wear a Heart Guard/XO Heart Shield/Female Rib Guard – but it is not mandatory.

MARK everything esp their team hats, they confuse their belongings often.

Items needed for 
Tball :
A glove ( please bring child with you to purchase as there are different sizes ) 
Outdoor Baseball Cleats

Coach Pitch:
A glove ( please bring child with you to purchase as there are different sizes ) 
Outdoor Baseball Cleats
All boys must wear a protective cup , they will play catcher during practice and games.

Minors and Majors Players , PLEASE check for Bat Specs before purchasing.




All Registrations must be MUST be paid in full by Opening day April 8th. 





A couple of housekeeping items:

Parking by Lions and Francis Fields is only permitted in designated spots, if you choose to park there you may be asked to move by PD as well as ticketed.

No spectators are allowed behind dugouts and backstops on any fields. Spectators on Helen Kelly ( tball ) please go past first base to watch.

No pets except service animals are allowed on any area of the athletic fields, ie: grass areas , concession stand area , bleachers, in between Francis and Lions Field etc. While some might find this to be upsetting, This is for

the safety of all who come to our fields. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.





Tball -Helen Kelly Field                                                                                

Coach Pitch- Francis Field

Minors and Majors- Lions Field